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Coach Shawn at Your Service

Coach Shawn at Your Service

I know the most wonderful people!  I really do, people who are inspired to follow their dreams.  Inspired to look  beyond what they are told is possible to the potential of any great idea.  Pursuing great ideas, sharing great ideas and inspiring others along the way.  One of those people is my good friend Shawn.
Shawn and Dr Mona Lisa Schulz, Medical Intuitive
Shawn is a member of my long standing development group that has been meeting every week for two and a half years. He came to us when an original member relocated and he took her place.  He brought such positive vibes to us and has also brought good ideas, unafraid to share new concepts, thoughts and experiences.  He maintains a healthy family and home, runs his own business and is currently also training to become a life and business coach.  Can he do it all?  If anyone can it is Shawn.
Shawn teaches us all to approach life with a positive attitude and roll with the punches when things don’t work out the way we wish.  Creative, loving and kind he inspires me every week and soon he will have the opportunity to inspire you too.  His training for Life and Business Coach requires a dedication to the hours required and the practicum to receive is accreditation with the International Coaches Federation.
I will let you all know when Shawn steps out fully trained and ready to assist any of you in your quest to be better, stronger and more successful in your chosen endeavors.  Go Shawn!!!