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Ep: 13 What Is An Empath?

Ep: 13 Transcript


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The Empath: dreams, their bodies, the world or cosmic trauma – what is their relationship? What does the news have to do with it? Listen in while Sharyn shares some personal information about her discoveries as an empath – reacting to trauma in the body, family, community and the world, and how it will manifest through the empaths. Suggestions on how to allow empaths to stay in their best highest self as they assist in clear, energetic debris. Let’s get started.

What Is An Empath Person Like?

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Hey, everybody, welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Coach, Sharyn Rose. I’m glad to have you here. I wanted to talk to you about something that I think gets missed a lot in the world of empaths.

A photo of a woman who is upset.
A photo of a woman who is upset.

This has been a crazy, crazy week for all the residents of British Columbia. Especially in the Lower Mainland where they’ve had that amazing amount of rain, and the amazing amount of water breaching all their shores. And literally, some of the towns and cities are under siege, underwater. Roadways have been washed away too. It’s just been amazing the amount of natural disaster that has taken place over there, and they’re going to be forever fixing it at this point. And there still are communities out without power, there are communities without actual running water, there are communities where people are not able to get back into their homes or homes are still underwater, etc, etc. The reason this is important, and I wanted to talk to you about it, it this really means something to empaths. Coinciding with all of this happening, I started having really difficult periods of sleep. I started having just, I just was feeling down, I was feeling oppressed, I was feeling sort of sad. And so I was having to work extra hard to bring my energy back up and bring myself back to a good place. And I even had a couple of days where I didn’t have a whole lot of tasks to do. And I didn’t do very much because I just wasn’t there; I wasn’t able to. And I started to recognize… it’s funny because you know, being an empath doesn’t mean you’re the smartest person on the planet – I got to tell you that right now. And being a psychic, working psychic, it’s the same – you’re still a human having human experiences. But when you’re empathic, some of the human experiences that you have, are going to empathically affect you. For example, the way that I was feeling and the sadness and the uncomfortable self that I was seemed to be stuck in was a direct result of what was going on in British Columbia. Now British Columbia is my home province – I’m in Alberta now have been for years and years. But it is my home province. And it’s beautiful. I love that province. It’s gorgeous. The Lower Mainland is just beautiful. That’s where a lot of our fruit trees come from, there’s wineries and vineyards and just really, really beautiful place. And I think that what was going on with me was I was empathically really being affected by what was going on in British Columbia. I was finding that my moods were shifting, that I wasn’t, I was at, I was uneasy and I wasn’t at rest. And thus my sleep was disrupted, my daily routines were disrupted. Meditation was even difficult to do – everything was difficult to do. And I started to understand that I was directly being impacted by what was going on in British Columbia. And even though I wasn’t there, and the water wasn’t in my house or in my community. And I really want to put the call out to all of you that are finding yourselves reacting responding or not even realizing that when there’s a natural disaster in the world, somewhere in it doesn’t have to just be your home province, it doesn’t have to be right next door. It could be, it could be anywhere in the world, anything that’s going on. Empaths will be challenged, challenged to, to not allow it to knock them off of their feet. We tend to get really super sensitive, we tend to, we just tend to deal with and struggle with things compared to what we did before that event happened. And so I’m going to give you some tips and some ideas on what you can do if you find yourself reacting to stuff.

What Are Triggers For Empaths?

Another good example is – now that was my example from me – there’s also this whole thing with the pandemic. I’m in November of 2021 here, and the pandemic has been going on since March of 2020 that we’ve been aware of. And people are tired and they’re exhausted in regards to how to get things back to a normal pace for themselves. We’re in a position right now, where now you have to have all kinds of identifications to get yourself to be able to go into a restaurant. And what is happening is throughout this last year and a half – almost two years now – there’s been all this unrest around other things too. The pandemic is very much a human situation. It’s it’s affecting the human planet – the humans on the planet. But there’s been all kinds of other events that have taken place, and the chaos that it’s caused! Like there’s the issue about the race, there’s the issue with the police issue. And for empaths, one of the best things that they could do for this last year and a half, and even for the next six, eight months, or even forever – don’t watch the news! Don’t allow yourself to get tangled up emotionally in what is going on in the world. Allow yourself to be a placeholder, not somebody that’s going to allow yourself to get knocked off your feet. And what I mean by that is being a placeholder is everybody on the planet that stays in peace and balance, and stays in a calm state. And in a happy, joyful state, no matter what chaos is going on around them, is holding energy and is holding space for everyone else on the planet. And the more people that don’t react to the situations that are going on, the more there will be peace on the planet. If everyone could be able to send love and energy, good energy and kindness, and thoughts of compassion to the people in British Columbia. I’m not saying ignore that that’s going on. It’s certainly going on. But send love and send compassion. And if you’re so inclined, when that you know, you can help in some other way, then do that. But don’t allow it to knock you around and don’t allow those situations don’t be blindsided. When we are blindsided, that’s when we start having these reactions. And we just start thinking, oh my god, I’m depressed or, oh wow, life is just… this is awful. I don’t like my life today. And, and we all go through that we all go through that. But empaths go through it a LOT! So with the pandemic, as soon as all that started happening, empaths held the ground, their ground for a long time. Empathic people were able to say, Okay, well, you know, what I understand, we want our communities and our citizens and our towns and our countries to be healthy and strong. We will do whatever we can to help everybody else with knowledge, etc, etc. But then things got totally out of control. There’s been so much information out there that is anti this and pro that. And people don’t know what to believe, they don’t know what to do. I’ve gotten emails from people all over the country who want advice – what do I do? And there are empaths – there are people that are finding that the whole issue around COVID-19 is really really impacting their homes, themselves, their lives and their families.

How Do Empaths Shut Down?

But this situation going on in British Columbia is no different. It’s the same thing. It’s just that it came along for all the empaths that are in British Columbia, or anywhere else in the world that ever heard about the situation that’s going on in British Columbia. There’s, there’s something else that’s going on as well. And this will also impact. We also not only are they doing the flooding in BC, etc, which is causing a lot of stress and anxiety for people in Alberta in regards to the roadways. They’re one of our major ports in, in British Columbia, and we can’t get any products in or out of the ports because the roadways have been slammed. And in many cases, our train trestles and road trestles that were on bridges and whatnot have been washed out. And so there’s no way to get stuff across. But the other thing that was compounding this whole situation was the lunar eclipse on the full moon that happened just in the last few days – again in November. It’s November 23rd today, so I think it was around the 19th or 20th. It was a lunar eclipse. And that was when I was at my worst. But I never put the dots together. I never connected it and I should – I’m in this industry! But I’m so busy at times being human, that I sometimes don’t look at what’s going on around me and pay attention and notice that what’s going on around me often is going on in me. And so, here’s what I’m going to suggest when things start to go sideways for you – pay attention to what’s going on in the world. Just sort of put your head up and say, Where is there an issue somewhere? Especially if you start having bad dreams, and you feel like you’ve been working all night – you wake up in the morning and you just feel like you’re exhausted and your sheets and blankets are all twisted and tangled around you and you, you just don’t feel like you’ve had any sleep but you had the craziest dreams… then you could very well be energetically, spiritually working. You could be working to assist people that are in distress. I can remember waking up one morning and just had had the most vivid dream and it was just profound. And I was at that point in time. You know, when you’re learning stuff you’re actually much better at doing the right thing. When you feel like you know it all, that’s when you kind of get surprised. In this particular tab, I was still in my training phase. And I took a look around the world. And I realized that in the eastern countries in India and various areas there, there was flooding going on, and there was a lot of damage. There was roads washed away again. And that situation, there was mudslides, there was bridges washed out, and people were struggling to try and get clean water, they were struggling to try and get any resources into their countries into their locations into their villages. And I woke up in the morning, I didn’t really pay attention to the news, because I don’t watch the news very often. But when when I started having this dream, when I woke up in the morning, and I’d had this dream, and I was exhausted, and my blankets were all over the place. And I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. But I had worked all night long. And I knew I had been working. But I really wasn’t sure where I’d been. I just knew that I was working with people and I was helping them out of the mud.

How Do I Clear And Protect My Energy?

Now, in some cases, because I work as a medium and as a psychic, oftentimes, I’m doing energetic work. So that would be people that have transitioned in this particular experience need, sometimes they need guidance to get themselves home. I don’t know how else to say it. And so Angelics will come to the planet to help guide them. But in some cases, there’s so many. The same thing happened when 911 happened. A lot of empaths were called on to provide assistance and guidance to the hundreds of thousands of people that died. In that, in that particular situation. So for me, I when I had that dream about India, I actually then paid attention to what was going on in the world and started hearing about all the floods and all the things that were going on, I realized that I’d had a very restless night because that was when it all happened. And so I started doing, I became very vigorous in my meditation practice, I became very, very involved in clearing the energy around the situation, in clearing my own energy system. Because you can’t go on like that every night, if you do, you’re going to be one exhausted empath. You’ve got to be able to get some rest. You can only do what you can do. And we all can do something. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like much. But if we all did it, it would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Are Empaths Sponges?

Anyway, so. So the situation around BC provided the same thing with the double whammy of the lunar, the lunar eclipse – that’s when I had the worst time. And I know, I know, I can see by my schedule, that a lot of other people had a difficult time too. And they’re looking for a psychic, they’re looking for someone to help them with that story. So what I’m going to suggest to you is, unless you feel like you absolutely just can’t get away from the news, please just watch a little of it, try to stay away from the news. If you – and I’ll tell you this is the truth – if you need to know something, if something has happened, and you need that information, you will, somebody will tell you. You will be alerted. Somebody will tell you what that information is that you feel like you need to know. So don’t bother watching the news, you’re going to get it anyway, if there’s something going on in the world that’s big. But what you want to do is try and give yourself a bit of a break. Empaths are like sponges. And we want to help, we want to serve, we want to be of service, we want people to be safe, we want them to be well. We don’t want children to hurt, women to hurt, men to hurt, animals to hurt. And we’re all a little different. We all have a different thumbprint than you know everybody else. But we’re often on call if you want to put it that way. And so for me, once I became aware this last week, that the relationship I had because it was affecting my body, it was affecting my again, my sleep, I became very aware that my relationship with my body was being damaged, because my mind wasn’t paying attention to how I was being impacted by all this information. And all these tragedies that were going on in our country, particularly in our country, and then also the way it was connected to the cosmos.

What Is Toxic Empathy?

So your relationship with your body is one of the best ways to identify that something is going on with you. And it could be something outside of you that you’re picking up on like a natural disaster. Most of our empaths on the planet have a natural love and passion for our world, for our animals for our humanity. Now, some empaths aren’t real human crazy. They’re not real nuts about people. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that because there’s enough of the rest of us to be able to pick up the pieces in that. But most empaths have a natural love of our countries, our green spaces, our waterways, our animals, wild and domesticated. And so when, when something is going on in the world, they’re being impacted. Like say for example dolphins when they are hunted in Japan. That also is another time when I was, I was meditating, like, like every day, twice a day, just to keep my balance because… and then sending love and compassion out to the animals that were being slaughtered, but also sending love and compassion out to the, to the Japanese fishermen, who this has been a way of life for centuries. For them, this isn’t something that they understand the you know, the rest of the countries, all the countries are up in arms because the dolphins are being slaughtered. But this is a way of life. This is what they’ve done for as long as they can remember. So I’m sending love and compassion to them too. And I’m looking for a balance. So if you find yourself having really strange, bizarre dreams, if you find yourself, your body is just not reacting the way you would like it to, you’re not feeling really well. If you find yourself not sleeping really well. Or if you find yourself having really bizarre dreams. Number one, you’ve got to start stepping up your meditation, practice your get calm, get quiet practice, even if you’re not an active meditator, find one that you can download that’s a guided meditation. There’s one on my website at If you go there, there’s one called Insight. And you could use that to help balance you – it’s only 18 minutes long, and it’s guided. And it can help you – it can help you a lot. And if you want to call on one of the Angelics or, or one of the guides your guide, perhaps call on any crossover loved ones even and ask for them to step in as well and be of assistance to you, and let them soothe you and help you be okay. But stay away from the news! That’s got to be the biggest because 9 times out of 10 it’s dramatized. The media likes to dramatize everything. And we already know that that’s not news. But it’s really a good idea. If you can stay away from the news, trust me, if there’s something that you need to know somebody will make sure you know, they’ll tell you.

How Do You Practice Empathy Skills?

So step up your practice – your empathic practice. And if you start hearing that there’s some stuff going on in the world, and you start to realize you’re reacting to it, step up your water intake, clean up your food intake, don’t go to the junk food, or the high carbs, or any of that – clean up your food intake, and try and eat as naturally as you can, until you get your balance back. Make sure you’re doing something physical every day as well – make sure you’re going for a walk around the block, or in my particular case, I’m going to Pilates. And if it wasn’t for me going to Pilates, I don’t know what would have happened because I actually started Pilates just before this all happened. And, and honestly, it kept me sane. It really did. It kept me on my feet. And has allowed me insight also. I’ve stepped up my meditation practice and I stepped up my sending empathy and sending love and sending caring, and stepped at my level of appreciation for all that is, because there are no mistakes in this world. This is a very divine universe. There are no mistakes, there’s reasons why everything happens the way that it does. It’s just unfortunate that it seems this year, this past year, that British Columbia has been hit very, very hard. They’ve been hit with not just these floods and these bridges that have collapsed and all this, but they were hit with a lot of fires this last year in the year before. And there’s been a lot of damage that’s been done to their province. And so send them, send compassion, send love. If the roadways get fixed, and you feel like you want to contribute and send Christmas gifts for children do that. If you want to send foodstuffs do that. If you have people that you know, help them out, see what they need. It doesn’t hurt to do that. But understand your strong connection, your body connection, and your connection to the world. Your body will let you know when you’re out of whack. It will let you know, and when you start feeling down and depressed, and that’s not a normal state for you… pay attention. Pay attention, because your body works kind of like a thermometer will, or a thermostat will, where it reacts to the temperature. And so when it’s not, you know, so it’ll go up and down in regards to temperature in your particular case as an empath. It’s your, your health and wellness that will go up and down, not the temperature. And you want to step up and you want to be able to just offer kindness to yourself as well. Don’t be self critical. Don’t be giving yourself – because empaths are hard on themselves too. And empaths will say, Oh man, I’m feeling crappy today. I shouldn’t be feeling crappy. You know, blah, blah, blah, but you’re not realizing that you’re actually being impacted by something that’s going on outside of you. So be kind to yourself, be kind to your communities. Be kind to your to your world and be kind to your body. Again, step up your water, step up your meditation practice, step up your your physical activity, step up your thoughts of appreciation and your desire to send compassion and love to those that are being affected in the world. And be really kind to yourself because you deserve it. As an empath, that’s how we grow. That’s actually how we learn. Empaths are grown. They’re not – you’re born, but you grow through contrast, conflict and challenge. So be proud that you could have a hand in making a difference to the world out there. I think you’re going to be happy when you start doing some of these things. And you realize that you are truly connected to all aspects of the planet. It doesn’t matter where things are going wrong. But the chaos of the COVID has compounded everything. So empaths are being double whammied. So be kind to yourself, okay?

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Narcissistic?

And, you know, this is part of the relationship series that I’m talking about relationships here, in this case, to our neighbours, our bodies and our cosmos. We’re going to be talking a little bit about narcissism down the road, too. So I think that’ll probably be the next topic we’ll be identifying the kinds of narcissists that are out there. And how does an empath play into the hands of a narcissist, that will give you some insight as well. So until I check in with you again next Thursday, I will be wishing you well and sending you love and compassion. And I will look forward to having another episode for you so that you can listen in again. Thanks for being here. Take care, everybody. Bye bye.


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