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Bossy Weather??

Bossy Weather??

The Weather’s Not The Boss of Me….

Yes, it is hot hot hot!!! These past few months in Alberta have seen hotter muggier days than previous summers. However, no one seems to like it any more than they like the cold blustery days of winter. It got me thinking that the weather sure does control a lot of moods and lives in it’s diversity.

People discuss it’s inconvenience and wish for something different as they gather for family barbecues, staff get togethers and other social summer occasions. Now granted, some of these people are depending on the sun or the rain for their livelihood, they have crops to get in and livestock to feed and water. But the majority are just folks who groan about the way it is, even though they have access to cool lakes, shaded back yards and in some cases air conditioned interiors.

However, all the humidity and sunshine have created luscious gardens of roses, lilies and assorted flowers, apples on the apple trees, raspberries the size of strawberries, and vegetables gardens yielding more than normal. This weather has brought to our acreage an abundance of colorful large dragonflies that motor about their mosquitoe eating business peacefully and quietly. They flash about in brilliant hues of green, blue, gold and browns often hovering over conversations as if eavesdropping.

Since I was born in Canada, I have witnessed all variations in local weather over the past 50 years, and I learned long ago to appreciate even the worst of it. Sure, I still have days when I would like it to cool down, but when evening comes and it does I don’t forget to appreciate it. I appreciate it because I know what I can and cannot control. The weather is one of the ‘uncontrollables’ and so I try to remember to honor the passage of the days no matter what they bring.

Perhaps if we look at the glass half full instead of half empty we could spend more joyous days appreciating the beauty and abundance the weather provides. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.

It is a good time to take a moment – stop – and smell the flowers! Enjoy the rest of the summer!