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Ep: 27 Energy Vampires, How To Spot Them!


Ep: 27 Transcript

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Are Energy Vampires draining your energy? We’ll find out in the next episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. You want to make sure the people you’re associating with don’t bring you down every day into a negative mood. Listen as Sharyn shares personality traits of Energy Vampires versus Narcissists, so you can spot the different kinds. So, let’s get started!

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What Is An Energy Vampire Person?

Hey, everybody, thank you very much for popping onto Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I’m excited to talk to you today about the topic, which is Energy Vampires. What are they? How do you recognize them? What do you do with them when you find them, when they show up? And what is their intent? And how are they different than a Narcissist? In some cases, there really isn’t any difference and narcissistic tendencies are similar to an energy vampire. It’s just one is a mental illness. And the other is just a Debbie Downer. Does that make sense? And these people are everywhere. I mean, they’re literally everywhere. They’re especially in your workplace. So what I want you to know, though, but before we get going is I’m going to draw a card around energy vampires, I’m going to draw it from the Daily Affirmations deck. And at the end of the session, today, I will tell you what the card is, okay, what it says, it’ll be a new affirmation for you. If you’re dealing with anything like this. Or even just for a regular day, it’ll be good for you. So stick around! Stick around to the end of this so that you’re not going to miss out on what the card is.

How Do You Identify An Energy Vampire?

Okay, so Energy Vampires. Energy Vampires are somebody who cannot keep their own energy levels locked up, they just can’t stay positive, they can’t sustain their energy. And so what they do is they look for people who are really happy, really joyful, really get-up-and-go successful. It sounds like a narcissist doesn’t it? But it’s not really. What they’re looking for is, they’re looking not to put you down so much, they’re just looking to drain you. Okay? And I’ll describe what some of these characteristics look like with the Energy Vampires. Whereas a Narcissist needs you to be less than them. So they need to knock you off your high happy horse and make you miserable. So they can feel good. And energy vampire. He just wants to drain you. And if you get all drained and you’re no good anymore, then he’ll go on to somebody else, which could be considered a discard, but not really. Let me explain. They’re unhappy, of course, right? The Energy Vampires are unhappy, and they try and find happiness inside themselves, but they really can’t find it. They just, they just don’t have the temperament or the personalities for it. And there’s all kinds of different personalities when it comes to the Energy Vampires. So let me give you a few.

Who Are Energy Vampires Attracted To?

One of them is the Victim. We all know somebody who’s always the victim, right? The world’s against them. They’re constantly moaning or sobbing, and trying to get other people’s attention, and feeding off of that. So when somebody does fall into their little snare, and they are saying, Oh poor you, it’s okay. They’ve fallen into the web of the Victim Energy Vampire. Another one is the Blamer. And the blamer never takes responsibility. The Blamer’s that one always blaming everybody else. They never will take responsibility for their own actions. And they always put it on somebody else, and they even, they’ll lie of course. They hand out guilt, dumping all the crap on the others so that they can damp down your energy. But that’s not their intent… isn’t to damp down your energy. Their intent is to TAKE your energy, okay? There’s a different intent with the Narcissist and the Energy Vampire. Another one is the Drama Queen or the Drama King. Always acting up, always looking for attention through negativity, not positivity. Everything is dramatic, dramatized, increasing the negative energy, and really to be honest, there’s no such thing as negative energy. We create negative energy ourselves. We are toxic. They carry with them what we would think of as negative energy trying to take over our positive energy. And through the drama to drama, it’s exhausting. It’s EXHAUSTING. Have you ever dealt with a Drama Queen? Or a Drama King? I think Drama Kings are the worst because when it’s a guy, you really feel like you have to help them. You want to fix them. You want them to not hurt, because men are supposed to be macho. And you know women are more pliable, and women are softer and gentler and, and women get their periods, so everybody goes, Oh, she’s just having her monthly, she’ll get over. And she’s always dramatic at this time. That’s not the case! But I just, the reason I’m bringing up the difference between men and women – it doesn’t really matter, there isn’t much of a difference. If you do have a Drama Queen or a Drama King, you will tend to want to help them out. But you ever notice how tired you are afterwards? How drained you are? The blame game also creates that exhaustion. Because you know, they’re, they’re lying to you, you know that. They did that action, and they can do it and 2 minutes later tell you they didn’t! And you get so drained, trying to point out to them what they’re doing. Then there’s this one, I really liked this one. This is the Charmer. This is the joker, the talker. You always hear she wants to be the center of attention. Always want other people’s energy on them. We’re talking about somebody who’s a bit of a ham, who a bit of a clown. But they also always are taking all the attention. So you could be in a meeting, you could be in a group setting, you could be out with friends, and they will dominate the conversation. They will want to sit next to the happiest person in the room. They will always be talking about themselves because they are self centered. And it’s exhausting. Everybody comes away from the dinner or the meeting, or I’m going like, oh my god, somebody get that guy! Move him to another building. Or that girl. The Green Eyed Monster is another one. The Green Eyed Monster is somebody who’s jealous all the time. They want what others have. They want what others have. They’re never, ever happy with what they’ve got. It doesn’t matter what they have, they’re never going to be happy with it. They always want what you’ve got. And they’re constantly trying to take what’s not theirs, stealing your positive joy, stealing your positive energy. They want what you’ve got.

Can Narcissists Be Energy Vampires?

You can’t help it if you’ve been around Narcissists, because Narcissists are a form of Energy Vampire. They’re just in the extreme. Energy Vampires are just those people that slide through life. And they make you feel kind of slimy. Every time they come across your path. They make you feel like something nasty just touched you. And when you have someone like that around you, or someone like that’s come into your world, you just want to stay away from them. You just get rid of them right away – out of your story! If it’s a parent, or if it’s a, if it’s a spouse, or if it’s a child, it’s a little different story. It’s a little harder. But you want to limit – you want to really set your boundaries with those people. But they’re jealous. So the other next one is the Guilt Tripper. The Guilt Tripper – they use shame to get what they want from other people. So they’re going to make you feel guilty for your success. Guilty for your good looks. Guilty because you don’t have a weight issue. They make you feel guilty because you have children and they can’t. They make you feel guilty because you have a job you absolutely love. They hate their job. They make you feel guilty. And that’s a form of an Energy Vampire. When you’re around them, you’re just like, oh, my god, are you EVER happy?? And you’re constantly trying to reassure them. Well, try to do this. It’ll make you look differently at your job and cetera, et cetera. It doesn’t work. I had a client come to me, and I recognized her right away. I recognize the Energy Vampire aspect of her. And she came for several sessions over several years, and then wanted to come into a coaching program with me. And I said, No, no, I don’t I don’t think that’ll work really well. I don’t think that’s possible. And she said, But I want to! I really want to! And she was living at quite a distance. She was going to end up being in the coaching program in over the Winter. So then she would have to drive in some inclement weather for her sessions. Then she insisted, so I said, Fine. And she paid me up front. And she came in. I knew that while she was working with me, she was going to be okay. She was going to have all these revelations. She was going to be really good. She was going to be able to so because in her case, she didn’t, wasn’t trying to drain my energy. She wanted my knowledge. She wanted to feel good in her heart. She wanted to feel good in her soul. And so she wanted to learn. So I was teaching her after the sessions. She stayed high and happy for about 3 months. Everything I taught her that should have lasted a lifetime, but she couldn’t sustain it. You know why? Because she couldn’t practice it. Her natural tendency to be a Debbie Downer overcame her learning that she had taken on from me. And it was about 3 to 6 months later, I got an email from her saying, I don’t know why bothered taking that course – it didn’t work! And I’m sitting here laughing going, Yeah, I told you I didn’t want to coach you. You insisted. So I coached you. This is what happened because I knew you weren’t going to sustain it. You weren’t going to try. So the Guilt Tripper – she wanted me to feel bad because she was having another bad day. It was really interesting.

What Is A Guilt Tripper?

So that’s the Guilt Tripper. Okay. So, so far we’ve got the Victim 2. the Blamer. 3. the Drama Queen 4. the Charmer 5. the Green-Eyed Monster and 6. the Guilt Tripper. The 7th one is the Gossip. They’re always talking about other people. They never talk much about themselves, because unless they’re comparing themselves to other people, and they come up, shining, and the other person comes up short, the gossip per se, they don’t even tend to always sound like they’re putting someone down. What they are doing is they’re pointing out negative aspects of their character. Their, the way they might parent their children, or the way they might drive their car, or the type of person they are at work, or those subtle little things and they bring it up like it’s a fact. So the Gossiper brings it up like it’s a fact. And they don’t even you know, they’ll say, Well, yes, like, poor poor Joan. You know, she’s just, she always has such a tough time. And I know her husband is probably cheating on her. Well, that may not be the case. There may be nothing going on there. There may be no, I mean, that might be totally out to lunch… But it’s a Gossiper. They’ve got to have something. And then they plant seeds, and Gossipers plant seeds. So they’re kind of dangerous, actually. Because it can really hurt people by spreading lies, that and untruths that can really damage relationships. Then the next one is the Insecure. Well, now we’re really playing with a narcissistic Energy Vampire. The insecurities in a Narcissist will do the same thing as the Energy Vampire will do. They try to pull you the joyful, happy, empathic person down to their level. So they’re wandering through their life in the sludge, because they feel like it’s crappy and yucky and ugly and awful, and they’re not happy and, and you are, you’re happy, you’re having a good day, you’re having a good life, you feel really good. And they don’t like that. Their insecurities force them to demean you. They’ll step in and out of all the other characteristics through their insecurities. They’ll become the drama. Through drama, they could do it through blaming, they could do it through feeling like you’re acting like a victim, they could do it and it pulls others down. That’s what they’re trying to do to their level. But really, what they’re doing is they’re exhausting you. So one thing about an Energy Vampire, they want what you have, and they will do whatever they can to get it and you will end up feeling drained and even sick. Okay? And then they’re paranoid, very anxious and very fearful, crazy energy surrounds them. They are unstable, and it causes imbalances in those around them. Now, if you’re an Empath, those are the different types of personalities. There’s lots of others, but, but those are the basic ones. When you have these people around you, you’re going to find that you’re going to recognize them in the person that sits beside you on the bus. It could be your parents, again, it could be children, it could be a friend. But normal people – well meaning normal people – is just that in moments of unhappiness. So they’re not living their lives as Narcissists. There are normal average people, but when they’re having, when they’re unhappy, when they’re ill, or when they are stressed. They can be very low, and they can drain away the joy from healthy people.

How Do You Know If Your Energy Is Being Drained?

Now, some Energy Vampires are being on and off. Some Energy Vampires it’ll be all the time. They’re just like the character and Charlie Brown – everywhere he goes, he’s got that dust cloud. They have their dust cloud, yeah. Signs that you’ve been in contact or attacked by an Energy Vampire. Let’s take a look at that. You’re exhausted. I’ve already mentioned that you’re exhausted, you’re tired. You’re weak, you feel sick. You feel unfocused and depressed. A headache. They lose headaches, you’re not motivated. You just get really down and you just feel really sad and yuck. That slimy feeling. You know, my husband had a friend way back in the day. Every time I was around him. I was like, Oh, I just felt it felt creepy. And I tried to tell my husband about it. But they’d been friends since they were 17 years old. And he was just like, you can’t just hate my friends. You can’t just hate my friends. And I’m like, No, most of your friends are pretty good people. But this guy, I don’t want him in my house. I don’t want him around me. You want to do things with him, like go golfing or go do stuff with them. You go ahead, but don’t bring him around me. That’s the end of it. And he honored that. But I also noticed that HE was different. Whenever he came back from hanging out with this guy. He himself was different. And it always would take him a day or two to get his feet back under him. And I think it’s because it’s draining him as well. You become fearful and you become unhappy yourself and you become feeling unworthy. And now remember, sometimes we don’t recognize the person we were just hanging out with is the one that’s caused these feelings in us. We think, wow, what’s wrong with me? When you’re an Empath, you’re used to picking up stuff from other people. But you’re you don’t realize when it’s somebody close to you or familiar to you, you don’t realize how they’re draining you because you’re so used to always fighting off toxic energy anyways, and, and being unhappy. So when you start feeling any of these things, look around and see who you’ve been hanging out with, and, and just kind of identify – are they possibly an Energy Vampire? Maybe on that day, maybe they were having a bad day. And they were just draining you. These are usually strong personalities, too, I want to tell you. And another one – your chest gets tight when you meet them. Or you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach, just like dread. Those are also indicative that you’re meeting up with an Energy Vampire. So here’s some things that you can do. Okay, you’ve got to be aware! Look out for those signs above that I just gave you. Okay? You’ve got to be aware when an Energy Vampire is around you. So pay attention, especially if you’re empathic and if you’re a developing empathic, but for all of you – pay attention! The next thing you want to do is take a deep breath, center yourself and stand your ground. Don’t allow them to bring you down to their level. Okay? So if you have no choice and you have to interact with them, stand your ground, hold your energy, hold yourself steady, and let them do their venting. Let it be water off the duck’s back. Think of it like that – visualize that water off a duck’s back. It’s not going into you, it’s just going over and around you and out. Done. Gone. Okay? Set boundaries, say no, you have the choice to walk away and not deal with them. So learn to do that. Say NO or set your boundaries. Don’t don’t react. So if somebody comes up to you and they’re really being a Negative Nelly or it’s actually, a Negative Norman, Debbie Downer, all these names for anxiety is applied. What you can do is remember when they come around, you stay neutral. Don’t let them set you off, because they will try. And when you don’t react, they get bored and they go off to feed off somebody else.

How Do You Talk To An Energy Vampire?

And you know, it’s kind of funny reminds me that reminds me of a story when I was growing up. When I was in the Brownies. And we were out for a Brownie hike in our little town. We’re all up for Brownie hiking – we have a river not far from my hometown. And there’s a bridge that goes across the river. And I remember all of us were coming back across the bridge all the Brownies and we were all like 9,10, 11 years old. And all the local boys – Garter snakes were everywhere. I mean, garter snakes are harmless, but they were everywhere – all the boys from town had gone and got themselves a bunch of Garter snakes – they’d each caught one – and they came out from under the bridge once we got across the bridge, and then started chasing the girls. Well the first thing that the girls did was run. Well I was so scared of those snakes – I must have been about 9 – I was so afraid that I froze in place! Literally froze in place. And I’ll never forget, one of the boys came right up to me and he wriggled that snake right in front of my face. And I never moved, no expression, nothing. And he went well, you’re no fun. And he turned around and started choosing one of the other girls. That’s what you want to do with Energy Vampire. Because if you’re no fun, they’re not gonna stick around. They’re gonna get bored. You want to cut the cords of attachment. Now. Now we’re getting into some energy work here. If you think someone is draining you, imagine that there’s a cord attaching them to you, and cut through it with an imaginary axe. One swift chop, done! So visualize a cord from you to them. Visualize the axe coming down, cutting that cord, and it disappears. That person’s chord is no longer attached to you. You’re done, you’re free! You may have to do this every time you interact with them. If there’s somebody that you work with, if it’s a parent, a spouse, a sibling, somebody that you’re around quite a bit or somebody that you do care about, okay? But you can cut the cords of attachment. They will try to reattach. And if you do some of the other things like stay neutral or set boundaries, say no, then they won’t attach. You won’t become their target anymore. They won’t reattach. They may not even like hanging out with you anymore, okay? They’re gonna need somebody that they can drain. Not somebody that’s neutral. Use light. If you’ve just left a situation that was particularly negative, where you just felt like you were, you were drained, and it was sticky and slimy and you know, like, that friend of my – that ex-friend now of my husband’s. Imagine that you’re standing under a shower of silver light. So use silver light coming down upon you to cleanse and wash away any ickiness, any yucky, any slimy, any of that fatigue, that illness, that sadness. Stand under the shower of silver light to cleanse and wash it away. You can also shield – protect yourself with white light. And imagine yourself surrounded by white light. I use that a lot, as a matter of fact, especially when I’m driving. I will surround my home or my car and myself and whoever is in the car with white light the whole thing so that I know we’re safe on the road. Especially if people are kind of erratic that day. Because I mean, let’s face it, Energy Vampires are on the road too, right there. They’ve got road rage. So imagine yourself surrounded by white light and set the intention that your energy stays with you. Okay, that your energy stays with you, your intention is to go forth in the world and say, my energy belongs to me, and I’m going to utilize my energy, I’m not going to share it with others that are trying to take it from me, a color that I really am drawn to is pink. And I love pink light. So I will use a lot of it so you can use whatever color you like. If you surround yourself – in my case with if I surround myself with pink light, they can steal my energy but they also it leaves it so that I can still send love to them. Because these aren’t these are not Narcissists, these are Energy Vampires. They’re not really bad people. They’re just people that are having a bad day or a bad week or a bad life. But they’re really not. They’re just Debbie Downers. And you know, Negative Norman’s, okay? Or, yeah, Negative Norman’s. Another step that you can take on… so I like some light. I love light because you can do it in the moment. You can do it standing in line at the bank, you can do it anywhere. You can do it anytime. In fact, you can use the light to actually protect yourself. While you’re actually in communication with that person and they’re in the room, protect yourself with that bubble around yourself – Bubble of Pain – and they won’t be able to actually drain you. Talk to Archangel Michael, one of the most powerful Archangels of all of them. That literally leads the horde of angels. Archangel Michael can help. He’s really good for clearing up negative toxic energies. Negativity and toxic energies and shielding you from energy attacks. He will surround you with his blue light. Now Michael is a blue light. And whenever I find myself wanting to surround myself, usually it’s because I’m feeling vulnerable for some reason. It could be whatever that reason might be, and I surround myself with Michael’s energy. The light always feels like, different than an egg shaped light around me. It feels like it glows outwardly. So I’m surrounded by blue that is just projecting this glowing outwardly, it’s beautiful, I love it. Another thing that you can do is you can work crystals. Crystal pendants really work well, or jewelry that acts as a buffer. There’s different stones – that Rose Quartz is my favorite favorite stone. The reason it is, is because my level of self love when I was growing up and was younger, was so poor. And when I started discovering crystals, the Rose Quartz is one of the primary stones that I loved being with. I also use Solonite, Tourmaline… there’s all kinds of different… go to a holistic store that has gems, and ask them what will help protect you as a stone of protection. And they will guide you, they’ll give you that feedback. It can be very soothing. And it can offer all kinds of whatever the primary emotions are that it enhances. So in my case, the Rose Quartz is love and compassion for myself and others. Also remember, and I’ve said this before, and I say it all the time: we learn through contrast, conflict and challenge. When you’re dealing with anybody of a toxic nature, and you come away from that, always stop and say what did I learn? What do I now know that I didn’t know before? So if you have jealous people showing up or competitive people, or Negative Nellie’s – there’s chances are, they’re attracted to you because you’re acting similar to them. Or you’re putting off something that makes them want – in the moment – to be near you. And if you can get rid of the reason why you’re feeling this way or that way, then they’ll get bored and then move on to feed off someone else as well. So always try to learn something from that person or that experience and interaction that you had. And the last thing, this is the most important the best. Surround yourself with happy positive people and be happy and positive yourself. Okay? Always try to stand at your best. Be in your best. You came to this planet to be empowered. You came to learn how to be enlightened. You didn’t come here to be drained by other people, or to be a punching bag for anybody. You came to stand in your own power. And it’s really good to learn how to set your own boundaries because unruly children don’t have boundaries. But you don’t want to be an unruly adult. Learn to say no. Learn to have boundaries. Learn to use tools – cutting the cord is a huge one. Do that! Use light – that’s huge. Crystals are huge. Arch Archangel Michael’s huge. Do those things to protect yourself. That’s 10 tips for you! So just remember, there’s a lot of other types of personalities, not just the ones that I described here. But you want to make sure that you actually learn how to identify these Energy Vampires and and take a minute. Consider. Is there someone draining you? And if there is, use these tips and see if that helps you have a better day.

What Are The Steps Of Personal Growth?

Okay, let me share with you the card that I selected. And it was interesting because these are my Daily Affirmation cards from Cheryl Richardson. If you don’t have them, get them. They’re fabulous cards. And this is a relationship card. And here’s what it says. You can write this down, pause this and get a pen and paper if you haven’t got one because you want to write this down. “I surround myself with authentic and loving people who share my journey of personal growth and awakening.” Isn’t that fabulous?

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