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Mediumship is about validating life after life – letting us all know that we may loose our bodies but our souls go on to more experiences and growth.  An aspect of those who cross always remains with us in support and love.

I welcome anyone who would like to make contact with their crossed over loved one to come and see me.  The satisfaction and the relief can be overwhelming when we get the chance to hear from them.  The added bonus for you is I will also show you how to connect with your crossed over loved ones without a medium.  So please, give me a call and let’s meet. You will be very glad you came.

One hour fee is $210 plus 10.50 GST = $220.50  Visa, Master Card Debit Card or Cash


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About my Mediumship work

This area of my work is one of the most satisfying things I do.  I completely love and respect the energies I get the chance to visit with on behalf of the clients who ask for a connection.  I have learned so much in the years since I started working actively as a Professional Medium, trust me; Spirit has much to say!

My Mediumship work began with studies into physics and working as a certified and registered Massage Therapist and trained Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner.  Eventually I modified energy healing work as I had been trained to do and began teaching ‘Intentional Healing’ which I continue to modify as I learn and still teach today.

The awakening of the ability to not just see spirit but to have a chat with Spirit, gradually emerged from the close psychic connection I established with my clients.  This awakening sent me to the Arthur Findlay College for Spiritual Development in Essex England to be professionally trained by the top medium tutors in the world.  As I developed focus, discipline and depth, my clairvoyance became stronger and today I am able to make contact with crossed over loved ones who are missed by their families and friends.  I continue to study at the Arthur Findlay College, going back every second year for refresher courses and higher levels of training.

For my clients, there is a great relief in hearing from their loved ones who have crossed over.  Often questions are answered that have haunted family members and always validation is provided.  Spirit brings through information that I could not possibly know about so you can recognize and believe they are still here with you.

Clients and I are delighted when crossed over pets come through.  There is something to be said for the accuracy of the animal energies vs. the human energies.  Very seldom do the animals present information that is wrong.

This was clear in one consultation where I received a visual of fields of daisies and my client burst into tears.  Daisy was the name of their dog that had just passed, and they were really missing her.  Daisy then appeared energetically with wagging tail and took me on an ‘energetic’ tour of their house, showing me they hadn’t moved the dog dish.  I shared this with my client as Daisy was showing me. When I shared the description of the dish, the client said, “No, there is no green on the dog dish.”  I checked with Daisy again, and she insisted so I had to tell the client to check when she got home as there certainly was green on the dog dish.  It turns out the inside rim of the dish was green, just as Daisy said.  The animals always know!

If you’re curious about hearing from crossed over loved ones, don’t hesitate to book a 1-hour mediumship consultation today. In-person or telephone consultations are available!


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