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Client Appreciations.

sharyn-avatarNothing is more inspiring than receiving feedback from clients who have experienced something special from the services I provide. I’d like to share a few of those kind words with you. Please note that to protect privacy, no last names have been used, and in some cases only the clients initials are shown.

Thank you for today Sharyn – your gifts truly helped me to see the inner truths that in my pain I was flat out squelching rather than letting go … All my love – Rayanne
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am so very appreciative of the time that you spent with me last week. Thank you so much for the reading and the insight. I feel better each day, my mind is clearer and I am way less emotional. I still have some uncertainty but I know that with time and effort things will turn out just how I want them to be and how they were meant to be. I love the mediation CD that you gave me, especially the grounding and protecting portions and try to practice regularly. Have a great day. – Rhonda L
Thank you, you provided me the greatest gift today! Ali used the cd tonight and she has been over the moon since…. Your gift is remarkable and so appreciated! I carried a weight on my shoulders for years that nothing could work out.. Tonight I feel light and at peace! I have felt the shivers and wind blowing a few times tonight, synced with Ali listening to your cd. So it was amazing!!!  Thank you 🙂 – Laura
Hi Sharyn, I just wanted to thank you again for our readings on Friday, we all had such different yet wonderful sessions with you and left with a great energy that stayed with us through out the rest of the day. We are thinking about making it a annual trip:) Thanks again!! – Cassidy
Hi Sharyn I saw you a little bit ago, I believe it was November 6th of 13, you probably don’t remember me, but you asked me to email you back how things went in my current situation that I was in at the time. Anyways you had told me to take a recent ex boyfriend out for supper and never speak with him again and let go. Which I did and I haven’t looked back since. Then you also told me to cook an old lover of mine supper and apologize for all the hurt and pain I had caused him over the years. Well I did just that, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your advice, because we’ve been happily together ever since, and will be for a long, long time. I know that things wouldn’t have panned out this way if I had never followed your guidance, because I would of played my cards differently and who knows where I’d be. I’m so appreciative for having met with you that afternoon even though I got the times mixed up and was late…. I knew there was a reason why it all worked out in the end. I have gained everything I’ve ever wanted in my life at this time, and have found the happiness that was once lost. I couldn’t be happier and I just wanted to tell you: Thank You so much for helping me get back on my path. – Cheryl L
I enjoyed my experience so much with you that I have already referred a few people, Sharyn. Thank you again for bringing me some peace. You are an amazing person with a special gift.  You helped me develop strength and a yearning to develop my talent.  I than you for the amazing gift you have and bless you for helping others with it. I know I will be back to see you again. – AJ
Hey Sharyn, Pretty cool discussing with my Dad some of the things you said. For instance my Dads family had a collie with long white hair, which is the exact dog you described. As well as the field of corn that they grew on the farm and many other things! Needless to say he thought it was pretty cool and my Grandma seemed very happy to hear these things to say the least, saying that she sometimes see’s both my Grandpas at night with her. It would be awesome to meet again sometime! – Kyle
Hey Sharyn just wanted to say… Thank you thank you thank you, you were exactly what I needed to help me through all my stuff, your coaching course was so insightful and inspiring, its great to put everything into practice and see amazing results. This is the way I should have been living all my life. Cheers to new beginnings, – Jackie K
Thank you Sharyn, so much for my session! It was a great feeling to be able to reconnect with my mom even though I couldn’t see her I knew she was there with us. It brought a lot of closure for me and for that I can only thank you for your guidance and your abilities. Will definitely be seeing you again! – Holly
Hi Sharyn,I met you in Calgary when you were at the Calgary Stampede doing a show in the Big 4. Just wanted to tell you that when we spoke you mentioned the guy that was in my life was a drifter, I was unsure of the information. I thought that was not accurate as I really loved this guy, but as it turned out you were so right. He was nothing but a liar and a common thief, he stole from me and my family. To say the least he is no longer in my life – Heather
Hi Sharyn, Just want to let you know that mom really enjoyed her session with you. When we got home dad asked her how she felt now. She replied, ‘inspired’. Yesterday when I talked to her she sounds lighter. Our visit with you meant a lot to mom. Thank you! Can a person ever say thank you too much? – Bev
Hi Sharyn – thank you soooo much for opening up our minds to the unlimited possibilities! Unfortunately we didn’t get much sleep last night as it was hard to turn our minds off LOL!! thanks again for igniting our desire 🙂 – Keltie
Hi Sharyn – Hope all is well with you. I have been meaning to email you for a while now but I just wanted to thank you so much for our readings in August. I can’t even describe how powerful it was, especially for M. She is a different person. I cannot thank you enough. We would like to come again soon and bring my mom. Take care, all the best 🙂 – Jamie
Hi Sharyn, We have been struggling for the past year and a half to overcome our grief from the passing of D’s mother in November of 2012, and he came to you seeking some comfort and resolution. We were absolutely amazed at the information we received, and it has helped D so much in coping with his loss, and overcoming not only his grief, but guilt in what he thought was unresolved with his Mom before passing.  It’s also brought us closer together, even though we didn’t think we could get any closer!  You knew things that proved beyond a doubt that Mom was there with us, among others we’ve lost! We can’t thank you enough – it was definitely a life changing experience (for the better), and it’s like a huge load has been lifted.  We will definitely be back to see you, and will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for answers or help! 🙂 – D & NH
My reading with Sharyn was excellent. She is very accurate and was able to pinpoint what was underneath the issues that I was dealing with all my adult life (I am 57 years old). It surprised me how deep emotions were evoked during her reading. I felt these long term issues shifting during the reading and a peace fell upon me which lasted for some days. Sharyn also suggested exercises to do on a daily basis to continue the reshaping. The exercises were very poignant. I recently entered a relationship and had some cautionary questions. It has been almost 6 months since her reading and her predictions have proven to be spot on. – Jo from Doha, Qatar
Thank you so much for running over on moms appointment and hunting grandpa down for me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally grieve appropriately and move on rather then feeling guilty. So I didn’t think much of the Brussel sprout reference until my husband Justin basically said, “um hello? Duh!” So every year grandpa would put a Brussel sprout in grandmas stocking. This year we drew names at Christmas and I got grandma, so I put a Brussel sprout in her stocking to honor grandpa and make her smile since this was the first Xmas without him. I just wanted to share this with you cuz at the time I thought nothing of it but it had major relevance to me. He probably wanted to thank me for remembering and doing that on his behalf. Thank you again!! – Stacie
Sharyn!!! Again, I am amazed with not only your knowledge and advice from the other side, but the way that you discussed my challenges in a loving and healing way! I adore you! You and I have never met physically, but I feel I have met you in another  life time. You are what I believe is an angel and a teacher to help us all in our pathways…. How lucky are we to have a soul like you that is so in tune and caring!!!! Again, I was, “Wowed” with my reading and I hope others will find you somehow…to help and heal themselves and to see their worth!!!! You are a beautiful gift to our physical world and a gift from the universe! – Annie
I really don’t know where to start. Since my reading with you, I have felt more at peace with situations, that life has to offer. In the past I have tried to believe that everything happens for a reason. At times however, I was still asking  “WHY” when things weren’t going the way I expected them to. Your insight has helped me ” let go”, and know that all will be looked after. You have reminded me that each day, people and animals in our lives are here to teach and guide us. I want to thank you for your inspiring reading. It has given me the courage to move forward on a more positive note. I look at my life differently now, and for that I am grateful to you. You have a very special gift, and I appreciate that you were able to share it with me. – Jackie R

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