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I am delighted to come out to your location as I travel  throughout Alberta  doing Clearings.  The time required  is established at the booking consultation.  Time and fee are influenced by residential or business, and building size and age, as well as travel distance to property.

I look forward to hearing from you and suggest if you are considering a clearing you should choose the spring or fall season. Other options suitable for a clearing are when you are trying to sell a property, or moving into a new residence or business location.

Interested? then let’s chat about your Energetic Space Clearing (ESC) needs.

(fee to be determined at the time of booking)

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About Environmental Space Clearing

I remember one day walking into a store in our community that I heard offered some good deals. It was clothing and bed and bath products mostly, with marked down prices on merchandise.

Three feet in the door, I turned right around and headed back outside. When my friend figured out I was missing, she came out looking for me. There I was feeling a bit silly, but I knew I just couldn’t spend any time in that store.

That was several years ago, that same store has now moved to a larger, more wide-open location and is one of my favorite places to shop. Another retailer did open in the old location and was out of business within a year. Currently today , the same location has seen two other businesses come and go, and currently is leased on a month by month basis to whoever wants a short term retail location.  It is empty much of the time.

This experience brought back memories of my teen years. I was traveling with my mother in beautiful BC Canada. We were on Vancouver Island and touring through some of the old original homes that were still standing. At the doorway of one of them, I just couldn’t go in. I felt odd, and very silly as I tried to stay outside while mom toured the house. I think I pleaded disinterest so as not to arouse her suspicion. I couldn’t explain the feeling I got, I just knew not to enter.

Over the years while I studied energy work and psychic development, I realized I was super-sensitive to energy retained by buildings and their contents. As I became more disciplined and able to focus, I learned how to identify and clear toxic energy that had been created by the previous or current inhabitants and was stuck. Sort of like cobwebs in the corners of a room, energy gets stuck as well. I could sense illness, aggression, desperation, depression, and sadness and fear that was imprinted into the environment. In one older home, I even pointed out to the owners that there had been a staircase in one location and that the owners Grandfather had fallen down them. The surprised homeowner said yes, there were stairs that had been removed many years ago. A wall was then put up, with no sign of the stairs remaining. What I picked up there was pain and a sense of embarrassment. Apparently grandpa enjoyed a cocktail or two!

As I grew in ability, I learned how to clear these toxins and lighten the energy for homes and businesses. In the case of one business I cleared, I was also able to pick up the energy of dishonesty and serious money issues. The business owner who brought me in to do the clearing was just relocating his business to this new location. He told me later the previous business had gone bankrupt. Negative emotions create dense, heavy toxic energy that sticks to an environment. They will influence children, pets, staff or anyone sensitive to their environment and must be cleared away.

Namaste from Sharyn

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