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Ep: 42 Part 2 – What Is Your Psychic Type?

Ep: 42 Transcript


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Today Sharyn speaks about the challenges, skills, talents and bodies of each psychic type. In the last episode, she took you through a handy quiz to figure out what psychic type you are, and today, she will explain all the different psychic types you could be. Here you’ll learn more about how your body reacts in the physical world according to the psychic type you identify with. Let’s get started and find out your psychic type, part 2.

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What Are Psychic Types Vulnerable Too?

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I love having you here. And today, we’re recording episode 42. Is part 2 discovering yours and finding out what is your psychic type! And if you haven’t listened to Episode 41 and taken the quiz, you need to do that before we go any further with this because otherwise, you’re going to be just guessing. It might have surprised you when you discovered your second type. Many of us feel like we might be in one camp and actually in another. But I think it’ll become more apparent as we’re doing part two today. So today, we’re going to talk about the challenges of each psychic type and the body of each psychic kind. Okay, so let’s get started!

What Is Emotional Intuition?

And let’s get started with the emotional because, as you know, if you did the quiz, there are emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. And the challenge is for the emotional intuitive; our emotional intuitive ‘s are more likely to make a mistake in interpreting psychic information. But they can generally feel other people’s feelings; they can pick up the emotions of others. And so, instead, they don’t make errors in that regard. They make mistakes because they’re often concerned for others, and their love and care for others overrides their common natural intuition. So they want to help, and they want to heal, and they want to nurture, and they love the sick and the weary and those who suffer. Learning how to interpret psychic information is not always easy. Trust me, it took me years to get where I am, and I am nowhere near done. I’ve got lots and lots of learning left to do. But it’s not always easy. And especially for the emotional intuitive. And it can be more difficult for them than the other types because emotional intuitive respond to energy emotionally. And the challenge for emotion-based people is to learn to interpret significance objectively. Think about it when we use objective and subjective words in our culture. Objective says to do it without emotional impact or do it without a motion override personal is including your vibrant center. So for an emotion who lives through their subjective view, subjective self, for them to have to switch it to the objective, that can be challenging, and not pick up the all those stuff everybody’s feeling they must learn to interpret through a heart centred clarity, not heart centred empathy, okay? And they can become adept at shifting away from a powerless stance of absorbing emotional energy into clear awareness. So often, the emotional intuitive is the one that is picking up all of the drama around them and can become embroiled in the theatre if they haven’t got their motive clear as to why they’re there in the first place. Okay, so that’s a little bit more for you.

How Does Emotion Affect Intuition?

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the body of the emotional intuitive. Emotional intuitives can suffer from allergies, chronic fatigue, directness, adrenal exhaustion, PMS and ovary and uterine problems. They often pull from their physical reserves the energy needed to heal others emotionally and believe they’re not doing enough if they’re not promptly cured. So emotional intuitive will challenge themselves to the point of exhaustion. And you want to be very, very careful about that. They need to take the time to become aware of their own emotions and how their feelings are playing into what they’re picking up. They need time away, retreat and solitude, but they seldom will take this time off for self-care. And a lot of emotional intuition will crash and burn before they finally say, wait a minute, I’m not doing an excellent job of taking good care of myself. Emotional intuitive and mental intuitive need one another. And often, in my work, I compare the emotional and mental and how, if you’re all in the camp of one dynamic, you’re going to be a drama queen or drama, king. And if you’re in the center of the mental, you’re going to be the ice queen or the ice king. They need each other because you want balance, you want to be able to feel, but you want to have an objective sense as well. An intuitive emotional needs to see the big picture and be less affected by others. An automatic mental needs the love and sensitivity that an emotional intuitive gives quickly. That’d be a perfect coupling right there, an emotional intuitive with a mental intuitive. And to be very honest with you, when I was teaching my psychic development classes before COVID and before the world ended and started again, I would almost always couple up or pair up because I’ve worked with my students worked in teams of two I would almost always team up and mental with any emotional or what we would consider in the industry at clairsentient with their claircognizant. They are a perfect balance and will be minimal conflict in their understanding and learning to grow within their psychic abilities skills because they’re not a threat to one another. But they will learn from one another quicker than if they were mentally sitting with a mental or the other way around. And intuitive, emotional works through the heart’s emotions and passion. And a mental intuitive can help them to understand the bigger picture. So let’s just go there. Let’s just go there. Let’s talk about the, so that’s the body of the emotional intuitive. So let’s look at the mental intuitive like all the intuitive types must work towards balance. And that’s a fact a lot of mental intuition evolved from troubled childhoods. The reason is that they shut down their emotional centers, so they can no longer feel vulnerable or be hurt because they’re susceptible. And when they come from dysfunctional environments, like their family or community, they will turn off the emotional button and try to think about their feelings. Is that a way to put it? And you cannot believe your feelings if you’ve tried it; you know it doesn’t work. So they have to work towards balance, and when they’re not in proportion, a mental intuitive can be viewed as a genius, but nutty, slightly nutty. As though they might not be able to communicate their ideas and thoughts to others, mental intuitive can also become overwhelmed by their own opinions. And when our beliefs are not challenged. When we trust our small self to lead the way our ego refers, we can create limitations in negativity. So an intuitive mental needs to receive thoughts from a higher source. Mental intuitives must be inspired by another experience or expression in spirit. The mind is a reflective pool that can become imbued with divine ideas and enlightened views. It can also become a toxic pool of limited thoughts and restrictions. And so what’s

essential for mental intuition is a regular meditation practice that can be the conduit for them to fulfill their potential. And these people must guard against relying excessively on their thought processes.

What Is Temporal Intuition?

Now, I can validate this. I am a mental intuitive. I am a claircognizant. But when we did this quiz, I did it with one of my groups – the Kitchen Kitchen group – and I did it with them because I hadn’t done it for a long time. When I came up, there was one point difference between my mental and emotional, and I was thrilled; I was thrilled because years ago, I would have had many differences between cognitive and emotional. I was not using my vibrant center; I was only trying to think everything through and using my mental process. An open mind is much more beneficial than one that is constantly in thinking mode. So being able to quiet the mind, which meditation helps and receiving divine illumination will bring the mental intuitive to the rich inner garden of inner peace and joy. Mental intuitives are the most prominent psychics and metaphysicians in our culture. They study paranormal phenomena. They write books, advance the scientific approach, and argue for or against psychic validity. And it’s true. A lot of vital Clare cogs still have a skeptical nature. I do. I know I’ll see various television programs or new research on the paranormal or the blah, blah, blah. And I sometimes just shake my head and go, there’s no way that is a natural, so mental intuitive question a lot. So there’s still inside them a skeptic. And even to this day, when I have clients come in, I’m talking to them across to our loved ones. And I get information, and it’s like, makes no sense to me whatsoever. But I just passed it on to the client. And they laugh, and they go yeah, let me tell you the story, and they give me the information. I’ll let you know what I’m. I’m always amazed. And because I go into it all with no expectation. And that’s simply because there is a side of me this has been my network today; I have that aspect. I don’t have the emotional need to be correct. I don’t have the emotional need to do it. Well, I don’t have an emotional need to make a connection, I do, or I do. And if I do, I don’t, I don’t, to where it is. And thus, I have a high rate of connecting with spirit for my clients simply because I don’t have an expectation. And so I don’t have I had to learn how to open up my heart center to have that process go on for myself, working primarily through the sixth chakra. Mental intuitives can be robust intellectuals and visionaries who can predict and intuit the future better than most types.

What Are The Power Of Choice?

Now, if you have worked with me to any degree, you know that I don’t make predictions. I don’t think that taking away your power of choice is irrelevant to practice; you need the ability of choice to be extended to you. So let’s look at a body of the mental intuitive, and someone who reads energy through the mind is likely to be prone to muscle tension and stress. While they might also suffer from panic, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and sinus issues, the mind overloaded with energy may also inhibit decision-making and direct experience. And the sixth chakra located in the head can become overstimulated and overworked. Now, what’s intuitively attractive about sinus issues? If you look at the holistic studies around health and wellness, sinus issues indicate that you’re irritated with someone you’re experiencing irritation with. With someone, someone close to you could be a relative, it could be a friend, it could be a neighbour, could be a co-worker, but there’s someone that you’re just struggling with, and your sinuses are inflamed. Mental intuitive tend to be hard on themselves too. And they can place unrealistic expectations on what they can accomplish. So it’s got to be perfect, often pushing themselves beyond what is reasonable. And I’ll give you an example of that. If I get sick, I have difficulty admitting I’m sick. Because I’m intuitive and shouldn’t be sick, I should be able to figure it out. I’m mentally intuitive powerfully. It’s my predominant. So we have to learn as mental intuitive to take a break and listen to our bodies. Physical exercise helps mental intuitive unwind, clear out their thoughts, and reduce stress; they will often have difficulty sitting in meditation. I’ll tell you what, I struggled with that. I work and struggle and struggle with meditation. I couldn’t get my mind to shut up. I couldn’t settle down until I went and started studying with a Buddhist for one year. And I was at one particular retreat, and I couldn’t meditate, I couldn’t meditate, I couldn’t meditate. And finally, it was a camp retreat. 100% Retreat. So we were staying there. And I was staying in the same part of the facility where the altar was. And I remember getting up at three o’clock in the morning, just intuitively, I got out of bed, threw on some clothes, went down to the altar, sat on my mat where my mat was, and immediately went into a meditation and immediately went into a deep meditation. And I sat for six hours; I couldn’t shut my mind up before that for five minutes, six hours; it was nine o’clock in the morning before I came out of that meditation. And it was a breakthrough for me.

Which Version Of Meditations Is Best?

Now that sounds extreme. But my life has tended to be a bit harsh. I’ve had many intense experiences that I never understood as a child and young woman, and to be able to break through in that way brought me so much joy. So much peace to so much tranquillity. And now I know how to go into a meditative state. First, I don’t have a way of describing Intuit’s mental intuition; you need to figure it out yourself. You’ve got to find what works for you. For me, it was just it was a breakthrough. Now understand me; I don’t currently sit for six hours at a time. That isn’t true. What I do and don’t think it’s necessary to do that to break through. Again. I live the extreme life I always have. And so, for me, it was just a matter of being able to just be inspired. That was a message from above, I believe, that drove me down to the altar and to sit on my mat, close my eyes, and just stop. Stop. And when you are mentally intuitive, you can find that place where you can just eliminate. There it’s like angels are singing in your ears. It’s just insane. It’s beautiful. I love it. Very active minds can find it hard to settle down in silence. And they’ll often, therefore, benefit from a more active meditation, such as yoga or quiet walking in nature. Walking meditations are unique. And I enjoy them.

What Is An Intuitive Mind?

Okay, so now let’s talk about these, the physical. Physical, intuitive! And what are their challenges? The physical intuitive can practice daily body scans to help them discover when they’re absorbing the energy of their environments. That’s important; they can learn to sit quietly and scan their body from top to bottom, head to foot. And as they do this, they can become aware of any place in their body that feels sore, tense, or tight. And they can ask questions about the tension, such as, is this my stress? Or is this someone else’s? And if the stress or tension has a voice, what would it be saying to me? Can I release this stress to the light? And what do I need to do with this energy to heal and shift it into unconditional love? Answers to these questions can provide insight and provoke deeper awareness of how the body responds to the environment and is responding. The body of a physical intuitive has a high degree of intelligence. So that means every cell in that physical and children’s body is highly active and aware; dialogue with the body can bring surprising intuitive information. Physical intuitive is often the ability to hold an object and read its energy. Now, when I did this quiz, again, the physical intuitive was probably, I think, one of the lowest on my list, just simply bit, but although mine were only a point apart from each of them, so it’s not low. But I am not good at reading physical objects. I can read photos and stuff, but again on a mental, mental, and emotional. Physical intuitive, though, can hold an object and read its energy, and personal items that we wear or hold, such as rings or watches, or even car keys, absorb our energy. Physical intuitive can often put this energetic vibration into words; they can pick it up from the object, I can’t do it. But when physical intuitive become more aware of how they’re intuitively responding to others, they’ll discover that they have this ability. And often, even if they’ve never felt intuitive or gifted, they can hold an object or look at a stranger’s photograph and give incredibly accurate information about the object or the stranger. Now I can do the photographs. I’ve never I want it’s been a while since I’ve tried doing objects. Maybe I should try again. The body of the physical intuitive can soak up energy like a sponge, and because of this, they may have problems with weight gain. As the energy field absorbs what is in the environment. The subconscious translates this heaviness into physical weight. So think that you’re absorbing what’s in the environment, and then your subconscious translates that into creating a physical weight for you. So, in addition, the aura will eventually become overburdened with added energetic stress surrounding it. A physical intuitive is most likely to bring environmental energy into the body, whereas a mental intuitive will channel it into the mind. And a spiritual intuitive will lift energy into higher awareness. Emotional intuition will feel and connect through the heart, but physical intuition soaks up psychic information in their bodies. So, they have difficulty knowing when and what they’re picking up outside themselves. Because their intuitive nature or energy has centred in the third chakra, or solar plexus, they’re more likely to absorb the energy into the stomach and lower organs and may suffer from chronic skeletal and muscular illness illnesses, chronic fatigue, arthritis and fibromyalgia also plagued many physical intuitive with our time absorb the energy in their surroundings. If you think about putting a cloth in dirty water and you forget it’s there, and the water starts to evaporate. The cloth was clean when you put it into the water. But if the water evaporates, it leaves scum and a film on the cloth, which makes it absorb everything from its surroundings, all that debris in the dirty water, because the water is gone. That’s what your body will do. it’ll absorb from the environment all the debris, and if you get overwhelmed with that debris, you don’t have a way of getting rid of it or clearing it, then those are going to be some of your issues. Physical intuitives tend to respond well to herbal medicine because they interact was physical homeopathy, chiropractic work, massage therapy and any other therapy that assists them in integrating subtle and invisible energies. Still, I want to make The point here where you’ve got to be if your physical intuitive or you found that’s where you were very high, where this love sounds like you, you want to make sure that if you’re going to go for chiropractic or you’re going to go for a massage, that you enjoy the person you’re working with. You can’t do this kind of work with somebody who will bring more energy into your body than is caring. For example, I struggle getting massages. I do. I love getting massages; I went to one massage therapist and as soon as she found out what I did – so when I tried to do is I try not to tell them what I did because they all wanted to talk to me. And I don’t want to talk to them. I don’t want because, again, all of my senses are very high. And I don’t want to absorb their stuff. But I find that I can’t relax into the massage. If they’re telling me all about their woes, or what’s happened here and then they want me to tell them that bla bla bla bla bla, so I tried to get massages from people who have no idea who I am. They just know my first name is Sharyn, and I want a massage. And that’s hard to do in a smaller community like my community. Okay, integrative medicines are perfect for physical. As physical intuitions develop and grow spiritually, they can learn to absorb divine love and light instead of the energy of their surroundings. Again, that will come through meditation; the body can become a conduit of the Divine, and physical intuitive can spiritualize the body more easily than any other type. Their journey is to harmonize heaven and earth. So their bodies can be a channel through which spirit becomes flesh. Isn’t that perfect? Isn’t that awesome?

What It Means To Be Spiritual

So let’s go from there. Let’s go to the spiritual, our fourth, the spiritual, intuitive, and the spiritual intuitive. To me, the spiritual intuitive is where we want to be before we die and lose our physical aspect; spiritual intuitive draw their strength and power from the supernatural world, drawing upon these tremendous supernatural resources. They give us the gift of transcendence, the ability to rise above the mundane; they can start with the angels and converse with the divine. They call us into our highest spiritual knowing the journey of spiritual intuitive is that of enlightened freedom. They’re learning to live amid duality with the awareness of oneness and non-being, unattached and unencumbered. Doesn’t that sound divine? Oh my gosh, their home is beyond the skies. They’re here in the physical world. As visitors, more than any other type of intuitive spiritual intuitive, they can live in the present in the present. They have a natural tendency for spontaneity and can quickly immerse themselves in the experience of bliss, ecstasy, and pleasure. They often do not have a planned schedule, a goal or a destination here to experience what is not the what is of this world. But then, what is of eternal truth can be very difficult for a spiritual intuitive to manage daily life. They’re attuned to no time, and they live primarily in the present, so they can have trouble with the more routine aspects of life like paying bills, getting to work on time, keeping track of paperwork, or doing taxes; hello! When a mental intuitive finds meaning and mystery and patterns and trends, the spiritual intuitive may rebel, feeling restricted and limited by the probable spiritual intuitive one freedom and want openness. They want to be able to shift and change like chameleons. They’re not attached to a form of any kind, and to the spiritual intuitive, what you see is temporary and not what you will get. Reality is without form; the psychic gifts of a spiritual intuitive often live vibrant dream lives. And in their dreams, they might travel to distant locations, communicate with those who have departed the physical world or visit mystical realms. And because their spiritual frequency rises into the etheric currents, they’re likely to have pre-cognitive dreams and visions. Now, spiritual intuition is very rare. And pre-cognitive dreams are also infrequent. So if you have them, you might want to seriously look at the attributes of a spiritual intuitive, which they might not always be able to understand in their visions and dreams. They’re also likely to enjoy astral travel, the ability to send consciousness and soul beyond the physical body. When they were young, many spiritual intuitive encountered spiritual beings, such as loved ones who’d passed ghosts or spirits, entities and guides. Spiritual intuitive are often able to see and communicate with the spiritual realms in a natural, matter-of-fact way. And that’s what I’ve been learning to do since I started doing mediumship. I’ve slowly, slowly developed in awareness. Being able to communicate and be comfortable in the spiritual realms and communicate in a natural matter fact way. As if it was, here and there is no difference. And it’s becoming more and more clear to me. I love it. I love it. Spiritual intuitive are likely to be attracted to energy work. So just Reiki and healing touch. They also enjoy toning, chanting, and deep trance work. And because they work well with others, you’ll often find spiritual intuitive in groups. They take naturally to the community. They tend not to be ego-centred. And they often seek out spiritual teachers and leaders. Unless they find this community and a sense of belonging in the world, they can become very lonely and very last. And so you’ll find them leading many organization groups so they can have a group around them, a community; spiritual intuitions do not naturally bond with the physical; they need to seek an identity and a purpose to give meaning to their lives. And so that means a spiritual intuitive can have difficulty using their intuitive gifts in the world of the here and now. Many spiritual intuitive will tell me they don’t know why they’re here on Earth. They’re not sure. Because it all seems so very mundane. Some said they feel as if there’s been a cosmic mistake, that they belong in the beyond, peacefully soaring in the cosmic currents. They’re not supposed to be hanging out in a physical reality. Again, remember, spiritual intuitive here as visitors and observers. It’s like, it’s like when you were in school. I’m in grade 12. And you’re interested in science and go to the observatory. You don’t understand everything that’s going on in the observatory, but you get to visit it. And that’s what’s going on with these guys on Earth. So because spiritual intuition acts as intuition, more outside the physical body than the other types, they can experience elevated states of ecstasy and bliss, only to plunge into deep despair and indifference. They suffer or can also suffer from headaches, dizziness, and a lack of physical vitality. And if they do not establish a meaningful connection with the physical world, they can become depressed or apathetic. Now because they Intuit through their higher chakras, their seventh and higher chakras are highly developed. Their challenge is to pace themselves and live in a world of matter, physical matter; some spiritual Judo suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder; their consciousness may quickly flit from one thing to another, they may be like butterflies only needing to lightly touch it observe ideas, objects, people in thoughts, to observe their energy, then they drift away, freely moving wherever the breeze may take them. Spiritual intuitive may also experience thyroid and other glandular issues. Part of the function of the thyroid gland is to regulate how energy is used by the body, the Pituitary and the Pineal Gland, except for spiritual energy. The adrenal glands generate fuel for the physical body, and the thyroid receives energy from both these glands and works to regulate and nourish the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems. The spiritual intuitive may not always know how to use the rich storehouse of available spiritual and psychic energy. And this failure can manifest in glandular and endocrine system imbalances. So when energy has no path for expression, it gets stale and can be overcharged. Spiritual intuitive benefits from the physical intuitive natural ability to ground and use energy through the body. Massage therapy, healing touch, and yoga can help the intuitive spiritual come into balance, and career counselling, dream analysis and breathwork may also be helpful. There’s so much more to developing your psychic gifts. And so there’s going to be, next time, what I’m going to do next time is we’re going to talk about psychic protection and meditation. So there will be a part 3 to this process!

How Is Mind Soul And Body Connected?

Okay, so episode 43. Isn’t it fun? 41 was number 1, 42 was number 2, and 43 was number 3. There will be, so we’ll talk next time about psychic protection and guided meditations you can use. Okay? So now I will pick a card for you from the Psychic Tarot. This is a deck that I love. This is a great deck, and I’ve only just started using it quite a bit, but it’s a deck that John Holland created. I’m going to pick a card for you and…… okay! So the card I chose is number 4, the heart chakra. And here are some of the key facts about the heart chakra. So this is relevant to every one of the intuitive, the mental, the emotional, physical and spiritual. Because everybody has to be active in their heart chakra, or if their heart stops, they are done in their physical experience. So critical facts about the heart chakra, the colour associated is green; the sound is yam. Y-A-M as in Mother. Yam, the element is air. The gland is the thymus gland. And the keywords I love are parallel to the heart. This chakra represents unconditional love, compassion, harmony, relationships and healing and is believed to be the link between your mind, body, and soul. Exactly what I just said. Without this, you can’t function. Balancing this area may take a while, but you should allow all the time you need so the healing energy can get through and flow freely by loving yourself and others and learning forgiveness. You’ll become more attuned with spirit. Look at that. Look at that. So heads up for episode 43. Next week, I hope that if you again, if you know if you listen to this episode and are now curious, go back to 41. Do the quiz! Make sure you got a pen and paper and do the examination. It’s not a challenging

quiz to do. And I think you’ll enjoy it.

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