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Out With 2009/ Hello New Years 2010 – Wow!!!

Out With 2009/ Hello New Years 2010 – Wow!!!


It has been another outstanding year.  Lots of ups and lots of downs providing contrasts and challenges.  I love it!!!  Without the challenges we cannot see the beauty of that which is around us nor can we achieve the momentum we want in our lives.

This is the year I went back to the Arthur Findlay College in England.  I left there feeling validated with my work and more sure of the abilities that have been developing over my lifetime than ever before.  Nothing like flying across an ocean and hanging with other metaphysical energies from all over the world to bring confidence to my world.  I have loved this past year like none before it.  And no, that doesn’t mean I have been happy every moment – included in that love is the frustrations, the angers, the jealousies, the sadnesses and the downright stubborn dig-in-my-heels moments.  I love the contrast of happy and sad – without experiencing both I could not grow, and neither can you.   I learned this year to appreciate the unwanted as much as the wanted and wow, my life has blossomed with color.  Less judgement, more tolerance, and certainly more patience has developed – I am proud of my growth and my spirit.

This has been an entertaining year as well.  I have gotten myself into situations that I had no idea how I was going to get out of.  However, every time I felt completely stuck, a solution would appear.   I have worked hard to stay out of the way, ask the Universe for what I desired, and let it be delivered. And delivered it was, often in a guise I did not recognize or expect.  Each and every time though, it filled me with delight, like a child getting their favorite Christmas gift.  I would clap my hands in glee and smile broadly as my world became deeper, more colorful and more focused.

I have come to a place where I value so very much the contrasts in my life journey.  It allows me to see the journeys of my clients so much better.  I get information almost instantly when clients appear with challenges and contrasts in their lives so I can assist them with creative ideas to make the alterations they require.  I give thanks to each and every one of you who have shared a part of your journey with me so we can all have clearer vision to our purpose, our intentions and our abundance.

So, where do I go in 2010?  Well, I have decided to make a few changes.  I am continuing the one-to-one private in office consultations; I don’t see myself ever stopping that interaction.  However, I am going to be taking my abilities to areas outside of the Studio in a bigger way.  In April 2010 there will be three Body, Soul and Spirit Expos held in Alberta. Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Calgary, and I will be there.  I have signed on to do lectures at each of the Expos.  I will talk about how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  I will also have booths at each of them and actively doing half-hour readings for attendees.  I have never done this before, but now I know it is the right time and the right action to take.  And I am excited.  It is like a whole new adventure.  I have a few other projects on the table as well that are new and exciting, albeit in the infancy stages.  Lots to do and I know without a doubt that 2010 will be an outstanding year.

Each year, as December draws to a close, I assign a new word to the year ahead.  for 2009 it was ‘Transformation‘ which brought a year of change.  For the year 2010 it is ‘Make-Believe’!!  Doesn’t that sound like a fun experience to have?  This word came from knowing for certain that we create our worlds to be exactly what we want them to be – often out of contrast and challenges but they can be joyful, fulfilling experiences.  We can create anything we wish – we can be delighted and happy or depressed and sorrowful.  I choose to use Make-Believe to create exactly what I want the year of 2010 to look like.

You can create you life to be the way you want it to be – exactly the way you want it to be in all areas.   It is my wish for you and all those you love to have a year full of what you want the most.  You are blessed creators of your journey – you are writing the story of who you are.  Generations after you will know your story – how do you want to be remembered?  Go ahead, Create – be all that you can be in joyful moments and let the Universe assist you towards your solutions and adventures.  You be the one in your world who leads the way.  You be the one who others look at and wonder, “How come you are always so lucky?  How come everything works out for you?”  You be the inspiration as you create wonder and leave sparkle dust in your path.

Until next time – have a blessed Holiday Season and a glorious entry into the year 2010

Namaste from Sharyn