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Ep: 36 Manifesting Wellness When Feeling Ill


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today we’re talking about manifesting wellness when feeling ill. Listen as Sharyn chats about getting sick recently and how she feels… well, she handled it poorly. She shares a recent illness journey and what remedies anyone, including herself, can use to manifest a healthy self instead of a sickly one. Let’s get started.

Why Do I Whine When I’m Sick?

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Hey, everybody! Hi, and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! What are you like when you get sick? Do you whine and whimper? Do you wallow in it? Do you look for all kinds of remedies? Do you lose your momentum? That sounds like pretty much what people do when they get sick, isn’t it? When you’re feeling down and out, you feel yucky.

What Should You Not Do When Sick?

I just came through a week of feeling crappy as soon as I realized I was a little sicker than I was giving myself credit for. And that I was going to need to take a break. I turned into a whiny, little 10-year-old girl. I completely forgot every healing modality and method I’ve ever taught that I’ve ever used and just wallowed. I had a stomach bug. And it took me out at the knees. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink anything; everything just would come back up. So I was allowing myself… just to let myself go into recovery. And what was interesting about that was that I am a needy patient. I’m a really, not a good sick person. But my safety net in this particular case was sleep. And I slept. And first, I felt guilty. So here I am. Think about it. I’ve been going 24/7 pretty much for a while. And I’m busy with all the projects I’ve got on the go, and I get sick. As soon as I get sick, I’m angry that I’m sick. And then I’m mad because I’m not doing the right things to keep myself well. And how dare I allow myself to get sick. So I yelled at myself for a little while. And then I turned into that little whiny, 10-year-old girl who was like, poor me, wah, wah. And in the back of my head and heart was this enormous guilt. I’m not allowed to be sick. I’m a healing practitioner. I’m a health practitioner. I’m a holistic practitioner. I know better than this. I know how to be well. Sickness shouldn’t visit me. This shouldn’t have happened. You know, and on and on and on and on. And any of you that are practitioners out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because we are the worst. And you know, I’ve heard that before. I’ve listened to it several times before, especially when I had kids way back in the day.

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What Are The Tools Of Healthy Living?

Somebody was talking to me about nurses. And when nurses go into hospital, they’re the worst patients. And you know, I believe that because we would. I am not a nurse; I’m a practitioner. But those of us deal with health issues for others, helping and serving others in the health modalities. We shouldn’t get sick; we’re not allowed to get sick; we’re not supposed to get sick; we know better. We’ve got all the tools, we know how to eat right and sleep right and get enough exercise and but you know, sometimes the universe delivers a message to you that says, hey, give me time to check out for a little while you need a break. And I believe entirely with all my heart. That’s what happened to me when I was down for the week. And what was interesting was that as the week progressed, I started to care less and less and less about what I was supposed to do.

Can Your Mind Trick You Into Feeling Symptoms?

So, if you recall any other conversations I’ve had with you. “Supposed to” is a social expression. “Supposed to” is not about you. It’s about pleasing others. And I just gave up on trying to please others. I just gave up. I just said, hey, you know what, all of you out there. I’m out of commission. I’m not going to be doing much this week. And stopped. I did. I allowed myself to do that. And once I permitted myself to recover, I went into a mode that would enable me to recover. I was becoming happier. Because guilt is one of those emotions, it’s low on the emotional guidance scale. It’s way at the bottom. And shame will eat you alive, and if you just every time you don’t feel well, you feel guilty. So you get well to a minimal degree. You just barely get back on your feet, and you’re back at it 100% of the time. Guess what’s gonna happen to you! And this happened to me over and over throughout my years, until I figured it out, you’re going to relapse. And when you relapse when you’ve been ill, and you get yourself back on your feet, but you get back at it too soon, relapse is always worse than the original illness. And back in my mind, I knew that that was a possible scenario for me; I knew that was a potential case. So I permitted myself. And as I allowed myself, and as I would get up out of bed, there was a couple of days, I never got out of my house cold or my pyjamas, I was up for maybe half an hour, I played the cat, I would try to drink some water, I would have a little bit of juice. Apple juice was one of the things that just appealed to me when I could keep anything down. But sleep. I slept. And I slept like a cat, you know, the cat sleeps about 20 hours out of 24. And I probably slept a good 18 hours a day for about four days solid, literally. And got me back on my feet ultimately, and I took it easy getting back into work again; I didn’t put myself into a place where I was working all of a sudden for five days straight. I didn’t try to play catch up. I just permitted myself to take it slow. And when I started to understand that, I had done it right. I was tickled with myself and thrilled because I realized that the whining, moaning, and groaning were putting me into a more hostile place and were exacerbating every symptom I had. I had stomach cramps; I had headaches; my whole body hurt; I would sweat then I was cold. I just thought it was, but it got worse every time I spent time whining and complaining. And I just allowed myself to have my time. And so, as I started to recover, I began to remember all the things I completely forgot that I could apply when I was ill.

What Is A Good Daily Affirmation?

For example, affirmations. I teach affirmations daily. I tell everybody about affirmations. They’re an essential part of our journey. And affirmations are statements that are first person I present tense, now positive and affirmation that I could have used as I deserve to have a break so my body can recover from its fatigue. I deserve to be loved by myself. My body deserves to be appreciated. So it can recover back to its normal state. Those are affirmations towards hell; I deserve good health. I deserve to feel well. I love being healthy. I love being well. I love letting my body know and telling me how it’s doing. So affirmations. So there’s one thing I didn’t do. I would not have my head above water again until I was on the back.

Another technique I’ve taught and can look up is called the Emotional Freedom Technique. And it’s a tapping technique. It never even crossed my mind. Honestly, it never crossed my mind. And Emotional Freedom Technique. Is it look it up? Google it, you guys; if you don’t know what it is, Google it. And if you’re not feeling all that well or have some kind of health issue, Google it and start doing the emotional freedom technique with the tapping. It is so effective. It works. It works because what it does is it balances the meridians in your body. So it’s sort of like Japanese acupressure, acupuncture. But it’s not that it follows those meridians, though, and it works. Did I think of it? No, not for myself.

How Are Wellness Intentions Set?

You know, it makes me think of an old story I heard when I was a kid. There’s a village and a shoemaker where people come from miles around; you get their shoes done. And he’s the only one from miles about with holes in his shoes. Isn’t that the way, right? We take care of everybody else out there. We don’t take care of ourselves. Those of you who are practitioners struggling with health issues, listen up because you want to do this. Those struggling with health issues are not practitioners; you use these techniques because they work positive self-talk, affirmations and appreciation. I never even considered offering up an appreciation for my environment. My beautiful home, great clients, great friends, and fantastic family. I’ll bring up an appreciation for my day, my great night’s sleep, or even the two hours I just had to rest. I never even thought about it. I was so busy complaining to You. So that’s another tool, offer up appreciation in the evening, offer up gratitude during the day, in the morning, I love my life, I’m so appreciative that I had food today, or that I have the opportunity to be warm, I’m not outside cold and, and having to survive the elements. I am safe, I’m loved, and I’m friendly. Use appreciation. And those are just some of the healing tools that I’ve been able to utilize over my life and that many others have used over their lifetime. And then I’ve taught. And, of course, the most important one is to hold the intention of wellness. Don’t continue holding the intention of exacerbating the illness. Because the further down that rabbit hole you go, the other down that rabbit hole you’ll be. And also, take responsibility for your self-care. You don’t always just because you have the sniffles, or you have the flu, or there’s some little thing going on, you don’t always have to run to the doctor, take responsibility for your wellness. When you do that, you’re empowering yourself; you didn’t come to this planet to give up your power. You came to this planet to empower yourself to manifest your wellness manifest and create your goodness around you. That’s your job. You’re an infinite being, a divine being, an energetic being. And you can do that. So, I want to let you know that I am now back on my feet, working with clients doing well. Having a great life, making sure I’m drinking lots of water, that’s another one – hydrate! If you are having trouble with food or any kind of liquid, then just leave everything alone and hydrate with water as best as you can. I found that when I was ill, room temperature water was the only thing that would even remotely stay down. And for a couple of days, even that wouldn’t happen. But water is essential for life. The food you can get away with not having food for a few days; you’re not going to die.

Why Being Healthy Is Important?

And I’m a good example; I came out of this whole thing, eating everything in sight. When I was done with this little bout of whatever it was, I did the test! Yes, yes! I hear you. I did a test for COVID. Because that’s the thing to do. And as unfavourable and was thrilled at that point. Because I was like, hey, look at we have other things out there like the flu, regular flu and regular colds and people who get average sick like we always did before COVID showed itself up in our world. And for a moment, that was a moment of joy for me because I was like, I’m normal. I am a normal human being having a typical human experience. But hydration is essential. But the most important thing is your intent, positive thinking and allowing yourself if you’re ill, let yourself be ill

, like when you’re angry, sink into it. Sink into it, and allow it to be a part of who you are until you just don’t want it anymore. And if you’ve been practicing good mental health, you’re not going to sink into it for very, very long because you’re gonna find it too much work. Same with illness, you’ll find it too much work to sink into the disease until you feel yourself sliding away from it and out of it. And you’ll allow yourself back into wellness. And trust me, you’ll appreciate that you use these techniques, and your illness won’t last very long. But just remember to take on your power.

How Do You Not Feel Sorry For Yourself When You’re Sick?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no issue with doctors. Not even a little bit. There’s a lot of really; I have a fantastic doctor, I love him. He’s just a wonderful man. And sometimes, I go to him because I need help with certain things that I’m not quite sure how to deal with. And I’ll tell you for sure, if I break an arm, a leg, or have a heart attack, my doctor is my go-to. Those are the things that you know, I mean, we need our doctors. So our medical professionals are critical. Our nurse friends are crucial. But sometimes you just got the flu, or you’ve just got a cold. Don’t fall into feeling sorry for yourself and making it worse so that you’re on all these medications. And then you phone all your friends, and you’re done. I was sick, you are. Don’t tell anybody how sick you are. Take your phone, put it under your bed or something, and just ignore it for the time you’re down until you’re back on your feet. You don’t have to let the world know you’re sick, so everybody’s concerned and worried. The family wants to let them know how you’re doing but not exaggerate it, so they’re worried about how you’re doing.

What Are Positive Self-Talk Affirmations?

So. those are my tips. So, Emotional Freedom Technique, positive self-talk, affirmations, what is your intention if it continues to be all today or reaches for wellness and hydration? And if you need to go to the doctor and get medical assistance, take responsibility for your health, okay? Be responsible; I took responsibility for it. And I still take responsibility for it. I didn’t have to go to the doctor; I’m okay. I’m fine. And I was good.

Okay, I’m gonna pull a card for you now. And I got to remove it from the Archangel Raphael Healing deck, which I thought was appropriate because the Archangel Raphael is that heavenly healer. And that’s another tool. Call on the archangels. Call on your guides. Call across to our loved ones that are working with you in this life here on this earth. Call on them and say, Listen, I could use a hand. Could you just come and sort of sit with me and keep everybody away so that I can get well and feel good? Okay, here’s the card I picked. This is a perfect card for this. Exercise is key. Yeah, that’s a good one for me. That’s perfect for me because I’ll tell you what, I do a lot of sitting. Sitting in my readings, sitting in my office when I’m working on my computer, sitting when I’m doing my podcast. I’m sitting. I’m sitting. I’m sitting a lot. So I don’t always get the exercise I should. So this was a request to Archangel Raphael. Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for motivating me and guiding me to an exercise program that fits my schedule, interests, and budget. You know this is fun. My granddaughter just sent me – I can’t, I don’t have my phone up here right now – but she sent me a workout. It’s called Fit 40. I think that it’s an app. It’s a free app on the phone where you can schedule these workouts, and they’re 20 minutes (roughly). So far, they’ve been 20-minute workouts. They’re amazing. You set them up so that it does exactly what you’re looking for them to do. So there’s your key to

your card for this week. Yeah, there you go. So thanks, everybody, and have a fabulous week. And I’ll talk to you next time. Bye-bye for now!


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