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Angelic Confusion..

Angelic Confusion..

Don’t you find it a tad confusing to hear and read about Angels, the variations of Angels, the gifts of Angels and all the other stuff about Angels that seem to conflict with one another? 

Doreen Virtue is reknown for her Angel Therapy work, using the energy and assistance of the Angelic Realm to do what she does.  She trains Angel Practitioners around the world and they in turn use the Angelic presences in their work.

Psychic Sylvia Browne, on the other hand states what she sees to be true about the presence of Angels and her information appears to conflict with that of Doreen Virtue.  Her facts are different, but yet stated as the truth.

According to the written works of Anthony Borgia, a British Medium who channelled the words of his deceased friend Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, Angels are a fiction of the human imagination.  Other teachers suggest that Angels are simply a construct of a Church based society and need based humans.

When I see the conflicts that rage among the various “experts”, I can only once again fall back on my own personal experiences for the truth as it appears to me. I am the biggest skeptic of all, and need my own form of proof in most things.

As a child when I attended Sunday School, I learned a bit about Angels, but not much.  For the past forty five or fifty years, I have not been connected to any one religion.  I have not been exposed to dogmatic teachings and there has been no exposure to any teachings at all about Angels.

In the year 2002, I had the pleasure of studying with a Tibetan Buddhist group, and it was my first foray into the arena of Eastern Theology.  I loved what I was learning at the retreats, as I discovered much about myself and the life I was living.  During one of them, called the Chenrezig Retreat, I had an unusual experience.  The deity of Chenrezig is considered by the Buddhists to represent compassion, and at the time it was a new word to me.  As I became more familiar with the meaning of compassion, I recalled examples of it in my life when it had been missing and when it had been fully there. 

As I sat in deep meditation, visualizing the diety of Chenrezig, the figure changed to that of an Angel.  I was startled, but it lasted such a short time I thought it must have been my imagination.  Over the next few days, each time I meditated, the same Angel would appear superimposed over the form of Chenrezig and stay just a bit longer.  Finally, on the last day of the Retreat, I asked the Angel who he/she/it was.  I clearly heard ‘Michael’, before all once again changed back to Chenrezig.  I didn’t say much to anyone at the time but I came away a bit confused.  Did Buddhist studies include Angels?  Not to my knowledge.

When I returned to my work as a massage therapist, energy healing facilitator, and reflexologist, I could feel a presence in my treatment room.  At one point while doing energy healing with a client, I distinctly felt gently hands on my shoulders as enormous energy and heat flowed through my body to the client.  Of course now I am really wondering – what the heck have I gotten into????

I knew the energy was that of this Angel Michael, but I didn’t know anything about Angels good or bad, and decided to do a bit of research.  Being sceptical had me wondering if this energy was possibly bad in some way.  How like a Westerner huh?  I came up with the information on Archangel Michael and had one of those ‘knowing’ moments that have been with me all of my life.  I knew as I read about the energy, the role this particular Angel plays and the assistance I was getting, that this was certainly a presence I could welcome and call on.

Since meeting Michael those six years ago, we have done an enormous amount of work together Michael lends me courage and strength, and is a great sounding board when I need someone to chat with.  The guidance from this Angel has never stopped since that day. Michael is for me the way a lot of psychics refer to their spirit guides.  Loving, patient and supportive.

The reason I think Michael appeared superimposed over the visual of the Buddhist Deity of Compassion called Chenrezig, is because they represent the same thing.  Perhaps different faiths from different cultures, but the identical energy fills both.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see Western and Eastern cultures and religions meet and overlap. 

So, what is the truth about Angels?  For me, Angels are a part of my truth, my experiences are my story.  What do you believe is the truth for you?      until next time…….

Namaste from Sharyn