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Days of Bliss

It is towards the end of Tuesday and I have just returned back to my home in Red Deer, from a night over in Calgary with my 19 year old Granddaughter Jessica.

After Monday morning coffee, overnight bags slung over our shoulders, we headed to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino around noon to R and R together. We had until 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

And R and R we did. We checked in, dropped our bags in our room; and headed to the restaurant for lunch. Appetizers arrived and I don’t know who talked the most, but we talked, and laughed. For so long we lost track of time. And killed a bottle of white wine. And laughed. And caught up. Now we are talking even faster with the wine momentum under our belts.

Off we headed to the Casino, a little giggly and having fun just being together.We spent $20, won $100.And strolled through the Casino, playing, talking, watching people and sipping fresh cocktails. We gave our opinions on who we felt they were, what we felt they were feeling, if we felt they were lucky.

By the time we went back to our room, it was close to 9pm. We were both tired and hungry, room service it is. More talking, sipping water, planning our futures, then planning the future of the world. Relaxing in complete and utter comfort. A gazillion pillows cuddled us as we played on the iPad, checked email and FaceBook, glancing at American Ninja on TV. By 11pm we were both tucked in. We still had Tuesday.

Tuesday 8:30am, coffee, showers, checked out and over to iHOP for breakfast – Selfie taken and posted on Face Book, and more chatting over fabulous crepes. Next, off to invade the retail world, where we found the best clothes, the best deals and had the best shopping fun sharing ‘yes that looks great’ to ‘ewww’. At 2:30 Jess heads to work at the other end of the Mall and I head home to Red Deer.

As I drove the hour and a half home, I felt total relief. I felt confidence and I felt unafraid. I have learned that my beautiful granddaughter Jessica has strength and courage and determination. I discovered she has learned (sometimes the hard way) about over-giving, being too kind and being naïve. She now has her radar up and is learning how to make decisions in her own best interest for the right reasons. She is choosing her options, and deciding what fits her.

Jess has learned more about following her heart and looking more to what it is she would really like her life to look like. She loves without question, and her family is primary. How blessed are we.

And I am so amazingly blessed that she still finds it a kick to hang with her 61 year old grandmother once in a while. Thanks Jess, I can’t wait until next time. And I am so very proud of you. Thanks for the delightful days of bliss.

“Take the time now, today; to make a connection with a younger or older member of your family. Say hi, tell them you care,  go for ice cream.  Do something and if within reach give them a hug. Let them know you are there and you love them. For you too are blessed.”

Until next time…. Namaste from Sharyn Rose