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arrived in Sitges, Spain Sept 30, 2007

arrived in Sitges, Spain Sept 30, 2007

Hola to you all from beautiful Spain.  I believe Sitges has to be the most beautiful place on the Med. and I also believe our Hotel, the Sunway Playa Golf Hotel to be the most beautiful in Sitges.  We feel very fortunate to be here, and Dave is looking forward to getting out on the links.

Our visit to family in the Channel Islands was very busy, and we did get to the German War Tunnels.  They were as I expected them to be and they tell a very interesting story.  The most amazing part of the trip for me had to be finding my maiden name on a sign at a place on the south end of Jersey called LaRocque Point.  I have been obsessed with visiting Jersey for years, but thought it was due to the history of the LeMasurier family that can be found there.  Do I also have ancestors who lived in Jersey?  It now seems very possible, especially considering that for some reason, my father changed the spelling of the family name from a small r to a large R which is the same as it is in Jersey.  I love a mystery and will be investigating this one.

We were treated like royalty by the host Lemasurier family of Percy and Jan, his son and daughter in law John and Ann and had the delightful pleasure to meet their three sons and partners, Nicholas, Racheal, Robert, Simon and Andrew.  A loving close family who are proud of their heritage and an asset to the Island.  In fact, between touring us around, John managed to attend and chair a meeting, handle a television interview and feed the sheep they have grazing in the fields.  Our last evening saw found us dining at John and Ann´s with the whole family at their home called Greystones.  This property was purchased by the family in 1919, but is hundreds of years old and like all the old buildings on the Island, is built of stones.  Even the staircase is built of stone.  So beautiful!  Somehow Ann did a magic trick and was able to prepare a wonderful dinner for everyone, even after spending the day touring around with us. 

We were hosted to a beautiful lunch on Thursday by the esteemed Professor Dame Diana Mossop of phytobiophysics technology and her partner, Paul Roberts.  Dame Mossop headed out the day after our visit to Egypt where she has been invited to secure vital plants and flowers to enhance her business even further.  I look forward to adding the work of Dame Mossop to the Studio Services, and working with Carla Green from Rocky Mountain House who has already completed her first leg of training.  I encourage you to look Carla up if you are struggling with some health issues that you just cannot seem to find a resolution for – she will be able to help.  In fact, Professor Mossop and Paul referred to her as ´keen Carla´! 

So, the training at Stansted, England at the Arthur Findlay College, attending Gord and Colette´s function in London where Dave´s deceased friend Randy delivered a moving message to him through Gordon (a story on it´s own), discovering the family connections in Jersey, and now we will relax on the shores of the Med here in beautiful Sitges.  We are possibly attending a dinner this evening at a Budhist Monastery with some Dutch friends. 

The sun is shining, the world is wonderfully bright for us.  I hope it is the same for you.

On a business note, I understand from Heather the seats are almost filled for the October 20th Dr Mona Lisa Workshop.  If you have not registered and want to, please contact her ASAP.  Calling the Studio phone line at 403-343-6679, you will find her number to reach her or log into the Autumn Events page here on this site.  Take care everyone!