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Ep: 25 Following Your Intuition


Ep: 25 Transcript

Jennifer Gunson 0:03
Following your intuition is what we’re going to explore in this next episode of Medium Well, with Psychic Sharyn Rose. We meet core members of Sharyn’s team that help her for online courses. And of course, this podcast. She talks to them both – Dwain and Jennifer about their intuitions in business, and in life. Let’s learn more about these key people in Sharyn’s life and all about intuition.

Photo Of Puzzle Piece With Intuition Written On It

What Qualities Attract Us Friends?

Sharyn 0:27
Hey, everyone, thanks for coming on again. Welcome back to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I’m so glad you’re here today, because I have got two really fabulous people who I couldn’t do any of my work without. And so what I’m going to do is I’m going to introduce you to both of them. I’m going to introduce you to one of them at a time. And we’re going to just do a little chat with them. Because right now, the tech for Kitchen Witchen, which is our online workshop series is in Mexico. Didn’t take any of us with him. We’re not happy with him. He’s here today, though, on a zoom. So welcome Dwain Sands to the podcast. I’m so glad to have you here, Dwayne.

Dwayne 1:08
Oh, I’m glad to be here. Sharyn,

How Do You Attract The Right Person To You?

Sharyn 1:10
I want to tell you a little bit about Dwain before we actually get rockin here. Dwain has many, wears many hats. In my world, he wears the hat of tech. He and supporter and back patter and, and a person that I can cry on his shoulder when things just don’t go well. He’s my business partner in the online workshop series. And we’ve got more coming up. And we’re having so much fun. So that’s the hat he wears for me. And he also wears that hat for some other people, where he actually does some work for others doing their tech work for building their websites as well. But Dwain has started and built a business with his father, which was dust control on the roadways here in Alberta, as you all know, we’re Park Prairie here, so when it’s dry, it’s dry. And so Dwain even still works in that business today, when he finds a little bit of time to do that in the summertime. And he’s also a very accomplished musician, sings like an angel, and is very connected to a spiritual group in Calgary, where he does a lot of music. And he also does their tech work. I do believe as well, and he can tell you a little bit about that if he wants to. Dwain as my friend when I reached out to him, and I said, you know, I really want to start a workshop series. I don’t have a very big budget. Dwain, can you help me because I knew he did tech work. He did a little bit for me for before. And we got yakking and I kicked out the words Kitchen Witchen and Dwain immediately, we were still talking, he immediately went on, he bought the domain. And I thought, oh, my gosh, he’s serious. He’s more serious that I probably was serious, but it made me get serious. And so Kitchen Witchen is now in his second round of level one workshops, which are a six months series. And Dwain does all the tech work – even took his office to Mexico. So that poor guy has been bugged. But he has some stories to share with you. And interest today is number one, what’s it like being in Mexico in the early spring of 2022? And over the winter of 2021 2022? With COVID going on? What was it like getting through the airports? And what’s it like to do the travel? And then what are some of the fun experiences you’ve had? So Dwain, I’m gonna let you take it away. It’s all you, buddy. Go ahead.

Where Do Snowbirds Go In Mexico?

Dwain 3:19
Well, I’ve been in Mexico. It’s been sort of an inclement year down here. It’s, you talk to the locals, and it is one of the coldest winters they’ve had in a long time. We’ve experienced a lot of wind and a lot of rain. But when I look at the temperatures at home when I see minus 35, minus 40, hey, it’s all good!

Sharyn 3:40
Yeah, no kidding, right?

Jennifer Gunson 3:41
No kidding.

Dwain 3:42
I’d rather, I’d rather you know, don an umbrella than shovel snow.

Sharyn 3:46
Well, we want you to, but we’d like to sit on that beach and drink those margaritas with ya.

Travel During COVID-19

Dwain 3:51
There have been a few of those! There have been a few of those…. But, coming down and coming down. Of course, I had to make sure that I had my vaccinations done insofar as COVID and, and prior to travel, there were some documents to fill out for the Mexican government. Very simple, very straightforward. As you mentioned, I’m a, I’m a musician I and I have in this little community down here, I have a couple of gigs in the wintertime. I played three nights a week down here, which, which not only is fun, but it also helps subsidize my rent a little bit down here. It doesn’t pay much but that’s okay. So I was traveling with my keyboard. I’m a keyboard player. So always, always, always when I come into the country with you know, packing my suitcase and my video camera. And my big keyboard case, I’m always the guy that gets pulled over a customs.

Sharyn 4:50

Dwain 4:51
I’m always the last guy to get through.

Sharyn 4:54
Yeah, that makes total sense.

Dwain 4:56
But come to if you’re searching on the map the best The closest International Airport is a city called Merida. And you can fly to Merida from Canada.

Sharyn 5:06
Well, where would that be like in relation to one of the resorts that we would be more familiar with, but in relation?

Dwain 5:12
From Cancun it’s about three and a half hours west of Cancun.

Sharyn 5:17
Perfect. Perfect.

What Part Of Mexico Is Best To Visit In January?

Dwain 5:18
Yet still on the Gulf of Mexico. So the beauty of it is, it’s not a tourist area. There are no there are no resorts here. And the house I rent is, is close to the beach. It’s about 100 paces off the beach. And it’s a four bedroom house with a swimming pool.

Sharyn 5:38
Holy cow!!

Dwain 5:39
And, and I am able to rent it for less than what a monthly rent will cost me and home in Canada. So I you know, I can’t afford not to be here.

Sharyn 5:49
Now we know why the expats are down there. eh?

Dwain 5:52
But it’s, it’s very interesting this along the coast are a lot of houses and condos and what have you that are that are owned by people from Merida. People in the city. These are their summer homes. They come here in the summer, just as we would go to a lake cottage at home, or what have you and, and through the winter, these houses remain empty. So they’re…

Sharyn 6:20
And so it’s winter there, you mean OUR winter, like with the time that you’re down there, right?

Dwayne 6:25
So through the winter, these homes remain empty. So they’re, they only use them in the summertime just like we use our vacation homes in the summertime. So there are numerous homes available. And if you can make the connections you can get, you know, a really decent rate.

Sharyn 6:42
Dwayne, how do you spell that community and like, how do you feel about sharing the name of that community with people? Um, how do you spell it?

Unknown Speaker 6:50
The city with the International Airport is Merida. M as in Margaret, E-R-I-D-A.

Sharyn 6:58

What Is Special About Merida Mexico?

Dwayne 6:59
And then if you come directly north of Merida, the coastal town is Progresso, and Progresso – there’s a lot of very interesting things about the area. Progresso is home of the world’s largest commercial pier, it’s about seven kilometers long.

Sharyn 7:22
Here? Here, like in a dock?

Unknown Speaker 7:24
You betcha. And so it’s constantly it’s a port of call for cargo ships coming in delivering cargo to Mexico, shipping cargo out. Now, I don’t live right in Progresso. I am just east of Progresso in a little village, or just outside of a little village called Chicxulub.

Sharyn 7:44
So where’s Merida come into this?

Dwayne 7:46
Merida is the is the International Airport. It’s a city of about about a million – about the size of Calgary.

Sharyn 7:55
Really, okay.

Dwayne 7:56
So it’s good. All your Walmarts and Costcos and that sort of thing for when you run into the city, you can stock up on certain things that aren’t available.

Sharyn 8:04
You can always go for a McDonald’s burger if you get tired of tacos!

Unknown Speaker 8:09
IF you get tired of tacos. Now Chicxulub, Chicxulub is known for the Chicxulub Crater, which scientists, most scientists concurred that this was the asteroid that that basically wiped out the dinosaurs. It is, it is huge. Nothing to be seen, nothing to be seen. This is all under underwater, etc, etc. But the interesting thing that this crater created were things called cenotes. Sinkholes. And there’s an underground river system. I don’t know it’s over 100 kilometers in diameter, but there’s an underground river system. And these cenotes, you can visit them, you can swim in them, but they’re all protected by the government as National Park area.

Sharyn 9:06
So Dwain, it sounds to me, like you either do a lot of touring while you’re down there, or else you’ve done a real good history search of the area.

Dwayne 9:15
There are some things… I mean, I love history. I love history, and I love finding out, you know, as much as I can about the places I’m in…

Sharyn 9:24
So do you get a lot of time down there to actually be able to wander around? And and what are the Covid rules down there? Like do you have to wear your mask everywhere you go, or what are the rules around COVID when you’re actually there?

What Is Meant By Working Remotely?

Dwain 9:34
My days I set out Sharyn where as you mentioned, I bring my office with me so I get up in the morning and have my coffee and I’ll work, I’ll work for three or four, sometimes five hours, and then the rest of the day is mine. That’s basically how I set it out so I can enjoy some of Mexico as well. And, and I have to tell you, I have to tell you when you walk around in Chicxulub or Progresso, the locals, they walk the streets wearing their masks. Everbody’s vaccinated, you go into restaurants and stores and their protocol is more – they adhere to it more than what I’m used to in Alberta.

Sharyn 10:13
So you feel secure then when you go for meals or when you go shopping you feel good. Like

Dwain 10:18
Absolutely, yeah.

Sharyn 10:19
Everybody’s taking care of themselves. Dwain, you told me a story about an experience you had in the water. Can you share that with, with our listeners?

Dwain 10:27
It’s a painful story. Well, part of my morning ritual that I didn’t include just moments ago, is I would get up in the morning and have a swim in the ocean. Start my day. And so I arrived in Mexico, and I’ve been doing this for three or four years, and I arrived in Mexico. And after getting settled in for a few days, I thought, well, it’s time to start my morning ritual. So I head for my first swim in the ocean. And I wound up getting stung by a stingray.

Sharyn 10:58
Oh, no.

Dwain 10:59
And, and I have to tell you, it was it was a shock. I was, I was walking back in from the swim the waters fairly shallow here. And it was low tide, and I was walking back in towards shore and honest to God, it felt like a gunshot to my ankle, and it, and I wasn’t sure what had happened. And I’m looking around and I can’t see anything. But I’m wondering, Am I being attacked by something here and, and I was about 100 yards out at the time. As I got closer and into the little shallower water where I could lift my foot up and see because it just the pain got worse and worse. I lifted my foot out of the water and Oh heavens, bloods was blood was shooting. every heartbeat. I started hollering to show that I was in trouble I needed needed help. I still wasn’t sure what had happened. By the time I got into shore, the the caretaker from one of the condos had called 911. The police were there and ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. And they were wonderful. They were wonderful, they knew exactly what had happened.

Sharyn 12:09
They did they recognize what had happened. And they, but they were really courteous to you.

Oh, yes, yeah, yeah, absolutely in there. Of course, none of none of the ambulance, emergency responders spoke English. But they had their Google Translator just just to go in there. And oh, my gosh, the first thing they did, first thing they did when the ambulance got there was they put a cuff on my arm to check my blood pressure. And they said, Oh, your blood pressure is very high. And I said, You think so???

Sharyn 12:47
Oh, my goodness.

What Does Stingray Symbolize?

Dwain 12:49
But, but in learning about the stingrays. It was, you know, and people, you see people swimming in the ocean here all the time, and I have been back in. But in this particular area where the water water is shallow, and the sand is fairly loose. I found out that right now, or at this particular time as a is the mating season for stingrays and they wind up burying themselves in the shallow sand. And they don’t discourage you from going in. They just tell you shuffle your feet so that they know that you’re coming in the scurry off. They’re not an aggressive creature at all. They’re very, very gentle. But if you step on them, they just they’re just defending themselves.

Sharyn 13:34
Yeah, exactly. Right. So you actually didn’t shuffle your feet is what you’re saying.

Dwain 13:38
That’s what I’m saying. I was stepping in. And I happen to step on one. And so…

Sharyn 13:43
So you had to go so you had to go to hospital?

Dwayne 13:46
I did. They froze my foot because the pain was incredible. And then, of course put me on antibiotics and painkillers and that it was about it. Was a good seven days before I was able to walk on, you know, put weight on that on that foot.

Sharyn 14:03
So you’re on antibiotics then for this stuff.

Dwain 14:06
I was for about 10 days.

Sharyn 14:08
So how did this affect your laying out in the sun and getting that Mexican jam that everybody’s always jealous of?

Dwain 14:16
Well, it was kind of discouraging because the antibiotics Of course, they told me stay out of the sun. So I missed like, 20 days out in the sun and it was interesting. We were having a zoom church service with our group out of Calgary and they were laughing at me and they said I said I hope you get some sun or everybody’s gonna think you went away to Norway for the winter!

Sharyn 14:37
Yeah, no doubt right? Because you’re not getting a tan. Okay, so now you’re all healed up now you can actually go and you can shuffle your way through the water when you go swimming. You don’t have to worry about stepping on a stingray. Dwain! My goodness sake! So when you’re on these antibiotics were you still able to have like, your regular Margarita.

Dwayne 14:58
Well, I wasn’t supposed to. I snuck the odd one.

How Serious Is A Stingray Sting?

Sharyn 15:01
Oh. Okay. Okay, doctor’s orders. So it sounds to me like, first of all, if you’re going to travel internationally, and especially if you’re gonna go off the beaten track, to a village, like you’re at, where you’re at, you really want to make sure that you know a little bit about the history of the area, and what the wildlife is going to do, which is sea life, right. And knowing about the, just knowing about the same reason, the mating season, and knowing all of that would have probably helped you a lot. You know, it really fascinates me, the world has changed so much since COVID. And everybody’s, you know, hesitant to travel. We actually had family over this weekend, and we were talking about Mexico, and going to Mexico, because we all love Mexico, we all love going there. And everybody seems to have a different reason why it’s just not a good idea right now. And it’s because there’s lack of information. And that’s why I really wanted to talk to you. Because intuitively, I know that a lot of people are struggling with being stuck at home, they’re not able to travel, they’re not able to do what they normally would do. And or they feel they’re not able to – they’re afraid to. And it’s really nice to talk to you because we’re in February right now. The fact is that people can hear this and they can say, well, maybe I can go to Mexico, maybe it’ll be okay, I don’t have to be so afraid. Because as you know, we make decisions out of fear that usually bad decisions. So if we can make decisions, being comfortable and having information. So that’s why I really, first of all, I wanted people to meet you, Dwain, because I love you so much. And I wanted people also to understand that it’s okay to take a look at the world around you, you don’t have to be afraid of outside your door. Thank you so much for taking the time, off of the beach days that you’ve been, you know, trying to get indulging, and, and visiting with us and sharing this information. I really appreciate it. And this gives people an opportunity to look up that area to see if they want to go a little off the grid. You know, thank you so much for taking the time.

Dwain 16:56
Thank you for having me.

The Eye In The Sky

Sharyn 16:57
Yeah. What I’d like to do now is I’d like to turn this around to Jen. Because let me tell you something folks, without Jen and without Dwain, like I said earlier, I can’t do this work. I am not a techie. And Dwain literally saved me and created literally the Kitchen Witchen program. And the same with this podcast that you’re listening to. Jen Gunson is out of Vancouver, we’ve never met in person. She was a referral through a very successful businessman in Calgary, who introduced us virtually – kinda sorta – told me about Jen. We connected and we hit it off. She is dynamic and so much fun. She is an ex radio broadcaster, she used to be the voice in the sky, I think the Eye in the Sky! Okay, I thought you’d be the Voice in the Sky. You know, Jen has been producing all of these podcasts. So I record them here. And then she gets them in Vancouver when I send them to her. And she goes ahead and edits them, and then post them on the podcast. And so she’s responsible for the total run of the podcast. One of the things about Jen’s job is she is really working with a lot of like, I’m a brand new person at podcasting. I know absolutely nothing about podcasting, except what I’ve learned from Jen. And through the experience of the last, I don’t know, 20 some odd that we’ve done. But I’m going to turn this over to Jen. And I’m going to let her talk a little bit about the opportunity that’s out there for anybody that has a small home based business that would like to podcast, and would like to start something like this that has that dream. So Jen, welcome to the podcast and take it away.

What Is The Evolution Of Media?

Jennifer Gunson 18:34
I’ve never been a guest on a podcast, I’m always on the podcast. So this is so different for me. But I really think that you know, Sharyn, you know, my journey, and it took me a long time to get here. I’m still in broadcasting, I’m still hosting other podcasts. So I’m just kind of doing it in a more future friendly model, I guess. And I think that’s the hard thing is when you’re in an industry that you see so much change quickly. And my heart goes out to the people during COVID, because we saw that big change come into the travel industry and other industries. And there’s probably a lot of people thinking, What does my career look like, as we go further down the road? But don’t get discouraged. Because like, my industry was changing. I don’t like to ever put it negatively because everything changes. And I think it’s just it’s trying to find that positivity out of it. And so, before COVID there was a lot of changes to jobs in the media industry. And obviously because technology has changed, like, you know, there’s not many newspapers anymore. Radio stations, a lot of people have different options now to listen to in their car, they have Bluetooth, they can listen to Spotify, they can listen to music, podcasts, whatever, right? So it’s kind of going with those changes. And it took COVID for me to actually figure out how to move forward and it was because I was locked down in my home like everybody else. I was like how do I make my skills known? And so I started my own podcast. And that sparked my business. And the Home Builders Association, Vancouver who I worked with, I credit them for business because they got me to create their podcast. And then I slowly started doing other businesses on and then I met you, and it just kind of rolled. So my thing is like, if you have a skill, and you’re in an industry that may be seeing a lot of changes, you’ll make it if you want to make it, you just have to figure out how to change it.

Why Is Support Important In The Workplace?

Sharyn 20:30
Yeah, yeah, I hear you. And Jen, you know, you’ve supported my work so much with your work. Through your feedback, you’ve supported keeping me on track and keeping me focused, I think one of the biggest things about podcasting is focus is really big. And being able to actually stick to the point and not go all over the place, which was my big thing. In my first podcast, Jen was editing like crazy, all this stuff out of it, because it was just too much. And but with my industry, because I’m an intuitive, I’m a psychic, and I’m a medium. And Jen has worked really hard. You’ve worked so hard, Jen to keep me on task, like keep me on point and bring the connecting points in. If I’m talking about this, where’s the intuitive connect? Where’s the psychic connect? And I’m wondering if somebody was out there is listening, and they were interested in starting a podcast, and they are connected to my industry in some form or another like in the holistic field? Is that something you’d be interested in helping them with? And is it common? Are there a lot of people in this field wanting into this business?

How Do I Find An Idea For A Podcast?

Jennifer Gunson 21:31
If you Google, like, I did a lot of research before we got your podcast off the ground to kind of see what was in the space. And there’s a lot of people in your space doing podcasts – all different types of things. So either it’s Numerology specific, or Astrology specific, or Psychic specific. There’s so many different ones. And I think that’s the great thing about podcasting is that you can meet people that are experts in these fields. And all you need to do is turn on your computer and you can listen to somebody in Australia, you can listen to somebody in the UK, because everyone’s got a different opinion. And maybe they’re trained a little bit different too, depending on what country – maybe there’s different practices in the holistic space that are different from maybe how people in Canada do it opposed to people in the US or somewhere else, right? So I think everyone should start a podcast if they’re passionate. If they are an expert in a field, and they’re ready for the ride. That’s the one misconception of podcasts. And I know, Sharyn, you and I’ve talked about this is like, it’s in for the long haul. It’s not like you’re gonna do one episode, and you’re gonna be Joe Rogan tomorrow. You’ve got to do it. Like, I think a lot of people that do podcasts, and do it for the right reasons, but there’s some that don’t. And I think it’s like anything, you’ve got to do it because you’re a passionate about it, and you like doing it. If you’re doing it because it’s a chore and it’s something that you feel that you have to do, you’re not really put the effort in. If you’re just looking for the end result, it’s not going to happen. We’re seeing lots of results with you because you’ve been persevering. You’re patient, and that’s really any good podcaster…

Why Using Your Voice Is Important?

Sharyn 23:07
Oh, that’s so sweet. I’m patient, oh my goodness! I haven’t been accused of that very often. Jen, I want to make a point here, like with both you and Dwain and myself. We all use our voices in our passions, like our passion comes through Dwain with you and your music. And with a lot of the stuff that you do over voiceovers for a lot of people on their in their work. And for Jen with you and the podcasts. You’re doing my intros and outros. And for myself, my voice is what leads me forward in everything I do. I mean, I do a lot of zoom, and phone consultations since COVID, as well, with the psychic and the mediumship work. I think it’s fascinating because intuitively, if you’re not excited about what you’re doing, you’re absolutely right, your voice is going to tell the story it’s going to show, you’ve got to love it, you’ve really got to love it. And I just I can’t tell you how much I appreciate so much your passion and Dwain, your passion in supporting my passion. Because this is a very… I’m kind of in a very interesting industry with psychic and mediumship work in the holistic field. And for somebody to actually take the practical and apply it to this. Man, you guys are talented. You’re very talented, and I appreciate you so much. Both of you. Do you have anything else you want to add, Jen, to that?

Podcast Tips

Jennifer Gunson 24:31
No, I just like, I get it. It’s always trying to figure the connection on the topic. And for this episode, I was monitoring and my producer brain as we were doing it, I was like she better get to that connection. And then you were able to loop it through at the end. So I was very proud. But with podcasting, there’s always a point and like I said, you’re a Psychic Medium. So it should always go back to that no matter what topic you’re at. When people are listening to you, because you’re in that field…

Sharyn 25:02
Exactly! That’s right. And again, that comes down to, but that comes down to what Dwain was talking about, and what are referred to as the people that are afraid to travel right now. Because they’re, they’re fearful. But if they would use their intuitive aspect, if they would just go into their, their intuitive souls out there going to be able to find easier answers, and they’re not going to be fear based. They’re not going to because your soul self is not fear based. It’s it’s positive energy based. And the same with doing a podcast or moving forward in something like where you’re using your voice, to try and be an influencer in some way. In your case, Jen, and in my case, as a podcaster. And in yours even doing with the music, I mean, and your spiritual connections with the church, you really want to you are tapping into your intuition all the time. You’re not… there’s no way you can do it without tapping into your intuition. And my intuition tells me I got the best team on the planet. It just tells me that so thank you so much, Dwain all the way from…

Dwain 26:00
…beautiful downtown Chicxulub, Yucatan, Mexico!

Sharyn 26:06
Beautiful, titular. Thank you! And I hope you enjoy your cocktails this afternoon. And think of us while you’re having one. And are you tonight. Are you playing tonight? No, you play Wednesdays, right?

Dwain 26:17
I play Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Yeah.

What Is The Power Of Saying Thank You?

Sharyn 26:22
Well enjoy the rest of your holiday. I know you and I are going to be talking again, because we got business going besides podcast. But thank you so much for coming on. And being my guest today. Really a pleasure! Thank you, Jen! You’re a rock star! And I’m so glad that two of you got a chance to meet! Jen, thank you for keeping me on task. I just appreciate it so much. Every once in a while I sit here and I, I probably you know, say a few words under my breath. And then it all works out. And I listen to the editing you’ve done. And I think oh my god, you’re a magician. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me and being on my team! And I just I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you so much all the way from Vancouver too! And here I am sitting in Red Deer where it’s warming up and not quite so much snow anymore. So with that in mind, thank you everybody for coming on to this podcast and, and listening to these fabulous people and listening to me ramble on. I hope you are engaging in your intuition. And I hope you will take the time to go out there and be brave and tackle the world again. And if you want to start up a podcast, or if you want to start up a business or you want to, don’t be afraid, don’t let fear stop you. Use your intuition and allow yourself to be guided intuitively. Until next time. Thanks very much for tuning in to Medium Well with Sharyn Rose. Bye bye for now.


Jennifer Gunson 27:37
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