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A Passionate Life – but Not a Pilgrim

A Passionate Life – but Not a Pilgrim


I just finished a great book written by Jane Christmas entitiled, ‘What the Psychic Told The Pilgrim’.  My friend Earl told me about it and it actually sells at Chapters in the Travel section since it is about an 800 kilometer long pilgrimage on the Camino in Spain.  It is an amazingly funny story and I love that Jane Christmas is a Canadian writer who lives in Hamilton Ontario. 

Her story is about planning this trip for her 50th birthday and by the time she goes there are also several other women who decided to join her.  The antics of these women and the trials and tribulations on Jane’s pilgrimage really made me stop and think about how I would handle some of the situations she found herself in.  I am not that sure I am pilgrim material, walking that far with a backpack and staying in coed refugios along the way.  I am passionate about my life, but as I said to Earl, I like a bit of cheese with my stale bread and cafe con leche.  You may see it differently and venture onto the Camino trail yourself. 

This book is just newly released in 2007, and is a perfect gift for yourself or that hard to buy for person on your list who likes to read.  Janes’ humor spills over onto every page as does her wonderfully irreverant sense of unfair play by others. I would love to hear your feedback should you read it.

Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn