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Bulletin News for Friday June 13th

Bulletin News for Friday June 13th


I don’t know about you but I love Friday the 13th. It appealed to my contrary nature as a child and I think I learned to love it because it was such a feared, superstitious day to most people. So, my contrariness thought today was a great day to send out an update for the Studio. Enjoy and I will try to keep it short.

First off – we are delighted that we now take Visa and Master Card along with debit and cash. This is due to the requests from clients who wish to pay for our services using their Visa card. Good for consultations, classes, workshops or any of our other services.

Second – I am doing more phone consultations than ever and that is simply due to an increased client base. With clients across Canada and the US, not everyone is able to attend an appointment at the Studio. it is effective and and I encourage any of you who would like a consultation by phone to give me a call or email. I am able to do evening and morning consultations, so we can set up a time at your and my convenience for a one hour session. I can be reached at 403-343-6679. I look forward to hearing from you.

Third – That article on the orbs and the link on the website has really attracted a lot of attention. I have had numerous phone calls, and a few people have already emailed their orb photos to me. I will be setting up another page on the website for the pictures I receive from you so send them in. In the meantime, I think everyone has had a lot of fun touring through their photos on orb hunts. email me at with your photos attached. Remember to send a few details along so I can identify them for others who will see them. Then, look for them on the website in a week or so. If you missed the photos I already put on the website go to my Orb Photos at the top of the page and check them out.

Fourth Registrations for the Studio Classes are really picking up even though they don’t start until September. If you wish to attend any of the classes register ASAP – some of them only have one or two seats left. Click on Class Information at the top of the page.

Fifth – I have been very busy with Energetic Space Clearing in homes and businesses in and around Alberta this spring. If you are interested in more information on what an energetic clearing is, or would like to book a date; please feel free to contact me by phone or email or visit the website. Scroll the right hand side panel for more information on this service..

The June issue of the Violet Ray is out and the new website is also updated and looks fabulous. It is a great magazine to find alternative practitioners who can assist you, and also read some well written wellness articles. Pick up your free copy at a retailer around Alberta or stop in and get one from me here at the Studio. Their website is

Lastly, just a reminder. This summer I am available to speak with your groups or businesses even though I am not holding classes until the Fall. If you are looking for a function speaker give me a call at 403-343-6679.

I promised a few giggles here didn’t I! Then just look under Inspiration and Humor – Enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Namaste from Sharyn