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Detoxing System

Detoxing System

My good friend Heather Young who owns and manages a Company called Time for Self, is treating me each week to the most amazing adventure.  I mentioned her in the last writing and I have to mention her again.

She has this amazing Ionic Detoxing Footbath that assists in the following areas:

Enhancing the Immune System

Assisting in recovery time from injuries and surgery

Can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis

Improves sleep pattern

Removes heavy metals

Removes blod clot material

Improves liver and kidney functions

and probably a dozen other things.  The process is simple and amazing.  You sit with your feet in a warm basin of water, and relax while Heathers’ system works to change the water color according to the impurities it draws out of your body.  45 minutes later you do have a ‘yuck’ moment as you see what your body was holding, but you can also breath a sigh of relief as you realize your body is clearer and freer of toxins.

I am intrigued by this and recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a pace maker, or has had an organ transplant or is an expectant or nursing mother. 

Since I have now had five treatments over the past five weeks and I can feel as well as see the results, I know it works.  The ‘yuck’ factor isn’t as intense either as the water each week is clearer than the week before.  Yeah!!!

Give Heather a shout at Time for Self at 343-7708 anc check it out for yourself.  She will be glad to help!