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Bulletin News For July 2008

Bulletin News For July 2008

The lazy hazy crazy days of summer are upon us. Those days when the backyard is cooler than the house, the BBQ works overtime, and we kick back after our workday is done to enjoy a cool beverage with family and friends.

The roses at the Studio are profuse and in full bloom, the fountain is gurgling and the rolling green lawns are inviting. Doggon it – I really love summer! I hope you are all enjoying it too.

There are people from 31 countries logging into the Studio Website and reading the goings on here, and every day we seem to add a new subscriber or two. I welcome all of you and want to share some gentle reminders of events to come, as well as news you may not have yet.

The Workshop Lineup This Fall 2008. – We are taking registrations for all of the workshops and some of them are filling. Since they start in September, you may want to take care of getting your registration in to us so you are guaranteed a spot. As you know, seating is limited. Click on Class Schedule Autumn 2008 at the top of this page and check out the line up. Remember, you now have Visa, Mastercard, debit card and cash as payment options.

Private Summer Appointments – I am busy seeing clients over the summer and many are coming from afar, so Saturdays are open until September for private one hour sessions. Other appointment times are Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 4pm. You can call me at 403-343-6678 or go to to inquire about available times, dates and rates. I will be honored to speak with you!

Energetic Space Clearing – I get requests each week to do clearings for homes and businesses around Alberta and do travel to different locations. If you have a Space Clearing request, feel free to call or email me for information. I look forward to assisting you.

Phone Consultations- As clients become aware of the possibility of a phone consultation, more are calling. It is the perfect way to receive some guidance since we can schedule these for evenings and mornings. Of course it accomodates the distance factor and I now have clients in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario as well as parts of the US. This also allows me to assist more clients in a week than previous, so if you have been thinking about calling I would love to hear from you. Your first call is to get details and arrange payment, your second call will be as per schedule for the one hour session. To learn more call me at 403-343-6679 or email . You can also go to About Sharyn at the top of the page.

The Orb Photos – What a response I have been getting from people who have checked out the Orb page and photos. I have added some new ones sent to me, two from a proud local mom, photos of her daughter in Australia, there are a few from a client in Olds, and the other is from a gal in England. Thanks Kathy, Breanne, Maryanne and Cloe.
click here to see the added photos

Others of you have contacted me but I have not received your photos as of yet – if you send them in, I will put them online.

Article — Recovery With a Fresh Air Twist

I received a package in the mail today from my father who resides in Northern BC where I grew up. It was an article about my two brothers, Addictions Counselor Bruce LaRocque and Neil LaRocque and the work they are doing in creating a recovery centre for those struggling with addictions. They both have struggled themselves with addictions, and through their recovery have found a way to give back to their communities. They draw on a client base from the Western Provinces, and utilize services in both BC and Alberta.

I am excited for both Bruce and Neil, for their awareness and healing of themselves, and for reaching out to share thier successes to help others. To read this article that was published in a Northern BC newspaper click here. Way to go Neil and Bruce – I love you both and am very proud of you!


The Violet Ray Magazine -To connect with the Violet Ray Magazine online click here. There are some dynamic adjustments and tweaking going on behind the scenes for this information packed Red Deer based magazine. Carol is working hard to bring to the community exactly what will work for both practitioners and seekers. You have been asking, and she has been listening and now you will get all the information you could desire. The next issue is coming out in early August so make sure you pick up your copy and you will see some of the ‘tweaking’ that will make you smile! For the next couple of months I will be working with Carol and connecting with many practitioners out there as I visit your business with news that will impact everything you do. It won’t matter if you run a large or small operation – you can become visible in your marketplace so your business can grow to it’s fullest. Heads up everybody – The Violet Ray Magazine is growing up and developing it’s own unique niche to serve you better.


Some New Reads I have Enjoyed

James Van Praagh has a new book out called Ghosts Among Us – I may not agree with everything Van Praagh says in his book, but I agree with a lot of it. Easy read and some good guidance provided for those of you wishing to develop your intuition.

Eckhart Tolle is getting a lot of airtime as he works with Oprah through his outstanding book A New Earth. I received this book as a gift from a client and it has a lot to say that just makes sense.

Mike Dooley has a fabulous book out called Notes From The Universe. I have already mentioned this little book, but I enjoy it so much, I am suggesting it again. Terrific material between the covers of this one.

Here is a Quote from Mike’s website at

“Do you know what happens when folks distrust the trustworthy?

They begin attracting the untrustworthy.

Ain’t pretty.

And for those who trust the untrustworthy?

Yeah, they begin attracting the trustworthy.”

Trust me, The Universe

Well, that’s it for this week in July! I wish you a healthy and bright summer season. Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn

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  • Dan

    Great Bulletin Post! Keep up the good work.

  • Sharyn

    Thanks Dan, I appreciate the kind words!
    Namaste from Sharyn