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Ep: 45 Meditation for the Physical and Spiritual Intuitives

Ep: 45 Transcript


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today we’re wrapping up our series on What Psychic Type Are You? If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, go back to Episode 41. Take the quiz and then follow the meditations geared towards your psychics. How are you? Today we’re wrapping up with the spiritual and, of course, physical intuitive. Here are the meditations for you. And Sharyn also recommends that you may wish to listen through first and then get comfortable and then engage in the reflection. So let’s get started!

How Do I Exercise My Intuition?

Sharyn 0:44
Hey, everybody; welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today we’re going to explore the I’m going to do the meditations for you, the guided meditations for a physical and spiritual intuitive. So if you haven’t done episode 41, If you haven’t listened to Episode 41, this is 45. This is the last one of 41 234 and five, so five episodes are connected. To understand them, you will need to do the quiz and episode 41. Okay, I just thought I’d give you a heads-up on that. I will also draw a card at the end of these two meditations. So please don’t go away; stick around so you can find out what the card is because it will be relevant. Okay, we’re going to start with the physical intuitive, the body of light. So I want you to get comfortable lying or sitting in a comfortable position you can stay in for an extended period; I want you to remember that physical intuition is often absorbed into their bodies, the energy of their environment. So it’s important that you came up strongly as a physical intuitive when you did that quiz. And remember, we are all intuitive; we have all those components in us, but one will be your dominant. If physical is your chief, this is for you. Okay, are you ready? So lie or sit in a comfortable position that you can stay in for an extended period.

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How Do I calm Myself down Before Meditation?

Close your eyes. Take a long deep breath and send the energy of your breath to any part of your body that is sore, tense or tight. Breathe in again. When you breathe out, breathe out any stress or tension in your body. And again, breathe in and let go of any thoughts when you breathe out. Any worries any concerns of the day. Really stress and tension settle into the natural rhythm of your breathing, and keep relaxing and going deeper and deeper. Now imagine a place in nature, perhaps somewhere you’ve been before or a place you can create right now. This is a warm and inviting place. And maybe you hear the sound of water in the background.
Possibly there’s a distant stream or waterfall. This place is soothing and relaxing. You can see trees and grass swaying in the gentle breeze. Wildflowers of all shapes and colours play in the sunshine, and the sweet smell of grass in a deep forest permeates your senses. Allow yourself to relax in this environment. The sun is shining down on you. Its rays spread warmth, love, serenity, security, and deep relaxation throughout your body. Now imagine a warm breeze, perhaps smelling of sweet grass or flowers lightly touching your skin. The warmth of this breeze feels safe and comforting. The draft begins to form a bubble of heat that surrounds you as you take another deep breath. You can feel the walls of this bubble grow more robust and more protective of you, allowing only what is in your highest good to enter. Take another deep breath and draw your awareness to the top of your head. Keep breathing and relaxing. And drag your attention to the space above your head where you might feel it quiver and tingle. You may experience the feeling of opening as your Spirit expands. You feel relaxed, developed and free. Starting at the top of your head, draw your awareness through your body. Become aware of any part of your body that may be tight or tense; there may be more than one place in your body where there’s tension and tightness. Take note of where these places are. Allow your attention to go to the site in your body where you feel the most stress or tightness.

Are Affirmations Mindfulness?

Then, using your imagination, ask yourself if this place were a colour, what colour would it be? If this colour had a texture, what would that be like? Now allow an image to emerge that represents this energy. This can be any image at all. It might be a person or an object, a place you might feel this image or perhaps catch a glimpse of it or know it. However, this image that comes to you is fine. You do not have to force this to allow it to happen. Now, imagine that this image can speak to you. Imagine it can communicate, and then it has a voice. It has a message for you. Listen to it, and receive your news. You can ask questions about this image, and the image may change. Stay with it for as long as possible, and accept whatever it offers you. When you feel that you’ve received as much as you can now, allow

this energy to be absorbed into the bubble of light surrounding you and send the point of this image, the tightness, or the stress to the light. Allow the place where it has been filled with white light to purify and supply you with love and warmth. You can continue this process in any part of your body where there is tension and tightness. All you need to do is identify the area, allow the energy to speak to you, and release it to the light. And then fill the place for this energy with white healing light. When you are ready, you can begin to return to the here and now feeling refreshed and relaxed. You’re feeling better than you have in a long time. You will remember everything that you’ve just experienced. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes. Now there is an affirmation that goes along with this. And this is the affirmation my body is a spiritual instrument. The Divine flows through me; I am the Spirit in the physical, and I absorb only positive energy that is in my highest good. I understand and put words to power. So that’s the meditation for the physical intuitive. Again, if you haven’t done the questionnaire in Episode 41, go back and do it before you start doing these. And I recommend you listen at least once to these meditations to hear them and get a sense of them. Take some notes and write down that information before you do the meditation because it’ll give you a deeper understanding and be physically intuitive. Meditation is called the body of light. So we have one more to do than the emotional, mental and physical. And now we’re going to do the spiritual intuitive, the enlightened body. So the following meditation will help the spiritual intuitive to ground spiritual energy and bring it through the body. The spiritual intuitive biggest challenge may be to stay in the physical, and their consciousness often drips into an astral or ethereal state. They can, with practice, integrate their natural multi-dimensional perceptions into their conscious awareness. And this meditation integrates the Spirit into the physical body, so If you’re ready, I will go ahead. Once again, lie or sit in a comfortable position that you can stay in for an extended period. Close your eyes. Take a long deep breath and send the energy of your breath to any part of your body that is sore, tense or tight. Breathe in and breathe out. And again, breathe in and breathe out any stress or tension anywhere in your body. Breathe in again, let go of any thoughts, worries or concerns of the day and release the stress and anxiety.

What Happens To Your Brain When Meditating?

Go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Settle into the natural rhythm of your breath, relaxing and going deeper and deeper. Now imagine a warm, inviting white light gathering above your head as his life gathers and strengthens above your head. Keep breathing and releasing any stress anywhere in your body. Imagine this light gently descending and caressing the top of your head. Breathing this light in feel and expanding and spreading warmth and love, clearing and opening your sixth chakra, which is the center of your head. As this light descends down and through your head, it releases any toxins or heaviness and negativity. It is then lifted out through the top of your head. Let it release and relax as the light continues descending into your jaw and neck. You do it gently and warmly descends into your shoulders, your arms and your elbows. Feel the light entering your heart. Feel your heart chakra expanding. Let go of any disappointment, sadness or grief you might feel. Then, allow your heart to feel with love. Feel this light as serenity and warmth. Feel the light spreading now to your solar plexus. You’re feeling empowered by the vibration of light. You can feel self-doubt and fear being released. Now, the line is travelling to the organs of your body, clearing toxins out, caressing the organs and spreading into your second chakra. Seeds of Hope are sprouting, but the light nurtures manifestation and abundance. The light is flowing through your hips. It strengthens the muscles, the bones, the tissues and the fibre. The light reaches your first chakra, the light expands, and you feel a thick, multi-strand web of light grounding you to the Earth. Your purpose here on Earth is taking root and being nurtured from above. You are vibrant and free to love, give, receive, and be. Your Spirit is filled with light from the heavens to the Earth. Your Spirit is rooted and filled with light. Your Spirit extends into the physical Earth and has a message for you. And maybe a feeling, a thought, is calling you to make your home here. It reminds you of the beauty and the joy. That is the physical.

What Is Physical Intuition?

You feel an orb of light surrounding you and connecting you to the Earth. Feel yourself caressed in this cocoon of love and breathe it in. You allow the accumulation of toxins above your head to be scooped up by a net of light. And then it’s taken into the cleansing stream of divine love. You are feeling vibrant and alive. You continue to breathe in through the top of your head. And you imagine this light descends deep into the root chakra and spreads throughout your entire body. With each breath, you feel your body accepting spiritual energy, muscles, cells, and organs. Absorb the positive radiance that envelops you. You are one in body, in mind, and in Spirit. Now take all the time that you need. And then allow yourself to come back into ordinary consciousness slowly into the here and now. Stay in the glow of spiritual luminosity as long as possible. You feel this energy in your entire body. You’re feeling better than you have in a long time as you return to ordinary consciousness. Take a long deep breath and slowly open your eyes. Here is the affirmation for the spiritual intuitive. I am the Spirit in the physical God is here. Each day the plan for my highest good unfolds. I live in the here and now in joy and harmony. I witnessed the Divine in the mundane. So there you go. Those are the two meditations we have left. And if you look at a previous episode, you’ll find the mental, and the emotional are also there. Sherry Dillard created these meditations. I love them. I think they’re fantastic. She’s wonderful. The work she does is great. And we’re all on the same team. So I appreciate so very much that she created these so that we could access them. So I hope you enjoy the meditations. Let me share another card I drew from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot Oracle deck. I love it. I love it. I think it’s just great. And the card I’m that I’ve drawn is patience and planning. And isn’t it interesting today we did the physical, intuitive meditation, and this is in the physical realm? So let me read to you what this card represents. Good things come to those who wait. This card signifies the qualities of patience and letting go of control. It would be best to pause, rest, assess and rethink what’s in front of you before continuing. The number seven physical card this card is the number seven reminds you to reevaluate the goals that you’re seeking, your finances and even your relationships. Take the time to review each area individually, for there’s no rush when planning for a successful future. As you pause during this period, notice what has worked well for you in the past, not what you or others believe to be true, but in actual positive experiences. Now while you’re at this reflecting stage, you can stand back and plan how you will handle potentially tricky, complex decisions and situations that may arise. The best card, holy cow. So that’s it for this medium episode with psychic Sharon rose.

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