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Ep 41: Take The Quiz! What Is Your Psychic Type?

Ep 41: Transcript


What is your psychic type? Did you know we are all psychic? Well, let’s join Sharyn in another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose, where she uncovers your psychic type, which includes a quiz to determine if you are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Find out what one you are, and what does it mean for you. Let’s get started!

What Is An Example Of Intuitive?

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Hey, everybody! Hi, welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! Don’t forget to stick around till the end, I’m going to pull a card for you. And I’m going to pull them today from my Daily Affirmation deck.  But I have a question for you today. What is your psychic type? Do you know? The reason I’m asking this question is because as I’ve traveled through the years, I never really knew there was types. I never really understood that. We were all, first of all, I didn’t know we were all psychic. I knew I was, once I finally figured it out. But I just never really got that until I started taking classes and courses. And then I started teaching. And when I taught a group of fabulous, fabulous students in 2010 and 2011, I started to understand that we all have very different skills. And in that particular group, I learned a lot about myself. And one of the things I learned about myself is I’m not a physical psychic in the sense of, I’m not able to read what’s in an envelope. And there was some students in our class that had those skills that they were better at than everybody else. So what I want to do today is ask you, what is your psychic type? Do you know? And I mean, a lot of people come into my workshops, my classes, and even coming in for consultation. And I pick up the they’re quite intuitive. And they look at me like I’ve got two hands because they’re going, No I’m not. I’ve never ever worked with intuition. It’s never ever been a thing for me. It’s not even anything I’ve really been drawn to.  I want to share with you the different types of intuitive and then I’m going to give you a questionnaire and I’m going to do it quite quickly. So make sure you’ve got pen and paper, you can start and stop this as well. But I’m going to do this quite quickly. So if you’re an emotion based, there’s the emotion, the mental, the physical, and the spiritual, okay? And I’ve always worked with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. But if you’re an emotionally based intuitive, then your emotions lead you, and you respond to the world through your feelings and the emotional intuitive, feels energy and is a natural empath. The emotional intuitive feels energy and is a natural empath who might experience emotional clairvoyance, clairvoyance is clear seeing experiencing spontaneous images or impressions that are emotionally charged maybe charged with things like fear or grief or stress or, or joy. Emotional intuitives may also be telepathic emotionally receiving unprompted, powerful emotions that seem to come from nowhere, the emotional intuitive, so those of you that might be in that category, or you think you might be in thatcategory. And don’t worry, if you think you’re that’s good, that’s fine.

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What Are The 4 Types Of Intuitive Thinker?

You’re going to do the questionnaire. So you’ll you’ll actually have more clear information, but emotional intuitives are the ones that walk into a room and they have a feeling they get a sense. So somebody just had an argument in that room. They’re going to pick it up, okay, mental intuitives? No, they think and they see systems and patterns. Mental intuitives do well with mental telepathy, and clairvoyance. The ability to see or Intuit an actual image, an object or an event. So I have what would be considered a mental intuitive, or a clear cognizant, emotional intuitive would be considered the clear sentient so a cleric called gets what I call data downloads. So I’ll see somebody or meet up with somebody or client comes in and I will get images I will get thoughts I will get knowings that I can share with them. It’s usually pretty accurate, physical, intuitive, interpret psychic energy through bodily impressions, or through physical objects. And they may excel at psychometry which is the ability to hold an object or view a photograph and receive information about the object or its owner through the images. The impressions are the physical sensations now I’m sort of partly like that I can read photography I’ve always been able to do that ever since I can remember as a child even and I thought it was just because I like looking at other people’s pictures but I can look at pictures and really enjoy the process even when I don’t know the people in the pictures so that would be the physical intuitive psychometry holding an object and reading the information just from that object I’ve never really practiced and I’m never I don’t think been very effective at it the spiritual intuitive, may have visions, may see images as In the presence of spirit, or what we call ghosts, or loved ones dwelling in spirit, so I am also a spiritual.  Now you want to remember as you’ve grown, developing your psychic abilities, your psychic skill, your psychic identification, or your psychic type, you are going to cross over into some of the others and they will work together. And it’s important that you do because we aren’t just one thing, we’re not ever going to be just one, we are going to intertwine with our other abilities so spiritual, they’re the types most likely to receive messages from non physical beings, they are mediums, okay? Knowing our natural psychic point of reference can help us understand and develop our innate gifts and talents. And as we grow in our work, our preference will evolve as well as our strength, and will transform in our ability to realize the full range of our psychic possibilities will blossom. I had never before I started working in this industry, I’ve never heard of clear cognition or psychic types, or clairsentience, or clairvoyance. Clairvoyance I had that was just a word that was out there until I actually started working in this industry. And I started understanding where my skills were, I started to understand what type I was. Now, with the intuitive classes that I teach, people do discover that they have more than one type, they just have one that’s more dominant, but you do want to develop the other types. But a lot of people don’t believe they have psychic ability, because they’re not getting, you know, dreams, they’re not having pre cognitive dreams. They’re not telepathic, they don’t see visions, they don’t feel like they have any challenge at all. And to develop and increase our intuition and psychic ability, we have to understand ourselves, and how we respond to the world around us, it’s really important for all of us to understand that reading energy is much more than a mental function. And it requires that we merge our energy field with the energy that surrounds us, and integrate it with our physical senses.  So there we go, we’re bringing our physical aspect into the world of spirituality into the world of psychic so that we can work in our skill set. And when we know what our intuitive strengths and weaknesses are, we’ll be able to maneuver our way through all kinds of cosmic messages, that will make us much more comfortable. So you’re going to find that you’re going to be attuned to one particular type. And you’ll discover that through this questionnaire. So there are, I don’t know, something like 50. And take this as a reference out of a book, there are 52 questions or observations, they’re not questioned so much as observations, I’m going to go through these 52, it’s going to take you a minute to do this.

Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask An Intuitve

So make sure you’ve got some time, sit down, put on the recording, get a pen and paper. And then what I want you to do is write down the numbers 1 to 52. It’ll give you a start. Then as I go, don’t even think about the the question or the observation. What I want you to do is react with points. Okay? So if your reaction say for example, I make a statement, and you feel like often is accurate, you’re going to respond with often, sometimes, or rarely. Often is 5 points. So you would put a 5 beside number 1. If often is the answer key for you. Or sometimes is 3 points. You’ll put 3 beside the statement, or rarely is 1 point, you’ll put 1 beside the statement. Okay? So for example, let’s just do number one together. So number one is, here’s the observation. I experienced some physical aches or pains when in the company of others. If that’s often you’ll put a 5. If it’s sometimes, you’ll put a 3. If it’s rarely, you’ll put a 1. Okay? All right. So are you ready? Because I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go at an easy pace through this. It won’t take very long but you want to not do a lot of mental thinking you want to use your intuition to guide you to your answers here.  So observation, one. That is observation one. I experienced sudden physical aches or pains, when in the company of others. Often 5, sometimes 3, rarely 1. Number two, the feelings and emotions of others affect me. Number three, I have an interest in extraterrestrials, crop circles, or other non physical intelligence. Four – I have dreams or visions that don’t seem to relate to anything in my life. Five – I fail to lose weight despite constantly dieting. Six – I long for the elevated love our spiritual soulmate. Seven – I feel I’m being taught at night while I sleep. Eight – I see streaks or sparkles of light, energy or color. Nine – I experience anxiety or panic in crowded places. 10 – When I see a loved one suffer, I want to trade places with him or her. 11 – I enjoy discussing spiritual topics and ideas. 12 – I have a strong sense of spirit or soul but have difficulty with more mundane day to day tasks. 13 – I feel a connection to crystals plants or nature spirits. 14 – I feel the presence of the universe or God as unconditional love. 15 – I want proof or evidence of the existence of psychic phenomena. 16 – I longed to be in the presence of divine beings. 17 – I feel I can communicate with my pets or other animals. 18 – I pray for others to feel the universe or God’s love. 19 – I prefer the word divine intelligence to divine love. 20 – I can see the big picture, but I have a difficult time communicating it to others. 21 -when giving or receiving healing energy, I can feel it flow through my hands or body. 22 – People tell me that they feel comforted when they’re with me. 23 – I would like a higher power to provide me with answers to my questions. 24 – I had a problem with drugs or alcohol at one time or currently do. 25 – I feel my intuition is a gut feeling in my body. 26 – People, even strangers confide their problems to me. 27 – I have ideas for unique products or inventions. 28 – I feel the presence of loved ones who are in spirit close to me. 29 – I am fascinated by magic and or spells. 30 – I experienced unexplained intense feelings. 31 – I am interested in energy medicine. 32 – I’m afraid to be too psychic or intuitive. 33 – I’m attracted to different body therapies including massage Reiki and or acupuncture. 34 – I forgive others easily. 35 – I enjoy studying mystical teachings. 36 – I enjoy studying channel teachings. 37 – I am interested in shamanism, Native American mythology and other earth based traditions. 38 – I desire to be of service to those who suffer physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. 39 – I desire to understand the universal laws. 40 – I wonder why I’m here on planet earth. 41 – I enjoy participating in rituals and ceremonies. 42 – Much of my day and or week is involved with helping others. 43 – I contemplate what the meaning of life is. 44 – I like to daydream. 45 – I spend a lot of time in my garden or in the wilderness. 46 – I feel what others feel. 47 – I enjoy studying the connection between science and spirituality. 48 – I live in the present moment. 49 – I communicate with the spirits that live in natural objects like plants, stones and trees. 50 – My spiritual path is a path of the heart. 51 – I enjoy new technologies and cutting edge gadgets. 52 – I sense or see spirit and or ghosts.

What Is Your Intuitive Type?

So, your answers will be – and you can play this over again you guys – you can be, it’s if you respond to the observation is 5 – often being 5 points, sometimes will be 3 points, rarely would be 1 point. And you might want to go through this again and make sure you’ve got this way it suits you before you start doing anything else. So keep in mind that we all have as we’ve all got the aspects and tendencies of each of the types within us. So we all have a combination of each type. And with that in mind, you can determine your predominant type, and your less dominant types. Okay? If you’re not sure you skip some go back, replay the questionnaire. Okay, and before you get to this section, because otherwise, you’re not going to get an accurate valuation. So here’s the way you’re going to grade yourself on this is not a grade it’s a determined. So when you go back, and you’ve got all your answers in going check these numbers, and you want to add these ones together. So numbers 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45, 49 – add those responses up and get a final total. And that will be A and for questions, 2, 6,10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50. Add those together, and you will get the B category. Okay, now there’s gonna take you a minute or two. All right, then you take the next section question. 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 31, 47, 51 – and that’s your C category. So you’re going to add up your responses in each of these. Okay, and there’s one more category. And then if you took question for question 8, question 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48 & 52 – will give you a number for your D category.  Let me just repeat what I’ve already just done here. Not adding all those but there’s 4 different categories, A, B, C, and D. And there are different questions that fall into each category. And what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to identify your number of responses to the ones that fall into the eight category, add those up, and that’s your total. For the B add those up, that’s your B total. C, add those up, C total. D add those up to D total. Okay? So, here you go. If A is the highest sum, you tend to be as a physical intuitive. If B is the highest sum, you tend toward being an emotional intuitive. If C is the highest sum, you’re likely a mental intuitive. And if D is the highest sum, you tend to lean towards spiritual intuition. Now remember, they do intertwine! There are going to be tendencies of each type within you. All right? But you can always identify which is your strongest and which is your weakest. And then you’ve got a good range of how you want to work, the emotional intuitives travel the path of the heart, and they’re driven by the desire for transcendental love, connection, passion, and service to others. They’re in tune with the souls quest for a purpose driven life and for the perfect union, which may be the union of the soul with the god or universe, the soulmate or the twin flame, who is another person or entity that is their soulful equivalent, okay? And I can give you more information around the emotional intuitive, there’s tons and tons of information and what you can do as a matter of fact, I’ll encourage you once you’ve got your answers, etc. Why don’t you grab my right now my email address which is Sharyn with a “Y” at And you’re more than welcome to connect with me and get a little bit more clarity around the different type which one you identified for yourself.  Now the mental intuitive. For mental intuitives this psychic spiritual journey is through the mind. This path leads him through the conscious, the unconscious, and then into the superconscious. The awareness that leads to divine wisdom, knowing and being one with the thoughts of the universe, or God. Mental intuitives have an innate desire to understand wisdom calls out to them, sending them impressions, beckoning to them to seek truth, above all else, mental intuitives are constantly being prodded from the depths of knowledge, and intelligence. Now I want to remind you of something, we have a body that correlates with our intuitive type. And we’ll go into that in the next section. As a matter of fact, because this will be far too long if I do it, I’m just going to give you the descriptions right now. So the physical intuitive, the physical intuitive, is in tune to the vibrations of the divine made physical. Physical intuitives are able to experience what is wholly good, and of truth, through their connection with the natural world.

Can Science And Spirituality Work Together?

They bring to us the vision of heaven on earth, on earth, many physical intuitives hold a strong inner knowledge of the earth, and her creatures as divine, and they’re often devoted to healing the earth. They may be involved in rescuing animals, saving the forests, and the seas, preserving all of the universe or God’s creatures great and small. Physical intuitives see the divine and all of life, and give us the gift to see and be in the presence of the universe and God. And then there’s the spiritual intuitive. The spiritual intuitive draws their strength and power from the intangible world, drawing upon their tremendous supernatural resources. They give us the gift of transcendence, the ability to rise above the mundane, they offer us a glimpse into the cosmos, they know better than others, that this world is temporary, and they wait and yearn for what lies beyond spiritual intuitives live in the world of cause and effect with the memory of perfection, they can soar with the angels and converse with the divine. They call us into our highest spiritual knowing the journey of spiritual intuitives is that of enlightened freedom. They’re learning to live in the midst of duality, with the spirit with the awareness of oneness and non being unattached and unencumbered. Their home is beyond the skies, they are here in the physical world, as visitors, isn’t that interesting, more than any other type of intuitive spiritual intuitives are able to live in the present. And there’s a particular type of intuitive that our body that the spiritual intuitive has, you know, this has gone on long enough.  So what I’m going to do is I’m going to break this off here, and we’re going to do, What is Your Psychic Type part 2. So I want you to make sure you’ve got all your answers accurate. Go back over this. Do it again, make sure your answers are accurate. And next week. Look for episode – this is episode 41 – so look for episode 42. And listen to it so that you can understand how to develop. And little more information on your spiritual psychic type on your psychic, creative aspect, and how to develop and what your body would tend to go through how to identify further that yes, you are for sure the psychic type that you’ve identified through the questionnaire. That was fun! I hope you had fun doing the questionnaire. I really hope so because I’ll tell you why, you got to start somewhere! And this is somewhere for some of you. Just getting to know what your psychic type is, is one of the best ways to to knock down the fear and knock down the walls of resistance and allow yourself to step into your true intuitive aspect. However you decide to interpret that or use that in your days going forward. So look for episode 42 because that will be a further delve into your psychic type and how to develop your psychic type and how to identify yourself further.  So the card that I pulled today is from Daily Affirmations cards – Cheryl Richardson. And it’s the work, it’s a work card that we ended up with and it says, I do – these are affirmations, if you want to write this down you can – I do complete work, I tie up loose ends, I follow through on projects. And I enjoy the feeling that comes from a job well done. Let me tell you what exploring your second type is work. And if you’re willing to embrace that work, you’ll come out of the other side of this, feeling like a million bucks and much more empowered. You’ll feel strong, connected, awake, aware and in charge. And that’s what we’re all after. Until next week. Until next time, thank you for tuning in. I hope you’re having a good time with these podcasts. And don’t be afraid to leave some comments. Don’t be afraid to email me if you have questions. And I will talk to you again next time. Bye bye for now.


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