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Ep: 19 The Power of Emotions and Intuition Part 1 of 4

Ep: 19 Transcript


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Welcome to a new year and a new season of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. We’re going to talk about how you start your day. Do you choose to get up every morning being positive? Are you aware, it’s your choice to get up feeling fresh and ready to go, or to be negative? Well guess what – it is your choice. It’s not the weather in the morning that’s going to affect your mood, or Facebook, reading negative things, or watching the news or your kids, or your partners who are responsible for your good or bad moods. It’s really just you, Sharyn is going to share some tips and tricks on how to lead a happier life so your intuition can grow, and your life can improve. Really, you need to be able to trust yourself.

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What Does It Mean To Be Emotionally Intuitive?

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Hey, everybody, welcome back to Medium Well, with Psychic Life Coach and Medium, Sharyn Rose. I am so excited for this year – 2022. Here we are, today is the very first podcast for this year. And for our new series – which is going to be dealing with emotions. Now, we just wrapped up the series on narcissism and how to recognize narcissism, if you have one in your life, what the tendencies look like, what you know, cetera, et cetera. But now I don’t want to talk to you about it. I want to talk to you about emotions. So for the rest of this month, what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about how we set our day, because a lot of it has to do with your intuition, and your ability to actually allow yourself to make some choices and stick to it. One of the things that I learned when I went to college in England, was that I was missing discipline, I was lacking discipline. And there are so many people out there right now that wants to develop their psychic selves, but they don’t have discipline. And the discipline starts with how you choose to set yourself up every day when you get out of bed. So how do you do that? How do you wish to feel when you wake up each day? Are you even conscious of it? The reason I’m asking you that is because you can go to work to an office, it’s the same weather outside the same weather, the same news, etc, etc. And you can go to work in an office with 10 people, and they’ll be 10 different kinds of moods. Some won’t talk to anybody, some will be grumpy, some will be really happy and loud and aggressive. And you’ll be like, Get away from me. Some will be just basically cheerful, some are chatty, some are quiet, everybody’s different. How do they make the choice? How do you make the choice? Are you even aware that you’re making a choice? You’re making a choice. So how do you choose to wish to feel when you wake up each day? So do you see the day ahead, and as soon as you think about the day ahead, you bury your head under the covers and try to hide you feeling dread in your stomach? Maybe you check the weather right away, you look out the window just to see what’s it look like out there? Did it snow? Do I have to shovel? Is going to be cold, the road is going to be good because I have to drive to work. You’re going to have all of that going on. Maybe as soon as you wake up, you’re checking with those you live with and choosing how you feel according to what their mood is. And that’s a possibility. And that happens a lot. Do you check the news on the weather station on the news and the weather dude, first thing you do is you either turn on your phone or turn on your TV and you check the news and the weather to see what’s going on in the world out there. And you set your mood according to that. I can tell you right now, that’s probably the worst thing you could do. Because what you’re doing is you’re cutting away the ability for you to use your intuition to choose how to have the data unfold for you. And what you’re doing is you’re giving away your power every time you sit and watch the news. You’re giving away your power. Have you noticed that you feel especially… I don’t know, it just seems like this last couple of years has been a little rough. And particularly around things like health and wellness and the weather. Well, everything. But the news stations tend to be the most negative voices out there. And when we make that our very first experience in a day, that can be really challenging to keep your day together and not end up feeling like yuck. Do you check Facebook as soon as you’re awake? Is that the first thing you do is grab your phone and you’re now you’re stuck to your phone for the rest of the day? There are so many options as to how you can wake up in the day and have the most incredible, fabulous, fantastic day. And sometimes we look at those people that are around us and we’re like, how are they so happy. They really annoy me, they really tick me off. And sometimes we continue the story of the day before, so we drag into our experience the same story we went to sleep with. So when we wake up all of a sudden we’re just in a crappy place and we’re thinking life sucks. We’re feeling down and pretty soon before we know it, we’re off to see the doctor. Would you be treated for depression and/or to be treated for some type of ailment that’s going on in our bodies because we’re just down all the time.

Why Is The Power Of Choice Important?

So what I want to do for this month, so that’ll be the next four sessions – because we are we post every Thursday on the Medium Well page – what I want to do is for the next four weeks, I want to focus on emotions. How are we unravelling our emotions? How are we understanding what our choices are? Do we even have a choice? How many of us don’t even realize that we have the power of choice? You know, that’s the one thing that sets us apart from all the other species on the planet – we can choose. We think our cats are choosing you know, my cat wants to have dinner now, because she’s hungry, or our dogs are choosing I want to go out because I have to go to the bathroom. But those are instinctual. Those are into intuition and instinct for those animals. And they work with that type of information. Now, yes, our animals are very tuned in. So in our world, we call that psychic, but they’re not the end, they don’t have the ability to make choices, the way we have the ability to make choices. And when it comes down to your emotions, you are constantly making choices. So what do you think would happen to start your day if you were to change your mind? So that’s what we’re going to call this particular series, Changing Your Mind Emotionally. Emotionally, changing your mind. Change your mind about how you want to get up in the morning. Because let’s face it, when you open your eyes in the morning, after an evening of rest and night of rest, do you really want to start your day in a good place? Have you got all kinds of plans you’re making for the day and all kinds of things you’d like to do? And you just say, awww I can’t. I just can’t. I just don’t have the energy or something must be wrong with me, you come up with 10,000 excuses why you’re not doing them. I’m not talking about those of you that I have to get into your cars and drive to work in the morning, either. I’m talking about those of you that maybe have home-based businesses, or that are home caretakers, and you wake up and you just feel like you’re on this treadmill, and you’re just going on and on and on. And the day goes by and you go to bed and you get up the next day. And it’s the same thing. And you’re just ah, I don’t want to do this. You ever feel like that? I felt like I’ve had those experiences where I’m just like, I just, I can’t, I just can’t. And I run a home-based business. So you know, discipline is something that is required in my field. I also noticed something else. And this was something that I learned as I was growing in my intuition. And I was growing in my teaching and particularly when I was studying in England, I started to really understand that my emotions, how I choose to emote in the world will affect my intuitive capabilities.

Do Your Choices Define You?

Now, are you finding… are you, are you finding yourself just not feeling very intuitive? You find that you just feel like oh god, there’s I don’t have intuition. There’s no such thing, or do you think, oh that person over there, they don’t have intuition. There’s no such thing. Psychic self? That’s just bunk! Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not just bunk. When I was in England, and I was in the in the college there, one of the things that we did every day, because you know, when you’re an intuitive and you’re a psychic, you can sometimes get sloppy – and I’m not talking about just sloppy thinking, and I’m not talking about just intuitives either – but we get sloppy in our choices. So in other words, somebody walks into the room and they’re really gorgeous, if we have a basic kind of a jealousy aspect in our character, and all of a sudden, we’re jealous, because that person just looks so good. And they look so healthy. And they look so cheerful. And we don’t feel like that. I had a rough night’s sleep. You’re just like, oh groan. Or somebody comes in the room and they’re talking, they’re all happy. And they’re really motivated and excited about what they’re doing in their day. And you’re like, ah, be quiet.You’re tiring me out. We just don’t have the tolerance because we’re not caretaking ourselves. So we don’t have the tolerance in that moment to be kind. We just don’t have that ability. And so we’re making the choice to react to others stimulus around us, instead of taking action and saying, Okay, I really, I want to be, I want to be happy. I want to have a good day. And you don’t think about money in our capitalistic society, people are always focused on money in the given money, actually life. It’s just a tool just like my microphone or my TV or a pen. They’re just tools. But we use things like that to set our emotional center. If I don’t have enough money for something today, I’m going to be really unhappy. If I have enough money for something today, I’m gonna be really happy. But it’s all about the money. You don’t believe that you can make the choice for how your day is set emotionally, yourself. There has to be something to do with the money or if the car breaks down when you’re on your way to work. Oh my god that ruined my day. Instead of looking at the other side of the coin. And there IS another side to the coin!

How Can I Regulate My Emotions Better?

I’ll give you an example. And I don’t want this to be long because we’re going to be talking about emotions for the whole month, every Thursday. Pop on and take a listen to the next step. I’m gonna give you all kinds of solutions on how to feel better in your emotional center and how to get out of bed feeling good. So for example, I have a client who is really struggling in getting out of bed – just having a really hard time. And she said, I set my alarm at least six times before I finally get out of bed. Now, granted, she has to go to work early, and it it’s winter. And she doesn’t want to get out of bed because it’s cold. But she has a job, and it without her job she’s not going to have any income. Without her income, she’s not going to be able to keep her apartment. Without her apartment, she’s homeless. So, she wakes up and she has just gone through some difficult emotional challenges with a relationship. So that might be having an impact on her as well. But she says she’s always had this issue. It’s difficult for her to get out of bed. So when we were talking, I said to her, I said, Well, what is something that you would really, really like to do for yourself that you just haven’t done. And she came up with a few things. One of them that she came up with was getting a manicure and a pedicure. And we were heading into the holidays, it was just about holiday time, I think there was two weeks or so left before the holidays hit, and she was going to get time off during the holidays. So she was going to have a couple of weeks, and wouldn’t have to get up every morning at 6 o’clock or 6:30. Whatever time she had to get up. She’d be able to do whatever she wanted to do. She could sleep till noon, if she wanted while she’s on holidays. But she had, she was working in an industry that was very busy during this time before the holidays. So she had to get out of bed and get to work. So I suggested to her, I said, Why don’t you set a goal that you’re going to get out of bed the first time your alarm goes off for the rest of this week – we were talking on a Monday – and on Friday, reward yourself. This is just one tip. One thing you can do! Now it’s literally bribing yourself. It’s bribing your emotional center. So it’s not the most permanent method, but it’ll help you wake up with an idea that you can, you deserve a good thing – you could deserve a gift. And so she did that – she set her alarm. And what she did is she booked her mani pedi for the Friday ahead, because after that she was off work for the holidays. And every morning she found herself bouncing out of bed, getting up, having just the best day working her butt off because the, again the industry she’s involved in is very busy just before the holidays. And on Friday, she went and got a mani pedi knowing full well she earned it by being disciplined. And by taking care of her time in the morning. And she also found that she was more effective, more efficient. She wasn’t dragging her butt around feeling sorry for herself. She was awake. When she got up, she went to work, she was effective, she was cheerful. And she got the jobs done that she had to take care of.

Does A Cluttered Room Affect Sleep?

That’s just one example of how one of my clients – just in a very quick period of time – took charge of her emotional center in the morning. And there’s more permanent solutions that I’m going to share with you. But one of the things that you can do as well is check with your environment. When you’re sleeping, make that a priority. Go to your bedroom, make sure it’s not cluttered. Make sure there’s lots of space around your bed. Wash the sheets and the pillowcases if necessary. Take a feel for your pillow. Do you have a pillow that’s really comfortable? If not get a new pillow. Are you warm enough when you sleep? Or are you too warm, and check the environment around you. Because when you go to bed at night, you want the ultimate comfort, you want to max out on the comfort. And to do that you need the environment to be clear. Understand something – if you wake up in a cluttered environment where you know, you got maybe laundry all over the floor or you haven’t dusted the room for a while or the carpets, may be dirty or something’s not comfortable in that room… get those things taken care of. Because that will have an impact on how you wake up in the morning because as soon as you look around, you go, my house is a mess and it doesn’t feel good. And you do bury your head under the under the covers. One of the things that we learned to do a lot in England was meditation. And I had meditated before. I learned how to meditate through the Buddhists, but I didn’t really… I wasn’t consistent. Okay, I had a practice. And I was consistent for a short period of time. But by the time I went to England, I was no longer consistent. Well in England, we were consistent every day. We meditated as a group. I meditated on my own. I was there in the Fall when it was just beautiful, beautiful weather. It was kind of crisp, but it was still warm in the daytime. And I would go and sit out underneath one of the big trees there and I would meditate and I found that as I meditated my energy rose,. It elevated my mood and it elevated the way that I was feeling so that when I went to bed at night, I found myself feeling really good about the day I had just had and anticipating a positive day tomorrow. But if I hadn’t meditated, I might have just – I’m a clear cognitive and we’re going to talk about that too. But I get downloads of data, I get information. I’m detail oriented that way. And very practical, very logical. And my intuition core is clear cognitive. So I can think myself into a frenzy just like any of you. And when we lay in bed at night, if we’re uncomfortable in our room, uncomfortable on our bed, we’ve had a day where we’re just regretting the day and going, Oh, is such a crappy day, we’re going to think too much. Our brains won’t stop. We’re not going to rest. Well, we’re going to wake up tired. And we’re going to feel sorry for ourselves. Anybody been there? Anybody got that? Hands? Yeah. I know, you raised your hand I just raised mine. So what do you want to do is you want to have an environment first of all, that is comfortable for sleeping. And then when you do go to bed, what you want to do is review the day. Now, this is really important. And Abraham Hicks refers to it as a Rampage of Appreciation. And I have used it for years, with myself, for myself and with my clients. And what Abraham Hicks has suggested is when you go to bed at night, lay in bed, close your eyes, visualize your day that you just experienced, and offer up appreciation for every little thing, appreciation for the meals that you had the opportunity to eat, appreciation for the people that you’re able to talk with appreciation for the bed that you have, and the pillow that you’re sleeping on. Appreciation for the home that you’re in, and the safety that you have in the world where you, it’s maybe not great weather outside, but you’re safe and sound and snug in your bed. Offer up appreciation also for the things that didn’t work out. Appreciation for the flat tire that you had. Appreciation for the person that disrespected you in that grocery store. Appreciation for something that just didn’t go well that day. Offer up appreciation for all the things that didn’t go well either. And in that vein, ask yourself, with the flat tire, for example, what is it I need to know?

How Do I Clear Up Energy In My Room?

Now this is an experience that I actually had. I was coming home from doing a clearing in a residency here in my town. And it was 9:30 at night, so it was dark out because it was in late Fall. And I got a flat tire. And I had to pull into this pizza joint – into their parking lot – because I really had to get off my tire. And I drive fairly big vehicle. And I had no idea what to do. I didn’t have a clue. I mean, I’ve never had a flat tire on that vehicle before. And there was a group of young men kind of dressed very, very casual, very kind of like they got like, like country or like country work dress or workman they dressed I guess dress like workmen. And I it was dark and I was sitting in my truck and one of the gentlemen came over and tapped on my window and I rolled my window down. He says looks like you could use some help. And I said I sure could. And those guys there was 6 or 7 of them that got together. Each of them, they had stopped at this pizza place. They had just gotten off work. They were a construction crew that were building a home somewhere. Plumbers, some electricians and some work carpenters, etc. They took turns going in and eating their meal and having their beer or whatever, while the other ones worked on changing my tire and they all shifted off. So they all got some some food while it was still hot. And they literally changed my tire and got me back on the road. Honest to goodness, that could have been the worst moment in my life or it could have been the best moment of my life. Now, number one, I firmly believe that because I was just I was and in a place in my life. When that day happened, that I was feeling really good. I was really happy and I was having a good day and I was having just a lot of fun. Whenever I do any spiritual work. I’m always, always happy. And I believe that those young men were in the right place at the right time for me, because I was in the right frame of mind and I had chosen earlier that day to have a good day. You wouldn’t think that would include a flat tire. But what it did when I did my Rampage of Appreciation that night is I offered up appreciation for those young men for helping me change my tire. And I realized that it restored my faith in people in the world. It restored my faith in the fact that our communities will stand up and they will support one another. And I because I had chosen to have a good day that day, I had an extraordinary day. But instead of dragging around the story – now listen to me carefully here – instead of dragging around the story of oh my god you’re not gonna believe what happened to me yesterday. I got a flat tire 9:30 last night! Thank goodness there was some guys that changed it for me. And I wasn’t sure you know, and you take that story and you repeat it, repeat it and repeat it over and over. And talk about woefully how you had this experience instead of only focusing on hey, you know what, I got a flat tire last night and these guys changed it for me and I had no idea that we still have that connection to humanity with one another and really restored my faith and in ourselves as humans. That’s a different way to tell the story – you see the two different ways to tell the story. I chose the higher road instead of the lower road, I chose in that experience to really appreciate my story. But that comes from the discipline that I was taught in England, where I was taught, if you’re going to do this kind of work, Sharyn, you better be in your higher, best self.

How Do I Activate My Intuition?

Now, this whole conversation that we’re going to have this month is going to be about your intuitive center. It’s going to be about your emotional impact on the world, and the impact of everyone else on you. And how you can make the choices to be your better best self, and how you are growing your intuitive aspect whenever you’re having a good day. But you can’t have a good day if you get out of bed in the morning, look out the window and go, Oh my god, it’s snowing, I’m gonna have a terrible day! You can’t have a good day if you turn on the news and it depresses you. You can’t have a good day if you don’t take charge of the day. So when you choose how you wake up in the morning, and you choose that emotion, just know that there’s not much that can go wrong. I’m going to talk to you down the road here in January as well, about manifesting. I mean, maybe there’s something exciting. Maybe you’re expecting to hear from somebody you know, you’re maybe you’re looking for a job, and you’re anticipating that somebody’s gonna get back to you soon (you hope) to respond to your resume that you sent out. And maybe there’s one job you just really, really, really want, but you applied for three or four of them. When you wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread, there’s a very good chance nobody’s going to call. And I’m not kidding. But if you wake up in the morning, with a feeling of joy and anticipation, and you just know, you’re gonna get the perfect job for you because you put it out there. You said, the perfect job is out there for me. And I’m going to do that and I’m choosing to feel good about this experience. Guess what? You’ll get maybe more than one call and you’ll have options as to what job you get to take.

How Do I Get Rid Of Negative Energy Around Me?

Okay, so listen up for next Thursday, because we’re going to continue on with this conversation, and I’ll give you some more tips and tricks. But number one, reward yourself when you find yourself changing your habits and patterns in how you wake up in the morning. Reward yourself. Clean that room up, get that bed cleaned up, make sure the sheets are clean. Make sure that you’re comfortable when you’re sleeping, and do that Rampage of Appreciation before you go to bed. And when you wake up in the morning – because you’ll be sleeping in that higher best self – when you wake up in the morning, you’ll find yourself feeling better already. I’ll see you next week and until then, you take care of stay warm, signing off. Bye bye for now.


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