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Psychic Life Coaching provides vital life shifting remedies to deep and life long challenges.  It is an intense, and laser focused one on one process that encourages success, joy and new habits.

Psychic Life Coaching goes deeper than a one hour reading can.  It is designed to reach in and remove blocks at the deepest level so you can move forward with confidence and courage.  We address the areas specific to you and use laser focus to identify exactly what is blocking you.   We can discuss whatever you like in any area you choose.  My focus is life – all of life, and my job is to find the easiest most productive and enjoyable route for you to take.  It is my job to clarify why you are here and get you closer to your purpose so you can reach the joy you deserve.

My one hour rate is $210 but for the ten hour coaching sessions, the fee is reduced by approx 10%. Payment in full is made at the beginning of the first session of two hours – and the schedule for the remaining four sessions of two hours each will be set according to our mutual schedules.  Thus you are assured of a reasonable space of time to complete your coaching sessions without long breaks and loss of focus.

Ten hours $1,900.00 plus GST $95.00 = $1,995.00 total payable by Visa, Master Card, Debit card cash or e transfer – this program is broken into five two-hour sessions and is done within ten days.  Speak to Sharyn for more details.

**NEW** fifteen hours $2,835.00 plus GST $141.75 = $2,976.75 – this program is also broken into five 2-hour sessions and done within ten days, but has an additional five one-hour phone sessions added.  Speak to Sharyn for more details.

****  five hour support coaching  option for established students –   $900.00 plus GST $45.00 = $945.00 payable by VISA, Master Card, Debit Card, Cash or e transfer. These hours offer follow up for three months after coaching sessions are complete. 

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About Psychic Life Coaching

After many years of study,  I have emerged as a fully trained, working Psychic Life Coach.  As I progressed in my development I studied and practiced and studied some more.  I continued to struggle with feeling different and odd and out of step until I finally understood I was born to teach and to use my heightened senses to assist me.   Once I realized I was blessed and not cursed I was able to take my psychic abilities to a new level.

I learned to develop my understanding of the connection between this very challenging physical experience, and the psychic/spiritual one.  I learned to love the life I had found so difficult.  I figured out how to live from my higher soul self and enjoy my journey instead of living from my lower sad emotional state that just made me sick and tired.  In short, working with the Universe has groomed me to be a powerful Psychic Communicative Healer.

I am someone who uses words to share energetic knowledge and I have the uncanny ability to translate complex theories into usable, instantly applicable methods for my clients.   I love to teach, I love to share information, and I most of all love to tap into that system where we are all connected to find practical answers for those who need them.

In looking back on my personal journey, I now see that my fifty odd years of challenge created the ability for me to see the divinity in my own soul.  It has allowed me to also see the divinity in your soul and share with you so your journey can be a little bit easier.

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