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Ep: 71 How do I overcome New Year anxiety?


Ep: 71 Transcript

Welcome to the first episode of 2023 under our new name, Spirit Rising, formerly Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Still the same great podcast, but just a recent name change. So join us for Spirit Rising with Psychic Sharyn  Rose. And listen in to this fascinating new episode with Sharyn as she shares ways to fear over and dread your New Year’s resolutions. She shares five tools to assist you in reaching your dreams in 2023 and also shares with you a genuinely heartwarming email from a delighted client. Don’t miss this. You’ll love this very personal podcast episode. Let’s get started.

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The Spirit Rising Podcast

Hey, everybody. It’s Sharyn Rose! And it’s 2023. Look at us go! Look at us go. Welcome to the podcast. And it’s a new look! We have rebranded to a  new name.  We call ourselves now Spirit Rising. And the reason we made the change was that Medium Well indicated that we were a mediumship podcast. And there is some mediumship involved, of course. But it isn’t all about that. It’s about psychic lifestyle, the law of attraction and mediumship and all your work to become your best. So we have rebranded to Spirit Rising with psychic Sharyn  Rose.

What would be a good New Year resolution?

I’d love to get some feedback from you, too,; happy to hear from you. That would be great. Today I want to discuss the dreaded New Year’s resolution. This is our very first podcast, our 71st actually podcast. But, our very first one for 2023. And we’re pretty excited because we’ve got this new rebrand and a year ahead. We think we know what we’re doing now. Getting your feet wet in the podcast arena takes a little bit. And, um, it would have been straightforward to quit a year and a half, two years ago. But we didn’t. We stuck with it. And my producer, Jen, I just love her so much. Happy ah, New Year’s, Jen, because I know she will be editing this. And happy New Year to all of you. Let’s make your New Year’s resolution something you want this year. And that’s not going to become a dreaded thing, that you’re going to drop the ball at the end of January or middle of February and say, oh, heck, I failed again. Because let me tell you something, when you make promises to yourself and let yourself down, you start not believing you’re worthy. It starts affecting your sense of well-being. So what I want to do is I want to go over some options that I can give you. And then, I want to share an email that I received from a client I worked with a lot.

We did a lot of one on one consultations over the past year. It might have been even more than a year. And she’s found herself with her dreams coming true. And I want to help your dreams come true, too. So if working with me can help her, working with me can help you. Listen up. Okay?

What is the power of pen and paper?

I don’t know what you already know, so if some of this is old news, ignore it and listen up for the rest. If it’s brand new, have a pen and paper. One of the things that I encourage my clients to do is look around the world and find what they can appreciate and see what they can understand. And it pays to sit down, pen to paper, and write down those things you know. And when you start getting a real handle on how to do that, what you can also do is you can then start doing what is called rampages of appreciation. And a rampage is basically when you go to bed at night, put your head on the pillow, close your eyes, and review your day. And you offer an appreciation for all the things that happen, good, bad, and ugly, for the day. Because if it’s good, it’s beautiful, of course. And if it’s bad or ugly, a lesson must be learned. And you want to know what that is before you close your eyes to sleep that night. That way, you’re not carrying a lot of worry, a lot of resistance, a lot of stress, and a lot of anxiety. Then you do the same thing in the morning when you wake up.

How do I make my vibration higher?

Now, what’s happening is every time you step into appreciation, you’re raising your vibratory tone. So you’re growing your emotions to a high vibratory place. And what that’s going to do? Trust me, this works. When I read your email from my client, you’ll understand this works. When you raise your vibration to a high appreciation, loving, compassionate, positive, empowered place, you’re going to find that you will draw energy from the universe around you, people from the universe around you, situations and experiences from the world around you that will enhance that for you. And you will be drawing to you precisely what matches those feelings.

When you live in fear, anxiety, stress, and anger, you are drawing those things to you. So affirmations are something you can also bring to play at the table. So don’t forget, do those appreciations in the morning and at night every day. Get good at it and, um, write it on paper. It doesn’t hurt. And if you want to write something you dream of with affirmations, you can do that, too. Write it out every day. Affirmations are a statement, first person, positive statement, and present tense. So I feel joy in my relationship. I am m thrilled with my work. I love the car I drive. I enjoy the house I live in. Those are called affirmations. You notice. First-person, I-me, positive statement. First-person, positive message and present tense.

I’m speaking in the now. So when your dreams are about the future, that doesn’t get you anywhere because all you’re doing is dreaming about the future and continuing. And it’s kind of like magnets. When they repel, it stays away from you. It’s further and further away all the time. You’re dreaming of the future because you have it in your mind in the future. Bring what you want into your present realization and awareness. The next step, this would be number three, would be visualization. Now, what I would suggest is to get good at visualizing.

What does it mean to do visualization?

Let me give you a test right now. Sit real quiet, close your eyes, and visualize the front door of your house from the outside. Can you see it? If you can see it, you’re imagining. How easy is that? We all can visualize. We all have that ability. What we’ve done as we’ve grown up from childhood when we could imagine anything we have blocked ourselves. We’ve given ourselves all kinds of negative feedback and negative language. And so we don’t give ourselves a break when visualizing. So we think that we can’t imagine. Well, you can. And, uh, the other thing is so you want to visualize. The other thing is step four, get creative. Uh, you’ve got something you want in the future. Sit down, write it down, and appreciate it like it’s already here. Visualize it like it’s already here. And create things like vision boards to see daily on your vision board. Now, a vision board is, uh. It’s a piece of paper with pictures of everything you’ve dreamed of for 2023 or anytime. And when you look at that vision board, you feel perfect because it’s right in front of you. It’s present; it’s current; it’s in the now. So step four is to create different stimuli to help you get closer and closer to your dream. Do the things you’re required to do. Now, number five is a little bit trickier. Look around your world and find those negative interactions with various family or friends, neighbours or coworkers, and anyone you’ve got a negative balance. It’s essential at this point to sit down and say, how important is this negativity in my life right now? Do I need this interaction? Is it necessary for me? And the key to this is if you find that I don’t need this, and I don’t want this. Learn how to let it go with a loving heart. You cannot just throw people away randomly here and there, willy-nilly or experiences, because you don’t like them. Um, and, uh, like a petty child, what you want to do is you want to be able to release the experience, learn what it is you need to know from that experience, and then let it go with a loving heart and compassionate nature and be able to say, maybe it’s your brother who’s just been a negative influence your whole life.

What is more important in family?

Maybe you have to let your brother go now. For most people out there, family is golden. And I agree—family rocks. I couldn’t survive without my family. But it hasn’t always been that way. And my children and my grandchildren and my extended family, they’re where my joy is. But it wasn’t always like that. I’ve had people whom I’ve had to let go literally. And it was painful. I was sad; I was angry. But I was carrying that sadness, that anger, frustration and hurt. All the years I held it, I took it, and it beat me up. And every time we had an interaction, I would blame myself. I would think something was wrong with me. I wasn’t worthy. And it would start again. My world completely changed when I finally let this particular person go. And I was able to start reaching for the best of me instead of constantly dwelling on the worst. Okay, now I’m going to read you this email, and I want you to listen carefully here because this young lady is a magnificent young woman, but she’s an average person like the rest of us. And here is her email that I received on December 28th. And today is December 30. And, uh, this podcast will be going out on 1 January on the first Wednesday of January. Hi, Sharyn. And I will call her L. All right; I hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones. We last chatted earlier this year when you helped me with things around my dad. Now I want to tell you something. I’m going to break into this email. There were issues for her around her dad. This has been going well. I’ve talked to him a small number of times and feel way less attached to his energy.

Client Success Story

I wanted to update you to let you know that I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant. It is such an exciting time, and I feel equipped to be the mom I want to be because of all the good work I did with you along the journey. Thank you so much for your care and your wisdom. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy with curly blonde hair. You once told me I would have. I wish you all the best in 2023. Let me tell you when I got that. When I got that email, it could have been me discovering that I would have a child. Sorry about that, folks. It could have been me. And I’m saying that when you do this kind of work, you are 100% fully invested in your client. This is hard work. This is the core of what it’s all about. And when Elle first got a hold of me, her issue was primarily she wanted a baby. She and her husband had been trying for a long time. They couldn’t get pregnant. They’d done all the tests. They couldn’t find anything wrong. They were considering in vitro. I can’t remember if she might have even tried. I don’t know. There were a few, I believe, miscarriages along the way. But this young lady listened when I was talking to her. She heard when I was sharing with her the options and the things that she could do to help her have the result that she wanted to have. She did all five things I gave you at the beginning of this podcast. And the situation around her father has made it possible for her to let go of frustration, sadness, and anger and let go of the feeling of being unworthy. And let go of feeling unloved. Her husband adores her. She had that strength, and I encouraged her to step into the powerful energy of him and them and the powerful point of those around her who had her back. This girl I’ve never met face to face. We did everything by Zoom, and the reason is that she doesn’t live around me. I’ve seen her face-to-face in Zoom but never met her in person. And one of these days, we will meet. And I am curious, too. Will she have that little blonde boy with blue eyes, or will she end up because she’s dark hair? Or is she going to end up having more than one child? It’s hard to say. This is not the first experience I’ve had where somebody has come to me and felt like they couldn’t have a child, but she’s one of two that did precisely what I wanted them to do. And they both know she is expecting a child. And the other lady now has three children. And she was four years without being able to experience pregnancy, a successful pregnancy. I guess I’m trying to tell you that do not beat yourself up and set goals you’re unwilling to follow up on. And you’ve got to have a plan. You can’t just willy-nilly follow a dream with no plan. You’ve got to have a plan. Start doing your affirmations. Start doing appreciation. Start doing visualizations. Let go of anger, frustration, and sadness.

Get rid of the toxic people in your life to move forward and feel good about yourself. Do things like to use tools like visualize vision boards and stuff like that. So I want to end this podcast by wishing you all a happy New Year. A very happy 2023. It’s been a rough couple of years for many of us, and I encourage you to all reach for the best of yourself. Reach for goodness. Reach for joy. Reach for happiness and power and optimism. Feel good when you get up in the morning every day. Let you now speak louder than your past or your future. I love you all.
I’m looking forward to a fantastic year. Take care, and I’ll see you in episode 72—Bye-bye for now.


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