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sharynHi, I’m Sharyn Rose…

Born in 1952 in a small Northern Town in Western Canada, I grew up loving nature and animals, but was shy and fearful around people.

My life was challenging as were many others in the 50’s. Since birth, I struggled with being out of step with the world. I was born favoring my left hand, I required surgery to correct strabismus (crossed eyes), I broke my collar-bone in a fall down very steep stairs, and struggled with several head injuries all before the age of five. I also tried to go ‘home’ at the age of seven when my great grandmother, or grandma as she was known to my brother and I passed.

I knew then that I had another ‘home’ and in the harshness of my human journey I wanted to leave and go back there. I wanted peace, quiet and love. I wanted to be happy. My intuition or psychic sense was wide awake in those early years, and stayed that way in my decision to remain vigilant and safe in an unstable environment. I became a survivor. I learned to read people, I learned to predict the behavior of those close to me and those strange to me – all in an effort to be safe. I was shy and reclusive, avoiding long conversations or having to interact with adults. I felt clumsy and unwanted. I just didn’t fit in.

Long bus rides to and from High School changed all that. I came out of my shell and became socially active. I still struggled with shyness, and still felt clumsy but there were people who liked me and I liked them too. I made friends. I joined clubs. I learned I was able to accomplish many things and began living in two completely separate worlds.
High school was my saving grace, and my principal, Mr. Swanson became the friend who just seemed to know when I was having a bad day. He seemed to sense the ‘other’ unhappy world I lived in – but never asked about it – we just talked about school and fun stuff until I felt better. He was one of the angels who guided me through difficult times. Someone I have sent silent appreciation too every day since.

At the age of 17 I left home, and at the age 18, I crossed the Rocky Mountains alone on a Greyhound bus. I left everything and everyone behind, and never looked back, except for the occasional short visit. Life started over and although I made some amazing mistakes, I began a wondrous healing journey in a new land.

I learned about love and loss, I learned about trying to become a good wife and mother. I learned about how not to manage money, jobs, careers, education, relationships and all the practical elements we strive to understand. I became good at some things and learned quickly there were some I would never master. I discovered my ability to work with people and found a passion to want to make a difference.

Through it all I was growing, developing and understanding my spiritual path. I dedicated my life to becoming someone who could make a difference, someone who could take the pain of the past and transmute it to the successes of the future. I became me.

So Hello again… I am Psychic Life Coach and Medium, Sharyn Rose, and I am very pleased to meet you…

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