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Being Determined With Intention

Being Determined With Intention

Little did I know when the year 2007 started, that it would bring such wonderful adventures my way. But I did have an Intention and it was clear and strong.  I held the intention all year to follow my heart, love myself, my friends, my family and my clients and learn.  I wanted and needed to learn more about myself and my dreams so I could do my work effectively. 

I know many people are challenged to understand the world of a psychic medium.  Through the growth in my development, I became immersed deeper into the human five sensory side of life. There were times I was so afraid I couldn’t sleep at night, knowing some of the tasks that were looming before me.  There were other times I stood in awe at the way my life manifested perfection, because my intention was clear and always based in integrity.  There were moments of sadness as I watched people drift out of my life who didn’t always understand my intentions.  Moments where one of my mistake had me cringing and scrambling to pick up displaced pieces.  For the first time in years, I worked very hard at staying true to myself and honoring what I needed so I could be effective for others.  I finally understood how important self love and self care really are. I may be a psychic medium, but in this five sensory world I am as human as anyone else.

During the year I had to let go of fears that were very real.  That meant facing them first if I wanted to let them go.  At those times I was downright terrified.  But, in doing all of that it made such a difference, providing a sense of freedom I so badly wanted.  I am determined to see that everyone, absolutely everyone who enters The Studio be able to recognize some of their own strength, move past their fears and walk away with a clear intention to live a healthier and happier life.  My intention is to assist others, and it is working.

I am entering 2008 with the strength of determination and clear intention to do right by all, and especially to do right for myself.  The classes we hold here are designed with that intention. I hold that intention when I see clients for private sittings. There have been many clients and class particiipants who have provided such positive feedback through their experiences here that I feel completely blessed with the ability to share these gifts that I sometimes don’t yet fully understand. 

So, this year I am sure there will be more unexpected adventures, other fears to face that I am not yet aware of, and challenges I have not anticipated.  However, I feel braver and stronger and believe determination to be of service, and holding the intention to always honor myself and others that no matter what – it will be an outstanding year. I know it can be for you too, and if I can help in any way just let me know. I am here.

until next time…..

Namaste from Sharyn

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  • Gail Pochylko

    Words to live by..Thx!