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Ep: 37 Manifesting Money and Creating Abundance


Ep: 37 Transcript

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Did you know that you picked up on your parent’s attitudes about money? Money is something that everybody talks about and affects our lives. Learn more about manifesting money and creating abundance in another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose.

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How Can I Attract Money?

Sharyn 0:35
Hey, everybody! Welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! Today, we’re gonna talk – I’m going to talk about money, money, it’s a rich man’s game! When a spiritualist, a psychic, a holistic practitioner, or anybody involved in spiritual practice talks about money, many people go, you can’t do that! I remember when I first started… oh, and by the way, before we get going, stick around to the end because the Angels of Abundance are going to join us at the very end of this broadcast. And they’re going to pick a card for us! A divine card to guide you to your abundant self.

Can I Attract Money With The Law Of Attraction?

It’s funny because I remember when I was starting my work in spirituality, and I was doing it. Initially, I was doing massage therapy and Reiki and reflexology and those types of things. But then I ended up moving into this talk therapy, psychic, mediumship world. And I can remember, oh my gosh, I initially got some interesting responses from many people. It just took a bit of time for me to establish myself. So people knew I was credible. But some people said, God’s going to take your gift away because you’re abusing it – you’re charging people money. And that type of mindset. Those people that think that way are never going to be abundant. They’re not going to have; they don’t have an abundance of generosity or understanding. They have a ton of judgment. So that’s what’s gonna come back to them. They have a lot of criticism; that’s when it’s gonna come back to them. And I’m saying this because we create our reality whenever we think about what we draw to ourselves. So how would you like to be wealthy or have a lot of money – and I’m talking straight up money – today? This is manifesting money at its best! One-on-one, people! So I’ve got some tools that I’ve used and experiences that I’ve had that have been hilarious. No, I have not won a central beautiful home like in the home lotteries. And I’ve not won a million-dollar lottery. None of that. But I have a lot of fun buying tickets!

How Can I Attract Wealth Immediately?

I’ll tell you a funny story. A few years back – several years back, I guess it was, I don’t know, maybe 10 or 12 years ago, more than that, 15 years ago, I don’t know. Over the years, my husband and I have supported stars, air ambulances, and all the hospital lotteries with a big home draw and give away homes. And they give away a whole bunch of other things as well. They give away cars, trucks, trips, and condos in Canmore! And they show a way to get you can win all kinds of things. And I can remember sitting with 2 of my girlfriends and having coffee. And we were talking about money. And I don’t know how we got on the topic. One of them was an accountant. And the other one is a practitioner who also did holistic work. We got to talking about money. And I said, you know, I have just decided that I don’t want to buy those tickets anymore. I love supporting those causes. But I don’t want to buy them; I want to win things! Now, I don’t care what things they are, but I want to start winning things! And that year, specifically between January and December of that year, and I can’t remember what month. Like, March or something. When we did this, when I said, I also after I told that I came back to my office, and I have my Magic Creations Box, which is similar to a vision board. And if you’re not familiar with that, listen to some other podcasts because I talk about vision boards and their value. But what I did is I got my Magic Creations Box, and I put some statements in there around money. I’m excited about winning things in the home lotteries, and I am a winner, and I love to win items, and just statements like that and put it in my Magic Creations Box – 6 TIMES! I have never before won anything on any of the home lotteries! 6 times between then and the end of the year. I won the home lottery. I didn’t win big things. No, I didn’t. But boy, did I have fun! And I loved the experience. And it demonstrated to me that I could win. I won things like iPods. I won cash. I won, and I still win on those lotteries. The last thing I won was a…ah, what do you call them… a board that goes in the water. I gave it to my son because he was a growing kid when he called me – a paddleboard! A paddleboard! And before that, I won a unique, extensive set of camping gear, including a tent and all the cooking paraphernalia, the dishes, the cooler, all that stuff! I mean, these are big prizes, right? I think, anyway. Anyway, I’ve won iPads, I’ve won cash, I’ve won gift cards, I’ve won so many different things. And now, I’m just like, when I buy tickets, I know I might win. I might not win something. But I’m enjoying the process so much of purchasing the tickets. Because it’s twofold; first of all, I love supporting my communities. I love helping at the children’s hospital or the University Hospital, where so much research is done. I enjoy that. I want that, even though I’m more invested in the holistic healing and health community than the allopathic community. It doesn’t matter. Many people are greatly helped

through medical interactions with their doctors, nurses, and hospitals. So they’ve saved millions of lives. So I still buy the tickets, and I still support them. And every once in a while,
I get that letter in the mail that says, hey, congratulations, Sharyn, you just won this, or you just won that or whatever. So I still buy them. And it is because I like to support them. And I also enjoy winning!

How Do You Believe In Manifestations?

And the doors are not closed. I haven’t closed the door on the winning thing. But manifesting money! People will tell me, well, give me the numbers for the lottery. No, because I don’t have the numbers for the lottery. And if I win, I just got as lucky as you got in the sense that I picked numbers. And I would like to win; I have a desire to win, and I believe I could win. And especially after all these wins I’ve had in these other things, I think I could win. But there are a lot of different ways to come about money. First, you must believe you deserve to have an abundant lifestyle. Are you listening out there? You have to think you deserve it! Write this down. “I deserve abundance in my life.” If you feel you deserve it, then you can receive it. But, if you don’t think you deserve it, don’t buy lottery tickets. Don’t expect to get winning results. You can’t get any positive results from a negative mindset. So if you buy lottery tickets, and you go, oh, I never win. But you’re out there buying lottery tickets, stop. Put your money somewhere else where it will benefit you, and maybe you’ll get a better return. So that’s just an example of winning and winning.

Is It Easy To Win A Lottery?

Because our culture is just really… we’re pretty obsessed with all the different lotteries we have available to us. And that’s all over North America. I remember being in the States once, and they had, I think they call it, the Powerball. Oh my Lord, it was huge! It was in the big, big numbers. And I was like, Oh my Lord, that’s a tremendous abundance! We don’t require those numbers to be comfortable in our lifestyle. Some people want to become proactive philanthropists, which is good. And understand this: if you want to make a difference in the world, you can do more by being wealthy or abundant than by being poor; you can support your communities better by having abundance around you. It just adds so much in so many different ways. You can add more mass to your work if you’re an independent business person. And many people in my industry working with psychic work, holistic work, or whatnot are self-employed. And what I do is I’m old school. I have a day timer, which for most people, is on their computer calendar, et cetera, et cetera. But I have a day timer, and at the beginning of a month, I will go through my day timer, and I use two different coloured pens. But in this case, I’m using red ink, and I will cross off days I don’t want to work. And I will put in the times for the days I want to work. And then, I identify which days clients come in to see me and which days are only for zoom and phone because it’s tough to get off a zoom call and have somebody up the door. It’s tough to coordinate, so I identify specific days for that. And then, what I do is I go into my day timer, and I write out the times I’m willing to work and how many appointments I want to have on each given day. And there’s no consistency to it. I don’t have a, well, every Monday I’m doing this and this… what? No, it’s not like that. I’ll look at my husband’s calendar. I’ll look at the events calendar for the holidays that are coming up. I’ll check with my kids and see what they get this month. And I live an abundant life with love and life because I do this in my day.

How Can I Attract The Money I Need?

But let’s say I have a goal of something I want to purchase. And it might be a new vehicle. And which I did, I just bought a new car, a short while ago, new to me, it’s a Jeep, and it’s not brand new. But it’s new to me, and I love it. And when I did that, of course, I had the option of sitting down with my day timer or my daily calendar and deciding how much money I wanted to make in a month. And then filling in those amounts of times and dates on my calendar for the month knowing that I know how to do the math, and I could figure out well, this will get me that amount of money. And then I leave it alone. I leave it alone. I leave it alone. I have been doing this for so long that I know I will fill every space in the calendar. I will have to push people a little bit ahead at times. And I love that – it’s so much fun! So I already live an abundant lifestyle, knowing that I can completely support my lifestyle for the rest of my life with just that, which is that alone, I can do this work until I’m 90-95. I mean 100. If I live that long, and my family has strong genetics, we all tend to live up to our 90s. So I mean, but I can continue to do this work. And I will continue to make a living, I will continue to support myself in a way that I like. But that is one of the ways that I do. That’s one of the ways that I help myself feel abundant is by using my daytimer. So I’m learning that.

How Do I Get The Right Mindset To Manifest?

The other side of abundance is that many believe the only way they’re ever going to get or become abundant is to work for it – to go out and work for it. And sometimes that comes from a previously conceived mindset you receive from your parents because we come from a working generation. I’m a baby boomer. And so my parents went through the war. And they were hard-working people, always hard working – my mother and father. And we learned how to work hard. And that’s one of my things. I like to work hard, but I like to work hard when doing what I want. I have many clients that come in, and they’re struggling with retirements just around the corner; they’ve been at work all these years. And they don’t feel like they’ll have enough money to retire. And they hate their jobs, their lives, or are just miserable. And so we will do some solution seeking for them so that they can get more comfortable and know that they have the opportunity to retire comfortably and be able to do the things they want to do instead of just being sick, sick and tired of worry, and feeling like they’re going to be unhealthy. And they’re not going to have the money to get them through their age. And they’re going to be dependent on their kids. And, you know, we’ve got our bosses, baby boomers, a big group of people. And we’re aging. I’m going to be 70 this year, and I’ve got many friends who have already retired. And I don’t know what retirement would look like for me because I’d be so bored. I just love doing this work, the podcast, doing readings for people going out and doing clearings for people, teaching workshops; I just love it. I just love, love, love, love, love it!

Do Money Affirmations Work?

So let me give you some affirmations. Affirmations are another way to find yourself in a position of abundance. Using affirmations is considered positive self-talk. I learned through Shad Helmstetter how to apply affirmations many years ago. And then Louise Hay came out with a lot of affirmation work that she encouraged people to take on. And some of these are her affirmations that I’m referring to with you. And one of them is, here’s something you can do. Here’s an exercise you can do. By the way, pause this now if you don’t have pen and paper handy because you’ll have to keep coming back to it and replaying it. Which is fine; we’ll get more listens! But that’s not the point. The point is you want to be able to do these exercises and get good at them. And remember, it’s taken you a lifetime to create your habits. To change those habits, you’re not going to do it overnight. You need to practice consistently. So every day for the next 21 days, do what I asked you to do, and you will change the neural pathways in your brain. They will alter. You’ll create new ones, the old habits will fall away, and the new pattern will become your lifestyle. Think about it. You can get old and be wealthy enough to live where you want. Travel if you want to travel. Be healthy if you want to be healthy, whenever you want. Whatever you believe that you can achieve, you can receive. Okay? So right now, here’s what I’m going to suggest you do stand up with your arms outstretched, so outstretched, like you’re receiving the world. And you say, “I am open and receptive to all good.” Again, I’ll say, “I am open and receptive to all good.” How does that feel? Feels good? You can also look in the mirror and say it with a feeling. Look in the mirror, into your own eyes, and say, “I am open and receptive to all good.” And say it with feeling. With conviction! Like you mean it. And pay attention to the emotions that come up for you. Because it could feel liberating and joyful. Or you can feel like you want to just go hide because it depends on your money mindset. What kind of story have you got in your head? So then you can take another big deep breath, oh, yeah. And say, “I am open and receptive to… blank,” and you fill it in. And if you do this exercise every morning, you’ll find that it’s a symbolic gesture that might increase your prosperity and consciousness and bring more good into your life. So it will raise your prosperity consciousness. So mirror work is fun when you’re doing these types of exercises. But again, so many people believe that if they want to develop their spiritual abilities, psychic sense, and mediumship skills, they must let go of money’s physical aspect. Money has just been given so much power. It’s no different than a pen to write a story, a pair of glasses to see better, or anything that’s just a tool. Money is a tool to acquire and achieve. We’ve just made it like the huge, important kid on the block, and it doesn’t have a life of its own. It has the life YOU give it. So it could be a good life, or it could be a terrible life or

unhappy life.

What Are Some Fears About Money?

So here’s a question you can ask yourself. You can do this looking in the mirror, or you can just do it sitting when you’ve gotten quiet and calm. And when doing these exercises, try to do them where you’re not disturbed. Okay? But here is what you can do. You say, “My biggest fear about money is…” and then write down your answer. So the question you’re going to ask is, My biggest fear about money or the statement, my biggest fear about money is… and write down that statement and finish that statement. And be honest – nobody else is going to see this. This is for you. Okay, you can talk to yourself a little bit too, and have conversations, and what did I learn about money as a child? How was I raised? What did I know? Did your parents, were they Depression parents? What was it? What were their thoughts about money, and how was money handled in your family when you were young? I grew up – my parents owned their own business. And I think that makes me so joyful as an independent business person. I know they handled their abundance. They took their monies. And my parents both lived into their 90s. And my mother used to make statements after she was about 75 or 80 that they would outlive their money. Because when you have your own business, you don’t tend to save as much as you would if you had somebody taking deductions off your paychecks and retirement plans. Right? And some of the people, our parents, maybe they made investments that they could cash in on, but some didn’t. And especially if they will live on into their 90s or their hundreds. And that’s happening. You guys, it’s gonna happen to a lot of baby boomers. When you look ahead, what are you looking at? And what is where he’s starting from? I know there are bankers and investment brokers, and all these money handlers are out there. That will tell you that if you didn’t start in your 20s, you’re screwed. That’s not true. That is not true. Okay?

How Can I Stop Negative Thinking About Money?

I can remember working in a restaurant. And as most of you know that I had a complex, challenging relationship with my mother, who did all the books for our restaurant when I was growing up. And I remember working in the restaurant when I was about 16. 15 or 16. And there was something I wanted to buy, and I can’t remember what it was. But I remember asking mom when she would have the checks ready because we got paid to work in the restaurant just like all the other servers, the cooks, the dishwashers, and everybody. And my mom was having a bad day. It was just the wrong time for me to ask her. And I got a lecture on how I didn’t deserve it and freeloaded off them because I was living at home. And I just got this negative message from her. And it went on and on and on and on. And I didn’t realize; I did not realize, until years later, when I found myself making big money, I’ve always been able to draw cash to myself; my challenge has always been that I couldn’t hang on to it. You guys like that. And if you’d like that, I couldn’t hang on to it. And I never realized it until years later, as I started studying abundance, self-worth, and self-esteem ideals. And when I was sabotaging myself, I was shooting myself in the foot because I believed I did not deserve to have money. Well, I got past that pretty quickly once it came to light. And I really, but that came from that conversation with my mother. And it’s incredible how we impact! So those of you that have kids at home give them positive images around their abundant self. Don’t tell them things like money doesn’t grow on trees. That was one we heard a lot. Don’t keep saying to them, we can’t afford this, we can’t afford this, we can’t afford this. Get your kids on an allowance as early as possible, even if it’s only $5. I don’t know, a week, if that’s, you know what you can do. And then tell them that when you want to buy things, you’re responsible for saving your money, believing that you can do that, and teaching them how to work with their monetary wealth. Teach them how to understand money and how it works in the world. Because a lot of us never learned. I came away from my upbringing, even though I had worked all those years from when I was 12 until I left home at 17. I had worked all those years. And I didn’t know how to save. I had not learned how to save. So there was that aspect. But there was also the story of I didn’t deserve it anyways. So we have to tackle that stuff. And if you’ve got little ones at home, boy, do it now. And you can change it. Change

your money consciousness.

How Can I feel Worthy Of Money?

So ask yourself, do you feel worthy of having and enjoying money? And what’s your greatest fear around money? Okay? And what you’re going to do is, from those questions, you answer them, what’s your greatest fear? Do I deserve money? No, I don’t earn money. Because my nobody didn’t, that was another thing that I heard. I was in another community. And I was in on the part of a board – on a board. And we had just formed this Recreation Committee. And I remember sitting. I was involved in this board right from its conception of it. And I remember one of them was talking about money and how we could build up the abundance of this board to build a recreation center. And there are things we could do. And one of the young men that were on the panel said – he was a young man was young, and we were in our 20s – he said, When you don’t grow up with the money, you can’t have money, you have a ceiling on you, you will always follow your parent’s footsteps. And I was like, Are you serious? For real? So if somebody is what he was saying, is it if somebody had poor parents, or they grew up in a poor environment that could never have abundance? Well, we know that’s wrong because now we’re, I mean, the internet’s around, you can Google people who have become rich. I mean, you’ll get all kinds of people who you even know their names. Actors, musicians, painters, artists, and sports heroes. There are all kinds. But he believed that. And he believed that. And I think, in my generation, many people have that mindset. If my family never had a lot of money, there’s no way I would have a lot of money because I can’t. I’m outside of the loop. It only happens to others. It’s crazy. We limit ourselves so so much. And what you can do is your use of money is really to pay attention to how you use money. What’s your, how do you criticize your use of cash? So for me, I understood that I was sabotaging myself. I was literally – I couldn’t hang on to money because I just didn’t feel like I deserved it. So I would do things too. I would have thoughts and actions that would sabotage my abundance, so I ran short all the time. That hasn’t happened for years and years and years now, though I can tell you that. So what do you criticize yourself for when it comes to money? Get pen and paper, people! Pen and paper, write this down! What do you blame yourself for? And then ask yourself, what do you praise yourself for when dealing with money? And do that in 3 or 4 situations. So, in other words, I criticize myself for always being late with the rent. I praise myself because I’m on time with the rent this month.

How Do You Visualize Money And Get Results?

I’m so excited! Okay, now there are some visualizations that you can do. And those visualizations are always aided and guided. And by things like magic creations, bots, or vision boards, and that’s where you cut out different things that you want to have manifested into your life, not just money, but all kinds of relationships, health, where you want to live, the type of home, you want to have Cetera, et cetera. And you put that together. And then you look at it every week, admire it, and enjoy it. And what you’re doing is you believe you can have it, okay, you think you can have it? What would it be like to have everything you’ve always wanted? What would they look like? And where would you go? What would you do? Can you feel it? Can you enjoy it? Can you be creative? And most important! Can you have fun? Can you, so if your issue is, I can’t save money, which my issue was, you can use an affirmation of, I always have a savings account. This is another thing I’ve done and taught my clients; I have an exit strategy.

What Is The Smartest Way To Save Money?

Now, what we as females get into relationships with males, we are not sure after we’ve had babies, and they’re, you know, we’re home. And we’re in debt and kind of down and out of it. Because we got a couple of little ones at home, we can’t work, and we’re counting on them to support us. I have developed what I call an exit strategy. And I tell my clients, I don’t care where your money comes from; you take an amount – you pick it – and you choose an amount you’re comfortable with. And every month, you put that into a savings account somewhere. Or stuff it in a jar, put it under the mattress, or bury it in the backyard in a coffee can. I don’t care where you put it. But it’s called an exit strategy. And every month for the rest of your life, you put money into this account. So I’m not saying $10,000 a month because you’re not going to, you’re not going to thrive. You’re going to have to pay for other things as well. I’m talking about a minimum amount that you feel comfortable with. The worst-case scenario from doing this exercise is number one; you’ll find yourself 20 years down the road in a situation where you are in dire straits, your home is burned down, or somebody has died. Some trauma or tragedy has happened, and you have this exit strategy to help you. The best scenario is that nothing happens throughout your life, and you reach the age of retirement, and you and a friend or you and your spouse are going to have the best holiday around the world. Because that will have an enormous amount of money sitting there. Now, as far as the coffee can and the under-the-mattress goes, I don’t recommend that. I think that having an account is the best way to go. Do not tell anybody this account exists. It’s your business. It’s your account. And you can put it wherever you like – cash, tax-free savings into your Tax-Free Savings Account. That’s an excellent idea. And just don’t tell everybody! Don’t be bragging about it. Just do it. You’re doing it for yourself, and you’re doing it for your future, okay?

What Is The Best Way To Earn Money?

So if you have this idea that you don’t earn enough, there’s no way you earn enough money, I already talked about it’s not all going to come from having to put in the effort, but I don’t make enough money. So here’s an affirmation for that. My income is constantly increasing. Okay, and if you just happen to be somebody that loves to shop, and so you would believe that money slips through your fingers, it just slips through your fingers, you just can’t hang on to cash. Then you could use the affirmation; I spend money wisely. You may have to play this over again, guys, or pause it here and there. There’s another one; I can’t pay my bills. I can’t spend all my bills; I just can’t pay all my bills. Then there’s an affirmation around that. I bless all my bills, and I pay them on time. You see, we create our reality. You create your reality. So what do you think becomes your reality? When do you start using affirmations? 21 days of practice with a claim? I’m not saying do all of these affirmations – I’m saying do one or two. And then you can change them up as you like. But you are in charge of your life. After 21 days of changing, your mindset will change. I promise you; it will change. Here’s another one. This is a good one for people who feel like they’re hoarding their money because that’s just as bad when you’ve got cash and squelching it. I had a friend who was a millionaire. I love the man. He was just fantastic. He’s a millionaire. But whenever we would go for coffee. He was so slow reaching for his wallet. We always bought our coffee. I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind, and I knew it was gonna happen. But he was just so slow. It took him forever to get his wallet out of his pocket. It was fun. I enjoyed it. I made a game out of it. And I didn’t mind it. But he was somebody that had a difficult time letting go of money. So hear this, somebody like that would use an affirmation of, I enjoy every penny that I spend, it doesn’t mean I spend every penny; it means I want every penny I pay. So signing off from this, here’s your affirmation to close this out. I permit myself to prosper. I permit myself

to prosper.

How Can Money Be Used For Good?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. And for those out there setting up your businesses, there are a few tips for you or your independent business people. But I want you to start to realize that no different than the incense you burn on your altars, the candles you light, or the offices you create. Money is a part of the whole process. It’s just another tool; stop making it the God of your world. And stop thinking that spirituality and money don’t go hand in hand. They are kindred spirits. Money can be used to create a lot of good in this world. And remember, the more you’ve got, the more you can do for others. It’s perfect!

What Does Abundance In Your Life Mean?

So here are the cards from the Angels of Abundance, the Angels of Abundance, and our card deck created by Doreen and Grant Virtue. I know she does not want us to use her cards anymore, but I’ve had them for years and will use them anyway. Here is a card I drew for you. You can instantly manifest abundance by choosing powerfully positive words and affirmations, right? Always describe your and the world’s economic situation in loving and favourable terms. And that is what you attract for yourself and others. When many people see the world having financial stress, their economics become stressed. Your story is uniquely yours. You don’t have to believe anything anybody else says. Just think about what you’re telling yourself because that’s the truth. Hey, everybody; thank you so much. I have an I had fun presenting this because it’s one of my favourite topics. I love it. Take care of yourselves! Do the exercises. Have some fun with this. Don’t get all strung out about money. Laugh, giggle, chuckle, and go for a banana split until next time, signing off. See you then. Bye bye!


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