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EP: 73 What Do Dreams and Symbols Tell You?

Ep: 73 Transcript


Welcome to another episode of Spirit Rising with Psychic  Sharyn  Rose. Today we’re talking about what is soul reading. Listen in as Sharyn describes her style of soul reading and how it benefits her clients. So let’s get started.

Do dreams have a meaning or purpose?

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Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Spirit Rising with Psychic  Sharyn  Rose. Today, I want to talk to you about soul readings. Every medium and psychic has their working style, and sometimes we call something one thing, but it’s not the same for any of us. It’s like a fingerprint. We create our own stories. And I’ve studied the soul, and the soul travels and soul work and whatnot for years and years and years. And ultimately, I developed this ability to track back from where you are now in your life story to before you came to the planet. And I can follow. It takes about an hour, so it takes an entire appointment, but it takes about an hour to go back to the platform where you are surrounded by all your loved ones, the support team, your soul group, your angels, and your guides. And you had decided and were getting ready to make the journey into a physical experience. And in that particular journey, what I’ve learned is all something that just evolved, okay? This isn’t something I took a course on or learned from anybody else. It’s just grown. And I’ve been doing it for clients for quite a few years. And I love it, and so do they. So I start now and work backwards, so I’m working backwards towards your beginning. And when I do that, I run into some of the challenges because sometimes there’s challenges that we’re getting in our life, and we don’t recognize them as very relevant. And so we ignore them, and we don’t resolve them. And then we run into the same thing again and over and over and over and over. And sometimes those are things that we came here to resolve.

What is a soulful dreamer?

We never have just one purpose. Anybody that’s looking for one reason why they came to this planet. They’re crazy because there are many things you want to do here. If there were only one thing, you’d have only one sense, wouldn’t you? You’ve got all your reasons to be able to evolve. So I go backwards, and I’ll run into various people. I don’t need to know anything about my client when I’m doing this. I don’t need to know where they’re from or who their family are if their mom and dad are alive. I don’t need to know any of that because the information will come through, and it’ll come through on their timeline because it’s their timeline that I’m following. It is probably one of my favourite things to do, to be honest with you, just because it’s so much fun and revealing for the client. There’s stuff that comes through, and they go, oh my God, I never looked at it that way. But yes, that was my experience, and yes, I did have that. And they will even find closure in various experiences or adventures they’ve had on the planet up to this point. They find closure so they can turn around and say, wow, that was awesome because now I can move forward. Now I can go ahead and take that course I was scared to accept, or go ahead, um, and trust this or trust that. So it guides you in the relationships you’ve bumped into, et cetera. I want to be very, very clear here. A soul reading done by me will be very different than a soul reading done by somebody else unless we happen to have tuned in to the same energetic wavelength at the same time, and we’re doing the same work because a lot of different psychics do soul work differently.


There is a book that my producer and we were talking about today, and she was telling me about a book called Sobriety. And I don’t think she gave me the lady’s name. She didn’t. It’s a psychic that wrote a book called Soulbriety. And now  you must understand that everything that evolves into the psychic field of study has some history. We’ve all done other things. We’ve all done different work. We’ve all had children; we’ve often been married, often divorced. Some of us come from addictive backgrounds, and some come from trauma backgrounds. We all have a story, and it’s from our story that we can build our business and our understanding of the psychic world and our understanding of our soul and the journey of our soul. And to give you an example, the lady that wrote this Soulbriety, I don’t know very much about her. Again, I don’t even know her name. You’ll have to google it. She was a lawyer at one point in time. And then she fell into, and I think I’ve got this right. I may have it wrong, but I think I’m right. And then she fell into addictions. She fell into alcoholism and drug addiction and struggled. And when she came through it and resolved it, which she chose to do, it’s always a choice, right? Always a choice. We, the humans, have the power of choice. When she decided to resolve it, she went into medicine because she wanted to understand more about the body, the mental state of people, and their mental wellness.

What does it mean to see that you are marriage in a dream?

And ultimately, that led her into soul work and doing soul reads. And I don’t know how she does hers. I haven’t read her book. I’m going to. I’ve just again heard about it today, but you might want to pick it up and take a look. But that’s just an example. My story doesn’t have an addiction background. Mine has a trauma background. My account is about childhood trauma and the need to fit in, be accepted, be loved, and look for someone to love me so that I could be worthy. And so, consequently, I went through the divorces and the marriages and the divorces and the marriages. And I had to go through that journey. And I also had to go through a familial trip with family, core family, and of course, my own family. And what has come out of that is my appreciation for the world I grew up in, which has lent itself to my work in soul reading. So all soul readings I do will be coloured somewhat by my own experience, just as the lady that wrote that book, hers will be colored by her experiences. We all have different stories. Not many psychics and mediums have come from joyful, peaceful, beautiful childhoods. There are some, don’t get me wrong. And it doesn’t mean they’re not good. They’re perfect. Some excellent mediums and psychics have come from good stories where they had a family history of psychic work, et cetera. So for me, the soul read and being able to do a soul reading for someone now, I have also to tell you here that  I’d like to give you an example of a soul read, but I can’t remember any of them. And the reason is, and I think maybe many people don’t realize, I don’t remember most of my readings. I don’t know when I do a mediumship session unless something unusual happens, like something unique like Brussels sprouts come up. And I’ll remember that because it’s like especially if it baffles the client. And then I get a note from the client following up when we’re not in the session, telling me and explaining what the Brussels sprout was all about. Then I remember that particular reading or that part of the reading. I don’t remember all of it, but I don’t know most of my lessons. And the soul reads, go deep. They go very deep. So I’m kind of almost in a semi-trance state when I’m doing soul reads. It takes me a minute or two to get there, to get into that state. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. It’s kind of almost like going into a meditation. But I’m travelling. I’m travelling, and I’m travelling up. And it sounds weird. I’m travelling up.

How do you get guidance through your dreams?

I’m not going anywhere, but I’m travelling up. And so, consequently, I don’t remember the stories I bump into. I don’t know. And a lot of that has to do with Etiquette as well. Um, it’s none of my business. It’s not. Clients don’t come to me for me to know all their stuff. They come to me to look for some guidance or get some help or get some information that can give them some peace. And that’s what my intent is. That’s my job. So I don’t remember a lot of the readings. So it’s tough for me to take a soul reading, pull it out of thin air, and tell you all about what it would. I’ve, uh, given you the best that I can give you. So if you’re interested in soul reading, it’s something that you can request. I don’t think it’s actually on the website. It’s not something I’ve advertised, to be honest. It just comes up with clients when they come in every once in a while. It’s like, okay, this is what we will be doing because this is what the universe is saying to do. And we do a soul reading. So, as you know, I will do just a little blurb here, and then I will let you go.

But as you know, we’ve got a name change, spirit Rising, from Medium Well, we’ve gone to Spirit Rising with Psychic  Sharyn  Rose. We have our own Facebook page. We also have a workshop page, which is   And we also have Sharyn Rose’s Psychic  Coach and Medium Facebook page and the website. And I invite you to go and check out all the details on those websites.

What is the meaning of the spirit animal oracle?

I do a lot of coaching. I do readings. I do mediumship. I do all kinds of things. And clearings. I do a lot of pardons as well, which is feng shui. And in the workshops that we got coming up, we do a lot of learning about that. So I can teach you how to do it yourself. I guess that’s probably why the soul readings haven’t been advertised very much because I do many other things that are just as important to me. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick a card for you. This will be a bit of a shorter podcast than usual, but that’s okay. I’m sure you don’t mind. Let me pick a card for you from the Animal Spirit Guide deck. And these are Stephen Farmers cards that I’m using. And we got the mirror cat. The mirror. Cat you know what a mirror cat is? If you saw The Lion King, you know what a mirror cat is. Oh, look at this. Get support from a trusted group of like-minded, uh, friends. That is so important. I know it’s January, and people are struggling a little bit. We’ve come through Christmas. Many people were ill over the holidays and had an illness in their homes over the holidays, and many people are trying to pay off debts and get back into work and kids back into school and yadda, yadda, yadda. So what you want to do is you want to make sure you save and put up some time for your friendships. Put some time up for lunch with a friend once a month, go to a movie or do something with like-minded people. Not just anybody, but people who think as you do, people who are interested in the things you’re interested in that you can brainstorm with. In the meantime, check out that book, Soulbriety and see if you’re enjoying that journey. And I will look forward to talking to you next time. So for now, bye-bye.


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