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Ep: 1 The Energetic Connection With Animals

Ep:1 Transcript


Jennifer Gunson 0:02
Welcome to medium well with psychic Sharon rose. Today we’re going to study the energetic connection with animals of the world. Sharon is going to share with us a variety of true stories about how animals bring messages from spirit, and how we can engage animals that are our spirit guides.

She’s going to talk to you about some of her past experiences that she has had with actual animals here on the planet, some of course, including her dear pets, and she’s going to talk to us about some of her client experiences when they have come in to see her first session, and animals have come through in a medium is stick setting for her clients.

So we’re going to see how do animals guide us and respond to our wishes and help us here on the planet. And make sure you stay to the end because Sharon will share a meditation with us on how to connect with our own spirit guides. But first, let’s get the show started.

Why Do Humans Have Connections To Animals?

Sharyn 0:57
Nice, Jennifer, I really appreciate that. Yeah, we’re going to talk about animals. I’m going to jump right in with one of my favourite pets I ever had an all-time ever was a sibling Siamese named Fritzi. When my husband and I got cats, he didn’t want cats. I wanted a cat. So we ended up getting Fritzi and Milo and Fritzi was my cat.

I have my office in my home. And Fritzi would meet people in their vehicles when they were walking up the walkway to come in for their appointments. He would meet them and escort them up the walkway for tea would know if people were allergic to him, he would just stay back from them.

When people were needing his comfort, he would come into the treatment room. And he would sometimes if they were allergic, he would sit at their feet. But if they were sensitive and needed, he started to cry or needed comfort or were feeling emotionally vulnerable.

He would literally jump up and either sit right beside them in there on the futon or he would jump into their laps now in the lap was rare. But when he did, he picked the right people every time it helped them be comfortable, tell their story.

We could go ahead and work with the issues they were having or continue on with the work I was doing with them so they wouldn’t get too emotional. And he was just the most amazing cat. So he really became my best friend.

Gosh, we got them in 2003. So it’s quite a few years ago. And they were tiny and they were mischievous. Oh my gosh, he was our most mischievous little guy.

He was the leader of the two of them of Milo and Fritzi. David would come home for lunch. This one day he came home for lunch and the cats in the morning would always go outside. We were on acreage so they always go inside that play all day long climb trees, do whatever the dead mouse did while all that kind of stuff.

Then they would come in at night, we’d go out at five o’clock when they got home from work. Dave and I would go for a walk and we’d call them and they’d all come running and we’d all go home.

Sharyn’s Conneciton With Her Cats

One day they had gone out in the morning and Dave was at work and I was doing what I was doing. He came home for lunch and he was sitting in the kitchen and I could see my backyard out through this big window we had that had a window seat.

All of a sudden I looked up and the yard was filled with crows and it was dead quiet and a Murder of Crows are usually really super noisy. Now I’m not saying they were in the trees, they were on the ground.

The crows literally covered the ground and I just said to Dave, look at that. Look at the crows. By the way, the raven family, crows, magpies, all the members of that family. That’s my totem family and I identify with the raven very strongly I always have since I was a little girl.

I found out that actually through birth, the raven is my totem. So I was not surprised to see all these crows, but it was really surprising. The way they were gathered and the quiet.

I told Dave, look, look, look at the crows. He turned around and he did something that I’ve always called Spirit speak. David is quite spiritual, but he doesn’t sometimes realize when he says something, that it’s a message to me from Spirit coming through his lips.

He just doesn’t always get that and he said, Wow. He said Fritzi would be in heaven if you could see that. At that moment I knew my cat was gone. I just knew it. I said to Dave, Fritzi is gone.

Soon as I said that the crows all raised up and flew off in my yard was empty within seconds. Poor David, he’s looking at me and he’s in shock. He said no, he’s not. What are you talking about?

How Losing A Pet Affects People

Fritz, he’s gone. I don’t know why I don’t know what happened. But Fritzi is gone. And I was just brokenhearted. I could feel myself just crying inside. This was my buddy, my friend.

David said there’s no way. I said well, why then when Milo is the one that’s always bringing stuff in the house and loves to chase the birds did you not say Milo? Why did you say Fritzi? He’s like, I don’t know. He got angry and left for work.

That evening, he came home and of course I never, the cats are outside playing. So I went into meditation, worked with some clients in the afternoon. I just kind of let it go away until Dave got home that night.

He got a bunch of his guys together from work, and they all had quads, and they all went out searching for the cat. They found Milo in a tree by whatever it was it scared them, but no sign of Fritzi no sign of him at all.

They looked everywhere through the acreage to the neighbour’s acreage. We have neighbours on both sides of us with farms and acres. So model came in that they got data out of the tree and they brought him home and we carry on and the next day, it was pouring rain, just pouring down rain.

I woke up in the morning and I was positive. I was convinced. Yes, Fritzi is gone. I’m not going to see him again. Dave almost had me convinced that I was nuts and that’s the thing about being a claire cognizant somebody who gets data downloads instead of emotional levels.

We think we’re crazy. I’m a claire cognizant, I get information. I work through my spirit mind. I don’t work through my spirit heart so much. I do now more but that then I didn’t. So I started thinking I was crazy. How did I know that it was gone?

How did I know that? I knew for sure and did a meditation and I knew for sure. It was pouring rain outside. I went outside and I sat in the front yard. All of a sudden I started to cry.

I was so mad at God. This was the very first real loss I’d ever experienced as an adult. I still had all my siblings, my parents were alive and I never really had grandparents who were close.

I never really have lost a lot of energies that I really loved, like that cat and I was so so angry. So I’m sitting in my front yard, it’s pouring rain. Nobody knows I’m crying.

The rain is so loud nobody could hear me. I yelled why did you take my friend? Why did you and it really shake me to understand the connection I had with that little cat. That was my, my buddy, we never did see Fritzi again.

That was in the month of September when I lost Fritzi. In October, I was going to workshops in the states by Hay House. I wanted to a variety of spiritual classes where I was learning about this and that the other thing and the first class I went into was a class by Doreen Virtue.

How Mediumship Helped Sharyn Heal

This was before Doreen really got her feet wet and got established and had a lot of books out and all that kind of stuff. She really did an amazing job teaching. Her whole story changed after that.

But at this particular workshop, was one of the best I have ever seen her do. I’m in this workshop and she says I want you to pair up with somebody that you don’t know well, that was easy.

Was there by myself paired up with this girl and we had to pick up we’d read each other pick up energy on each other and what did we see? What did we see around each other etc?

She said to me, she’s I want to read I want to tell you first what I saw. She said I saw a big golden cat sitting on your right shoulder. If you know anything about steel point siamese, their gold. They’re a grayish sort of cream coloured and a gray but reddish cream colour.

Fritzi was a gold golden shade and I knew what it was I knew it was Fritzi. She didn’t know I had lost my cat just a month and a half before and that I had such a relationship with him.

She said he’s telling me he did really well. He’s good and he’s with you. He’s going to be with you forever. It was my introduction to learning about spirit animals and really starting to think, wow, animals areas connected to us in spirit as they are when they’re here on the planet.

It wasn’t anything in 2003 that I’d had any experience with before was 2004 when this happened, so he was just over a year old when he passed. Anyways. So then from there, I was like, okay, so then I thought, well, I don’t be stupid, you won’t become stupid, then if I tell her about our little white dog.

I told her about her little white jungle, she started to cry. So we’re both so happy that we have our pets with us. But we’re both really missing our paths. But she had lost her little dog about the same time I’d lost my cat. And so we were the perfect parents.

Now, this is also really indicative there were over 100 people in that class. I could have sat with anyone, but I ended up sitting with a girl who had had the same emotional experience that I had.

Synchronicity is a very real thing. There is no such thing as coincidence. And that was another lesson I had that day that I learned about the animals and how they connected with us.

So that was Fritzi now Fritzi has been active around here. It’s been active around us Ever since every once in a while, he’ll pop in and pop off anyway, but Milo was still around, we still have miles. And miles stayed with us for several years.

How Sharyn’s Still Received Messages From Her Cat That Passed

Actually, he stayed with us for 13 years. And he was our buddy. And as a matter of fact, when I started doing my blog posts, one Halloween, I decided that I would, because we’re coming up on Halloween, and I was doing a blog and I thought, I’m going to talk about the witches familiar because everybody kind of talks about the witch has the black cat.

So I did a little bit of a blurb on you can find this blog piece on, if you wanted to go hunt for it, but it was about witches and how they became connected to the cat. What made that the reality for them. And so I wrote this article, and I took a picture of Milo and put it in the article.

Now my child by this point in time is getting fairly old and it was a couple of months later that we had to have out of that to evaluate have actually come in.

Milo got heart issues. His heart was failing as well as kidney failure. This was in 2014, early 15. He runs out of air and he has trouble breathing because of his heart. Anyways, we didn’t know what to do, I don’t want to put him down. The vet gave us some medication for him.

In the meantime, in 2011 adopted a new little cat. Because I put it out to the universe. I said I think I’m ready now for a new pet. The day before my birthday, someone found a little kitten in our acreage hiding under an RV.

The person brought it to our house and said, do you want a new cat? So be careful what you put out there people because whatever you put out there will become your reality. I just thought this is my birthday present for this little cat.

So we put up some posters and stuff, but nobody responded. So we kept her she’s just gorgeous and she’s still with us today. Meanwhile, Milo’s nose was out of joint because we got this new little kitty.

As he got sicker, he got cranky are with her and she became very afraid of him. So we have to try and keep them kind of separated. They were never really really good friends.

So eventually we did have to take him to the vet. We did have to assist him to pass because he was failing so badly. It was hard. It was really hard on my husband because he loved that cat so much.

It was really hard on me because I just don’t let go of a pet. But by this point in time, I’m kind of familiar with the process. It was an emotional passing, but it was not sudden, like with Fritzi that was on like a Wednesday.

On a Friday night, I couldn’t sleep. I was just restless, I couldn’t sleep. So I thought I’m going to go meditate. My meditation area is outside of my office and so I sat and I meditated, I got calm and peaceful.

But I still could not feel like going to sleep. So it was like three o’clock in the morning. And so I thought I’ll go check my email. So I came into my office hadn’t turned any lights on.

But I’m barefoot because I’m in my pyjamas. And I stepped on a little piece of paper, my office is very clean, I don’t have stuff sitting around laying around in my office like there’s not a bunch of junk.

When I turned the light on, I picked up a little piece of paper and it was a receipt from Halloween. About four years earlier, from when we had taken Milo into the vet, probably because he got beat upon his head or something. But it was a receipt because he had a wound on his head, we had to go get stitches for it.

It was a receipt for him for a vet visit on Halloween. I just published prior to that the article on the witches familiar which is connected to Halloween. But the thing is 2014 was four years prior to his passing was the date on the receipt.

The really funny thing is, we pay all our stuff for the vet, by charge card, so we never really kept the receipts. I never usually kept the receipts. I always had the receipt from the charge card.

Oh my gosh, Milo is here and hanging out. Also, it was amazing how many times my husband David actually responded to Milo for about two or three months after Milo passed. Dave would still get up to go feed him or talk to him or saying come on up or Milo would jump up on his lap. Milo has been very, very active. So when your pets leave, they don’t really leave.

What Happens When We Shed Our Physical?

It is no different than people. We will shed our physical process, but we still have our spirit. Spirit never dies. The spirit is about life. It’s about living. It’s pure light, pure love and all-knowing.

We’ve come into the human experience to have learnings and experiences and adventures. So I met a lot of people that asked me Why do animals come? Most of our domestics come to this planet to support our journey.

They come at our request and just kind of like Milow showed up for us, right? But they come at our request, maybe we need some sort of help with something. We will adopt a dog or we’ll adopt a pet.

Or somebody will say, here I have a pet I can’t care for anymore. Can you please take care of my pet and that turns out, that animal becomes your best friend and really makes a difference to your life. They help us with loneliness, animals are being used, within all capacities now around the world in healing.

They’re using them in the hospitals. I mean, everything from tiny little hamsters to horses is touring around hospitals. They use animals to do things like equine therapy for youth that are struggling, there are literally ranches that they use the animals to help heal.

Why Animals Come To Us In Service

So animals come in service of us, they come to be of service to ask. It doesn’t matter what job we give them. As long as we treat them with love and kindness, they will do their job happily, as long as you treat your animals with respect.

There are those out there that are the opposite and don’t treat their animals with respect, but they also tend to have difficult lives as well.

Well, we lived on an acreage, Dave and I would walk every day when he got off work. In the spring, we had this big pond that was a big rock pond and we’re walking by it one day and you have to remember, I live in Alberta.

So you’re going to see a beaver you’re going to be on a river or you’re going to be on a lake somewhere in the backwoods or it’s not going to certainly be just on the edge of my city on an acreage and we’re walking and I said to him, I said, Would it be fun if a beaver moved into that little pond?

David just laughed at me because he said that pond is going to last like two weeks and it’s going to dry out. I said, Yeah, I know, but there’s lots of water there right now. I think that was on a Thursday. And then on a Saturday, he was out walking with the cats in the morning and I was still in the house.

He came out and he said you got to come and see what’s in the pond. And I just knew I said a beaver we got a beaver. He said, Come and see. So I went out and I looked and there’s a beaver swimming around in the pond.

I was like, I did that. I manifested that beaver I did that. Because I had pure desire from pure intent, no intent to harm and it was coming from a loving place. I was so excited so I ran back to the house and got the camera and came back home.

Beaver are traditionally very shy and will slap their tail to warn other animals that you’re around. So if you’re around, they’re going to go under the water, they’re going to go into their home, they’re going to go across the pond or whatever.

Not this guy, literally I’m taking pictures of him swimming, he then gets up on a log and literally poses for me. It was hilarious. I was talking and laughing and this beaver was just having all of it. He was just preening. Two days later the beaver was gone.

Beavers can travel across the cross country, but he came a long way because we do have the Red Deer River, but I don’t live near it. So he came a long way to see us. There is a book that’s been put out by a gentleman who I adore.

If you love animals, you’ve got to get this book. It’s called Animal Spirit Guides. By Steven D farmer, Steven Farmer wrote this amazing book. In the book, he’s got literally every animal you can imagine. He does a little description of each of the animals.

When a beaver shows up here’s what it means. A beaver shows up when it’s time for purposeful and directed activity, not commonplace in our procrastination.

That beaver showed up when my business was in transition. I didn’t know whether I should grow it or whether I should just stay the way I was because it was really small at that point. Should I take some classes? Should I expand it? Did I want to do that?

What Type Of Messages Do Animlas Send Us?

So that was a really great message for me. There was another situation on the acreage where I looked out my front window at one point and we had a big front yard as well. There was a white truck that was stopped on the side road alongside our driveway.

In my front yard, there was an animal standing there. I could have sworn it was a wolf. Again, we don’t really have wolfs around here.

But I could have sworn it was a wolf and I was watching and he had his head down and he was kind of panting and then he trot it up alongside my house because we usually have one of our neighbour’s dogs come over from time to time.

But anyway, so we had a dog dish out we would put scraps in it and stuff and Freddy, the dog would come over. I ran downstairs into the back door, and the dish would be maybe three feet from my back door.

I opened the door and this animal that I still swear is a wolf had really golden eyes, beautiful golden eyes were standing at the dish, maybe two or three feet away from me and I stayed in the doorway and I just talked to him and I said you got to stay off the roads buddy because you’re gonna get hurt.

He turned his head and he looked at me and he just watched me and the peacefulness that I felt and the calm that came over me He was letting me know that I would be safe for them.

That he was okay that he wasn’t hurt and that yes, he heard me. I knew exactly what he was saying to me. I was like, Okay, well just take it easy, be careful. He just kind of looked at me again for a minute. Then he wandered off in a very slow trot across the backyard, but he was fine. I never saw him again.

But I swear he was a wolf. Everybody else says there are no wolves around here. But oh, well, you know, I don’t know. Anyway, again, I could have looked up, Wolf, but I didn’t at that time. But the wolf has its own meaning and its own intentions. If you have a book with animals in it, you’d want to look it up.

How Animals Come Through Sharyn’s Mediumship Sessions

Here are some situations that came in for clients, I have a lot of animals that come through for my clients. You know how when you lose your pet, you’re broken-hearted, that’s actually when the pet started coming through. So I think that my Fritzi was really helping us a lot.

Fritzi I think was guiding animals to us so that they could visit with their loved ones as well. For example, one time I had a couple of sisters come in, I had never met them before they came in for a consultation.

The sisters were getting settled and trying to decide who was going to get their session first. However, we weren’t in the reading yet and I was getting images of fields and fields of daisies. Somehow I knew this related to them. So I said what’s the deal with daisies is one of you like allergic to daisies, or do you have daisies around you?

Well, one of the girls started to cry, and I could feel her so I said you’re going to be getting your reading first. She said Daisy is the name of her dog and her dog just died. During the reading, her dog came through and gave her comfort that the dog was with her and information that only she would be aware of.

Daisy was a female dog, she showed me their house and she said you still have my map there, you left my bed there and you left my dish there. The dish was yellow with green on the inside.

I’m relaying this information to my client. I said the dishes were yellow with green on the inside, she’s now there’s no green on the inside. I said yes, there is a screen on the inside check when you get on. She called me later and said there’s green on the inside.

Spirit is so smart, whether it’s the human spirit, or whether it’s animal spirit, they are never going to get it wrong. Sometimes I can get it wrong in translation, but that was very obviously green. It was very clear that it was green and I knew that!

So I knew she just didn’t remember. But so we were right on point there. Another situation where a client came in was just how hilarious because by this time now I’m getting used to animals coming through, so I’m getting very comfortable.

Sharyn’s Client Experiences With Mediumship

I’m understanding that if they’ve lost a pet that animal will come through. And sometimes the animals that will come through will come through from their very early childhood. But it’s very sort of like a horse that they had when they were a little kid or a particular cat or dog dad and they were a little kid. That meant a lot to them or was with them when they went through a divorce with parents or was with them when they moved house.

Or when there was trauma or somebody got sick and died. Maybe grandpa died and the animal will come through that they had at the time to let them know that they’re still with them.

There is one situation where a gentleman came in to see me and we weren’t doing mediumship we were actually doing psychic work. His boss had sent him to me because he was having some social issues at work. Some other little things are going on too. Anyways, he’s sitting here and this animal is here, but I’m trying to identify Is this a cat? No. Is it a dog horse? I just automatically think mammals, right?

Well, fine. I just said to him, said there is an animal here that wants to tell you how well that he loves you and that he’s fine. He’s doing really well. And he knows exactly what’s going on with you. Oh, and I said, but I can’t identify it. I don’t know what kind of animals.

Oh, he said, Well, that’s my pet turtle. I’m like a turtle? I can communicate with a turtle? That was another growing step. For me. It was so much fun. Well, now I’m getting the book out and I’m checking turtle. You’ll all probably figure out right now that I actually have the book on my lap.

As I’m talking to you. let me just look up turtles. The book says you’ve been going much too fast for far too long. So slow down and pace yourself. That was exactly what this guy was. He was a high anxiety type of person. Sometimes socially, they struggle which can be really, really hard on them.

How Can You Find Your Animal Spirit Guide?

I’ve had hundreds of hundreds of animals come through. That was the most unusual. This book is called animal spirit guides literally, you can connect to your own animals. I’m going to share with you a meditation, okay, so get yourself settled, get a little bit comfortable.

It shouldn’t be possible if you can when you do this again, maybe get pen and paper and take notes. Don’t get comfortable. Take notes when you listen to this podcast, and then go and have the experience It’s okay, your animal spirit is out there. And I mentioned already that mine is the raven and the raven family.

So I’m very connected to birds. So the raven is well known for its magical qualities, its mystical qualities. The Raven is also a trickster. The Raven is very strong in the Indigenous People’s lore around the animals, as is the wolf, as is the owl. And as is the ego.

But those are very powerful animals that they would use. So they want you to make contact, and you can contact them, but you have to get quiet and we don’t live in a quiet world.

So this will take some time for you to do the process of meditation and getting back to nature can bring you closer to your spirit animal. Now, to contact your guide, I’m going to give you this meditation and it might make you might have to try it a few times. But each time that you try it, you’ll get a little bit closer, a little bit closer to your animal spirit guide, okay, you want to be in natural surroundings if you can, when you do get a chance to do this.

Even that could be your backyard, but open countryside or someplace in a large park, your guide can find you anywhere, but they’ll feel more comfortable. And you’ll be more accessible when you’re open to the sky. And when you’re open to nature. Especially if you have a bird as a totem.

You want to make sure when you’re going into your meditation for your animal spirit guide meditation that you are comfortable close, and that you sit on the surface who sit on is comfortable because you’re going to be sitting there for a little while. And don’t use incense. Don’t use music don’t have earplugs in, don’t do any of that. Because you want to make this to sensory experience.

You want to look around with your eyes, listen with your ears, smell with your nose and feel with your skin until you’re in touch with that part of the world that you’re sitting in. You get in rhythm with nature when you sit in nature. So if you think of the rhythms playing out year after year, century after century with that part of the world. And you can do this like in your backyard.

So what you want to do is open your mind’s eye, which is your third eye. So now close your eyes. And you’ll continue to hear and you’ll continue to smell but your mind will supply your vision with a distraction without the distractions from the outside world. And then unless you’re an experienced meditator, your mind’s going to wander various creatures will appear because you’re asking yours have asked for your spirit animal guide, okay, your mind will wander and various creatures will appear.

The first one you see is not necessarily your totem, talk to each of them in your mind with your mind voice, talk to each one of them that comes along and try to feel what its message might be. And your true guide has something more important to say to you than just flattery. Or, gosh, you’re not sitting straight enough. Because that would be your own mind. Actually, he or she doesn’t want to take over.

They have their own life, but they can show you ways that you can take charge, they’ll show you something that will be of benefit to you, that where you can actually feel like you’ve got a really serious true message. Don’t be discouraged if at first, you don’t feel like you’ve contacted your true animal spirit guy, don’t feel don’t give up. Consider what you learned from the experience. Always. Even if you feel like it wasn’t a real positive experience.

Always look for what you learned, okay, and you know, maybe you’d be more comfortable in different surroundings. Maybe you’d like to be not in that park, maybe not in your backyard, maybe need to go near the water at a different time of the day maybe would help you better.

You might be surprised by your success. Now once you found your guide, you’ll see them time to time again, they may be in your dreams, or they may be in a glass of a stranger but forevermore they will be your personal guide.

So meditating close to nature, even in a city park is rather than real countryside will help your spirit guide, locate and contact you. So what I’m going to do right now, I’ve got a series of Steven farmer did a deck of a couple of decks actually of animal spirit guide cards.

Shayrn Shares Animal Cards With You

What I’m going to do now is I’m going to pick a card for you. And this is your card for this particular podcast. These cards are messages from your animal spirit guides, oracle cards, some people will be inclined to want to use these cards to connect with their animals because they feel like their meditation practice just isn’t strong enough and they don’t feel like they have the ability to connect.

I’ve shuffled the cards, I’m spreading them out on my desktop, and I’m going to pick a card for all of you. So this is your card for the day today. And the card I picked is Tiger. Here’s the message from Tiger you’re being called upon to provide leadership so trust that you’re capable of doing so.

So all you each and every year that is bent towards this podcast you’re being called upon to provide leadership so trust that you’re capable of doing so don’t be surprised if Tiger shows up once in a while along your journey as well.

Okay, in the next little while. Until next time, have a really good day. And remember, stay calm, stay peaceful. Stay in integrity. You are much loved. Bye-bye.


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