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EP 72: What do you Have to Lose To Be Well?


What do you have to lose to be well? In another episode of Spirit Rising with Psychic Sharyn Rose,  Sharyn experiences physical illness over the recent holidays, which includes weakness, pain, weight loss, and depleted energy. Listen in as she tells you how in 10 days, she recovered to an even better state of health. Let Sharyn share her wellness methods, her team members, and what she had to do to recover fully. So let’s get started.

How long does it take to recover from a serious illness?

Hello again, and welcome back. Here we are, January 9, 10th, and 11th; I guess it will be posted in 2023. And I’m back to a state of wellness. One of the things I want to talk about today, and this is where my topic is going today on Spirit  Rising with Psychic  Sharyn Rose,  is recovery after illness. How many people have I spoken with over the years who have been ill or had illness issues and have never fully recovered from their ailments? And it makes me stop and have to wander back into my childhood and look at how my condition was dealt with growing up and how many people all have individual, unique stories. We all have a history that is as unique as our fingerprints. And we’re no different in that regard when it comes to illness. We have mothers who perhaps were ill differently than our fathers. We have the way we were treated when we were sick versus when we were treated when we were ill. So we learned behaviours so as adults. And the reason this is even coming up, I’ll be frank with you, the reason it’s even coming up, I got the big C over the Christmas holidays. I was down and out on my butt having all these incredible crazy dreams and nightmares and hot sweats and all the things, all the things that happen to you when you are having a terrible day. I lost weight. I had all kinds of issues that went on, but I had to stop at one point and make a decision.  How do I intend my future to look after this?

A Photo of someone who is sick.

How long do colds last?

So how many times do you ever do that? You get a cold and think, how will I look after this? And you don’t even think about it. You think I’ve just got to get over this cold. But do we ever get over the cold? You get this lingering cough, your nose keeps running, or your sinuses plug up as soon as you lay down at night, or something is going wrong, something has hung on, something has stayed with you. How do you fully recover? And that’s what I want to talk about right now, today. So we’re going to pull some cards. I’ve got, I already pulled them, and I’ve got them here; I’ll show them to you or share them with you at the end. So don’t go away. Stay with me for the next 15-20 minutes. And it’s the Archangel Raphael Healing oracle deck. And I pulled two cards, and I think you will like them both. One of the things I want to share is how you rebuild your strength after an illness. How do you do that? And how much of a kick does your mental and emotional self take when your physical well-being is down? A note we learned in the holistic industry I learned in the holistic industry years and years and years ago. And it became something that I just knew, I understood, was that if I was going to become ill, that it was going to be coming in through the ether, through the energy around me, through my auric field, through my sense of who I was, through the fields. And it would have to manifest there before it could hit me physically. And I always believed that until I got sick because I was not paying attention. So I end up getting sick. And when I end up with an illness of some sort, it’s because I haven’t been paying attention. I wasn’t looking at what was going on energetically with me. I depleted my resources, or I got into a dispute or a disagreement with somebody that’s hung on, negatively impacting my mental state emotionally. I maybe am detached or feeling sorry for myself or left out or unloved or alone – some emotion that is not positive but is harmful. And so my need is to make a conscious first of all decision to be well.

How do you deal with being sick and alone?

And so, finally, I did that after losing quite a few pounds and after losing all kinds of time and whatnot. I’m a bit of a recluse anyway, but I didn’t mind being alone. I didn’t like being on my own. Ill. I had to decide to be well, and I had to choose to recover. So I had to start engaging in things like, here I am, feeling like I can’t possibly put a piece of food in my mouth or drink a drop of water. I have to have positive thinking. I have to relax and allow myself to relax. I have to consider what a healthy diet looks like. I have to consider eating foods I haven’t eaten in a long time because I just decided that I wouldn’t eat them, or they weren’t in my repertoire or whatnot. I’ve had to stop and say, how seriously will you get with your exercise? How serious are you going to get? How are you sleeping? And what is impacting your sleep? What is affecting your rest? And in that regard, I made a massive change in my sleeping pattern, which has made all the difference in the world. I sleep now like a rock. I go to bed at night, and I close my eyes. Boom, I’m out. And often, I’m out all night long. I am not even getting up in the middle of the night. I just wholly zonked right out ’til  7 or 8 a.m.

Why do I feel sorry for myself when I’m sick?

The other aspect of this, of course, is social support. I must have good social permission around me to help me recover. If I’m going to be just feeling sorry for myself because I feel alone, then I’m not going to recover because my mental and emotional state is following the weakness of my physical. Does that make sense? You cannot allow your now, understand me. Well, I was in the throes of this illness and was probably down for ten days. I was probably down for ten days, and I was down good, down real good. My mental state was down, my physical condition was down, and my emotional state was down. I couldn’t have cared less if anybody talked to me. I couldn’t have cared less about anything. I was probably feeling more sorry for myself than I had in a long, long time because it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been that ill. But it’s a matter of choice. Then it comes down to a matter of choice, doesn’t it, where the human and we have the power to choose where we want to go from here? And I consciously decided to sit down and say, Sharyn, how do you enjoy the rest of your life to look?

Is it good to take medicine when sick?

What do you want it to look like? Well, first of all, I’m a pretty pathetic patient. I did contact my doctor. I did have a phone consultation with him. I did send him a sample so he could do some testing. And I did get some antibiotics because two things were going on in my body that made a difference. So don’t ever, ever ignore your team. Always lean into those you trust in the medical community who can help you. My doctor, I couldn’t see because I had a big C, and they weren’t going even to let me anywhere near the clinic, so we had to do a phone consult. But fortunately for me, I have a great relationship with my doctor, even though I only see him maybe two or three times a year at the most, generally for something minor, nothing major. But he knows me; he understands me. We get along well, and I trust him. And so he helped me out. The other partner that I had, of course, was my husband, who was able to help me out. He was off work for some time because it was over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. And then, when he went back to work. Of course, I was getting back onto the road of recovery. Don’t ignore your team. Let the people that want to reach out to you help you. Let them help you. Don’t let them help you. The other thing is positive thinking when you want to engage in positive thinking. What does that mean? That means don’t sit around and whine and whimper and feel sorry for yourself. Don’t sit in your bed or on your couch in your housecoat that you’ve lived in for four days. Okay, I didn’t live in my housecoat for four days, but darn near anyway. Don’t sit there and whine in your head. Don’t sit there and go, my God; I’m so sick, I will die. Why don’t you care anymore? And blah, blah, blah, and this and that and the other thing. And you know how your mind can go crazy, take off on you. Please stop it. Don’t do that. Please stop it. Please stop it. Stop it right now. Please stop it. Positive thinking. Start saying things like, I am so fortunate to have a doctor I can consult on the phone. And lucky that I have somebody in my home who can help me when I need someone to help me. I’m fortunate to have this beautiful home and bed that I can spend all my life in if I want to. I’m so lucky to have a body that knows how to recover. And give your body some credit. Add it to the team roster. Give your body some credit and let it know. Tell your body you know what to do. We’ve done all our whining and whimpering, and now it’s time to return to work. It’s time to get back into the swing of things and the stream of life and allow your body to decide for itself. And positive thinking will help you do that. Remember, this came to you from outside of you, into you. You internalized it, made it a reality, and now it’s time to leave it and let it go. What do you have to give up if you want to be well?

Is soup actually good when you’re sick?

What do you have to give up if you want to be well? You have to give up negative thinking. You have to give up the unhealthy eating habits. You must give up the desire to be a couch potato and never physically be active with your beautiful body. You have to give up the desire to stay up till two or three in the morning and be up again at seven, or stay up all night and sleep all day contrary to the clock. And you have to give up the idea that you can do this all by yourself. You want to be able to bring in your social support so you can get your health and well-being back on track. So to regain your energy and strength, you can begin by resuming daily activities. As soon as your support system or body, which is part of your support system, indicates that it’s okay, get up and do this, do that. Having a shower is humongous. I never realized how fantastic a shower felt. I never realized it. I never realized how incredibly good Cup-A-Soup tasted. I know you’ll laugh at me; I don’t care. Cup -A- Soup And you know what? The one I got is a generic brand. My husband went and got it for me. I wanted chicken soup, chicken noodle soup. And this had the little noodles in it. Like, Ichiban noodles, but they were better than Ichiban noodles. It was like in a cup, in a cardboard cup. And you add the spices, and then you add the water, and you cover the lid, and you put them and let it sit stew, steam, and whatnot. Oh, it was delicious. It was so good. I hadn’t had solid food or good, healthy, yummy-tasting food, and I also lost my sense of taste and smell. So there’s even more excellent value when you get that back because you’re like, this is so delicious. So your diet, your healthy diet, can be when you come back to the land of the living when you decide that you’re ready to start exploring new food groups again, have things that tickle you and enjoy them. Don’t gobble them down because you haven’t eaten for a week. Don’t just gobble them down because you’re supposed to honeydew melon. Oh, I’ve never tasted anything so divine as a honeydew melon. That was one of the very first things I ate when I’d been ill for a long time for that ten days because I wasn’t able to eat; I couldn’t keep anything down. And so when I was, the first thing I kept down was honeydew melon. Oh, it was so good. So I guess I’m trying to start looking at the positives, the good. Don’t just say, oh, I only get to eat honeydew melon.

How do I get excited about being healthy?

Go, wow, I get to eat honeydew melon. Get excited. Be excited about your life. Be excited about your wellness. Be excited about your recovery. Recovery, when you’ve been ill, is just about. It’s like winning the lottery. Some people don’t recover. You know, people get sick and don’t come back from it, and some people get sick and come back part way. But how do you recover fully? You recover fully through positive thinking, relaxation, and a healthy diet. Start doing some regular exercise, simple things. When you’re sitting, lift your legs up and down, up and down. You’ve got legs to do that. Please do it. Good night’s sleep. Get to bed at a decent hour, then get up at a decent hour, have those showers, and make that part of your sleep process. Showers and sleep. Showers and sleep. That’s fantastic. Um, your social support, your support that’s helped you out, are the most important things. But you can increase any amount of time each day to increase your activities as soon as you feel ready as you go. So getting rid of weakness now, the big C has brought a lot of liability to many people. And I’ve heard this expression, actually, from a lot of different areas of industry that have talked about. They call it the long sea. And they say there’s a weakness that takes, and I spoke to so many people who’ve had the disease, and they’ve told me, oh, my gosh, it took me forever to regain my strength. And I thought, oh, my gosh, I don’t want that. I don’t want that. I’m not going to do that. No, I’m going to get my strength back right away. What do I have to do? And thus, I started making conscious decisions to resume my life the best I could, drinking plenty of water. That was one of the things that one of my support teams said was my doctor, drink lots of water. And I do drink lots of water. Anyways. Mild exercise doesn’t matter how you feel. Gentle exercise, a balanced diet, and fresh fruits and vegetables are vital. Eat often. When you start recovering, eat often because it takes away the fatigue. It helps beat tiredness. Okay?

Does exercise help you not get sick?

Get moving a little bit. Walk up and down your stairs two or three times, and if you are overweight, go on a meal plan to drop a few pounds that may burden you. If you’re underweight, I’m skinny. So add things to your diet that you’ll love to eat because you’ll enjoy them. They can help you put on some weight. Sleep well. Give yourself an excellent opportunity to sleep. Reduce your stress. One of the things I had to release, I had to let go of. I had to let go of it. I cannot stress this enough stress. Let it go. It’s not benefiting you. It’s not serving you. It’s not helping anybody else. It’s not benefiting anybody else. Let it go. Let, uh, I tell you what. When you get sick, and you’re down anything that you were completely stressed and worried about, it’ll take care of itself, or it’ll still be there when you’re done, okay? It’ll take care of itself, resolve itself, or become nothing, or it’ll still be there for you to pick up when you’re back on your feet. And the surprising thing about it is I run my own business and have people around me. I have an excellent support team, but I run my own business. So I must make decisions and things I must take care of. And what I discovered was I was worried about so many things that didn’t even exist. I let go of stress. It’s almost like I didn’t just start 2023 in recovery mode. I started 2023 with the best resolution I could start it with. The answer is I have no stress. I am stress-free. And I have chosen from the moment I realized that I was stress-free and would stay that way. I will remain stress-free. I will not burden myself again. The burden is the concerns and worries of a small business owner. If something’s worrying me, I’ll write it down. We resolve it and find a way to fix it. But I’m not going to carry it around and carry it around and carry it around. That’s how you get sick. Okay? Don’t engage in caffeine products. Caffeine products will send your nervous system erratic and out of whack. So don’t do that. And try not to drink too much alcohol or alcohol, actually, for that matter. A glass of wine here and there is fine. It doesn’t matter. But allow yourself to boost your energy. Let go of the stress and the anxiety. I want to tell you that I’m back. I’m back fully. I’ve got a full year ahead of me of activities, businesses I’m building, and different things I’m doing. I have a lot to do. So I’m learning to take good care of my body. I’m learning to take good care of my mental and emotional state concerning my body. And I’m learning to be happy and stress-free. I know we’re on episode 72 here in this podcast series. And you know something? It sounds like I always have that going on. But I have a childhood history of certain people getting sick, things happening, and how people react to illness and wellness like the rest of you. And in my case, I think feeling sorry for myself is a part of it. I didn’t realize that, but I do now. So here I am. I’m back. Let’s look at the cards I pulled from the  Archangel Raphael deck, the Healing Oracle deck. And the first one is increased energy. Here is something you can ask Archangel Raphael. Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for filling me with the unlimited power of divine love and light. And the other card is alternative medicine. Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for guiding me to the ideal healing treatment modality and for giving me clear signs and messages to validate the best path for my well-being. I wish you wellness out there. I wish you nothing but the best health all the way around. And I hope that this has been able to help you just a little bit to be well; thank you for listening to Spirit Rising with Psychic  Sharyn  Rose. I will see you again next time—Bye-bye for now.


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