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Energy Health and Healing Classes – 2008

Energy Health and Healing Classes – 2008

I have been a Certified level 2 Reiki practitioner for over five years now, but I have been working with energy all of my life.  I have had the opportunity to explore various other ‘energy healing’ modalities like Healing Touch, and Quantum Touch; just to name a few.  In fact I am also certified in Healing Touch which really was the first exposure I had to healing energy work in any formal sort of way. 

It was after taking a Healing Touch course in Calgary that I began to understand more about the senses I was using with my children and myself in regards to health.  More studying and research revealed that I had in  fact been using Healing Hands for years, I just didn’t know that everyone else wasn’t doing the same thing with thier children.  I thought it came naturally with motherhood. 

I have thought about taking the Masters Reiki training lately.  The reason is that to teach Reiki I would need to hold a Masters Certificate, and I have been considering teaching it now as there are so many of my clients who would like training to do energy healing. However, there was something in me that had resisted taking the Reiki Masters Course all these years.

Then it hit me – smack, right between the eyes!  I have been doing energy work all of my life.  I trained in Reiki to develope discipline, focus and understanding of the energy flows to and from our bodies.  As far as applying the Energy Healing, I already knew what to do as I had been doing it since I could remember. 

As I sat with an associate of mine chatting about the Masters training and teaching Reiki, I had an ‘aha’ moment.  I knew exactly what I was going to do, and I knew that I was going to be doing the perfectly right thing for myself and for my clients.

I am going to design an energy healing class to be run in February 2008 for the first time.  I am not going to be a Reiki Master, but I can teach what I know, and what I know is how to work with energy.  We are all healers, each of us has the ability to channel healing energy and share that energy with those we love and ourselves. I can’t wait to help you amp it up and develop that naturally given ‘energetic’ muscle.

I am going to be teaching my students how to reach into their own energetic bag of tricks and tap that wonderful resource so they can become more aware of their own health and the health of those around them.

Keep your eyes open and heads up as this will be a wonderfully fun course, complete with hands on work that will amaze you as you learn more about our connections to energy and how to use them.

More information will come out as soon as the format for the course is complete, but I can already tell you this,  the cost is already set for a five hour (11 to 5 on Saturdays)  class at $89.00 and class maximum will be ten participants. 

I will keep you posted through the website.

Comments (4)

  • Tom Crozier

    Hi Sharyn: I am interested in this, but February is booking up quickly (heading south with family – likely Cuba – the third week). Please let me know when date is set so I can pencil in (if you have room). Pat may be interested as well – will speak to her about it. I trust all is well with you. Take care.

    PS I officially move on from current employer February 29,2008. Looking forward to it.

  • Marcie Sommerville


    Can’t wait for this class, please let me know when we can register!


  • Joanne cottell

    HI Sharyn,
    I met you at
    Mona Lisa’s workshop and am interested in this new energy healing.
    I will keep watching for more details
    wishing you a wondeful holiday season

  • Sharyn

    I am so excited about this new class. The teaching schedule is out and runs until the end of April – you can go ahead and register. Information on times, cost and dates can be found under Teaching Schedule 2008. Way to go Tom, re: employment change. Top of the season to all of you.