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Due to the increased demand for Readings from remote clients around the world, I offer Private Phone Readings.  Appointments for any phone reading are always pre-arranged and here are some benefits for my clients:

  1. The consultation can be scheduled in the evenings when the Studio is closed for in-house appointments.
  2. You, the client can be comfortably settled in your own home or business space without the need to drive to the Studio.
  3.  Inclement weather no longer needs to make a difference.
  4. I am currently coaching clients through phone and in-house appointments and I really like the convenience. It makes coaching more accessible for clients at a distance.

Booking your Private Phone Reading is easy:

Payment options: e-transfer, Visa or MasterCard.    (All appointments for phone consultations are pre-booked and paid 24 hours in advance of call)

Fee for one hour reading $210.00 + 10.50 GST. = $220.50. 

 Fee for one-half hour reading $120.00 + 6.00 GST = $126.00    

click here to book a phone session today! It’s just that easy and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Namaste from Sharyn



From British Columbia,  Annie B. Says:


“You are simply amazing, inspiring and beautiful! I cannot thank you enough for the reading today. You showed me where I was stuck and helped me see a side of myself that has remained hidden for sometime. I appreciate you and acknowledge your love and your talents. I will be in awe for a very long time. I wouldn’t mind if you could read for me every 3 or 4 months…. I want to keep myself on track.

You are a true gift to this world and all the other worlds/universes we live in.

Smooches and hugs!”

Annie B xo


From Edmonton  Sarah M. says:

Hi Sharyn,

 “…… it has really been helping bring my mood up. I have been working at keeping my head up as I walk and its changed my perspective.

My grandmother has been in my dreams even more lately. Just last night I was helping her get her home ready for when she passed and I was a mess and kept asking why she wasn’t. She just kept telling me she was at peace with everything that was happening and I just wasn’t yet but I would be.

Thank you again for the reading and I’ll email you again once I am ready to work at the meditation component.”

Sarah M


From Calgary  Jackie says:

Hi Sharyn.

” I really don’t know where to start. Since my reading with you, I have felt more at peace with situations that life has to offer.

In the past I have tried to believe that everything happens for a reason. At times however, I was still asking “WHY” when things weren’t going the way I expected them to.

Your insight has helped me ” let go”, and know that all will be looked after.You have reminded me that each day, people and animals in our lives are here to teach and guide us.

I want to thank you for your inspiring reading. It has given me the courage to move forward on a more positive note. I look at my life differently now, and for that I am grateful to you.

You have a very special gift, and I appreciate that you were able to share it with me.”


Jackie 🙂

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