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Complete Company Re-Brand

Making corporate changes is challenging – and right now we are in the middle of a change.  I am now professionally identified as Psychic Coach and Medium Sharyn Rose, and the Studio HHC is becoming The Studio of Psychic Coach and Medium Sharyn Rose.  We will be changing the logo which makes me nervous –  and building a new website – more nervous!  I am excited too as it is time for growth and change, I just really have loved things as they have gone so far.

I guess that is really what it is all about.  Loving where you are at and at the same time, loving where you are headed.  Sharyn Rose – this name feels so good and light and fun!  And let’s face it, The Studio hasn’t actually been a Holistic Health Centre since I stopped dong the massage, Reflexology and other body work.  It really is transforming slowly into the energetic domain of Psychic Coach and Medium Sharyn Rose.  It is becoming a sacred place where solutions are sought out, where spirit communicators are invited daily to provide proof of life after life.  The focus has shifted away from the demands of purely physical ailments, encompassing all of the self.  This allows the clients, the communicators and me to have more fun, gain more insight, and feel a great deal more joy.

Yes, change is coming.  I love it, I want it, and I embrace it.  I will also keep you up with it.  Thanks for listening, until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn