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A Dream, A Passing, and Oceans of Love

On Saturday morning, August 29th, I was enjoying our last Mexican breakfast with my family.  As I ate, I recalled the dream I had the night before and shared it with my husband and my son.

I dreamed I was sitting with a peaceful older woman and looking out over a calm, smooth ocean.  It was sunny, bright and wonderful.  Then there appeared a male figure sitting with us, and as I turned to look at him, I saw that there was another ocean above and behind us.  A large, also peaceful ocean.  This one had many, many sail boats; all drifting calmly in the light breeze.

I was in awe.  I told the man to look.  To turn his head and look at the beautiful sail boats and the second, higher ocean.  He resisted for a second, then very slowly turned his head.  The look on his face was one of joy and peace – and dare I say – glee?  He was excited, he was happy and he was relieved.  It was as if all the people he ever knew were there, in sail boats and waiting for him.  His smile was huge, and stayed in my memory as the dream faded and I awoke.

As I shared the details, I strongly felt a senior member of my family was leaving and thoughts turned to my 93 year old father.  As it turned out – it was my ‘spiritual’ father who passed later that same day.  Dr Wayne Dyer.  A man who, in the 90’s with his cassettes entitled ‘Manifest Your Destiny’ pulled me through the darkest and most challenging time in my life.  A man whom I had the pleasure  to meet and hear speak several times.  A man who inspired me to do what I do.  A great man, a father figure, a mentor.  A man who loved and cared for everyone the very best way he knew how.

I look forward to more contact now – a new perspective for him, a new connection for me.  With love Dr Dyer, you altered the world as many now experience it.

Walk with joy.  You are loved.

Namaste from Sharyn Rose