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Ep: 32 What Is A Spiritual Guide, And Do I Have One?

Ep: 32 Transcript


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What is a Spiritual Guide? And do you have one? Well, that will all be answered in another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. She will identify what spiritual guides are. And if you have one yourself, she’ll share her own story of meeting Joe, her primary guide, and how you can also connect with all the guides in your life. So listen now.

What Do You Mean By Spiritual Guidance?

Hey, hi! Welcome to this episode of Medium Well, Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today I want to talk to you about spirit guides. I’ve had a request by somebody who’s my listener, who wants to know a little bit more about spirit guides. So today, we’re gonna talk about spirit guides and how you can communicate with your spirit guides. Yes, so you might want to grab a pen and paper.

The first thing we want to do is we want to identify what spirit guides are. What is a spirit guide? Well, spirit guides are… there are different types of spirit guides. And I’m going to talk to you about six different types today. And the spirit guides are energies in spirit guiding you from spirit. So no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your life looks like, you have spirit guides, and they send you helpful messages. And you know, we’ve talked a lot about intuition and your receiver aspect, your receiver aspect. In fact, in the last or in another episode, I don’t know which one, I talked about being able to receive your intuitive awareness by giving yourself clarity and becoming more of a receiver. (And remember, we’ll pick a card again for you at the end of this episode. So make sure you stick around for that card.) Okay? Okay. So here are the different and unique guides. And you can open yourself up at any time to their wisdom and communicate with the different types of guides. So what are the different kinds of guides that you have? So you can call them your team. You know, Napoleon Hill did something unique. And if you don’t know who Napoleon Hill was, Google him; he was quite a fantastic businessman with dreams and goals. And he wrote some very good books; he wrote one particularly good one; I don’t have it handy right now. But it’ll never come to me. I’ll pop it in later. But he ended up, what he chose to do was, when he would go into a meditation, what he did is he chose to connect with the energy of past successful businessmen. So people like Ford and various other people. And I think he chose to have six of them on his Board of Directors – his “Spiritual” Board of Directors. And he would go into when he had questions about developing his business, what his next step was, what he was supposed to do… he would go into these meditations. And he would sit with his Spiritual Board of Directors – I think Abraham Lincoln was one of them as well – he would sit with them, and he would communicate with them, and they would talk to him, and he would talk to them. And he always got the answers he required by communicating with his Board of Directors.

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What Emotion Do You Feel In Your Gut?

Well, as you know, if you’ve been listening to some of the podcasts and doing any spiritual studies, you know that your intuition is connected to all that is. You are coming from pure light, pure love and all knowing that’s home, that’s home for all of us. The challenges right now – we’re not home; we’re partly home! So we have a, we have a phone line to the home, which is our soul. And our communication, which usually most people in physical, will use meditation to make that phone call to their spirit guides, their board of spiritual directors, and whomever it is in spirit they want to communicate with. And so you have a series of guides, and you could have a team of the first…let’s put it this way. Some guys have been with you forever; there’s always going to be one that’s been with you your entire life. Okay? Even before you were born, you were probably friends at some point. And then some come on your team as you’re needed. So when you say you’re going to university, and you’re struggling with the mandatory math course, even though you’re going into recreational studies, you’re not sure why you need the math, but it says on the thing, I need the math. So you got to take this course, and you’ve got to pass it because it’s required. You may have a guy join you that’s very good at math. Does that sound bizarre? It’s not. It’s very real. It may be very good at math, or he or she or it or they be very good at math and they will support you, help you and guide you until you’ve gotten through that program. By now, one of the things about some of your team members is you have to ask for guidance, others will just pop in, and they’ll pop in at different times. And you can use your free will to request more spirit guides. Still, you don’t have to be satisfied as the ones who can do it, Napoleon Hill did, you can set up your board, your spiritual board, and you can have your guides. So let’s study this… six different categories. And I’m just going to go into them briefly. I’m not going to go into them in a big way. But Archangels; Archangels is one of the first groups. They’re leaders in the angelic world, and they have a very large energy signature. So if you’re empathic or sensitive to energy, when you call on an energy Archangel, you will feel a shift in the room. And they have specialties like Archangel Raphael – whose specialty is healing and can work simultaneously with all the archangels and many humans. My experience in connecting with Archangels was Archangel Michael, who came through my Chenrezig meditations when I was going to study with the Buddhists. And I was in these deep meditations. And I couldn’t understand; I thought the Buddhists must have angels because I didn’t know anything about angels. This is many, many years ago. I didn’t know anything about angels, and I also didn’t know anything about spirituality to speak of either. I was learning then, trying to understand my emerging intuition and what was going on. And I can remember, on the last day, Chenrezig, like the deity of Chenrezig, was my visual. And I’m a very visual person. So in my meditation, I would visualize Chenrezig. And Chenrezig is a deity of compassion, and that is how I learned about compassion. And Chenrezig’s form would change into the form of an angel. And I was quite confused. But I just and then it will change back into Chenrezig. And every day, I was at the retreat for, I think, five or six days. And every day that I went into meditations, I would, that would happen more and more and more, and the archangel would stay longer the angel. I didn’t know about Archangels. And I didn’t know there was a difference between archangels and angels. But I know now, so I will share it with you. And it was at the end of it. I was kind of confused. And I wasn’t sure. And so I asked his angel when it appeared in place of Chenrezig. I said, Well, who are you? And the answer I got back was Michael. And I was like, Oh, cool. Okay, your name is Michael; let’s go. Now at least I felt like I had, you know, I don’t know something to hang on to. But I forgot about all that when I came back into my world and did mainstream work. And at the time, I was doing massage therapy, Reiki, and reflexology. And I was working on a client. And when I was working on her, I was working on her hip, and she was lying on her stomach. And my room was very zen, the candles were lit, and the music was soft. And the incense was going. It was just beautiful, beautiful. And I was zoned right out. And I was working on healing energy with her body. And I had my hand around her hip. And all of a sudden, I could feel hands on my shoulder. And I felt this bolt of heat move right through me, down my arms and out my hands. And my client, who I thought was asleep, bolted straight upright and said, Holy man, your hands are hot! (Because I was a hands-on Reiki practitioner, not a hands above.) And I was like, yeah, and meanwhile, I’m kind of baffled. And now the hands are gone. My body’s still tingly and warm. But I’m thinking I recognize this energy. This is that Michael guy? This is that Michael energy that Michael, is that angel. I need to check this out. Because I don’t know. So after my client left, I thought I gotta check this out. I don’t know if there’s a good or bad angel. Am I kidding? Am I into something I don’t want to be into here? Because, you know, there are some weird ideas out there. And I mean, I’m from the Western capitalist society. I’m not from a spiritual society. So I Googled angels, as any good clear cognizant would do. And I got I Googled Angel, Michael. And what came up was Archangel Michael, that leader of the heavenly hordes, and I was like, Oh, my God. This is a big guy. And it took me right back to when I was being trained for my second level Reiki when the healer that came through to work with me was Jesus. And then, I thought, wow, you’re either a lost cause, or you need a lot of help, and they’re sending the big guns, or you’ve got something very important to do. I still haven’t figured out which it is. I’m still kind of leaning towards the middle to help the side. But when I realized who this angel was, it was in my Buddhist meditation. His name was Archangel Michael; I realized who he truly was, and I started to go whoa, and another big gun. Okay, you are seriously needing help. And you know, I was told my whole life I was extremely stubborn, and I know I’m stubborn, and so I just kind of figured that maybe they just had trouble getting through to me because I was, I don’t know, blocking them or something.

What Are The Role Of Archangels?

Anyways. So from that day forward, I’ve been working with Archangel Michael. And it’s been a beautiful relationship he brought to me, Archangel Raphael. And that’s what brought to mind: Archangel Raphael mentioned him and his healing specialty. And because I did so much healing work, and still do. I have Archangel Raphael working with me as well. And the thing about the archangels is if you want guidance or help from them, you must, you must ask. They are not allowed to interfere in your life without your permission. Okay? That’s important for you to know. Okay, so just remember, if you’re empathic, you will start feeling an energy shift when you call on the angels. And Michael is courage, power, and safety. Michael will help you when you’re afraid. So Michael is great angelic energy to introduce to your children when they’re having things like night terrors. I have many stories to tell you about that, but not now. So that’s the archangels. Those are the big dudes.

Now, I want you to remember the Archangels. And the Guardian Angels never come to the planet in a life form. They don’t take on a physical experience. They are living in so there are different phyla. They live in complete support of our journey here on the planet, the souls that come to the planet, the archangels, and the guardian angels; that’s their job. And they like to do it, love to do it, and love you. Every one of them is love energy. Okay, so you’ve got the archangels. They’re the leaders, there are the guardian angels, and they’re yours exclusively. And we all have more than one. They’ve devoted their lives to helping just you. So you can call on them for immediate assistance anytime they love you unconditionally, and they are nondenominational. So it doesn’t matter what race or creed or religion you are. They work with people of all faiths and spiritual beliefs. Okay?

Do You Choose Your Spirit Animal?

Of course, we’ve done lots of talking about spirit animals. Spirit Animals are also energies we can call on that are our guides and work as guides; it might be a pet you once had that passed away and is now part of your animal. Your spirit guidance team could be an animal with something to teach you. For example, maybe you’re getting mice, and mice are showing up. Let me share what I had when I had a well-known spiritual leader coming to Red Deer to do a weekend workshop with me and a bunch of women I’d put together. It took place in my studio and was an enormous amount of work. And I mean, I had to pick her up at the plane, I have to make sure she had hotel rooms Bla Bla Bla, there were lots to do. And we had the week or two, and I was on an acreage. So my studio was huge. And really big area on my acreage in my, in my home. We had over 100 mice caught in live traps the week before the event. And I was just beside myself. Now yes, we had fields all around us. Yes, we did. We caught them – our live traps are primarily in our garage. And we had a couple in the house, but they seldom are there. But my greatest fear was that we’d be in the middle of meditation with this spiritual leader whom I adored. And all my women that had signed up for this course we’re going to be deep in meditation, lying on the floor in the studio, and my cat would bring a mouse and drop it. Because he did that a lot, brought my son and dropped them on the floor, and they’ve run around and whatever that was, I was terrified. And all these mice were invading the place a week before I finally looked at mice. And what I learned was I had too much going on at once. And immediately, I was overwhelmed. And so immediately what I did is I got an assistant, I brought an assistant in who I gave free passage into the workshop because, at that time, this was quite a while ago. 2006 or 7, way back when I didn’t have a lot of money. I didn’t have much money to hire people, but I hired somebody to take some of the weight off me. And immediately, our problem with the mice at the house stopped. It just stopped just like that. So spirit was sending me messages with mice. The mice were letting me know you got too much going on. You can’t do this yourself. And I heard them; I felt them because I’m an empath. I knew. Okay? Peacock could show up and show you the importance of beauty and confidence. Wolf could show the importance of getting your survival needs to be met. So spirit animals could show up in your dreams, they could show up in your backyard, they could show up in your car, on your coffee mug. They could show up in a picture book or a movie. Your spirit animals can show up in all kinds of different ways. They also will show up when you have crossed over loved ones, and they will show up to guide you to communicate with your crossed-over loved ones.

What Does 3 Mean Spiritually?

Number 3 is Ascended, Masters. Ascended Masters are, well, in my case, Jesus. Jesus is considered an Ascended Master in holistic studies. He is a teacher, one of the very first teachers to teach about if you believe you can you want it, you can be done and have at it. If you have the potential to heal yourself of all wounds and ailments. You have that ability, Buddha, mother, Mary; they were once human; they lived journeys of profound spiritual growth. And they had influence. And they have unique places in the spirit world as leaders and teachers and guides to all Ascended Masters or partners who work together; there is harmony amongst them. That doesn’t again; it doesn’t matter if it’s Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus, what religion they represent. They are, they were, what culture they were involved in, when they were alive, they work together from Spirit to guide all of humanity. There is no separation. Okay, so that was the third one, the 123.

What Is The Meaning Of Spirit Guide?

The fourth, the fifth one, is your departed loved ones. Okay. So loved ones or family members who’ve passed, they can choose to be one of your spirit guides. And they can actively support you from home, or heaven, if you want to call it that, by helping you in practical ways. Now I want to emphasize something here. If Uncle Joe has passed, and you were close to Uncle Joe, and he’s sucked with money, don’t ask him for guidance with your finances! He won’t be any better at it now than he was then. Personalities go with you. So ask for someone good with money and let that energy come through. Okay. But because it’s practically like career opportunities or nurturing relationships can be sent to you. My sister-in-law was here just the other day. And she was excited because her daughter had found a new relationship. She said that her father passed away last year. And my sister-in-law’s father passed away last year, my father in law. And the first thing she said was, I know dad sent this guy because he’s such a good guy, and he’s perfect for her. I know dad sent him. And it was cool because she profoundly understands that spiritual guidance can come from your departed loved ones.

What Is A Spirit Team?

For example, my grandmother has been tremendously important to me. She’s not my grandmother’s, my great grandmother, who played a massive role in my childhood security and my childhood ability to communicate, which was kind of interesting because I forgot all about it when I shut it all down until I got older and then it all opened up again. So any human whose past might become a spirit guide for you, you don’t have to have known them. All right, there are lots of spirit guides around you, that are departed loved ones, could be great, great grandma, maybe she and you will have a kindred like for… maybe she was a dancer, and you’re a dancer. So she’ll come through and guide you and your dancing. Great-grandpa will not be so good at that because he was a farmer. So he’s not going to be anybody. You may never have met either one of them. But the point is, they can help you. So often, when I’m connecting with crossed-over loved ones, somebody will come through, and people will say what they were; they died before I was born. And I’m like; it doesn’t matter. There’s something for you to know. Let’s hear what they have to say. And it is always relevant, it always is relevant. So don’t discount them. Okay? You might have somebody that was a really good artist that passed. And around you. Maybe it was a friend from high school or something that wants to guide you, that has passed and will inspire your art. Okay, so departed loved ones.

And last but least not least, our Helper Angels. Those call them freelance angels, just looking for humans to help with specific situations, like finding new friends or office space. So all you need to do is put it out there and allow yourself to receive it. Allow yourself to receive guidance.

How Can I Receive Spiritual Guidance?

So let’s take a look at how spirit guides communicate with us. They can communicate through numbers. Now, we’ve done some numbers information and will do more later. But they do a lot of times, they’ll communicate with numbers. So you can get number sequences like 111, or you might have a lucky number, and when you go for a job interview, you’re lucky numbers in the company’s address. Isn’t that something? Spirit guides could talk to you by sending musical messages. That’s very common. Radios turn on, or a song comes on the radio. And then you go, Oh my gosh!

My husband and I – it’s a good example – was a gorgeous day; we were in his sports car, and a friend of ours, his father, had passed. But we all knew him. His name was Larry. And he was just a super guy; everybody got along with him. He was a businessman and got along with everybody from the people that hung out in his environment because he owned a couple of nightclubs and bars. And people that hung out there that really, you know, or prominent businessmen on the highest boards in the city. He was involved. And we were driving to the memorial. Dave and I were driving to the memorial. And the song came on the radio, Hats Off to Larry. And I started to laugh. I just knew Larry was right with us. And he was on his way there too. And he was excited because everybody was getting together to celebrate him and celebrate his life. So some numbers and songs on the radio will send helpful people your way.

How Do I Connect With Spirituality?

So here are some ways somebody could just show up. But here are ten ways to start communicating with your spirit guides. Okay, 1, be more present in your everyday life. Don’t spend all your time dreaming about the future, mourning the past. Be present! Now, I could write a book called The Power of Now. Read that book. Try opening up some space in your schedule or taking some responsibilities off your plate, it is in our COVID DNA, if possible, and when you’re not rushing around, you’ll notice more messages from your guides. So help quiet your mind by starting a meditation practice that works for you. So you can get better at creating more space in between your thoughts. You can find meditation practices all over the internet. There are all kinds of different sites that have great meditations. Go and check them out. Find one that suits you; there’s enough there to suit every personality on the planet. Number 2, stay on the lookout every day for signs. Pay attention. I keep saying this – pay attention! The more you watch, the more you’ll see. But sometimes magic can happen. And it’ll go right by you. So as your guide sends it, you’re more aware of their messages; they’ll send more. Remind yourself on your commute to work or while you’re showering that every day that your guides are sending new messages; remind yourself that’s your action. Okay? If you’re trying to make a major decision or going through significant changes or challenges, expect the guidance to increase to help you navigate the situation. Number 3, start a spirit guide journal. And when your guides know you and your life well, it can be powerful to use your free will to ask for help and guidance. You can use this journal by writing all your stuff down. It’s a sacred place you write your guides a letter and ask them for assistance in specific ways. So write a letter at the beginning of the week, and express appreciation for it in a sentence or two about anything in your life you think they’ve helped with recently. Now, this allows you to exercise your recognition of how they interact in your life. Few sounds ask what you want help or guidance with this week and the rest of the week. Watch for synchronicities from your guides. Okay. Number 4, get to know your guides. Give them names.

How Do I Ask For Spiritual Help?

Now, I need to tell you something funny. When I was in college, I was in meditation. And I was asking for my guide; I said I want to meet you. And this, this gentleman came through with curly hair. And it was kind of red, sandy red colour. And it was currently, and he was wearing a business suit, a male wearing a business suit. And I was like, Well, you can’t be my guide; you’re wearing a business suit. So my reaction was when I expected my guide to be a monk while doing my Reiki. And I expect her my healing guide. And I expected a guide to come through as a monk because I was studying Buddhism then. And when I was in England at college, this guide came through to me, and I was so distraught that I went to my tutor and said, I think I connected with my guide, but I don’t think it’s my guide. Because you know my guide, and he called himself Joe the name I asked him I said what’s your name? And I got Joe. And I have a grandfather named Joe, whom I never knew who passed before my time. He wasn’t a businessman. This guide is very much a businessman. And I was also building my holistic business at the time years ago. And my tutor, I said he wears his suit, a suit, and a guy named Joe. And I was just distraught, and my tutor sat there looking at me. His mouth fell open. And he started to laugh. He said, Why can’t your guide wear a business suit? How do they have come? They must dress the way you want them to? And I’m like, Oh, you mean for real? This is what my guide said for real. This is your guide. So go away, I’m busy! I was like, Oh, okay. And I’ve been working with Joe ever since. Joe is one of the most helpful energies I’ve got, works with me continually. And I love him. And of course, Joe, because I am career oriented as well as spirit oriented, I can’t do this work; if I can’t reach people to reach people, I have to build a business; Joe has been with me every step of the way. Okay? So the action steps you want to take care to ask for a name and see if a name comes to you, or one of your guides, and through your intuition, or get creative and give them a name yourself. They don’t mind. They’re always, always there for you. And they’re always encouraging you and could sometimes send you humour. That’s another place where laughter is relevant. Onto number 5, and this is the last one I will give you for now. So, surrender something to your guides. So when you’re frustrated about a situation or confused about the next best step, you feel like you don’t have enough control. I mean, that’s what’s been going on in the last two years. Even if it’s just to give a little bit of yourself a break, allow fresh insights to come to you. Just take a break, and practice energetically releasing an issue to your guides. So you’ve got a shortage of cash, and you’re going on and uh huh, I’m gonna pay the rent at the end of the month, I just don’t know how I’m going to pay it, then give it up. Instead of saying it over and over, Oh my god, I just don’t know how I’m gonna do this! Give it up. Practice energetically releasing an issue, the issue of your money, to your guides, and even just temporary; this isn’t permanent. Try to quiet your mind instead. Instead of strategizing and worrying all the time, use a mantra. So this is where mantras and affirmations can come in. So I am an abundant personality, I deserve abundance. I am loved; I am safe. I am loved; I am safe. I am surrendering this issue to my guides to see what they can do. I’m surrendering this issue to my guides to see what they can do.

How Do You Get A Spiritual Guide?

Okay? There you go. Five ideas for connecting with your guides and recognizing the different types of guides and how they communicate with us. So pay attention, and don’t be afraid to communicate with them. Here’s your card for today. And this card is a Quiet Retreat. This card is: “It’s time to disconnect from the outer world so that you can discern and process your true thoughts and your feelings from the inner world. Create this quiet time for yourself, and you’ll have more clarity about what to do next.” How perfect is that? Again, this is a card from the Angels of Abundance. I love this deck. It’s an Oracle Card Deck. It’s not a tarot deck. It was created by Doreen Virtue back in the day when she was still active in my industry. She’s not anymore, but this is a deck of cards I got from her.

So there you go. There’s your message. There’s your information. Thank you so much for tuning in. And if you want, I would welcome any emails from anybody about how you connect with your guides, how you connect with your angelic and how they’ve helped and served you and your guardian angel. Have you met your guardian angel? And how many guardian angels do you have? Because remember, you have a team. My primary is Joe. But I also have Archangel Michael Archangel Raphael. All these animals are in and out of my world all the time. And then we have our crossed-over loved ones. Thanks very much for dropping in, folks. I’m glad you took a listen. And until next time, bye-bye for now!


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