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A Bedroom Holiday

A Bedroom Holiday

Have you ever heard of a bedroom holiday? I ask because I am not sure if I made it up or heard it somewhere else and just liked it. The definition of a bedroom holiday is the following:
Taking the day, clearing your calendar, taking the kids (if you have kids) to the neighbors or Grandma’s, giving hubby the day off from home, and indulging. It means taking the day and doing EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT to do. That does not include any of the things you feel you are SUPPOSED to do, but only the things you WANT to do. Sleep, eat ice cream, watch cooking shows, sleep some more, bubble bath, listen to music you love, read a goopy romance, or watching an uplifting or funny movie. In short, it is a day you dedicate to you – and only you. It does not include girlfriends, husbands, family, bosses or co-workers. You may decide to stay in your housecoat all day and really buck the system by having Cheetos for breakfast. Remember, it is your day and it is just one day.
I am chatting about this because that is exactly what I have to do once in a while. I have terrible self-care. My poor body has to scream in pain before I finally will pay attention to the fact that I forgot to eat or have been too long at the computer in the ‘pose’ that strains backs, shoulders, wrists and hands. I don’t listen,and I do pay the price. Learning to have a bedroom holiday has helped me overcome the neglect to some degree and I am able to bounce back quickly with more energy and a better understanding that I need to sit up and take notice, and It also lets me know I am worth being kind too. I have learned that I deserve to do nice things for myself – my challenge is in remembering that when I get busy and buried in details around work, family and home.

In my 20’s I sold Real Estate. I was a single mom of two small boys and my days started early and ended late. Finally, one day in July I woke up and knew that if I saw clients that day I would blow the results all the hard work the previous week or weeks had brought. I was a good and conscientious Realtor, but I was reaching burn-out. That morning I made a bold decision. I called the office and told them I was not going to be in that day. I then called all the appointments I had and re-scheduled them for the next couple of days. I had a wonderful breakfast with my children, and then took them to the day care where they were expected for the day. I dressed in a pair of shorts a T shirt and sandals and went to visit some of my corporate clients I had become friends with. At one (a car dealership) the manager saw me walk in and got this confused look on his face. He had never seen me out of a business suit and asked what I was doing. My reply was, “well today is a holiday!” “Huh? What Holiday?” he asked. “It is be nice to Sharyn day,” was my happy reply and I swear, he looked downright jealous. It was a great day and the rest of the week following was tremendous for both my self esteem, my children, and my business. All because I took one day!

So there are actually two ideas there for you – the Bedroom Holiday or the Be Nice To You Day!!! They both work and I am almost tempted to start a ‘Be Nice” Club so we can all remind one another about how importand and special we truly are. Any takers??? … Until next Time…….

Namaste from Sharyn