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Ep: 3 Psychic Science and Mental Health

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Ep:3 Transcript


Jennifer Gunson 0:02
Today on Medium Well With Psychic Sharyn rose, we are going to discuss the connection between psychic sciences and mental health.

How does developing as a psychic make a difference to your Mental Health? This is going to be a two-part podcast episode. Let’s get started with part one.

Here is Sharyn to discuss this really exciting topic.

The Psychic Connection With Mental Health

Sharyn 0:31
Hi, welcome back. I’m really glad that you’re here with us today and you are listening. I want to talk about what our world is struggling with right now in regards to mental health.

I know I’m a psychic life coach and medium, but what is the connection between psychic work and mental health?

Is there an overlap, and for any of you that are just kind of using your common sense, you know that there can’t be a separation, there has to be an overlap.

When I do my coaching sessions with my clients, I always explore the physical, emotional, mental debris that they’re dragging around with them before we get into the development of the spiritual self.

We’re all psychic, you all know that we’re all psychic, we all have psychic ability.

Are You Psychic?

But how can developing our psychic ability help us wade through this new world that we’re looking at outside of COVID beat us up, it took away any plan you might have had in place, it took away everything? It wasn’t like you were having a bad day.

You could just wait for the next one because it was still there. It wasn’t like your community, all of a sudden you went I don’t like living where I’m living.

Because there’s COVID I’ll move to another community because it was everywhere. It wasn’t like COVID gave you a sense of purpose, there was a sense of helplessness instead, and humans are designed to thrive, we spend millions and millions and millions of dollars to survive, to thrive to grow.

We’re always looking for our purpose. Everybody wants to feel happy, when they get up in the morning knowing they’re going to have a day where they’re going to be doing something that makes a difference, if not just for them for others, and where they’re going to have some fun with, there’s going to be some joy, where they can engage part of their creative aspect.

If you notice, a lot of adults tend to throw that away, because they get older, whereas the kids, don’t mind picking up a crayon whenever you hand it to them.

They’ll design anything anywhere on the kitchen wall on the kitchen floor. Or you could give them a piece of paper. The fact is, that’s our mental process, our mental process is always looking for a way to create and to be thriving.

A lot of us get focused on the monetary aspect of our world, and how does monetary have anything to do with psychic self, a lot of us will connect on our, our physical health, and the way we look how does that impact our psyche itself?

How Are Spiritual, Mental And Physical Health Related?

How does our psychic self impact our physical self? Of course, our emotions come along with that as well. So how can being a developed psychic help you and me and your world and with our sense of who we are and with our ability to solve our own problems?

One of the things that have happened with COVID, that sense of helplessness that we all have experienced through COVID, has left us feeling somewhat helpless.

There’s an enormous amount of people out there who are really angry at different bodies, like government, like the health system, like the mental health system, all these different organizations, different communities, associations, they’re angry because they’re saying, well, you’re the premier, you should be able to make the call or you’re the Prime Minister to make the call, or you’re the president, you should be able to make the call make my life work, when in fact, we were making our own choices prior. Some of them weren’t good choices.

We were using our own mental capabilities. But we weren’t necessarily taking responsibility all the time for the decisions that we were making, because some of them were bad.

But now we feel like we’re powerless. Like we don’t have any power to make decisions. So how does being psychic change that? What is it that brings you back to the table and helps you feel whole again, with your mental processing?

How Does Spirituality Help Grief?

One of the most important things that happened to me in the last three in the last while was my exposure to my clients. I have a client who lost her mother, and it was sudden and of course, a lot of COVID losses were sudden, she lost her mother and she came in and we had a great session, she was able to reconnect with her mom.

Through it all there was a constant message coming through for her daughter who was nine years old. So I suggested to her said you know your daughter’s very psychic, I could feel her through this woman.

I said I would be willing to sit with her and talk with her so that she can understand that she’s not the only crazy one in the world. Because up to this point in time in our story in the world. Being psychic is a little bit outside the box We’re on the leading edge of spiritual development right now.

Being psychic was outside the box. So, I have talked to so many people who say, Well, you know, I came to see you because I can’t talk to my friends about this because they think I’m weird.

My friends would think I’m crazy, my family would probably disown me, etc, etc. And I know what they’re talking about developing as a psychic told me when I was in development coming back on a plane from England, I was terrified, I was so scared that my family was going to turn the back on me, and that my friends are going to turn around and say, You’re just wacky, and everybody was gonna go like, Okay, now she’s fallen right over the edge.

When I got back, I got such strong support from most people. There were people, friends and family who fell away. There were people who said, Okay, you’re a whack job, I don’t want to deal with you.

Those people aren’t necessary for my life anyway, they don’t make a difference to me anymore anyway. When I really look at it, they were toxic, to begin with. So what the heck, but I think it’s time that we bring the psychic sciences into the mainstream. And we start teaming up with our mental health, and our mental capabilities, and use the tools, the psychic science tools and the mental development tools that we’ve got and merge them, bring them together.

How Do You step into spirituality?

So that we can actually teach our young people how to be proud to be psychic, how to be proud to step into their spiritual being their spiritual essence, and how to really engage those tools. So they don’t have to have bad days as we do.

They don’t have to get depressed for weeks on end before they finally pull themselves together and say, Oh, my God, I don’t you know, they don’t have to, they’ve got the tools. And for me, when my father passed, I’ve crashed and burned.

I came back out of that, and I’ll go into that in session two, but then my father-in-law passed. And the tools I had used to help me heal from my father’s passing affected me because I wasn’t able to engage in those anymore.

I’ll talk about that in the second part of this and I crashed again, well, what was it that I was able to engage in what was I able to do to help me come back, I was able to engage with my psychic tools that I’ve been practicing and practicing and practicing for years.

Let’s face it, if you want to strengthen a muscle, you have to practice it, it doesn’t just stay strong all by itself can’t go build a house without a hammer. We’re now at a point in time in our lives, you’re not going to become mentally full, healthy, emotionally balanced and physically well, without developing your psychic sense. It’s not going to happen.

We have to bring spirituality into the game and I’m not talking about religion. Religion has its place. It’s a different concept altogether. I’m talking about self-care, emotional self-care, mental self-care, and spiritual self-care.

So I want to go back to this kid. This little lady who came in did call me up and she did bring her daughter, her nine-year-old daughter in to see me and this little girl was amazing. She walked in the door, she just lit up my place.

She was just amazing, but every time her mom had an emotion, this little girl felt it. Now that’s a strong Clairsentience energy. Children are very much like that, until they are conditioned out of that, or they grow up and emotionally become emotionally, either they’re broken because they don’t want to be vulnerable, or they grow up with a balance of emotional mental self.

So she was very, very connected to her mom’s emotions. Every time we would talk about her grandmother, who was the lady and spirit, her mom would cry, and this little girl would cry.

I could just literally see the lines going from one to the other, I could just see. As a medium, I’ve got a huge amount of training behind me and a huge amount of psychic training behind me.

So it gives me that skill and that’s why people come to see me. This little girl, when we had our conversation, we talked and I talked to her about her mom’s emotions. I talked to her mom about her emotions.

As soon as her mom acknowledged, yes, I understand that my daughter picks up my emotions. When her mom got permission from the universe, and from her mom, and from me, and from her daughter, it’s okay to be sad, then the little girl realized that it’s okay to be sad, she hadn’t yet really mourned the loss of her grandmother, who she was very close to, because she was so busy taking care psychically of her mom.

How Do You develop Intuition?

What we need to do is give her tools, and all these other kids that are out there, give them tools so that they know how to protect themselves from overload. And they also know how to guide some of the older people that don’t have developed the psychic ability and just have not developed it.

Because that’s been their lifestyle. These kids can use these tools for their whole entire lives. And the nickname for this little gal, her grandmother, nicknamed her Bean, and she called her beam. So I’m going to refer to her as being because I’m not giving any names up here. This little gal was a gung ho girl, I loved her right from the get. So I said, I’m going to teach you meditation.

So I taught her a clearing meditation that I learned. It’s a Buddhist meditation and it’s powerful. And I taught her a clearing meditation. There are three steps to it, and the man I’ll tell you what she stepped into that right away.

She stood up, she closed her eyes. She got right into the meditation. She used her body. She engaged fully. And when she was done, all she could do was a yawn. It was hilarious. She was yawning and yawning, and I started to laugh. After about 10 minutes. I sent her. I said, Do you know why you’re yawning?

She looked kind of embarrassed because she think she thought she was being rude. I said it’s not because you’re bored. It’s not because you’re being rude. It’s because you’re clearing, what you did is you picked up all that energy and you let it go, and you’re clearing and debris out of your body and out of your psychic sense.

I told her, that’s exactly like me when I was working with reiki. I was doing reiki sessions on people, I would start picking up their debris because that’s what reiki is, do they clear, I started picking up the debris that was coming off these people and I would yawn like crazy.

Oh, this is crazy. Why am I yawning so much? And I started to realize I was clearing debris. So that’s just as just one thing I want to share with you is that is actually something that can come from learning how to step up and learn how to tap into your own psychic ability.

But this little girl when she left, she felt 10,000 pounds lighter. You could see it in the way she walked and the way she engaged with her mother. If her mom got teary-eyed because we carried the conversation on after that exercise.

I did it on purpose. I wanted to see if her mom got emotional because our mom still wasn’t in control of her emotional center. And I wanted to see if she was mentally emotionally still struggling.

Or if she was feeling a little better. Now you got to remember her mom hadn’t passed all that long before. So she was still grieving. Adults grieve differently than children. So this woman was still grieving where the young girl wasn’t grieving as much as she was grieving the loss of her happy mom.

So when her mom would start to cry again, you know what this girl did? She got up and got her a Kleenex. How cool is that? So instead of engaging and starting to cry herself, and starting to feel vulnerable, and starting to feel like she had to carry that emotional weight for her mother, she knew that wasn’t her job.

She knew that she could support her mom, she could be there, she could sit there, whether she could listen, and she could give her Kleenex. That meant more than anything that told me that the job we were doing that day with a little beam was done. Isn’t that amazing?

How Do You Accelerate Spiritual Growth?

Isn’t that amazing? This was in a one-hour session with a little girl named bean who is nine years old, and how she had now had a new tool. She will use that for the rest of her life. Because this little girl is so dedicated to her own wellness, most children are they want to be happy, they want to be well, they want to be creative, they don’t want to be mentally challenged, or scared or afraid.

What’s happening is they feel like the world is out of control. And the world that’s out of control in the world that depended on this is where they counted on us. We aren’t coping really well.

So let’s teach all the adults out there how to step into their psychic ability and how to become their best self by developing some tools, psychic development tools. And on I can do that through meditation, any good psychics out there can do that for you. Let’s take psychic science out of the shadows.

Bring it to work with our mental world and our mental health. Let’s start combining some of our tools and skills. We need to help these young people bring it into the schools. I know they’re teaching meditations in schools to some degree.

They’re teaching yoga, but we need to teach these children more. We’re not doing enough right now. COVID has literally decimated their world. They don’t know from one day to the next.

If Mom’s going to work. If Dad’s going to work. If they’re going to school. They don’t know. I know that they’re opening the borders because right now I’m talking to you. In August of 2021.

I know that they’re opening the borders, from the states to Canada, and there’s all this talk about travel, etc, etc. But there’s a fourth wave that’s taking over and the kids are watching the news. They’re not stupid, the adults are watching the news and talking about it. And the kids are hearing it. So how are they being empowered? How is this over? How is this really over?

It’s not and they’re feeling scared, and what they’re talking about right now, anxiety and stress in these kids that are going back to school, who really don’t know what to expect. They’re terrified. They’re going to get sick, they’re terrified, somebody else is going to be sick, they’re terrified.

They’re going to bring sickness home to somebody that they love. They’re terrified. Everybody else is out there and their friends are going to die. They’re terrified about all this because so many of them have heard such horror stories.

How Does Mental Health Affect Spirituality?

So it’s time for us to combine the mental health issues that we’ve got going on on our planet, with our psychic sciences and with our development skills. somebody like me who crossed the line over from working in mental health to working in psychic and spiritual health. Somebody like me has those tools and almost every good developed psychic on the planet has a background at some level in it.

Mental health, I can’t believe how many people in my industry and psychic sciences are actually trained in some form of mental health or psychotherapist their natural paths. They’re working in mental health in some way. They’ve been in the medical field or the mental medical field for years, and emotional health. And they’ve moved over into the spiritual sciences.

They’re working with things like they’ve used hypnosis, say, for example, in their work, Dr. Brian Weiss is a really good example of this. He’s a man and he’s a bold man because I’ll tell you what, if you’re a scientist on this planet, and you turn around and you start talking about hypnosis, working and past lives, or man, you’re going to be shunned. You’re not part of the community anymore.

Well, this is a man who was the head of the fellowship, he’s a man who literally was the highest up in the college you could get, and he fell into a past life experience with a client. He didn’t mean to take her there, they were looking for the source of her problem. She went into a past life experience when she came out of that past life experience, she didn’t have a problem anymore. For him, he was dumbfounded.

He didn’t believe in past lives. She didn’t believe in past lives. But that’s a good example of how science and mental abilities and psychic science go hand in hand in past lives. Those have nothing to do with current science, do they?

Yes, they do. They have to do with current life, too. We have what is called Cell memory leakage. Sometimes, therefore we were born with a phobia, I’ve had that experience, where I have come out of a phobia of claustrophobia through a past life experience. And so let’s teach our kids how to develop their psychic cells.

Can Children Remember Their Previous Life?

Let’s let them have fun again, let’s let them be empowered again. And let’s let them not have to depend on the adults who are already broken. To make their worlds work. Let’s give them the tools. They can make their own worlds work. Then maybe we’ll have healthier teenagers in 10 years.

What do you think there are also a lot of different TV shows different books, different stories, different articles, different things being written and presented as truth to the world. There’s always talk about psychic kids, but they’re being treated like they’re mysterious, like they’re, they’re different. They’re odd and they’re not.

They’re the mainstream. They’re just the ones that it shows up really powerfully in their experiences, children, for example, India has a lot of this going on children that are being born, and they will say to their mother, as soon as they can talk. My name is not Joseph, it’s Peter. And mother will say no, we called you Joseph. No, my name is Peter, you’re not really my mother. You’re my second mother. Well, what do you mean? Well, I died.

My name is Peter, and my village is 20 kilometres away from here. And their mother would say, No, that can’t be true. Because you live here. You were born here. You’re my child. No, no, I died, I died in a village, a man killed me. He was my uncle. And mother would say, Well, that can’t be true.

That’s when the child will insist they do get insistent. And so in India, they have enough of a faith-based, that oftentimes they will literally go to the village, the child is pointing out, and that child will walk straight to the house that they lived in.

They will ask people that a child named Peter died in this house and they would say yes, that he died mysteriously and Joseph, the current child says, but it was my Uncle Harry, he killed me and he buried me here, I’ll show you and he would take them to where the body was.

Uncle Harry would get charged with the murder of Peter and after that, it seemed as though the memories would start to fade away for that child, they go back to their own village.

By the time they mainstream 123, in school and parents of people and what life they would start to forget that experience as Peter, that child, and there are so many documented stories about these types of experiences.

Now, maybe murders are a little harsh, but it is a story that comes around. And there’s also all this stuff about we’re studying this, like kids, and there are TV shows and movies and whatnot. I swear I watched some of those.

I just want to go in somebody because they’re not accurate. Psychic, kids are normal, they’re not abnormal. And they have just insight. And what’s happening is their insight is being to some degree exploited for these TV shows.

They’re saying, Well, I understand this, or I understand that. And we have to be so careful how we present these kids and how we present the information to these kids. But we as adults have to get over our own biases around what’s odd, weird and strange. This isn’t odd, weird and strange.

I am as normal as you are. Well, okay, maybe there’s a little abnormal here. I’m What the heck, but I cook I clean, I sleep I eat. I’m human. I’m having a human experience. But I’m a soul having a human experience.

So are these kids. They know it. They’re spirits having a human journey. And so for a lot of these kids, they’ll talk about their invisible friend and their invisible friend is generally as somebody in spirit who’s walking with them, who they’re still communicating with that they are, you know, but we as adults, we say, Oh, well, yeah, okay.

An Excercise To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Ha, we just don’t get it. We have to connect The psychic sciences to the mental health issues of the current situation for the kids today, we have to, and we’ve got to start teaching them skills, what I want to do is I want to share with you the meditation that I did with being and her mom so that you guys can try and do it with your children.

They will love it, they will absolutely love it. I think in episode one, there are two I don’t know, there might be another meditation that you could, there’s another meditation that you can also do with your kids that is connected with your animal spirit guides, so they would enjoy that one too.

But this one is a clearing one. Now, this is a really good tool. It’s simple, it’s easy for kids to use. And it’s easy for adults to use to have adults would just not be so stuck in their fear of judgment and just do it. So phase one here’s the first step of this particular meditation.

You want to stand with your feet shoulders with the part. So you’re standing your hands above your head with your head and your palms turned up to the sky. So step two, visualize sunlight entering your body through the center of each palm, your chakra there and the middle of your forehead, which is your third eye chakra, moving through your body and then exiting from the bottoms of your feet.

Okay, so the sunshine is coming in through your hands through your third eye down through your body and exiting through your feet. Then lower your hands to your side, stand quiet, breathe, and go to phase two.

Now phase two, you stand with the same standing posture as phase one, your feet shoulder-width apart, visualize sunlight and turn your body again through the above-mentioned position. So through your hands and through your third eye, watch it race to the bottom of your feet and then bounce upward and speedily travel out of your body through the three entering points.

So do you get that so the sunlight is coming in through your hand chakras, your forehead chakra, your third eye chakra and is going really fast through your body sunlight going really fast in your body, bouncing at the soles of your feet, and then shooting up through your body and out through your hands and through your third eye.

So this is a time to tell your children that they’re superheroes because they’ve got light radiating out of the palms of their hands. And Mom and Dad, you might like that, too. Who knows. Okay, now, put your hands down again to your side, take a deep breath, calm. And now we go to phase three.

This is the last phase. Phase three, take the same standing postures phase one and visualize sunlight entering your body again, the same way except that when it reaches the bottom and slowly this time when it reaches the bottoms of your feet, allow yourself to watch it rise upward slowly and move in a spiralling motion throughout your body.

Removing all the pains and six cells from the unhealthy parts of your body, which includes sadness, uncertainty, or disempowerment, lower your hands and relax. That’s phase one, phase two.

Phase three. Do this every morning with your children. Do it every evening with your children, you’ll start feeling hopeful again, you won’t feel helpless, you won’t feel like as a parent, you’re letting your kids down. You won’t feel like your kids don’t have any kind of tools to help them and you won’t have to depend on the schools or the rules.

Anybody else is making this as you’re setting up your spiritual process for your children. This is a powerful exercise, and your children will embrace it, they will love it. And they will continue to do it for the rest of their lives.

You can continue to do it for the rest of your life too. Why are we doing this meditation, because we’re bringing some of our psychic tools into our mental health process? And we’re going to combine the mental health process with psychic science. This is so important.

I do it. I’ve done it. It helped me heal from loss and then it helped me heal again, from a second loss. I reengaged in the cooking process that my father, by the way, in case I didn’t mention it he was a chef.

So going to the kitchen and feeling his closeness allowed me to heal through his loss because it helped me engage in something that he loved to do when he was here on planet Earth. And then my father-in-law, he wasn’t a cook.

I don’t even know if he knew how to make peanut butter sandwiches. But he sure loved to eat. And he really enjoyed the food that I had learned how to cook. So food was a connection for me. In this particular case for you. This is a step where you’re feeling a little bit helpless.

This is something you can give to your children until you can learn how to engage more fully in your psychic self. Okay, make sure you come back and listen to part two because in part two I’m going to talk to you about the journey that I took to get through the mental health issues I was facing by using psychic skills. Until next time, thanks for showing up and listening and until part two, take care and make sure you come back and listen to the other half.


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