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Ep 43 Psychic Protection From Negativity


Ep: 43 Transcript

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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Listen in today as Sharon shares her thoughts on how negativity can impact your psychic ability and how being psychic can make you even more susceptible to the toxicity of others. Let’s learn more from Sharyn.

What Exactly Is Negativity?

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Hi, everybody; welcome back again to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. As I mentioned in the last episode, which was episode 42 – What is Your Psychic Type – I would do another bit on how to protect your psychic self and meditate. Now, I’m going to start with how to protect yourself psychically. But I don’t want to make this way too long. So there may be a part 4, which would be the meditations. And the meditations will be designed for each psychic type. So a specific reflection for the intuitive, the emotional, a particular meditation for the physical, etc. If I don’t get time for this specific podcast to get to that, and we talked too much, I spoke too long about psychic protection; make sure you come back for the 4th part of this series. Okay, I didn’t intend to do four pieces when I started discussing your psychic type. But what comes to me is that we are all very different. And each intuitive type needs to know how to take care of themselves and identify when they’re off track or on track. This particular session will help you a lot because I want to talk about how to clear the energy field and recognize when you’re absorbing other people’s stuff. This is an issue that I’ve run into for many years because I grew up around dysfunction. And so I got good at identifying what was happening in the environment. What was, I don’t remember what was going on around the people that I knew I had to I had to know what they were thinking, or what they were going to do following kind of, eyes in the back of my head type thing. So that’s what I want to talk to you about today. I also want you to remember that I’m going to pull a card for you, and I will draw a card again from the Psychic Tarot, which is John Holland’s deck. If you like the messages, etc., that you receive here, you might want to go and pick up the Psychic Tarot deck.

Do People Influence Us?

Part of taking care of ourselves involves being aware of our environment. How we allow others to affect us, we tend to be psychically and unconsciously affected by others’ thoughts and emotions, both good and bad. So if somebody’s having a bad day, we walk into their energy field, or it reaches out to us, and our energy field reaches back, we’re going to feel cranky like we’re having a bad day suddenly. And it can claim to us, stick with us, and stay with us. And even though we can feel what they’re feeling, maybe it’s anger, maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s sadness, maybe it’s grief, if we try to take it on to ourselves, or we let it absorb into our third chakra function, then all that happens is there are now two people feeling sad because you can’t be absorbing the negativity from someone else. You can’t make it go away for them. Okay? And empaths tend to do that; they tend to try to do that. intense feelings will form clouds that claim. And for many people, the third chakra acts as a funnel, where they receive other people’s energy unconsciously. Of course, we’re not aware of that; again, I’m going to say we cannot carry someone else’s anger, fear or stress or resolve it for them. We can only feel what they feel and suffer physically, emotionally, and mentally; many people tend to absorb energy from others. And it’s unconscious; you don’t realize you’re doing it. But the more that you understand your energy field and how it operates, the better you’ll be able to protect yourself from picking up negative and destructive energy, some loving, kind, helpful people empaths will reach out, and they’ll willingly accept other people’s hardships and stress and emotions. And when we’re aware that we’re here to be of loving service to others, it can be hard not to want to help lift them and their burdens in any way we can. Thus we can fool ourselves into believing that caring for another’s pain is good for them, not harmful to ourselves because it is unfortunate when we attempt to take away someone else’s pain; by absorbing it, we only trap it in our energy field. Now we have two people in pain, as I mentioned before; because we give energy to, as you know, as you think so you are, we create our reality that we give energy to expands, then the pain is magnified. neither to people in pain. And some wonderful, loving people are constantly physically affected by someone else’s negative energy; stomach pains, weight gain, fatigue, lack of focus, persistent muscle or joint aches, and lack of vitality are often signs that your energy field is overburdened. So you don’t want to become a natural sponge; you don’t want to take on the emotional pollution of the environment, the toxic people; they feel heavy and overwhelmed by responsibility. And if you feel excessive guilt, worry, or stress for others, you might, without realizing it, be soaking up energy that’s harmful to you. So we can absolve or dissolve with someone else’s created. And well, we all desire to be understood. When we take on another’s energy, we can become drained. And we can become confused. You know, there, it’s almost like that battle of light and dark, isn’t it like you see it, it’s portrayed, I mean, there’s always an antagonist and protagonist in every story, the good guy and the bad guy, the white hat and the black hat. And this is following along that same route; you must be strong enough and hold strong enough not to take on other people’s stuff. We all want to be understood, and we all want to be desired we all want to be cared for. But if we want to be helpful to others is better if we visualize them, better for them. And for us, visualize them in the white light of love and compassion. I have spoken so much over and over and over on the essential vitality of love, the energy of love, the power of love; it’s like when you take your cell phone, and it’s just about out of gas, you can’t just hold it in your hand and energetically charge it, you have to plug it into a socket somewhere and allow the energy to flow. Think of that light that socket you plugged into, as light and love, as love as white light coming into your cell phone to re-energize it and give it back its power. Intuition is the ability to be aware of and translate energy into useful information because we’re still physical and here in physical reality. So it’s not necessary to take the energy of another and experience it as our own. Consider the way doctors and health care practitioners relate to an ill person. They want to understand and direct others to health, but they would not be effective if they became so attuned to the illness and the patient that they couldn’t lead them through the illness and back to health. Intuition demands that we align ourselves with higher knowing, a higher compassionate love; it must be centred in the divine spirit. And then we can help others to experience through our awareness because now we know perfect health, abundance, forgiveness and divine wholeness. So psychic protection begins with awareness. We initially make contact with our environment through our chakras; when we enter a meeting at work, a social situation, or even a restaurant, our chakras send out an active antenna to check out the surrounding will be drawn to those of like energy, never meet somebody happens to me a lot here. When I have clients, there’ll be people coming in, and I’ve never met them. And I’ll just feel like I know them well. And it’s because they are like mine, and there are others I don’t have that kind of connection to, but it happens often. I’ll look and say you’ve been here before, haven’t you, and they’ll go, No, I’ve never been asked. I feel like I have. That’s what I’m talking about with like the energy we are drawn to. Those who like energy will feel more comfortable with those who share a similar energetic makeup we are forced to evolve. But when you evolved by choice, I would rather become enlightened and empowered on this physical plane. Rather than being forced to and finding myself having to go through all of everybody else’s trials and traumas just to get to a loving place with our umbilical cord, this is going to surprise you. Though it physically does not exist, it does exist anymore. It does still exist in his psychic form. And it keeps us locked into the belief that we depend on our limited and competitive-oriented environment. And when we continue to operate this way over time, we grow more out of touch with our spiritual nature. So when we begin to identify more and more with our divine nature, we’re going to find those stuck in negativity will naturally just fall away and others who feel, in a sense, the light that flows from us will be drawn closer. So one of the greatest lessons, which is a part of empowerment and enlightenment that we’ve come to earth to learn for all of us, is how to care for and love one another. And all healing comes from the universal love or God. Divine Spirit resides within each soul. Everyone has psychic ability. Everyone can love. The Universe alone knows the truth for each individual. And we can’t replace that knowledge with just human logic. When we think we can take another’s pain, loneliness, or suffering, we’re robbing them of their opportunity to experience the universe. We’re stopping them. And remember, we’re born with the right to make a divine choice. The choice is who we are. We are unique species on the planet with that power, the power of choice. And we’re also taking away from ourselves the experience of the divine within because we’re reaching down instead of up. And when we become aware of the power of spirit, we will know that we can trust the working out of our affairs with others. We will see beyond form and appearance to the truth and will give others not a desperate need to fix and control that need. But we will give them warmth and unconditional love. Loving and detachment often seem to be at different ends of the spectrum for a lot of people. And yet to love others, we must be able to let go of our expectations of who we are and what we think they should be. It sounds contrary, but it works, and for me, probably one of the most difficult things to learn was how to let go. But letting goes brought the truth. Letting go allows growth and allows us to love in the fullest sense of who we are. We can’t know what others have come here to learn and experience. It’s not our place. To keep our karma clear and free. We need to be able to bless and witness what we don’t always understand. And I talk about this all the time too. Every negative toxic experience has a golden nugget of knowledge, wonder, and grace; find that golden nugget. You can toss the rest of the experience completely away. To be able to love someone with the highest love we have is to release them to their choices and decisions. Allow them to make their own call. And to be a wise psychic, an effective healer, or an intuitive, it is necessary to find the source of love and wisdom within yourself.

What Does Being Selfish Really Mean?

Another word I use a lot is the word selfish. Not in stealing candy from a baby selfish. I’m talking self-love selfish. Get selfish. Take care of yourself. Because as you do and you grow, and you get stronger, wiser and more loving, you will serve those around you in a more powerful way. When we give ourselves over to the care of the universe, the maintenance of spirit miracles can happen, and the benefit of the Divine expressing itself in our life will begin. Okay, so it’s essential to start to discern the difference between truth and illusion. Sages, seers, and teachers are always looking to ensure that our world, as it sits now, is recognized as illusory and not the truth. What you see is not the truth. It is an illusion. Because what you see is interpreted by every soul on this planet differently. You can see that the world is an illusion and that it’s easy to understand why we have difficulties in discernment. You know, struggle because we’re physical is not always easy to see beyond the outward form or the illusion of the material world and into truth. So, for example, I am a five-foot-four-inch woman with blonde hair. And that’s true today, really for eternity. It’s an illusion, but I am is a soul. I’m an aspect in truth with the substance of the universe. And this will be true today, tomorrow and forever. So the truth of me is not my five foot four Blondie herself but my soul. So we need to set our anchor in eternal truth. It is aspects of the universe, love, creativity, abundance, and beauty. Those are all aspects of universal love. And part of intuitive evolvement involves stripping away whatever is not the truth; I can’t just do it by dyeing your hair. So I think that’s going to be enough for now. I think this gives you some excellent information about how to let go and how to allow yourself to release the need to heal others in need to be to step into their energy and the need to take their burdens and lift their burdens; that’s not our job. That is not our job as ambassadors to healers. Our job as empaths, healers, intuitive and psychics is to love and be compassionate. Don’t rob others have the opportunity to have the lessons they wish to learn or the experiences they want

to have.

How Do you Make Your Decisions In Life?

Okay, so now let me pick a card for you. I also invite any of you that want to that might have questions… I invite you to get a hold of me through Sharyn@ You can email me anytime you like with any questions or concerns in regards to the podcast because I’m more than willing to answer any questions that you might have that I might be able to assist you with. If you don’t understand this, do get a hold of me. It might require that you want to set up an appointment, maybe, or you might because I’m still doing one on one meetings. Or you may just have a simple question I can answer over email, and I’d be happy to do that.

Okay, I pulled a card from the Psychic Tarot deck, John Holland’s Psychic Tarot deck, which is the card is called The Waiting Game. This is a spiritual card from the Spirit section of the deck. And I have to interpret this for you here, the waiting game, the waiting game, it’s a beautiful card, it looks like a timer, and a timer of glass, a timer that you would turn upside down. So an old-fashioned one, not the one on your microwave. Okay, this card indicates that you’ve worked hard to set things in motion. This card suggests that you’ve worked hard to put things in motion in certain areas of your life. And you’re now waiting for the results to come to fruition. So that’s good news about your development. Number two is the card number, and it’s all about choice and decision. And in the past, you may have been afraid to make decisions of options or choices. But now you’re no longer held prisoner by this fear or the constraint of old beliefs. Expect the best and be open to the limitless power of your intuition, which is presently solid trust and use it to assist your achievement and success is assured. But once obtained, don’t let it change you. Remember who you are, the effort it took to get you to this point, and the gratitude you need to show to the people who helped you along the way; stay on your spiritual path, for it will continue to guide you on the journey of your soul. I love this card. What a beautiful card. Again, this is the Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland, an excellent Psychic Medium out of Boston, Massachusetts.

How Do You Meditate?

So remember, there will be a section for this; it will be about them, specifically meditation for each of the intuitive psychic types, the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, and it will be a guided meditation. So you’ll be able to find the one that belongs to you and that you fit into according to the quiz. Now, if you’re listening to this, I want you to understand that episode 41 has the examination you need to answer, so you know where to go with all this information. All right. Okay, I hope that helped you a little bit today. That was fun! Until next week, with episode 44. Take care. Have a good week! I’ll see you then. Bye-bye for now.


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