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Red Deer Intuitive Group

Red Deer Intuitive Group

tree and sunrise1.jpgAn Evening of Exploring the Pendulum Wednesday, August 22 at 7pm

Here we will be practicing working with a pendulum. There are several members of the group who already work with this tool and who will guide us in learning the basics of the pendulum. I have one – I have never been proficient at using it so I am looking forward to this meeting. If you have a pendulum, please bring it. If you don’t have one, but want to learn more about this art, you can make one using the simple dynamics of a weight on a string. A chain with a weighted piece like a gem, or even a string and your ring. This will be a hands on meeting so come with your sense of humor and your pendulum.

There are now 49 participants who have attended one meeting or another over the six months we have been active. We maintain a flowing membership, and we encourage newcomers to attend if a topic feels of interest. Mark the time on your calendars and join us for a cup of tea, a sweet treat and an intuitive boost!

Remember, there is no fixed cost to attend, just a small donation of your choice to cover the costs of refreshments and admin.


The group takes fifteen minutes out of our time together and we offer a meditation to any and all persons requesting healing help for themselves, a friend or relative. Please send your requests to or call Sharyn. You can include the first name and age of the person you wish to have included in the meditation

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