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Ep: 34 A Guided Journey To The Akashic Records

Ep: 34 Transcript


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. In the last episode, Sharyn explored the Akashic Records. More to come on that journey. We will give you a guided trip to Akashic Records this time. In this episode, Sharyn will share the work of Linda Howe and one of her mentors, Marie M, to guide you on a journey to the Akashic Records. This is an exciting adventure into your past and future, as time does not exist on the astral plane, where the records are housed. Come along now. You’re going to love it!

What Is An Akashic Journey?

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Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Hi, I’m Sharyn Rose! And today, we’re going to go on a journey. How many of you want to try something unusual and strange and come with me to visit Akashic Records? This is a guided meditation; it’s going to take about 15 minutes. So make sure you’ve got some space and time. Oh, and by the way, I will be pulling from the Angels of Abundance. I will pick a card at the end of our session today. So don’t go away! Stay with me right until the end. And you’ll be able to hear what card I’ve selected for you.

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What Is The Prayer To Access The Akashic Records?

I went to Linda Howe’s opening prayer – the Pathway Prayer; I think I was talking about that in the last; I spoke about that in the previous, in the latest podcast. And there’s a suggestion by Linda that you might want to use that to open up the Akashic Records before you go to the record. And then you want to use a prayer to close it down afterwards. And I like it. I like her process. I think it’s nice. So I’ve added it to my process. So I’m going to use the Pathway Prayer as well. And I’ll include it in this whole process. So we’re going on a field trip, folks; settle back, get relaxed. Enjoy the operation of this and allow yourself to get calm. Please don’t have any distractions. Don’t have, you know, give yourself at least half an hour where you’re just going to be quiet. Make sure you don’t need to go to the washroom, make sure your stomach’s not growling, all of those things that are going to make you uncomfortable so that you can focus on this because let me tell you why. Your first trip to the Akashic Records is worth it. It is, okay? The Pathway Prayer – I’m going to recite to you precisely the way that Linda Howe has created it. And I’ll repeat it to you like you would use it when you go to Akashic Records. So I’ll do the opening prayer. Then we’ll go to the records. And then we’ll do the closing prayer.

Can I Access My Own Akashic Records?

All right? So it’s the word for word from her. I think it’s fabulous what she’s done. Again, get her book, Linda Howe, with an E. H-O-W-E, and you’ll get all the issues and master the Akashic. She’s made this her life work. For me, this is a part of what I do. But my work is about empowering others and allowing others to grow. And there are many good teachers in so many different fields. And I recommend the ones. I’ve gotten to know their work, and I love their work. Okay, are you ready?

So what I want you to do, is I want you to get calm and close your eyes. And if I can ask you, please rub your hands together rapidly to warm your palms and take a deep breath. Now put your palms anywhere on your body. Put your hands in your lap or anywhere on your body that you wish to heal, or whatever is comfortable for you. And I want you to rotate your eyeballs upward as if looking at your eyebrows. Just your eyeballs, your eyes are closed. Rotate your eyeballs upward until you get used to this. It’ll feel awkward – do it. Rotate your eyeballs upward. Keep them elevated. You are looking at your eyebrows. This is an old medical form of self-hypnosis. So look at this, you’ve learned something already! Something brand new. Okay, the opening prayer. And so we acknowledge the forces of light, asking for guidance, direction and courage to know the truth as revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to us. Holy Spirit, protect me from self-centeredness and direct my attention to the work. Please help me to know myself in the light of the Akashic Records. You can use your name here to see me through the eyes of the record keepers and to enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that my masters, teachers and loved ones have been for me and what they have for me.

What Does An Akashic Reading Look Like?

The records are now open. Okay, I want you to take a slow, deep breath—big deep breath in, and then a big deep breath out. Keep your eyes rolled upward. Breathe in and breathe out. Take your breath sincerely into your whole body. You can repeat this following phrase out loud, or you can repeat it silently. “Visiting the Akashic records is so easy. I am an expansive being and effortlessly allow my being to go there. With every breath I take.” You’ve been here before; you may not remember it, possibly during sleep, in dreams or in meditation. One more profound, deep breath in and out and relax your eyeballs. But keep your eyes closed. The Akashic Records are on the astral plane where all departed loved ones and spirit guides, where they are, and where your past lives are stored. We are taking a first-class rocket ship for our field trip today. One we can all fit in comfortably with cozy, comfortable seats. We have snacks and are so joyful, going on this adventure together! We get buckled in for this direct flight to the Akashic Hall of Records. You are an extraordinary being of light! You are ready to have this remarkable experience! You’re very safe, and you’re very much loved. And you are excited! You are allowing yourself to relax and enjoy this experience fully. Whether you see it, feel it, or hear it. Even if you feel like you’re making this up, that’s okay, great! As long as you’re having fun, and you’re letting go, and you’re relaxing. Just let it happen. You are aligning to your authentic self as our spaceship lands on the rolling lawns outside the vast, beautiful building housing the Akashic Hall of Records. And we see the huge doors open to the building. As we approach the lush lawn, they are opened to us by a group of librarians. These are your librarians, your masters, your loved ones or your teachers. However, what you feel is right for you. In service to each of you, you are all escorted to the area relevant to your personal experience. Your assigned librarian can take on a look that suits you, male or female, tall or short, animal or plant or humanoid. Whatever you visualize, they will lovingly remind you of your genius and your perfection. Your librarian will assist you by retrieving your scrolls from the very high walls of scrolls tucked into compartments. This environment helps you release anything you need to know in this lifetime. In your first scroll, this girl guides you to align in the now and release anything going on in this life. So you can align with your authentic self. You allow this scroll to unfold before you – your librarian will assist you but will not interfere. All the information from this scroll will move into your body throughout your physical form. Your cells will absorb every bit of knowledge. Relax and allow! Your second scroll shows you your natural gifts that are extraordinary and unique to you inside of you. You are asking for awareness in this lifetime to become highly fulfilled. You desire enlightenment and empowerment, and joy. Your librarian assists you in aligning the frequency and the vibration into your body. You’re asking yourself to be aware that you are thanking your body for all your hunches and spontaneous, excellent ideas in this lifetime. You absorb everything, drink it into your body, take a deep breath, and thank your higher self, your consciousness, and your physical self for this experience. Your librarian knows; your spirit guide knows what you need. Your third and last scroll shows you how to be aligned with the ability to identify a desire you’ve had for this lifetime. One that is incredibly dear to you. It allows this desire to unfold and materialize. Well, in this lifetime. Enlightenment and empowerment will assist you in fulfilling your deepest lifetime desire. You may not even be aware of this precious desire, or you may have been working on it. You will become familiar and allow that desire to be fulfilled at the perfect moment. You will execute everything necessary to allow your desire to be fulfilled in this lifetime. All the information you’ve gathered at the Akashic Records goes deeply into your cells, escalating your frequency and vibration. You also release anything in opposition, allowing it to flow out and away from you. Take a deep breath, allowing this to program into your physical program throughout your auric field. Your cells are taking it all in. And now you take another big deep breath. As your librarian once again reminds you of your genius, reminds you of your perfection. Your librarian thanks you for allowing yourself to have this experience. As you prepare to leave your librarian, you may choose to hug them or acknowledge them in whatever way you feel. You see or hear that experience even if you feel like you’re making this up. Good for you! You aren’t; you have an authentic experience.

How do you close the Akashic Records?

Now we’ll use the closing prayer. I want to thank the librarians, the masters, the teachers and the loved ones for their love and compassion. I want to thank the lords of the Akashic Records for their point of view. And I would like to thank the Holy Spirit of light for all knowledge and healing. The records are now closed, amen. The documents are now completed. Amen. The papers are now closed. Amen. You feel great joy as you leave the Hall of Akashic Records library. You spiritually meet each other, your friends, and others on the field trip, and you walk across the lawn and back to your spaceship. You are so, so happy, and you feel so relaxed. You take a couple of deep breaths as you think the spacecraft will take off. And you allow this energy to return to Earth and integrate into your physical form even more deeply. You are effortlessly allowing this to happen because you believe you are worthy and precious, and deserving exists as you are now. You are coming back into your physical form. Allow yourself to feel the seat under you, and sense the room around you. You can slowly open your eyes when ready.

What Is Stored In Akashic Records?

Okay, welcome back, everybody! As you can see, I use the opening and the closing prayer for the Hall of Records, according to Linda Howe. And that is a modified, guided meditation I have learned through one of my mentors, Marie M. And I love the teachers that are out there. And I love how we can share. If you want to share this with any of your people, go ahead. Suppose you’re a practitioner and looking to become somebody who studies the Akashic Records. In that case, I recommend the Linda Howe Center, where you can get information and some training and certification.

What Does The Abundance Card Mean?

So about that card! Again, from the Angels of Abundance. I drew the card that said, Sever Vows of Poverty. Here’s the message for you, dear one: no need to suffer or sacrifice. Hold the intention of undoing any vow of poverty or self-denial that you may have made consciously or unconsciously in any lifetime. As you do so, all effects of these vows will be undone for everyone involved in all directions of time. Many people come here from past life experiences with cell memory leakage. And that might include their financial ability to deal with finances. A vow of poverty is very common, especially amongst practitioners in this particular society. Since most of you are interested in empathic work, take that card seriously. You can play this over again so that you can review and renew. And if you want to rewrite that meditation, go ahead. It’s entirely up to you. I appreciate you. I thank you so very much for coming in! I appreciate your feedback on the podcast. I love to hear from you! I’m getting so many notes. And until next time, Sharyn Rose is signing off. Bye-bye for now!


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