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Ep: 29 Empaths And The War In Your Backyard

Ep: 29 Transcript


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today we’re talking about empaths and the war in your backyard. How has the situation in Europe affected you? What emotions come up for you? Anger, sadness, helplessness? How are you dealing with being here, while Russia and Ukraine struggle? Sharyn shares how you can make a difference. Listen to the tools she gives you, and know that with practice, you can become once again balanced – sharing your light with your joy. Let’s get started.

What Happens When An Empath Is Overwhelmed?

Hello, hello, and welcome back to Medium Well, with Psychic Sharyn Rose! I want to talk to you a little bit about Ukraine and Russia and what’s going on there. But I want you to stick around until the end because I’m going to pick another Oracle Card. And I’m going to pick this card from the Angels of Abundance. And so stick around and get that message because it will tie into our message today. And it will be relevant to you. So don’t go anywhere at the end!

This is our, I think, this is our 29th episode, and we’re in the middle of March 2022. And we’re also in the middle of a situation in our world that has just been so odd and unusual and destructive and painful for so many people around the world. Never before has there been a war waged by one country against another that we can literally watch unfold on our television sets. And I’m of course referring to the Russian war on the country of Ukraine. And what I know for sure, is currently, I’m involved in teaching a series of workshops, and I was talking to actually my students about how they were feeling. Most of the students in my classes are empaths or people that are very interested in developing their psychic abilities. And they’re also very interested in helping heal the world and make the world a better place. And empaths go out of their way to work with others, help others, and reach out. And there will always be an empath standing, looking for a way to give a hand and help others up. And the interesting thing – as much as I always talk about we’re all psychic, we’re all intuitive. And we are. Every human on the planet has intuition, and psychic ability just maybe not be practiced. We also have varying degrees of empathy. (Unless you’re a narcissist, and you don’t have, and that’s a mental disorder.) So we’ll ignore that aspect. But I’m talking about the majority of people in the world. Right now. We’ve just come through two years of being shut down. Two years of job losses, two years of wearing masks, two years of COVID running rabid on the planet – the whole planet! And what has happened is, first of all, COVID made the world a very small place. And of course, the news media and the media have been just all over everything. And I just sometimes wonder if it’d be better off if we just didn’t have a news source, especially at times like COVID, but also, especially at times like this, where Russia and Ukraine are struggling. And because as much as Ukraine is struggling with the Russian invasion of their country, and the aggression that’s being shown against them, the Russian people are suffering as well. It is this is not a win in any way, shape or form. There’s no win to be had here – it’s lose-lose. The military decisions that are being made by Russia are contrary to all of human nature’s wishes for a good life and a prosperous world. So I asked my students how they were feeling, how they were reacting, how this was impacting them, and how they were going about their lives and got varying responses. Some of them are angry. Some of them expressed that they were very sad. Others expressed that they felt so helpless and they felt like they wanted to make a difference. And, so they were donating some funds, but they feel like it’s a drop in the bucket that will not make a difference.

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How Do Empaths Handle Strong Emotions

And so today I want to share with you what I believe is the right approach to dealing with the issue around Russia and Ukraine. And because if you’re trying in any way as an empath to send energy – good, positive, vibrant, light-hearted, cheerful, joyful energy to Vladimir Putin, forget it! It’s not going to work. If you’re hoping that you, you’re going to have an influence on what he’s choosing and how he’s living out his days at this current time, forget it, don’t do it. It’s a waste of your energy. Because there’s no way that you could do it unconditionally. And that’s the key. So here is what I’m going to suggest to you – I’m going to add, that I really hope that you take this on as a practice. I hope that you take this on daily so that it helps you get through your day and know that you are making a difference. Here’s what I’m going to suggest. I’m going to suggest that you do your very best every day. When you get out of bed in the morning, step up into your highest best self. And allow yourself to feel joy and appreciation for the world that you’re living in right now. Your home, your body, your health, your abundance, the dinner you had last night, the breakfast you’re going to have in the morning, the coffee you get to drink, the people you love who are there with you, the children around you offer up appreciation and love and move your energy to the very highest best place that you can. Now if you’re empathic, you know what I’m talking about. When I say move your energy I mean to step away from sadness, step away from judgment, step away from anger, step away from greed, step away from hopelessness and helplessness. Step into appreciation, step into joy, step into graciousness, step into hopefulness, and step away from all the toxic negatives. Because what you want to do, to be able to make a difference, you cannot do it from your ego center, you have to do it from your soul center. And your ego center is where all your negative emotions rest. Now, there’s nothing wrong, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with negative emotions. But in a situation that is basically overwhelming in many cases, like this one, where there’s a country, a whole country, TWO whole countries, strongly impacted by the violence, and the aggression that’s being shown. To be able to sit in your place when you’re not in one of those countries. and being supportive of them, you must be at your highest best self. And you must be able to sit quietly, and go unconditional, become emotionally unconditional, sending love and joy and light to all of Russia, their citizens. Every human being there is divine life in that country. And the same for Ukraine. There is no logic. There’s no reasoning or rationale that explains what’s going on there. The only way for you to step away from the overwhelm is to go into your highest best self unconditionally. And what that means is without judgment, and the reason you can’t go directly in with different higher Basie, or low or mid-bass emotions, is because you can’t stay unconditional, you’re gonna step into judgment, you’re gonna step into criticism, you’re gonna step in back into the sadness, and the anger and the frustration, and the helplessness and hopelessness that you’ve been traditionally feeling.

How Does Positive Thinking Deal With Difficult Situations?

So, here’s what you would like to do: I suggest sitting quietly and thinking of all the wonderful things in your life. Find something you can connect to that, you know, is unconditional love. For me, it’s my grandkids. And my kids. I mean, I can literally say, I mean, I can’t even go that unconditional with my husband. Because we have arguments we have disputes. So I get to stand in judgment. And we do that couples thing. But I can with my grandkids and with my own kids, I can be unconditional because I do I love them unconditionally. And that’s where you want to be. You want to be unconditional and send pure light, pure love and joy to Russia and to Ukraine to every living being that is on the ground there now. Send love and compassion and appreciation and joy to them from your beautiful life to their lives. Let’s all collectively do that. If more people every day jumped on this bus and does this in their own homes on their own time. It doesn’t have to be at the same moment in the world. Just keep doing it. Let’s bombard Russia and Ukraine with nothing but love and light. Pure joy and appreciation with no judgment. Unconditional love. Unconditionally – the only way you can hold a stance in that way is to be unconditional. As soon as you change that, you’re going to step back into judgment. So you want to be very careful. Now, this is going to take practice. We have to practice. The thing about spiritual development that makes me laugh, is I have so many people that really believe spiritual development just happens. It’s just like, oh, one day, you’re gonna open your eyes, and you’re going to be a full-blown psychic or a full-blown medium or a full-blown something, act out there. It takes practice developing your spiritual muscle, it’s a muscle, and you want to make sure that you practice developing and learning about compassion would be one of the very first steps because compassion says, I can’t tell others how to live their lives. I can just love them for their divine being their divine aspect and love them anyway, no matter what, whether I agree with them or not. Do you get that compassion whether I agree with them or not, I send them love, from my highest best self. Because I came to this planet, to hold space in the highest best way that I can for myself, and all other divine beings in the world. I did not come here to solve everybody else’s problems. That’s hard to hear for an empath. But you didn’t, you came to hold energy, to be that shining light in the darkness for people who are having trouble seeing for people who are struggling those that are in difficult times. And right now, that’s Russia and Ukraine. And it’s you. It’s all of you who are struggling and feeling sadness and anger and frustration, bring yourself first into the light, and then share it, bring yourself into joy, bring yourself into love and appreciation, and then share it, send it use it. I’m very visual, and I can close my eyes. And literally from my heart space, I can send rockets of light across the ocean, I can cover Europe, I can coat the world in rockets of light and brightness and joy and laughter and happiness. And if every human being that’s not involved in this conflict, did the exact same thing every day. They can’t sustain negativity in that kind of light. But we have to do it collectively. However, doing your part in it, you start and you get good at it and then share the techniques that you’ve chosen to use with others. Share it! Share it with everybody you know! Tell them there is a way for them to make a difference. But they must make a difference to themselves first, you cannot get something positive from a negative place. You cannot have a positive experience from anger, or from sadness, or from hopelessness or helplessness. You must be in a positive place of joy, light and brightness and love and compassion.

What Does Sending Love Mean?

I love you all! And I’m gonna sign off right here. Please practice! Practice sending rockets of light rockets of love all the way to Europe and everywhere else in the world where you think it’s needed. And don’t stop doing that for the rest of your life. Right now let’s take advantage of the cards. Let’s pick a card and we’re going to pick a card from the Angels of Abundance. And the Angels of Abundance say, “Moonlighting: you can start working on your dream career part-time while keeping your other job to pay the bills. Soon your dream career will take flight and fully support you.” You know when in relation to what I’m talking about. moonlighting in regards to what you’re doing with your energy make that your new career, your new your dream career is to make a difference in the world is to have an impact in the world. So start working on your dream career! Part-time of practicing sending positive loving energy where it’s needed. You can carry on your life, your regular life, and make your dinner and make your beds and cook your dishes and hug your loved ones and however you go about your normal day, but let your dream career which is supporting those in the world that it takes light and let it fully support you because you’re in your best and highest self, and then it’ll support others. What a great card! What an absolutely fantastic card. Okay. Until next time, thank you so much for tuning in. And I’ll see you again.


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