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Ep: 75 Can We Feel The Pain Of Another Person?

Photo of two friends comforting each other.

Ep: 75 Transcript


Can we energetically feel the pain of another person? We’ll listen in as she discusses this topic with a special guest, her granddaughter Jessica, as they recounted an event of a shared, energetic experience in 2011. Listen in now as Sharyn and her granddaughter Jessica talk about an experience that they both had when Jess was only 16 years old. Let’s get started.

Can an empath feel someone’s physical pain?

Sharyn: Hey, everybody!  Welcome back to Spirit Rising with Psychic and Medium Sharyn  Rose. Today I have a guest with me. I have my beautiful granddaughter Jessica with me. And let me give you a little bit of background on Jessica and our story. Because we have a shared experience that we want to share with you today, I want to focus on whether you can feel another person’s pain. Is it possible? Does that happen? Or when you feel physical pain or something physically going on with you, is it usually just your stuff? We have a story that we want to share with you. Jessica is 28 years old, and she grew up in a relatively turbulent environment, and it was tough for our family to stay connected to her. But we did the very best that we could. And today, in our story, we are all very fortunate to be very close and loving, and we have a great relationship with her. She’s just one of my favourite people on the planet. So this experience we had a chat this morning earlier, and this experience came up. And I think that when you start realizing how empathic you are, those of you connected to grandchildren, children, friends, and clients, you will be amazed at how it can impact your whole world. So don’t forget, I will also pick cards at this end. I’ve already selected the cards, and it’s past life Oracle cards that I’m using. They’re Doreen  Virtue’s cards. And Brian Weiss, too, who’s one of my favourite people. And these are what I did. I did this for a kick for Jess and I so we could explore a little bit about what our past lives looked like. And we’ll go into that in another episode. But for this episode, we’re going to talk about shared pain. We will talk about whether we can have a shared, painful experience. And we have to go to explore this. We have to go back to 2011. Welcome, Jess, to the podcast.

What is it called when you like when others feel pain?

Jess: Hello.

Sharyn: How old were you when we had this experience in 2011?

Jess: I was 16.

Sharyn: You were 16. And who knows how old I was? We’re not going to talk about my age, but the simple fact is that I was working in this industry at that time. I will give you my side of what happened to me, and then Jessica will share with you what happened to her and how our world collided when she returned. And we ended up talking after this experience. And you’ll understand what I’m talking about. So in 2011, I was working with an elderly, uh, client who was struggling with a cancer diagnosis. And throughout the time that we’d worked together, which was for several months, I’d gotten to know all of her family, grandchildren, and children. I’d gotten to know her very, very well. She was older, quite a bit older than me. I think she was 75 in the year 2011. And she’s somebody who visits me now because she passed on. But the story is here where it gets exciting. On a Thursday, I went to see her at her home. And her family was preparing to put her into hospice so that she could be comfortable because she was passing. She’d gotten to that stage, so they needed to go to the hospice to set things up. And so I stayed with her and visited with her while they went. And it was my last visit with her on this planet, physically. So when I said my goodbyes, off I went. And that was on a Thursday. The following Tuesday, they put her into hospice. I knew she was in hospice, and I knew that she was passing. But I mean, I didn’t know when or anything like that. So I’m going on about my work, days, and life. On Thursday… Wednesday night, I started getting sick. I couldn’t breathe. I was having a lot of trouble living. And on Thursday, I got up in the morning, struggling and having difficulty breathing. And my husband took one look at me, saying, I got to take you into emergency. So he did. He took me into a crisis. And all I noticed was that I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept very well because I had trouble breathing. And so I was having a difficult time. So we went to emergency, and they did something, blood pressure and everything else. And they started to run. They put me into a wheelchair and took me to the back immediately. It was an urgent situation. Everything was shutting down. And I was checking out. And I didn’t feel like that. I just felt like I was exhausted and wanted to have sleep. Of course, they laughed at me because I was very unconcerned and less concerned than they were. And anyway, I went into the back, and they did all the tests and all this stuff. And they didn’t know what was wrong. They couldn’t identify anything except that I couldn’t breathe. I was struggling respiratory-wise. And so they gave me oxygen and had me on these inhalers and whatnot. And I told the doctor at one point when he came in, I said, I am so tired, I can’t wait to go home and sleep. He says you’re not going anywhere. I said, what do you mean I’m not going anywhere? I’m just tired. He says you’re staying here. We don’t know what happened. We don’t know what’s wrong. Nothing is going on in your body that says; this should have happened. You shouldn’t be having this kind of respiratory distress. Nothing is wrong with you, but your body was shutting down for some reason. And I was too tired to argue; what the heck? So they tucked me into a room and served me hospital food for several days. And actually, my husband smuggled in a pizza because hospital food, well, it’s hospital food. What can I say? Anyway, I slowly returned to myself, and I was in the hospital for four days. And when I came home, I found out that my friend, who had gone into hospice, had passed away. And she passed away when I went into emotional distress when I couldn’t breathe. And she died from respiratory failure; her lungs and respiratory system gave out, and that’s how she passed. Now, the exciting thing about that is I realized then when I heard that she had passed, and it was on that day, I realized that I was travelling with her and energetically, I was moving with her pain. So in the meantime, Jessica, my granddaughter, who’s here with me now, was in Europe and touring. And I’ll let you tell her I don’t even know what country she was in. So, Jess, you go ahead and take it from here. And if you could talk about what your experience was while you were in this country. Whatever country, what country were you in?

What does it mean when you and someone else have the same thoughts?

Jess: I think we were in Krakow, Poland.

Sharyn: In Poland. Okay.

Jess: I don’t remember exactly which country we were in, but I know it was one of the countries with nice weather; it wasn’t super hot. I was walking with my class, and this was the day my grandmother was in the hospital, and she couldn’t breathe. And I didn’t know this until I got home, but I was walking with my classmates, and we were having a great time. And then suddenly, I got hot and started having trouble breathing. And this is something that never happens to me. I’m usually pretty healthy. I don’t get hot in the sun and pass out or anything. So I was panicking. I was like, what is wrong with me? And I told my classmates I felt like I needed to sit down. I feel like something’s not right. Right? And it only lasted for probably ten minutes, and then I was beautiful again, and I was so confused. And then I go home, talk to my grandmother, and we’re having.

Sharyn: Hang on just a second, Jess. Hang on just a second. This is where it got exciting because I didn’t know Jess was having this experience in Krakow, Poland, and she didn’t know that I had been in the hospital because nobody knew. My husband didn’t tell any of the kids or grandkids. Nobody knew. So she didn’t know. What happened was Jess came to visit me, or you were staying with me, weren’t you? Yeah, from the airport. Yeah, I picked you up from the airport, but I was putting something in the closet or the house, and I remember reaching up, and she saw where the intravenous had gone into my arm because it left a bruise. She said, Jima, what is that? And what were your thoughts at that time, Jess?

Jess: I was just like, what? Did you hurt your wrist? Or, in my mind, I wasn’t thinking of the hospital right away because you’re not somebody who was ever in and out of the hospital. So, uh, at first, I was just like, maybe she hit her wrist. And then I thought, well, that looks familiar because my grandmother I grew up with had gone to the hospital quite a bit, and I was familiar with the bruise that the needle leaves, so I questioned it.

Sharyn: Yeah, because I remember you saying, what happened? What did you do? And I was like, oh, heck, I can’t lie to you. I have to tell you the truth.

Jess: Yeah.

What are the signs of a highly sensitive person?

Sharyn: So I told Jess what had happened, that I’d been in the hospital, and that my friend and client had passed. And  Jessica also knew this family because she had met them through me and the workshops I was doing. Jess was taking the workshops, and m the mother. So the grandmother that passed away, her daughter and her grandson were taking seminars with me, and that’s how I met them. That was through her. And Jessica became friends. She and the young man were the two only teenagers in the workshop, and it was for quite an extended time; I think we did workshop series one, two, and three. Um, and Jessica was having a blast there, and so was Adrian, so they knew each other. These families knew each other. Jessica didn’t realize that their grandmother had died, that Adrian’s grandmother had died because she was in Europe when it happened. But when we started putting, you know, putting the dots together, it was like when I explained to her what had happened to me and that I was in the hospital, she then told me what had happened to her in Europe, but I don’t know if you said to me at that time. Do you tell me later? Because you lined up the dates.

Jess: Yeah, I think I told you later because I realized it was the same day. So it might not have been the exact timeline, like in the daytime, but I felt something coming on, and I was feeding into what was happening with you.

How do you know if your soul is connected to someone?

Sharyn: Yeah, exactly. So you were feeding into what was happening with me, and I was providing into what was happening with her. And my client called herself Elizabeth, and that was her name. And she has come to visit me since. And she says her name is not Elizabeth; it’s Margaret. And her real name was Margaret. I had to go to her daughter and say, what’s going on with your mom? Because she’s telling me she’s not Elizabeth anymore. She’s Margaret. She said, well, her name was Margaret, but she had had a drinking problem, and she’d gone to Alcoholics Anonymous, and she sobered up and gotten dry and clean, and she changed her name to Elizabeth because she didn’t like the name, Margaret. She thought Margaret was the problem. So in spirit, she has come to me often, and, uh, since she passed and told me her name is Margaret, not Elizabeth, so we communicate as Margaret. Isn’t that fascinating? No, I mean, isn’t that fascinating, Jess, to know that it’s possible that you can be tied in with somebody that you love, that you care about, that can impact you so powerfully in such a physical way when you’re right around the world. I mean, you were daytime there; I was nighttime here. Simply because Krakow is not on our timeline, it’s completely different. Like, you’re talking eight or 10 hours difference. Right? Yeah, but isn’t that amazing?

And how did that affect you spiritually, knowing there was that strong connection? What did that do to you? How did that make you feel?

Jess: I think it made me realize that I need to trust my intuition and feelings inside me and stop and go, okay, why is this going on? Instead of thinking, this is just whatever; this never happens to me. But it happened, and whatever. But I need to begin in tune with my body and see if this is coming from me or somebody in my life that I’m connected to. And I know that I’m highly related to my grandmother. So yeah, that would be me.

What are signs of being an empath?

Sharyn: And I got to tell you guys something too. Those of you listening here, Jessica, we had so much fun when she did the workshops. Jess is a high empath, which is no surprise. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at times. And we’re very, very close and very connected. But Jessica, there were only two girls in all the groups that we did that could identify that worked well as physical could identify physical objects. And one of them was I had put their graduation certificates into envelopes, and I put them face down on the tables and with numbers on the back, and I hadn’t identified whose was whose, but I asked them. If they could pick out their graduation certificate, this was on their last day of classes, and it was just another energetic exercise. And there were two girls, Crystal and Jessica, who could pick theirs out. And that was the second time in the class; they were the only ones who could do it. And the course, at times, there were 14-15  people in the class, so it wasn’t like it was just five people. And there was another exercise we did where everybody brought an item that was an object of value to them, and they put it in an envelope. And I can remember this so clearly because I was dumbfounded. Now I got to tell you something. I am not that kind of empath.

I can’t identify what’s in the envelope. Not like Jess could and not as Crystal could. And the enjoyable thing with this other exercise has Jessica pulled out this huge, massive ring of keys, and they had all kinds of trinkets on them, and she knew precisely whose keys they were. She knew every key and all the items that she had on her. This girl had this key ring full of all her trinkets, and Jessica could identify where she got it. And I never forget, she said, you got this from your grandfather. And this girl was like, yeah, I did. She was just blown away. You remember that, Jess?

Jess: Yes. I also remember feeling what the person was feeling, like holding her keys and telling her she was trying to move on in life or going toward her goals. It felt just like an urge to do something different, a change, like a change in her life, almost. And at first, I thought maybe I was fitting off the fact that they were also car keys. So I thought perhaps I was saying because it’s a car, right?

Sharyn: You drive cars and go places. Yeah, exactly.

Jess: But then, when I realized that I

Sharyn: I knew exactly who I was talking about.

Jess: Without even asking, I knew exactly what it was. What was her name? It was Catherine. Yeah, I knew exactly that it was Catherine. And it just felt right. I didn’t think that about anybody else in their circle. I was just like; those are Catherine. And I had no idea what car she drove, sorry, pardon me, or anything like that. I didn’t know a lot about Catherine.

Do empaths get more sensitive with age?

I want to remind you Jess was 16 years old when she did this. And right now, I’m doing the work that I’m doing. I’m 70. There is no age limit to this work. Being an Empath, you start when you start and finish when you finish. And some of us are born high Empaths. Some of us train to become high empaths and open that doorway. Most of us have trauma and drama because humans learn through contrast, conflict, and challenge. Anyway, that was just a way to give you an example of how we can be impacted by people currently in our lives, how they have played a role, and where we have overlapped.

Because, in this particular case, Elizabeth and I overlapped, and Jessica and I overlapped. I got caught in the middle. But, I mean, Jessica could feel what was going on for me, and I find that just amazing. And what it did for Jess, and she has said this to me, is it increased her ability to communicate; wow, this shit works. This stuff is real. There is spirit. The universe is real. We’re not just little physical bodies running around here like ants on the planet. There is a way to tap in, tune in, connect, and work with other people more positively and powerfully. So what I did, Jess, for fun, did you have anything you wanted to add to that?

Sharyn: I don’t think so. I guess what is so unique about spirituality for me and the universe is knowing you can connect on a different level. It’s not just a physical level. You can click on a higher level than that. And a lot of people are very closed off with that. So I think seeing more people getting tapped into that would be great. Even though a lot of people think it’s phony. Right. It’s because they’ve never tried. If you try, you tap into it. You’ll believe you’ll understand that you are assertive as an individual. We’re mighty.

How do you overcome past life?

Jess and I had a conversation this morning, and she was talking about some people she’s got around her who are struggling with their health and whatnot and how she finds herself even though they’re way older than her. She finds herself coaching them, and she encounters that a little bizarre. And I reminded her that there are times when I go to Jess and say, hey, what do you think? Because she’s wise. And again, age has nothing to do with it. It has nothing to do with wisdom is wisdom. So when I pulled some cards for her, and I just and past lives is something that fascinates, I think it fascinates you, doesn’t it, Jess? It does me. And what came up for the cards? I was shuffling the cards and not paying attention to what I was doing, but four cards flew out of the deck. I mean, they flew out of the deck. And I went, oh, my God. I was looking for  I thought it would be fun to pick a card where Jess and I have been connected in a past life. Well, we’ve got four past lives. And so what I did is I put them in order. And I won’t go into the details and meanings of all these because you can figure this out yourselves. But we were together in the Greco-Roman times when there was all that’s very old in the times of Atlas, the gods, and the deities that were prevalent in the studies and worked with men. Wars and battles have been something Jess, and I have been together in many times. And What’s interesting about wars and battles, Elizabeth and I had past life history in wars and battles, as well as being soldiers together. And then we had a past life in transportation, which doesn’t surprise me either because both of us love to travel. Like, it’s something that we love to do. And I’ll explore past lives in another episode with Jessica. We’ll do a few episodes. We’ll do some episodes together down the road as well. But Jess, thank you so much for coming on and sharing this.

I think for a lot of people, they’re going to find it a little remarkable that we can be connected to such a level. And I guess the question is, is it a heart-space connection? Is it an energy-space connection? Is it a DNA connection genetic connection? Or is it all of that? Is it all of it put together? And maybe we’ll keep exploring that and see how far we can go. So thank you so very much for coming on and playing with me today and sharing your part of the story with me. I love it. Thank you so much. I love you.

Jess: You’re very welcome. Thanks for having me. And I love you, too.


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