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Ep: 31 Did COVID-19 break your intuition or strengthen it?

Ep: 31 Transcript

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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. The big question for you today! Did COVID-19 break your intuition or strengthen it? Have you felt more or less empathetic or intuitive since the COVID-19 pandemic? Listen to Sharyn describe how COVID-19 impacted her intuition and psychic self by being isolated through limited interactions with clients, friends and family. Let’s get started.

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Hey, everybody, Hello, and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today, I’m going to draw a card from the Angels of Abundance at the end of this little blurb just for you. So stick around, so you know which card it is that you’re getting. And you can use it as guidance for the next couple of days.

How Accurate Can Intuition Be?

My question to you today is, did COVID-19 break your intuition? Because… or did it make it stronger? And I’m asking for a specific reason. We all have intuition; as you know, and maybe you don’t know, we are all intuitive. Contrary to animals who have instinct, we have intuition. And animals are very instinctual. We think they’re very intuitive. And I think there’s a very common link there. But humans – so what I’m talking about right now is your own natural intuition. So before COVID happened, you were out socializing in the world, going to social events, visiting with family, and working around your co-workers. Were you finding yourself quite intuitive, or were you finding that you weren’t very intuitive at all? And when things changed, it’s been, we’re just about two years now. It’s been two years since COVID struck. And so we’ve dealt with a lot of isolation – we haven’t been socializing nearly as much over the past two years. We haven’t had the face to faces with our coworkers or with our family. Lots of people are doing Zoom or facetime, or there’s a lot of texting, there’s a lot of emails, all of that kind of thing going on. So how do you feel about your intuition? Did you notice before COVID that you had an intuition that you were using your kind of gut feeling? Or your “common sense,” as many people would phrase it? Or did you just feel like you had to Google everything and get the data before you knew anything?

What Are The Signs Of Intuition?

I’m interested in your response to this question because of my interaction with my intuition. As you know, before COVID-19, I was a very active psychic medium and a life coach, and I’ve been very, very busy. I was very, very busy. Through COVID, there were, I had some tragedies that happened to me. So this put me into a sadness that took a while to overcome; I’ve become isolated from my clients because I also lost my voice in 2020. And so I couldn’t see clients in my office, and I couldn’t talk to them on the phone or Zoom. So I was literally out of work. And I took a break and spent a lot of time cooking and baking and just recovering and taking good care of myself. But slowly, as time goes, at the beginning of 2021, I became very active again, but it was always on Zoom. And it was always it was on the phone; there were still no people coming into the studio until vaccines became more prevalent. And then there was, if you’ve got your vaccine, you’re welcome to come in. If not, let’s do phone or Zoom. And I was getting comfortable with Zoom and phone. But what was happening was my intuition was through the roof. I couldn’t believe how effective my intuition became through COVID. I was stunned. I thought that you know, I’m always saying every muscle needs to be practiced. And I believe that with your intuition, I do believe that. But I think that once I got a little bit of a break, or rest from using my intuition entirely, like projecting every day and stepping out of my practical reality every day into my intuitive reality. I think I allowed my intuition to grow a gave it a break. I don’t know; I don’t understand it. I don’t explain. I can’t explain it. I haven’t got a clue! But I will tell you that my readings are more powerful now than ever. I can pick up information that I couldn’t pick up before. I’m seeing things I never saw before. I’m getting a more profound understanding of people’s journeys and stories. And some of my clients are, well, I’m blown away! When people come in, and they’ve crossed over, loved ones are, first of all, here before they are, which has happened before, but not as commonly. When I do make contact, and it’s a very deep and personal contact for my clients with they’re crossed over a loved one, or when I’m working with them, psychically. For example, I’m working with my group right now. And I can read them all on any particular day; when we’re online on a Zoom session, I can read them well. I’m able to read my kids and my family when we go to visit them. I can read my husband daily; I can tell you exactly how he’s feeling when he walks in the door; everything is amped up. So for me, it feels like COVID-19 – the isolation I experienced from COVID-19 – has helped me become a better intuitive, medium, and better tutor and teacher. And it’s, it’s inspired me.

How Do You Fix Burnout?

Now, the one thing that I will say is that COVID-19 also left me tired. Not that I had COVID-19. No, I did not. I didn’t experience… I didn’t get COVID. But I’m talking about the experience around COVID – the isolation – that’s what I’m talking about. And it left me tired; it left me tired. And I think it was because of my desire to hold energy for the world and help the world be better. My desire to help people feel better and my empathic desire to want people to be happy. And what I was seeing was, I was seeing a world that was falling apart. And even though I do my best to avoid the news, most of you know, my husband likes listening to the news, which is fine, that’s great. And I do sit with him, and I will watch the news. But during the height of COVID, so much was going on; there were all kinds of issues around race, biases and prejudices and reveals of behaviours that were just inappropriate – coming from the highest powers in the land to the lowest. And I remember being overwhelmed by that and thinking this is wrong, this is just not right. And sometimes I think that when we get pushed to a place where we’re incredibly uncomfortable, the only place you can go is into your intuition, is go to your intuition. Go to your safe space, which is to get quiet, isolate, get quiet, and go inside, go internal, and reach for the very best of yourself and reach for your soul and answers and solutions to things that you problem solve differently before. For many people as well, I think what I see happening is there are people tolerated in places like the workplace or even family gatherings. They were tolerated in marriages; I’ve also seen this in marriages. They tolerated one another. And COVID has put such a light on relationships because we didn’t… we weren’t actively developing them. So we were sitting back, and we – unconsciously, I believe, unconsciously subconsciously. So intuitively, we were analyzing all of our relationships. And some of them fell by the wayside because they just didn’t measure up. It was like, I don’t want to go back into that. I don’t want to go back into that experience. I want out. I want to change this dynamic. So for some people, that was inside their family structure, and maybe they ended up getting a divorce or separating themselves from toxic family members. For other people meant changing jobs. They were realizing that the position they were holding on to for whatever reason they were holding on to it, even when they realized as they moved away from that job – either temporarily laid off working at a part-time level, or not in the office anymore. Many people realized that that was, they hated to go into the office; they hated the job they had. They didn’t like the co-workers they worked with. And they started seeking different avenues of work expression. And there was a lot of change.

What Is The Meaning Of Self-Care?

So, is it your intuition that amps up and helps you make those changes? I believe it is. And I believe that our soul selves or is what is stepping up right now and helping us become less judgmental, more empathetic, kinder, and more transparent and friendlier to ourselves. And I gotta tell you, before COVID for my clients; I often would discover that my clients weren’t doing good self-care. They weren’t taking good care of themselves. They weren’t eating properly. They weren’t drinking the proper fluids. They weren’t. They just weren’t being kind to themselves. They were overwhelmed. And they were requiring and needing and wanting validation from other people. But since this, and if you think about it, the last two years have crawled as fast as it seems to have gone. It crawled. Because every day you were reinventing your day, it was so different from how you lived the last ten or 15 years of your life. So as we reinvented, redeveloped, and reformed our self-images, we became very aware of the limitations we placed upon ourselves and the lack of kindness we were showing. And so for a lot of people, they started to eat well, a lot of people started to work out, people have home gyms, and lots of modifications were made to homes for people. If you think about it, they sold out; the bicycles were sold out in the bicycle industry. Any kind of sporting equipment was sold out skates; virtually anything people could get that could help them be healthier, be outdoors, be more social, or not even more social, but more active. So not more social, more active. But in some cases, the… so the social aspect of it came through their interactions on Zoom. Their interactions on and on face times and the phone changed how we interact at all levels and in all professions.

How Do I Know If It’s My Intuition Or Anxiety?

It was also one of the greatest equalizers of all time; if you doubted your ability to intuit what was happening around you or be intuitive for yourself, it became very clear where you were during COVID. Because you had time, you had time to step into doing some more meditations or starting a meditation practice. Learning how to listen to different courses online, because you can’t go to classes now – you’ve got to learn them online. So taking classes in spiritual development, psychic development, communicating with animals, studying mediumship, studying meditation, practicing meditation, practicing your mediumship for yourself, allowing yourself to communicate with your crossed-over loved ones, and having an empathetic heart. But understanding that through overwhelm, you start to learn where your boundaries are. And you know, it’s really interesting, but one of the cool things about intuition is understanding boundaries. To be intuitive, to be an active intuitive. And I learned this more when I went to England to study than at any other time in my intuitive practise discipline; boundaries and focus are essential in your development. You need to be able to have boundaries. And what COVID did is it gave us boundaries. Because we didn’t have any option. It forced us into boundaries, it forced us into understanding that we were happier, sometimes on our own, or happier working at home, or happier. Being away from the interactions with family. Not having to go to the family home for Christmas. You can stay in your own home, and the pressure was off, the pressure was off. And in the meantime, your whole center is getting a rest. And you find yourself energetically reaching out to the people you feel need your support – that you want to provide support. You want to let them know you love them – the people important to you in your life – and you do so through Zoom or FaceTime, phones or texts, or emails. But you can also do it just energetically. And I truly believe that COVID-19 taught a lot of people how to tap into their intuition. It also taught a lot of people how to tap into compassion and understand the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion. And we’ve talked about it before, but I’ll remind you, compassion is the ability to love someone who disagrees with you and love them anyway. Know that they disagree with you and love them anyways, whether they agree with you or not. And what that means what that looks like is somebody is going to decide on a relationship, then you know that the person they’re looking at getting into a relationship with is toxic for them. And they say I’m doing it anyway because I am in love. And you just know this is gonna go sideways eventually. But you love them anyway; you just love them anyway. And that’s not a trait we’ve had in North America. We’ve been very empathetic in many cases and are a very sympathetic culture. But we’ve not been a compassionate culture. We always want to micromanage. Everybody wants to micromanage our kids, our family members, and our co-workers, we micromanage everything, and COVID took that ability away. You can’t micromanage when you’re not in the room. Because these people are making their own decisions, I got to make my own decisions; you got to make your own decisions. You got to sit quietly with yourself, and your intuition amped up; it became something incredible, that you can now tap into and use. And you know, I know that for the case to be for me. COVID didn’t break my intuition. I don’t believe it broke yours. The only people I hear from that I suspect believe their COVID broke their intuition – they weren’t indeed being intuitive.

Why Is Intuition So Powerful?

Anyways, they were in their heads, and they were doing a guessing game. So it’s kind of interesting because I believe intuition made everybody stronger. And I’d love so much to hear from you guys out there. How did COVID-19 leave you? Are you more intuitive? Or do you believe you’re less intuitive? And are you a stronger person in your heart and soul? Do you believe you like yourself better? Are you healthier? Are you more compassionate? How did it affect you? And where’s your intuition? I believe you’re probably more intuitive than you ever realized you were.

Okay, let me pick a card for you. Again, I’m picking the card from the Angels of Abundance. And here’s your card. And this card says, “it is safe for you to receive.” Oh, look at that! Look at that. And COVID opened the door – got rid of the crowds, the hordes of people around you your whole life, and allowed you a space to receive. So all you have to do now – for you to amp it up even more – all you have to do now is reach and ask, say, “I really would like my intuition to be developing fully. Please guide me. Provide me with guidance; let me know.” And we’re going to talk about guides down the road. That request came in from one who listens to the podcast. And we will be doing, and that’s something else that you can connect with better. Now that you’ve got your intuition up and active and running. Here. Let me read this card to you. It’s safe for you to receive. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more resources you have available to share with others. How about that? The more intuition you allow in, the more intuition you can use to help you guide and work with others including your children. Open your arms to receive, and a conduit be a conduit for good coming to you and through you as it blesses the world. As you develop your intuitive aspect. You are a true blessing to the world. You are bigger, better, bolder and more robust. And thank you for listening to this podcast. And to this episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I will look forward to talking to you again. Until then. Bye-bye for now.


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