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Group readings can be a fun and rewarding experience to share a unique experience with your friends, family or coworkers.

I am receiving more and more requests to meet with groups of friends or families to do private individual readings.  For six or more participants,  I will book a whole day, each member of the group receiving their own private  one hour reading.  Because they arrive as a group, and meet me one after the other, the amped up energy is amazing  in the Studio.  Needless to say a group of clients can be accompanied by an enormous energetic support system that lets themselves be felt.  Below is more information on how I like to schedule groups:

For groups of three to six participants

The one hour fee is $210.00 plus $10.50GST with the booking member receiving their one hour booking for $180.00 plus GST, in appreciation of their organizing the group.

If your group is larger than six…

…it can be challenging to do full hour sessions so I will then do half hour sessions instead.  The cost per group member is $145 plus GST, and the booking member will receive their half hour reading for $115 plus GST, in recognition of organizing the group.

Additional for groups of six or more participants   – CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

I provide snacks and hot and cold beverages when we book the full day  so those not in a session can relax in the library area, visiting, reading, or just listening to the music.  There is a Mall not far from me and often some will go shopping until their appointed time.  You can go walking or even sit outside weather permitting.

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