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Ep: 40 What Is A Miracle?

Ep: 40 Transcript


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Hello, and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! Another episode! Oh my goodness! Today I want to talk about miracles. I want you to remember to stick around till the end because we will use the messages from your Animal Spirit Guide cards, the Oracle cards. I will draw a card for you at the end of this podcast.

How Do You Explain What A Miracle Is?

What is a miracle? What do you consider a miracle? What looks like a miracle? Do and have you ever experienced a miracle? Do you feel like, like miracles happen to you all the time? Or do you think miracles have to be a religious experience? Do you feel like miracles only happen to others? I’m asking you because here’s the definition of a miracle, according to let me see, let’s just go here. So, it is considered an extraordinary event taken as a sign of the power of God. Another definition is something as an event or an accomplishment that is very outstanding, unusual, or wonderful. And it will take a miracle for us to win. Those are just a couple of definitions of a miracle. But what do you think a miracle is, and what shows up as a miracle in your life? What comes along as a miracle? As you know, I am a teacher of the law of attraction, a great fan, and a follower of the law of attraction. Which follows a simple theory of, as you think, so you are. You create your reality. Can we also make our miracles, or what is considered a miracle? Miracles don’t fall into the scientific domain. They don’t fall into just a church or spiritual realm. They are crossover. Even scientists say this, especially in medical situations where somebody has been diagnosed with something terminal. They say, okay, you know, I got this, I’m going to take it from here. And the next time they see the doctor, the doctor says, well, that’s a miracle. I can see right here on the X-ray that you have X, Y, and Z going on. And now I look at the new X-ray, and that’s why he’s gone. So what did you do? And it’s attributed as a miracle. A miracle would be when it comes down to something unusual; what a miracle be being able to talk to crossed-over loved ones; would that be a miracle? Or can that be mainstream? Can that be normal? Because the definition said something unusual and outstanding. Well, it is beautiful, isn’t it? Is it an extraordinary event that you can take as a sign of the power of God? When someone has the ability of a medium, are they accessing the power of God? Or are they accessing the energy of their higher self? And if they’re accessing the point

of their higher self, is that a miracle? And can we all achieve miracles?

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What Are The Examples Of Miracles?

So the Bible defines miracles as four different categories, faith and healings; then we’re going to go at this one by one religion, healings, exorcisms, resurrections, and control over nature. And I want to go at this one by one because they’re exciting faith healings. I remember when I had a client come to me, and when I was doing massage therapy, she had a frozen shoulder. And she had a tough time with her frozen shoulder. And I worked on her in Reiki healing, reflexology and massage therapy. And we resolved the issue with one shoulder, which showed up in the other shoulder, which is expected. As I worked on her other shoulder, she was consistent with her care. And I was consistent every week with her. And we resolve both issues. Now she’d been going to her doctor repeatedly, looking for help, guidance, something relief from the frozen shoulder because it was excruciating. And so this required she didn’t need to go to the doctor as often. So she didn’t see him often until she had to go for a physical because she was okay. She didn’t have any issues. She was good. She went to a doctor, and her doctor said, Well, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How is your shoulder doing? And she said, Oh, my shoulder is healed. And he’s like, What? What do you mean? Because you got to remember she had been going to him for a long time, like up to a year or more for this frozen shoulder. And she said, well, I went to a Reiki healer and massage therapist and reflexologist, and she was able to help me heal. All he said was, You don’t go! That’s witchcraft! You can’t go to those kinds of people! And because we had resolved her health issue through the work of faith healing in his world, or the Bible would have also called it, faith healing.

What Role Does Spirituality Play In Medicine?

So there you’ve got spirituality and medicine kind of crossing over. And really, we didn’t do any of that. We worked with energy, pure energy. Her energy and my energy. We worked with the energy of love, the energy of compassion. We worked with the energy of spirit, the energy, my soul, energy, her soul energy. And moved the energy in her body so that it could heal. She gave her body permission to heal. So there’s your faith healing right there. Make sense? I think so. So the second one is exorcisms. I scratched my head around this. You know, I went and saw the Exorcist, or the movie, way, way back in the day. And I, the husband I was married to at the time, was quite a devout Catholic, his whole family. And he’d grown up devout Catholic. And we went to see The Exorcist. And I’ll never forget how scary it was after we saw that show. And for me, I wasn’t raised Catholic. So I didn’t have a real understanding of exorcisms or the possibility of them being real. And then there’s this rumour that this was a real boy, not a girl. Because it was a girl in the movie. But that it was a real boy that this happened to. That they had to intervene and help him expel this spirit out of his body that was evil. And turns out that that story about it being real, and being a true story, put to film and dramatized – that story was bogus. It wasn’t real; it wasn’t the truth, it turns out! But it also turns out that exorcisms are more in the mind of priests and in the words of the church than in the spirit of the human body. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of exorcism. And the reason for that is, I believe, if your mind, your emotional center and your physical aspect are out of control – out of YOUR control – then you’ve given up your power to some degree through possibly a mental illness, through an emotional illness, or through a physical, physiological aberration, which could be a tumour. It could be something going on in your brain. Something that’s affecting some of your decision-making centers. There could be many reasons you would present as somebody who needs – in the eyes of the church – an exorcism. So I struggle with that as considering an exorcism. I think if, well, I just struggle with that whole idea. Resurrections. I know again, through the church, there’s this idea that people come back from the dead. Well, they don’t come back from the dead. When your body is done, it’s done. But your soul never dies; your spirit never dies. And when the church talks about the resurrection of Jesus, is the church talking about the followers of Jesus interacting with the spirit? A powerful healing Spirit of Jesus, and seeing Him embodied because they perhaps had clairvoyant abilities? Or they were highly trained by Jesus to believe in humans’ goodness and clear energy. And to believe that he said, what I can do, you can do… to all the masses as he was teaching through his journey. And so did he just appear to them spiritually? Or did he come bobbing back into the body and wander around the earth again? I believe he appeared just as a spirit appears to a medium where a medium can communicate with crossed-over loved ones. So to me, that explains resurrection. I don’t believe, you know… there’s now our society has been obsessed too lately, with the vampire movies and the stories of the undead, walking the earth. You know, like, I just, your body is your body. Your soul is your soul. Your soul is what animates your body. Your soul never dies. It never dies. It continues into another adventure. It just never dies. It’s a gatherer of lessons, a gatherer of adventures and experiences. It’s a gatherer, and it does that through the experiences it has through us in this reality through its physical presence. So that would mean I create my body, you create your body. And we use this vehicle, this physical vehicle; we have colour, our name. My name is Sharyn. We use this vehicle to help us experience different things in the physical world. And Earth is a physical environment. So to do that, we must be able to taste and use our senses and see and enjoy various things. We have to have a physical presence. And so our soul animates a physical body until that physical body no longer works. And then the soul is still here, and the physical body no longer functions. So that’s my idea of resurrection.

What Are Different Types Of Miracles?

Now, let’s go to the last one that they talk about. The four types of miracles. And that other one is control over nature. I’m not sure I understand what that means, except that I know that when Dr. Masaru Emoto was alive, he went to a lake, and I can’t remember the lake’s name or where it went. And he took many, many gathered followers with him that believed in the power of healing water and changing water, and the power of water, which could heal. And Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who believed that words and emotions could influence water. And he did a lot of experiments, like putting water in glasses. And then, putting little signs on each glass, one would say hate, and the other would express love. In other words, say Hitler was one of them. Another would say sickness, another would say anger, and another would express great joy and compassion, and they had all these and froze them. And then, they would take crystal shavings and look at them under a microscope to see what shape the water brought. And in the negative words and energies, there’s water was misshapen, often discoloured, the crystals. And when I talk about crystals, I’m talking about what looks like a snowflake. When they did their experiment, they looked like snowflakes. And if you want to look up his work, it’s Dr. Masaru M-A-S-A-R-U, Emoto E-M-O-T-O. He is just brilliant. He’s passed now. But his career was just unbelievable, the way he made it clear. Because don’t forget, we’re quite a bit water, right? When he took all these followers of his to this lake, they intended to heal the lake. It has become polluted. The fish were all dying. It was just absolutely and had been polluted through toxins in the environment and the ground. And what happened was, I was following his teachings at the time, and he had everybody that wished to do it, that couldn’t make it to this lake – I think it was in India – that they could put a glass of water on their tabletop and hold at this particular time of day. And he had it broken down into what time was best for what area of the world. And you keep your hands on the water on the glass. And you hold your energy, visualizing the healing of the water. And there were some visuals that they said, etc., that lake was evident by the end of the day. Is that a miracle? When we approach something with intent, can it be considered a miracle? Does intent make a difference? That’s control over nature.

How Does A Tree Protect Us?

I’ll give you an example. Closer to home, I have a tree out front of my house back to my home. And I call it my tree of protection. And everywhere I’ve lived, I have a tree that I call a tree of protection. And this one is just beautiful. It looks like it’s got this huge, massive stump trunk that rises. And then, on either side of the trunk are two huge limbs, branches that look like arms outstretched. I love this tree so much. And as I have loved this tree, I can see it from my office. It’s got forms on its trunk that look like eyeballs. It looks like a human eye. And there was one when I first moved here, now there are two, and I show them to my clients when I remember to lead them to them. I enjoy that tree so much. Now we had a massive windstorm here a while back. And along the street where that tree is, a whole bunch of other trees line that street. And there were about four of them. Now I live on a corner, and that tree is on a corner. So when that storm hit, it was getting it from four different areas, different directions. And all I did when the storm started, as I visualized, was the tree anchored with a steel trunk and limbs of steel, and it couldn’t be moved. And then I put a bubble of energy over my home. Over my family so that we couldn’t be harmed. My house wouldn’t be broken. Our vehicles and that tree were not going to fall or be hurt. And so everything in my particular area was protected after the storm passed and was done. And it doesn’t take long for one to give and cause much damage in the process. When we walked outside, my neighbour across the street the other way had a tree down over the top of his truck. And when we went down where my tree is around the back of the house, there were about four trees. The street was closed off. There were about four trees that had fallen. And you know, they were all planted at the same time from ours across the street so that nobody could get by; they had to go and cut them up and clear the roadway. Is that a miracle? Is that a miracle? Because with intent, I chose to protect the tree. Or I decided to protect my home. Can we protect nature?

What To Say When You Manifesting?

Another time we were driving to Calgary from home, it was cloudy, and the sun would pop out and not pop out. It was mostly not, I don’t know. It’s kind of cloudy. And I told my husband, I’ve been trying to make the sunshine. He just looked at me and laughed. But he figured, well, she’s going to be doing something. She’s not going to be talking my ear off. And he said, Okay, show me. So I went to the best place in my energy system. And I just felt great love, enormous affection for the clouds, the sun, the earth for everything growing on the planet, and that I was looking forward to the sun coming out. And I could feel the sun beam shining on my skin through the window of the vehicle. I could feel the sun beam coming out, getting more robust, and the clouds parting. I could open my eyes and look up, and the clouds parted. And the sun was shining on our car for about five minutes. Now you guys, my husband does not follow my work like many clients or students. He’s efficient. You can ask him about this. And he’ll tell you that this happened because he was laughing. He thought it was just hilarious that this happened. And then, about five minutes later, it closed back up, and we continued. And by the time we got to Calgary, it was sunny everywhere. But it was enjoyable. Is that a miracle? Would you consider that a gift?

What Are Examples Of Miracles?

Suppose you have a stroke of great things happening to you. For example, you win the lottery; you’re down to your last dime, you don’t have a job, and your company’s shut down. You don’t know how you will pay your rent or mortgage. You’re down to your last money, and you win the lottery. Would that be a miracle? Some people might say so. I don’t think the church would because money is not considered clean. It’s assumed, but it’s just a tool. And you’ve heard me talk about money. If you haven’t. A couple of weeks ago, I did a podcast on cash. Go find that one and check it out. But so what makes something a miracle? Well, it says an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. Is that a miracle when we break records in track or swimming or javelin throwing? Because the top and fastest runner in the world was considered the fastest runner in the world, only until a new runner came along and broke the record. But is that a miracle? Or was there intent? And does intent have anything to do with gifts?

What Does It Mean To Be Pure In Heart?

So to continue, what makes something a miracle is a subscribed, supernatural cause. Such an effect or event manifests or is considered a work of God. A wonder, a marvel. An excellent or surpassing example of some quality, a miracle of modern acoustics. That’s another area of music, arts, and acting. Any of the skills. There are considered miraculous events around the world regarding things like the arts. So what do you think is a miracle? And you know, the best thing to do is keep your eyes open and your heart clean and pure and clear. And look for blessings in your own life and create your gifts. People think it’s miraculous when a medium can talk to crossed-over loved ones. I put it up down to certainly there’s some ability there. And me being tuned in, tapped in, turned on, according to my abilities. But I put it down to anybody can do the work I do. It requires training. It requires a pure heart. It involves compassion and love. And it needs you to be non-judgmental, non-critical and step away from the world as you see it. It flies in the face of reality. And here’s what a miracle is, it is not reality. But the fact is constantly changing.

Has There Been Any Modern-Day Miracles?

So that leaves you with some questions. That leaves you with some thoughts. And I would suggest you might want to wander around the world and see if you can find a miracle. I will pick a card for you from Stephen Farmer’s messages from your Animal Spirit Guides. And the card that I liked was the zebra. “Let go of your fear, and know that you are safe and protected at all times.” So if you knew you were safe and protected at all times, could you believe in miracles and find them? Could you look for them? What do you think? Let me know! I look forward to your response. I get lots of emails from lots of you. Email me if you want to give me your definition of a miracle. Email me. It would be awesome!


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