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Solve problems and gain clarity with a psychic consultation.

Being a psychic with a strong clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognisent sense I look into your Auric field, identifying challenges and finding immediate solutions.   This allows you to shift your life from where you are to where you want to be. It is a fast and efficient way to problem solve.  My psychic abilities have uncovered creative, immediate solutions within a one-hour visit for thousands of clients over the past 20 years.

Fee for one hour private reading in the Studio is $210 plus GST 10.50 = $220.50   visa, master card, debit card, e-transfer or cash

Fee for a one-half hour private reading in the Studio is $120.00 plus GST $6.00 = $126.00  (for three or more clients only, each with their own private half hour booking.) 



Growing up psychic.

Even in the 1950s and 60s the most unaware agreed that we all have intuition. But psychics were unheard of, heck – the word psychic was unheard of. So growing up in a small northern BC community was not the place to become aware of heightened ability or psychic senses. In the 50s and 60s the struggle for me was to fit in, not be different. Well, it didn’t work out so well and much of my true identity was suppressed as I tried to become like everybody else. I just felt odd and out of place unless I was outdoors and away from people. I loved the animals and had an uncanny connection to them.

I remember the day in grade 10 when I took the school bus home with a full-grown rescued female semi-wild cat tucked under my jacket so the bus driver wouldn’t see her. She was to be a Christmas gift for my little sister, and the one-hour bus ride was challenging to say the least. But you know, as much as she wanted to get away she never did scratch me. Somehow I was able to help her settle down and relax for the ride. I loved the dogs, the horses, the wildlife and all the kitties over the years – they were easy to be with energetically.

As I developed a discipline and clear focus my natural abilities began to surface one by one. Initially, the awareness was that I ‘knew’ things. Things no one had shared with me. I realized this was something that had occurred all of my life, and I often got into trouble because of it. As a youngster, I learned to keep my mouth shut and not share what I ‘knew’ as most people found it uncomfortable.

With life experience, it didn’t take long for other talents to emerge, in my twenties it was the opening of my heart space through the birth of my sons. I learned what love felt like, and began to sense the variety of emotions in others. As a mother, I would often move energetically to the feelings of my children to understand what they might need or want. Especially before they had the ability to communicate with me. It was a life saver when my oldest son developed colic and I was intuitively able to move his energy to a gentle peaceful place and both of us could sleep. I still didn’t know then that I was doing anything other mothers didn’t do.

The strong recognition of my psychic self emerged at its brightest when as I worked in the massage industry. I was already comfortable with picking up ailments in the bodies of my clients which guided me to work in the specific areas where they needed help. However I was not prepared for my clairvoyance to allow me visual access to spirit. On that day, I truly wanted to shut everything down and run away. I was scared, I became anxious and somewhat depressed. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn and began desperately seeking teachers and mentors.

Now, twenty some odd years later; I have emerged as a teacher, a psychic mentor, and a communicative healer. Life is good, I am well, and anxiety is a thing of the past. I practice, study and share everything I know and do. I also know everyone is psychic to varying degrees, and I love sharing tips and tools to assist development. Reading for clients, and recognizing their aha moments as they feel solutions and answers match and bring relief – well… that brings me the greatest joy I could ever imagine.

I look forward to perhaps sharing your story with you should you find yourself stuck in some area of your life. Relationships, family, money, health or spiritual development – I can help.

Namaste from Sharyn

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