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Ep: 26 The Office Of The Psychic

Ep: 26 Transcript


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In this episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose, follow Sharyn as she gives you a tour of her office. This is where she does her readings and spends so much time in. She will also offer you guidance on how to set up your office no matter what kind of work you do, especially if your work environment includes other people. Your office space is so important because it really affects your mood, and the work that you produce. So let’s get started!

A Psychic’s Office

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Hey, everybody, welcome back to Medium Well, with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I was sitting around here today – I was actually putting an exercise together today for one of the workshops that I’m running right now, for my girls when they get together on Thursday night. And so I’m sitting here and I’m doing this little meditation, and I’m looking around my office. And then I realized, I’m looking around my office, and one of the things I want to talk to you about and I chose today’s topic is the Office of the Psychic. Now, every office like if you go into an office space, you’re going to find that if somebody has been in their job for a fair amount of time, and they’ve been in that office space for a fair amount of time, and they’re not sharing that space with somebody else, then they’re going to have personalized it, they’re going to have made it their own. And I gotta tell you, a psychic is no different. I look around my office and I can remember one girl coming in. After I had gotten this office set up. Maybe it was the one on the acreage I don’t remember. But I had a very similar setup – I tried to set this one up exactly the same so that people would come into this one, and they’d be comfortable because they were used to the one on the acreage. But that being said, I remember this gal saying your books are too noisy, you need to cover them. And if you know me, any of you that have been in here you know that I’m always wandering over to the bookshelf, that’s where my oracle cards are. That’s where my reference material is. I use the spirit guides book I use the numbers I use the animals, I’m always doing research and looking at books and doing references as well for my clients. And so I thought you know what, I’ll bet you for people that have never been in a psychic’s office or that HAVE been in a psychic’s office, I wonder if our fingerprint is all that different.

Photo Of An Office

How To Create A Productive Office Space According To A Psychic!

So let me give you an example. Let me tell you a little bit about my office. When I look around. The first thing I see of course is my desk with a computer and it’s got a ring light above it because I do so many Zooms these days. And I’m also teaching on Zoom. So I’m on Zoom quite a bit. But on my desk. The personal touches are hilarious, actually, it’s really quite funny. First of all, I have a beautiful candle holder, which is actually a candle holder grooved for our tea light candle grouped right into a piece of Amethyst. And it was a gift from my daughter in law’s son. And it was just, I love it so much! And right beside that is a holder with pencils, pens, I’ve got a pair of scissors in there. Even have a knife in there, which you wouldn’t believe how handy that is just a little knife that I use for various things. And right by side that is a is a box of Kleenex, which every good psychic needs, because we always need Kleenex. In fact, there’s 2 boxes in my office and the office is not that big of a space. But there’s the little sticky notes, my phone is up on the left hand side of my desk because I feng shui’d my desk. Now, if you really thought about it, of course I clutter. My clutter. I’ve got lots and lots of clutter, but I feng shui’d my desk so that it would serve its best purpose. And my phone being up in the upper left hand corner of my desk is the wealth sector of my desk. I’m tying a red ribbon around the cord. It’s a corded phone, it’s a line. It’s not a cell phone,. Helps with calls coming in and out, staying positive and a good flow. Next there, I’ve got a piggy bank that was put on my, it was given to me as a gift by a client. And that’s where I put loonies and toonies. I’ve got a little cup that is actually was given to me as a gift – it’s got dragons on it. And I was born in the Year of the Dragon. So that’s very relevant to me. And it has… I put little bits of coins and stuff in them. That’s all sitting up in the upper left hand side of the desk. Now, if you look at right in front of my computer, on my computer, I’ve got sticky notes everywhere. I’ve got all kinds of sticky notes to remind me of this, remind me that, et cetera, stuck on the computer, on the monitor. Which is funny. I have a Mac so it’s a monitor and computer all together. And then I have a writing pad right handy here on my left hand side because I’m left handed. And if you open the one little drawer down on the left side, you’ll find my files. I guess what I’m trying to say is my desk is set up very much for me. Very personally for me. And then there’s a little table and on that little table is a big huge piece of Selenite with three openings for tea light candles, I use that all the time. There’s a little angel that’s sitting there. There’s a little beautiful egg shaped Amethyst that’s been polished, sitting in a little holder. And there’s a pendulum. There’s a pendulum that sitting – it’s a sand writer actually – sitting above some sand and it writes in the sand in that little table. And then I’ve got above that, I’ve got a pegboard. And on that pegboard, I’ve got the Law of Attraction principles. I’ve got a beautiful, a Chinese piece with a long red strings hanging from it. It’s got green Jade in the center, which was also a gift. And I’ve got the Tibetan miniature flags across the top the Tibetan flags. I’ve got the Chinese coins on a red ribbon on there. I’ve got cards of thank you from all kinds of customers. Got a picture of my cat that passed, and I’ve got a picture of my family with their kids.

How Can I Make My Own Office Space?

So as I look around my office, I mean, I’m describing to all the stuff in my office, that’s pretty boring. I’m pretty sure. The point I guess I’m getting at is that the fingerprint that we put on our environment is so essential if we’re going to do something that is based in passion. Where we fit, get really excited about our work. We really want to feel inspired. There was a writer and I can’t remember his name right now. Oh my gosh, that was the tip of my tongue, I think Seegers Seiger side. Anyways, Rod Steiger wrote. And always he had an office. And I remember seeing this before. His story would come on. And he did a TV show he wrote for a TV show. And it was like half hour segments of this TV show… Anyways, he would be sitting at his desk, and he would have his pen poised over paper. And he would just be looking around. And his office was absolutely full to the brim packed with all these things. There was books everywhere, there was papers, there was animals, stuffed teddies, there was, there was gadgets and gizmos just everywhere! And he would sit there and he would, you could tell he was just loving being in that space and just the look on his face, and he’d be looking around. And then it sees something and all of a sudden he’d put pen to paper and that’s where his story would come from. And it could be something as simple as a piece of paper stuck on a chalkboard that he’s seen thousands of times. But on that moment, it inspired him. Psychics offices are very similar, at least the psychics that I’ve worked with, and I love, like I’ve got a, I’ve got a reading chair – nobody else uses that chair and it’s strictly for readings. It’s a big red leather chair that I absolutely love. I’ve got the backdrop in here that I use for my Zoom sessions. I do have my bookshelf with all the books in it. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve got a printer that’s here, that of course is essential. So I have the office here, and a chair and office chair. And then I have a futon for my clients to sit on. And it’s very comfortable, it’s got a nice beautiful gray cover on it. And it’s got big cushions all over the place on it so that they can get all snuggy. So that if they’re having a you know, a moment where they’re touching into some, you know, some information that they’re, they’ve been kind of hiding or not wanting to share, that they’re going to feel okay. They’re gonna be okay, they’re safe. It is very much my place. It’s where I love to be, I absolutely love to be in my office. If you look to the side of the futon, there is another thing of Kleenex there. And I go through Kleenex like crazy in the office here because people, people come in here and sometimes have emotional, you know, I mean, we talked to crossed over loved ones, were resolving psychic issues like in their life currently now. And so the Kleenex box gets used really, really well. So it’s got a fancy little holder on it. And every time I look at that, I think of my in laws because my father in law, and my mother in law have them all over their house, these Kleenex containers that were made by the Mennonite women, and my father in law, I think he traded stuff with them, because he had a wholesale company, and he would trade and they’d give him these or they would sell him these, these Kleenex boxes. So every time I look at them, I think of my in laws who are both gone now. So it’s really nice to have those. I look at my bookshelf and of course I see all the books, but I have probably a dozen or two dozen decks of oracle cards and tarot cards, all different kinds. I have Radley Valentine’s cards, lots of Doreen Virtue. And I love having them there. I just love them there. I have my Tink Chevelles which I use for clearing spaces when I go out and do clearings in various homes in businesses. I have another Amethyst sitting on a little pedestal that I got from one of the groups that celebrated our success. When this is, gosh, this group that met together in 2010. And they they got together and they bought me this beautiful, it’s quite a heavy piece of Amethyst piece sitting on a pedestal is absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely love it. Even my clock is special. My clock itself is very, it’s it’s wiry, and it’s got flower, wire flowers and berries coming out of it. And it’s just very cool.

How Can I Make My Own Office Space?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you want to go into the psychic industry, and you want to set yourself up as a psychic, don’t worry about being what other people wouldn’t expect you to be. Going to work as a psychic is a very creative craft. It’s a very creative field. And if you’re working, especially if you’re working as a psychic medium, you want to make sure that you are doing things the way that suit YOU. Doing things the way you’re comfortable with, what you’re happy with. For example, I have a draw, a little container, it’s a yellow container with a beautiful yellow lid on it, that I put names in when I’m doing draws for my classes. And I bought that online from a buy and sell, because I really, really liked it. And that was perfect for me to do this type of thing with. And one of the things about working as an intuitive is you’re using your intuition all the time. And if you have things around you that remind you of your successes that remind you of what the work you do that reminds you that yes, you love what you’re doing that you’re inspired. On one, one little shelf that I’ve got above the futon, is a picture a large picture that was drawn for me by one of my sons, for probably I think it was the year he turned 15 or 16. He he drew a picture of my grade one picture pencil sketch. And I framed it and I put it up there, it was my birthday gift that year. And it’s beautiful, I absolutely love it. I have a picture of myself with one of my clients who really wanted a picture together, I have all kinds of things that are actual gifts. I have so many gifts, I didn’t realize I had so many gifts in here!

What Should Be Included In An Office space?

One of the things about working as a psychic too, if you’re respected, and you’re loved and appreciated, you know darn well, you’re doing a good job. And the reason I’m saying that is because respect, you can’t have it if you haven’t earned it. And being loved and appreciated – you can’t have that if you don’t love and appreciate yourself. So if you’re thinking of setting up an office in the holistic science field, in the psychic sciences, as a naturopathic… do it your way. Make sure you’ve got some touches in there that belong to you. I am, my house, if you really look at my house, is kind of a minimalist the way I’ve decorated it. I’m not a real cluttery person. But you wouldn’t know that by sitting in my office. My office, I’m surrounded by all these wonderful things that I love. One of the things about being psychic is when you’re working – and you know, I’ve noticed this because I have a sitting room downstairs. It’s got a library in it as well. And it’s got lots of chairs and couches for people to sit and visit while I’m doing other readings and, and that’s been used a lot in my practice, because I’ve had groups that will come and the group will sit down as the one person comes up to the private office to get their reading. And then they go back and the and I when I do readings down there, I have to adjust my energy and I have to focus because I’m in a different space, this area here in my office. I mean, as soon as somebody comes in and sits down if we’re doing mediumship, boy, I tell you what, people are already popping in. And it’s fast. When I’m doing in a different environment, it takes a little bit more time.

How Does Space Affect Emotions?

For example, I went and did a Christmas party at a lady’s house and she gave me a room that was specifically for me. And once I did the first one or two readings, I was in the in the groove and I was going, and boy it just rocked. And I did quite a few readings that night and, and it was all private 1 on 1’s. And it was really quite fun. But it took me a little bit of a minute to be able to actually wrap my head around the fact this wasn’t my room. So I had some of my tools there, some of the things that I liked to have around me, and I brought them with me. So it’s not hard to read for other people in other places for people in other places. That’s not what I’m trying to say. What I’m trying to say is, when you set up your office to accommodate your personality, your lifestyle, your passions, and your interests and your joy. You’re going to find yourself being a better psychic, you’ll be more compassionate, you’ll be calmer, you’ll be more empathetic, you’ll be kinder and you’ll be absolutely more focused because you’ll be working from your very best highest self, so and you know that’s not just for psychics, I guess a that could be healers, Reiki massage any of any of anybody in the in the holistic healing industry, but also anybody just in an office, even in a cubicle. If you’re doing a job, use your intuition. If let’s just say, you’re going to work for a company and they have bullpen area. So that means you’ve got maybe 10 or 12 different cubicles where different people are sitting around in a very large space separated by screens or dividers of some sort. And they say, Here’s your desk, okay, here you go, this is where you work. And you go, Oh, well, it’s not going to be very personalized. When you get there, it’s going to be pretty bare. So what you want to do is you want to sit down and say, what, what will make me really happy in this space? Because I want to do a really good job here. And I want to be the very best that I can be in this new position. What will make me really happy and maybe for you, it’s a matter of really wanting a green plant on your desk. And maybe you don’t have any windows around you. Maybe it’s all a lighting situation. So get yourself a silk green plant and put it on your desk, maybe it’s a matter of having some kind of a picture on the divider, whatever it is that makes you really comfortable. Maybe it’s a blotter that you’re really going to choose to have on your desk, maybe it’s certain pen holder and garbage that match. Maybe you like that. Maybe you’d like to organize and arrange the drawer, the long drawer that you generally have in the top of the desk. If you look inside mine, I’ve got virtually everything under the sun in here. I’ve got note pads and I’ve got pens and I’ve got the sticky notes. And I’ve got lip balm and I’ve got a back scratcher. I have a back scratcher. How about that! I’ve got a lighter so that I can light my candles because I have candleholders as I mentioned all over my office, and out in the area coming into my office as well. But make it your own, make it personal. Use your intuition. Sit down in your new space with your pen and paper and use your intuition say what will make me happy in here. What will make me feel good. And if you really want to, go into it and have a real fun time. And if you’re looking to make good money or a promotion, or whatever your purpose is there, then maybe do a little bit of homework on fen shui, and figure out how to function away your desktop. If you feng shui your desktop then you’re bringing all the positive energy you can possibly muster into your workspace on your desktop. And every time you sit down, you’ll feel really, really, really good. And if there’s people around you, in this particular space, like in my case, I don’t, it doesn’t matter. There’s nobody here I have, it’s me by myself in my office. So nobody ever comes in here unless they’re invited by me, even my husband. Like, nobody comes in here unless I invite them into my office. So let’s just say you’re in a cubicle and a bullpen and you’ve got somebody around you that’s just annoying you all the time. They’re always bugging you, look at them in their very best light, use your intuition, find something new, absolutely love about them, write it down, maybe three or four things, maybe they got great hair, maybe they got great shoes, maybe they are really good with numbers, maybe they really can communicate with clients, whatever it is that you can use to offset the annoyance that you’re starting to gather by them being close to you. And watch the, watch your intuitive, watch it come to life, watch them change and become more of that positive person sitting next to you in their cubicle, instead of the one that annoys you. And then your space is even better yet. And if you can do that to all the spaces around your cubicle, holy, you’re going to be large and in charge. And it won’t be long before you start getting promotions, advances, new trainings if they want to set somebody up in a higher position, and you’ll become a really popular member of the office team. So for those of you developing a psychic business, make sure that you create your business the way you want it to be. And if somebody says to you, you need to cover your books, you know what, maybe they want to cover their books, and maybe they can’t focus because books distract them. But that’s on them. That’s not on you. You set it up the way you want to set it up. I’ve had books in my office since I’ve started doing this work. It’ll never ever change. Books are what I absolutely love.

Why Is It Important To Stay Positive During Difficult Situations?

Okay, I’m really glad that you’re here at Medium Well with psychic Sharyn Rose and stick around to the end because I’m going to pull a card for you. And if you stick around, I’m going to pull an Oracle Card for you. And I’m going to pull a card from the Angels of Abundance. Okay, so the information that I wanted to give you, I’ve given you now. I’m going to give you a card I’m going to pull a card and this is the Angels of Abundance. I’m going to pick a card. I’m shuffling them. Now, when you’re doing working with oracle cards, you want to make sure that you shuffle them before you pick a card. Make sure you’ve cleared them first and you can always get a hold of me if you don’t know how to do any of that – but my number is all available here. Okay, the Angels of Abundance card that we got is, “let go of guilt”. What a great card! Here’s the message: “When you allow your light to shine brightly you inspire others. Forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done. And trust the universe loves you unconditionally for who you are. Learn and grow from past mistakes instead of berating yourself for them.” That’s a really, really good card. Because especially for those of you that are listening to this and considering setting up a new office space, or are in a new position, if you’ve had a bad experience in another office space, this is a really good card. You don’t blame yourself for anything that went wrong. Let go of guilt let go of the past. Don’t hold on to that. If you went into a position and you anticipated positivity and you ended up getting negativity, and you ended up leaving there because of that. Now you’re in this new position. Or if you’re just setting up a new business, only expect and anticipate the best never sit and focus on the worst. So let go of any guilt. Anything that went wrong before. I mean, you know what, in my world I’ve had so many things go wrong, and we’ll talk about that more as we go down the road.

How Can I Make My Office More Enjoyable?

Thanks for popping in to Medium Well with psychic Sharyn Rose today, you guys. I’m really glad to have you here. This is fun. And I hope that when you set up your offices that you do it according to what you really like, and what really matters to you. Instead of what everybody else tells you. You should, don’t make it a show home. Make it yours. And people will see your authenticity shining through. Bye-bye for now.


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