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Ep: 35 Is Being Grown Up Overrated? Are You A Grownup?

Ep: 35 Transcript


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Is being a grown-up overrated? Are you a grown-up at this moment? All those questions will be answered in another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Listen in while Sharyn chats about growing up and the difference between our grown selves and us as children. Have you forgotten how much fun life is meant to be? Maybe this will remind you to have fun again. Let’s get started!

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What Does It Mean To Truly Grow Up?

Hi, and welcome back to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! I’m excited because you know what? Today I’ve been thinking about something. This year I’m going to turn 70. And people get hung up on their ages. Don’t you notice that? I don’t know. Maybe you’re hung up on your age? I don’t know. Maybe you are. But I’m not. I’ve always had difficulty deciding what I’m supposed to be like, what I’m supposed to do, what I’m supposed to act, like yada yada, yada… how it’s supposed to feel. And then I forget about it. Because it’s like, it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. It just means I’ve been around for a while. But it did bring to mind the question, when did you decide that you were a grown-up? And so what I’ve done is I’ve asked this one of my learning groups. I’ve asked this too, I asked my husband, and my husband answered. When I asked him when he decided to be a grown-up, he thought about it for a minute. And then he said, I don’t think I ever did. And he was referring to the fact that he’d never consciously decided to be a grown-up. But he also doesn’t always feel like a grown-up. And I thought that was an exciting answer.

Does Your Childhood Affect Your Future?

And so, when I asked many of my students when researching this topic, the feedback I got was very varied. For some people, it was a profound experience like trauma or something that happened to them, like a loss of a loved one. For some of my students, it was the loss of a Mother, which is when they decided they would be a grown-up. And so what that tells me is that being a grown-up in most people’s minds is being serious. This means we tend to step away from the things that we love. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the people who tend to be the happiest on the planet do the things they love. For example, they like dancing, they like painting, they like going hiking, they like being active, and they enjoy interacting with other people. They like doing things kids love to do. For example, I can speak for myself; I never decided to be a grown-up. I’ve never done that. And I don’t think that I have either grown up that is because I just love so many things that are of my childhood the like, for example, cartoons, and stories, some of the storybooks that I was able to enjoy and read. When I was a little girl, I still loved those same stories. And I still remember them. In one of them, there was a story of a mama bear and two cubs. And I grew up in the country. So bears were like my thing. Mama bear and two cubs. And one little cub’s name was Cupcake, and he was mischievous. And he got the name Cupcake because every time there was a camper, they would go and raid the picnic hamper; Cupcake always wanted the cupcakes. But that’s an excellent example of how even today, that just tickles my fancy. But cartoons. I love animated movies. I love animation. I love anything that has animals in it. I love animal stories. I’m a big fan of the elementals – anything that’s I’m a little bit the mystical magical like fantasy, I love fantasy. That’s all from my childhood. Those all take me back to those types of movies, stories, and music, even though I can get lost in them. And it takes me completely away from some of the reality that I have to deal with, as, quote-unquote, a grown-up.

How Do Childhood Experiences Influence Our Lives?

So I wonder about the actual experiences that grownups have and why we choose to step away from many of our creative aspects. And I think a lot of it has to do with the way we process time. Many of us don’t use time very well – we’re not very good at it. We are inferior time managers. And so when we are working with the time element we got, we schedule everything. So we are as we grow up, and what I mean by growing up is evolving into adult bodies from child bodies. Okay? So when you hear me say grow up, that’s what I’m referring to. We will take on different responsibilities we had when we were children because now we’re allowed to drive cars, we allowed to work, and we allowed to have bank accounts, and we’re allowed to have sex. Although I don’t know if that’s all that grown up. I think that’s playtime for adults, frankly. Some adults don’t want to have play time ever. And some adults spend all their time in playtime; you have to have a happy medium and anything. It’s like a little kid, you don’t you know, they have their favourite foods, but you don’t just give them if they love candy best, they don’t just give them candy. Because they want candy, you know, they need some, so there has to be some element of health aspects. The same in anything. Overdoing anything is not good. And, of course, that leads us into addictions and that kind of thing. You don’t see children with habits. Have you ever thought that you had never seen children with addictions? When we become grownups, addictions will start to develop, and they grow from most often stress. And we get stressed most often because of time. Because we think we have to structure our time doing it too fast, we’re doing it too slow. We’re not doing it right, we’re not doing good enough, we become harsh judges, and we start taking ourselves way too seriously. So, you can take the, not the grown-up tall, significant person, but the grown-up attitude, and attach words like stress, serious, responsible, and realistic. You know, I can’t imagine, for me as a psychic medium, I don’t think I will ever grow up because I love what I do so much. And I have learned through my work that spirit lives in pure joy. Spirit lives, where the children, our spirit lives, the animals, our soul lives, where we are when we have a fabulous sexual encounter! Spirit lives where we are when we’re having the most fantastic meal! Spirit lives where we are when we’re deep in conversation with somebody we enjoy entirely. And we want the conversation. That’s where the spirit is! Spirit is not in the 9 to 5. It’s not found in the routine, the gruesome, the sad, the realistic, the responsible. If that was if, if I were to consider myself a grown-up, then I wouldn’t be a psychic. Think about it; I wouldn’t be a medium. There is a level of responsibility in my work. And that’s strict ethics; more than anything else is precisely ethics. Aside from that, I don’t have a lot of rules. My work evolves; it unfolds in front of me by the minute. It does not work that I go to my desk and it’s all piled up. Well, yeah, okay, some of it is. And those are the things I don’t enjoy. By the way, I don’t enjoy having to do tech work. That’s why I have a producer producing the podcast – Jen; I love you! God bless you. Don’t

ever, ever leave me! (I just had to throw that in because she’s gonna hear this.)

Does Age Mean Nothing?

I have people that take care of my technological work. On my website, when I do my workshops, I have a gentleman who is good at doing videography. And he comes in and does the videos. And then he does the editing. And then he puts it all together. And then, he built the website for the Kitchen Witchen dossier. Those people, there’s a side to them, that is the kid. And there’s a side to them where they take responsibility. And they like to have fun. And they are the people I call on when serious things have to take place so that I can get my messages out to all of you. And I do the actual severe and responsible party, but I can’t. When it comes to my work, I am focused and behave myself to some degree, but it does unfold. And the trick for me is getting out of the way. I don’t know if you notice, but kids don’t get in the way of themselves. They allow children to learn how to walk because they allow. They learn how to eat because they allow. They allow! They know how to speak because they allow! They learn to interact with people as the flow moves to them, through them, from them. And then learn how to communicate. They will enable the process. When you look at children at play. One of the things you notice is you have to go and sit outside well, don’t sit real close, but you don’t want to look like a stalker. But go sit outside a playground or a park and watch children play. Just watch them play. They will run. They will laugh. And they’ll do it with strange children like kids. They don’t know. They’ll have fun. There’ll be together on the slides and the swings. They’ll make up games and play tag. They run, they move they love their physical presence. In our infinite wisdom, as time passes and we grow up, we become big people. We take on all these cumbersome responsibilities of paying the bills and cooking the meals; some people don’t like to cook. Can you imagine people don’t want to cook? I love to cook! You don’t have to know anything to cook; you just have a palette. But they get bogged down in a lot of the processes. And then they stay there. They don’t find something that is their sweet spot. Too many people today spend 9 hours a day going to and from work and at work in environments and occupations that they don’t like. They were put there because it was what they did right out of school, or they ended up getting married, and a baby’s on the way, or they ended up – that’s what mom and dad wanted them to do. Or they ended up just kind of getting stuck there. As time went by, they forgot to pursue their real passion. And now, all of a sudden, they’re 50 years old. They say, Well, I’m just gonna hang on until retirement because what the heck, I’ve only got like 15 more years, you know? They’re busy working towards paying off their house. They’re busy working towards building up their retirement plan. They’re busy working towards, working towards, time, time. And so they’re spinning their wheels and working their time. By the time it gets there, they’re suddenly too old to have fun. That’s so sad. I find that so doggone sad!

How Do I Contact My Inner Child?

So here’s what I’m gonna suggest. I have some suggestions for you – start watching cartoons. And I don’t care if somebody walks in while you’re doing it. And they say, What are you doing? What are you, a kid? What do you remember? They make fun of you. I don’t care; it doesn’t matter. I watch cartoons. I watch animated movies. Happy Feet. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time! I love the music. I love the soundtracks. I love the voices. I love it all! Start watching some funny movies and some cartoons. And if you don’t want to watch… yeah, watch the animation! Animation, what animation appeals to you? There’s some animation I’m not a fan of, but that’s fine. I don’t watch it. I watch the good stuff. And allow yourself to get reinvested in music, go back to listening to music. Make sure you take 15 minutes a day and just listen to music. If it’s in your car, don’t listen to talk radio. Don’t listen to news broadcasts; listen to music! Music that inspires you that makes you feel good.

What Things Can Inspire You?

You know, I was talking to one of my sons. He’s a very successful businessman. I was talking to him one day, and he said to me – he’s a very conservative young man – and he told me, he said, he likes to write, he said. I said, why? How do you get inspired? Like what do you use to inspire you? And I like soft classical music. I like gentle, soothing music. I like flowing around me. He said, You know something, you think that that’s what I would want too. But he said, I liked hard, heavy metal music when I’m trying to focus and I’m trying to put things on paper. And that’s his. That’s his niche. That’s what he likes. So if that’s what will help you be inspired, bring out your creative aspect and do that. Go for walks, feel your body, play with your body, go to the grocery store and look at the foods you loved when you were a kid. The sugar is limited, okay, because you’re a big person, that’d be a person’s body now, and you’ve probably done a certain amount of damage to your body. And you’re probably all worried about that and all that stuff. But I’m suggesting maybe watermelon wasn’t watermelon wonderful when you were a child. Oh my gosh, I loved watermelon when I was a kid! Things like oranges and apples. And some so many people don’t even eat cereal anymore. I can’t live without my Shreddies, Cheerios, and Rice Krispies squares that I always make. I love kid food. I love good food. But I never took it out of my food processor. And I’m married to a man who likes his adult meat and potatoes food. He wants his grown-up food. And is not all that interested in the excellent food most of the time. So take a look at the grocery store, check it out and pick up a few things you liked as a kid that you haven’t had. You haven’t had to look through if you’re able to access recipes or meals made for you when you were a child, and you can get access to how to make those. Make it now for your family or yourself. Make that same meal. And maybe it’s, perhaps it’s tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and you just don’t eat those anymore because you’re so busy doing the potatoes. Have tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Something that you enjoyed.

Make sure you engage, get yourself a colouring book and start doing some colouring, and I don’t mean your iPads, people! I have an iPad too. I play games on my iPad all the time. I love Match 3s. Lots of them. And I love decorating houses and all that kind of stuff on there. But I don’t mean colour on your iPad. That’s fun. But get used to the feel of crayons and pencil crayons and felts and whatnot in your hand again and colour a picture like you did as a child. Let yourself return to being the kid in you again and find out what she or he liked. Did she or he enjoy spending time with the family? Or was he or she a little bit shyer? And today? How is that manifested for you in your life? Do you find yourself being alone a lot? Or do you want to be social and return to being the child again?

How Do You Wake Up Happy And Energized?

Make sure when you wake up in the morning, the very first thing you do is smile. I don’t care. Lay in bed, smile like a fool. You gotta brush your teeth; you gotta smile like a fool. Lay there for 2 minutes and just smile. And if smiling makes you feel silly, then laugh! Laugh at yourself. Go ahead! It’s okay! That’s another thing. Kids laugh at themselves. They’ll make mistakes, get giggles, and think it is funny. Then they move on to get better and better and better at it. We make a mistake. And we’re traumatized. We just think it’s the end of the world. Get over yourself, and start having fun. Don’t be so grown up; start growing joy, grow empathy, grow kindness, grow love for yourself and the planet and the trees and the animals. And all the little kids on the earth, whether they’re 6 feet tall or newborns! Have fun! Don’t be a boring grown-up anymore. Play with your kids. Get yourself some yard games when the grandkids come over and play yard games. And that is one of the reasons I can tell you why grandparents have so much fun with the grandkids because it takes them into their second childhood. All the responsibilities that come with the 20s to the 50s or the 60s, those responsibilities aren’t any more relevant. Because generally you’re retired, you’ve got your money, where you’ve got your money, your home, you’ve got things kind of set, and the grandkids come to visit. And you can do all sorts of crazy things with grandkids. I love my grandkids. But the one thing I notice about my sons, they both know how to play. My youngest son loves games with the family. He has so much fun, and that doesn’t mean he’s not competitive. Now, of course, he is. We love to play cards, board games, and outdoor yard games; there are so many things you can do to get the kid back in you to get the child back into joy. And you know what I’m going to tell you right now? You’ll feel healthy and strong as soon as you embrace that aspect of yourself. And you’re going to automatically want to go for a walk; you’re gonna want to feel the sun on your face, you’re going to maybe want to even jog a little bit. Oh my gosh, I haven’t a jogged for forever! Remember when I was in high school? And I was always a very athletic kid,. I will be kind, I think it’s because I grew up in the country. I was in a small town, but we had a farm just outside of town. And we were always throwing hay bales in the Fall. And we always had gardens, and we’re always working and doing all kinds of stuff. And so I was always strong, and I can always run. I was great at things like track and field and those kinds of things. And I remember watching girls run in gym class; they would run like delicate little flowers. They never ran. They never pump their arms and legs and gave her even if you’re just gonna walk fast as a big grown-up a person does that. But allow yourself to start moving again. Bring the kid back to life. Let that kid thrive and live. And I will see you racing wheelchairs and their seniors home when you hit 90. I’ll be right there. And I’ll be the crazy one in the corner. Yep, where I’ll be there baking cookies with the cook and

racing wheelchairs with you. Okay, let’s take a look at the cards.

Dr. Steven Farmer Oracle Cards

I’ll pick a card for you before I end this podcast. So remember, stick around because the garden will come up at the end. Okay, I have the animal messages from your animal spirit guides. The animals are the spirit of the land, I believe. And I’m going to pick a card. These are Stephen D Farmers cards. If you have no oracle cards, get these from Stephen D Farmer; check his work and messages from your animal spirit guides. And I think it’s a hawk, the picture he’s on the front. It is gorgeous. So I’m going to pick a card for you. Are you ready? The card is The Camel. And the camel says, ah, trust that you have the resources to get through that challenges before you. You can do this. You can become a kid again; you have the resources inside you. You have joy; dig it out, dig it out. If you have to dig some weeds of discontent, anger and frustration, you’ll help with it. Then dig those out, throw them away, dig out that joy, and have some fun and trust that you have the resources to get through the challenge of being a kid again.

Until next time, thank you very much for coming on and listening to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! I appreciate you. And I’m so glad that you are here. Bye-bye for now!


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