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Ep: 46 Have You Ever Been Fired?

Ep: 46 Transcript


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Have you ever been fired? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And I bet you it wasn’t fun. Well, listen to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today she’s going to talk about being fired – how she went through this process and how it turned out to be one of the best things that happened to her in her life. In the long run, we’ll learn her techniques and how to deal with moving on and allowing success to be the result. Let’s get started.

How Do You Say I’ve Been Fired?

Sharyn 0:44
Hey, everybody; welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose! Today, I want to talk to you about getting fired. Have you ever been fired? I know. It’s a strange topic. But you know, it’s fantastic. If you are living your best life in your best place, sometimes you feel what you feel like is a negative experience, like getting fired, comes along, and you’re like, well, I’ve been living my best life. I’m doing everything right. I’m doing everything I want to do. Why did I get fired? Why am I having this experience? And that’s the question; you’ve got to step back and say, Why do I have this experience, which I have to say and admit, in the heat of the moment, is the easiest thing to do. The reason I’m saying that is because I’ve been fired. Before I got into this line of work, I sold cars. And I didn’t sell cars for very long well, because I got fired. But the funny thing is, when I got into selling cars, I wanted to try it for an extended period. And I am not a mechanic, and I’m not mechanically inclined; I’m not the kind of person that’s going to get under the hood with you. But I can sure tell you what a pretty car looks like. And I can tell you the overall stats on a vehicle when I was selling cars; I knew what kind of gas mileage you would get. I knew what kind of tires it required. There were a lot of things I did know. But when it comes to the actual mechanics of the vehicle, I don’t think a lot of the salespeople know that the exceptional ones do, but I didn’t. Anyways, I had an exciting experience. I’m going to share it with you. And I’ll answer the question as to why I got fired. A lot of it had to do with my attitude and what the outcome was. So listen up, hang in, and don’t go anywhere until the end of this podcast because I’m also going to pick a card from the Daily Affirmations Guide deck. And these are Cheryl Richardson’s cards; what do you say here? Yeah, Cheryl Richardson’s cards are perfect! They’re my daily affirmations cards. They’re perfect

cards. So don’t go anywhere!

A Photo of someone who just got fired sitting on the steps with a box of their stuff.

Is Getting Fired The End Of The World?

So let me start by talking about the job when I got it. I was excited because I wasn’t living in the province then. And when I found myself coming back to the area, I thought, well, you know what, I’m going to call this car dealership because I know the guy that owns the place, and I’m going to see if I can get a job selling cars. And he knew me well. I had done some motivational work for his office staff at one point a few years back. And he said, Sure, come on. Yeah, we can always use somebody new on the floor. And he put me in recent car sales. When I got back, what I didn’t know, there were several managers in this particular dealership; there was the RV manager, there was a new car manager, there was a used car manager, there was the GM, there was the owner who was a part of the manager, there was his sister, who was the finance manager, there was all these and then there were two other finance managers. So there were all kinds of managers so I, you know, I was on the floor and working had been there for a couple of weeks. And I was doing pretty well. I was catching on the sales guys; there were very few women now we’re talking. A long time ago, there were very few women. I was the only woman on the floor. Come to think of it, I just realized I was the only woman on the sales floor. And when I was having fun and made friends with one of the other salespeople, he gave me some guidance and tips. But most of the others were highly resistant to my being there. And oh my gosh, I saw men lie, grown men lie as these guys could; she’s done my client when they had never ever talked to the person. They went out. Give him a card that said what’s your first name guy gave it to him, and then I would see them walking around by themselves on the lot. So I’d go help them out, sell them a vehicle. And then these guys would say, Well, that was my deal. Because, you know, it was the politics of the used car and the new car sales lot guys. That’s what goes on in the car lots. Anyways, I’m working away, and I think I’m doing pretty good, and I’m enjoying it, not loving it, but I’m kind of enjoying it and then making some money, and it’s all good. Then one day, I was on the sales floor talking to another staff member. This guy walks up to me. I’ve never seen him before. And he said, Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? Try it out for me. And I got my back up, and I said, I’m Sharyn, and I work here. Who the hell are you? Oops, there was the new car sales manager. Nobody told me there was a new car sales manager that wasn’t actually on the floor in the place. He didn’t know anything about me being hired when I got engaged

. He was on holiday for the first two weeks that I was there. And he was a rookie Manager.

Key Steps To Take After Getting Fired From Your Job

This poor guy is looking at this chick on the sales floor. And immediately, that was just a bad political move on my part. But I didn’t know. I didn’t know who he was. Long story short, he never talked to me, and I tried to cozy up to him. But I knew my days were numbered. I knew my days were numbered. It was funny because I was close to the GM. And I liked him. He was a super guy; he ended up going off and starting his truck a lot over time, but he was just a nice guy. And I remember sitting with him and saying, I think my days are numbered here. And he says, yeah, they might be. And he knew that I wasn’t distressed about it. I had never been fired from a car lot before. And I didn’t know what I was going to do. And if I did get fired, it didn’t matter; I wasn’t all that stressed. Anyways, so I was selling Chrysler products. So I was selling a Durango to a young couple, and I, oh my god, it was so much fun. And so you sell the vehicle, and then they get their financing, and everything gets put into place. And then you do the delivery. And I was delivering the Durango, and they were so excited about their new vehicle because that was a big, beautiful vehicle back in the day. And it was a new vehicle, I think back to day two. And the weekend after that. The sales manager called me – a new car sales manager called me into his office, and he said, you know, Sharyn, it’s just not working out. We’re going to have to let you go. I went Oh, okay. And I sat there. I thought he would give me a reason. Like once, he got to say, well, he didn’t say anything, just sat there. He was uncomfortable. Forty shades of red, really uncomfortable. You wanted to crawl under his desk. I could tell, like, I could feel it. I knew it. And I wasn’t doing this kind of work; then, I wasn’t even on my radar. And finally, I thought, Oh, God, Sharyn, let them off the hot seat. So I said, Okay, that was, you know, that’s, that’s okay. I said, Shall I work out at the end of the week? And he said, Yeah, you can work out at the end of the week if you want. So I said, Okay. And I left his office and then went out to the sales floor. And my buddy, that was the sales buddy there. I said I’ve just been fired. I’m here till Friday. He just looked at me, and he was upset. And I said, No, no, it’s okay. It’s all good. This isn’t why I belong anyway; I could have probably got good at it, really good at it. But anyway, what the sales manager also said was, he says I was going to let you go last weekend. But you were having so much fun delivering that Durango. And I just looked at him like he had two heads. Because I mean, I’m delivering a Durango I’d sold. Like, I’m doing what I was there to do. But anyway, no matter. So later on that day, I went and sat in with the GM, my perfect friend, the GM. And he just looked at me, and he smiled. He asked, did he do it? I said, Yeah, he did it. He said, How was he? It sucks. You better give him some coaching on how to let people go. Because I said he didn’t give me a reason. Which is fine. I don’t need one. It’s okay. I know politically, this wasn’t working. It was okay. And he said, yeah, maybe we’ll do that. We’ll train him to fire people if he doesn’t want them there. So at the end of the day, I finished my week, and I got my payout and all that stuff. And off I went, and I thought, what will I do now? And I ended up trying my hand at, I made sales, again, in photography. And I did that for a while. But in the meantime, I was drawn into spiritual and holistic courses. And so I took a Reiki course, a reflexology course, and all of those took because I was struggling with some health issues. And I wanted to make sure that I was back on my feet. And I didn’t want to use medications, or anything doctors said I should be using. And I didn’t go on any medications, and I could work with my energy. And I started to understand that energy, our energy is potent. And it can help us heal and be strong. And so I was intrigued by it. And I was going more and more into it and taking more and more classes and, and all this kind of stuff. And then ultimately, I ended up taking a healing touch course. And when I took that course, I knew that I wanted to do some energetic work energy work, but I didn’t, you know, I didn’t know anything about the field of spirituality or energy work, and I didn’t even think they were connected. Spirituality to me was religion; of course, I now know spirituality is who I am. I’m spirit having a human experience. But at the time, I wasn’t even logged into spirituality. And so, ultimately, I decided that if I was going to do any energy work on people’s bodies, I needed to take a course to learn the body system. So I took massage therapy as the quickest and easiest way for me unless I wanted to be a doctor, and I didn’t have any other medical professionals. So I took a massage therapy course, got my certification and registration, and became a massage therapist. And now I am a massage therapist, and I’ve got Reiki, and I’ve got reflexology, and I have a great life; my life is magic. And at that time, lo and behold, a Buddhist monk was setting up shop teaching for the next four or five months after I took this training. He was available to me, and I was available to go to his workshops and whatnot, learn about the Buddhist culture and traditions, and learn about compassion and those types of things. And I’ve talked in other podcasts about how I enjoyed studying with the Buddhists.

How Do I Create My Own Business?

But anyways, so I started then combining energy work with spirituality. And then I had my massage therapy, my Reiki, my reflexology, and my healing touch, and I was like, this stuff all works together. And that’s when I was introduced to the angelic realm in Buddhist meditation. And I was freaked out because I was thinking, Buddhists, do they have angels? And it was a whole old process. But the long and short of it is I could still today be selling cars if it wasn’t for that excellent, fabulous rookie manager who just fired me because he didn’t like me. Well, he didn’t like my attitude. I don’t think he minded me. But he didn’t like my attitude. And I don’t blame him. It always says to their manager, well, who the hell are you? Well, you know, it was just funny. Anyway, it’s weird now. Nevertheless, I evolved in this work and let it take me. I let it leave me and just enjoyed it. I was having so much fun. And then mediumship the hip, the experiences, and I’m in mind massage mediumship started showing up. And I was like, I don’t want to do this. No, no, no. And I resisted it for about a year. And then, I ended up going to England because I was looking for excellent teachers, credible teachers that would give me the truth of what mediumship is, no Hocus Pocus, no fairy tale stories; I didn’t want to have to use crystal balls. And, you know, I didn’t want to do crazy things; I wanted to be me still. And they taught me well how to focus, how to have discipline, and where my skill set was. And what I was able to do, they guided me. And so, four sessions later, I took four different courses. Every time I went there for one week, sessions, like seven full days of 12 hours a day, at the college I went to in England. And I went four times. And honest to goodness, I was thrilled with my journey. My learning journey. There was just amazing, and then I started feeling like, wow. And you know, on the side of my nightstand on my table by my bed, I had a little piece of paper that always said on it. How can I make a difference in the world today? And that piece of paper was always there. It was always there. How can I make a difference in the world today? And I would see it every morning when I got up. And every night when I went to bed? How can I make a difference in the world today? So that was always my primary focus. But it was almost a subconscious focus because I ignored reading and it wasn’t like I was, you know, diligently practicing an affirmation. It was how I could make a difference in the world today. And guided me through the whole process of everything that happened the way it did, teaching me to the work I’m doing today and what I needed to know how to do. And it’s interesting because I come from a reasonably practical background when I look back. I have had my own business many times. I’ve been involved in my enterprise in some way or another. But it was always physically based, and it was always very transactional. It was always a mental process, you know, objective, things like I had a frozen food company for a short time. I had a cleaning company for a short time, and the cleaning company started. Oh my gosh, I the stories I could tell you about things I’ve done in the past. I grew up as a hard-working waitress and cooked in a restaurant with my family restaurant; we were taught a solid work ethic. My brother and I were my older brother, and my younger brother and sister had a bit of a different lifestyle than we did because affluence was more apparent in our family than when they were born. So I knew how to work hard. That wasn’t a problem for me. I had just never worked spiritually. And I had never worked emotionally, and emotionally I was broken. It was appealing to make sales and that stuff because it was a transactional mental process, but now I’m in a field where I’m working emotionally. I had to develop my emotional center to be able to do this work and to be able to be a psychic and be a medium and to be able to understand my clients even if I haven’t been in their shoes, to know how to guide them and using my psychic sense and my abilities to be able to reach for answers. Let my guides work with me and help me navigate them. Wow. It’s just been amazing. And what a journey it’s been on. There have been more adventures.

How Do You Manifest A New Job?

I’ve had more fun with our animals, where we’ve lived, with manifesting; it’s fantastic! I am amazed at how easy it is to manifest stuff in our lives! And it could be things, but it could be experiencing, it could be emotions, it could be relationships, it could be, you can see manifestly. And episode 41 Is the psychic quiz because this is episode 46. We’re on right now. Episode 41 Is the psychic quiz that determines what your psychic type is. I came up very used to be back in the day when I did this quiz way back in the day; my emotional numbers were low. My mental numbers were high. So I was very much a mental intuitive. And I still am. I’m claire cognitive. But there’s only now. I did it again when I did it with my group. And there’s only one point between mental and emotional for me, which means I’ve raised my emotional quotient, my EQ high, it’s high, matching my IQ. And I’m so amazed that I was able to do that. But I needed the safety net of a spiritual structure around me to step into the psychic, spiritual world, the mediumship world, to do this work effectively. Because if you don’t engage your emotional center, you’re not going to be any good at it, I can promise you that. The spiritual intuitive, I have given this quiz to many people. And there are very few people that come up as spiritually intuitive. And the reason for that is it’s highly evolved. Generally, the monks, the nuns, the priests, and the people work strictly in strong religious cultures with a lot of discipline and focus. But I have a powerful prayer or meditation practice, and ended up serving their community, their country, and their world; it was through the love in their heart those people qualify as spiritually intuitive. And that is a goal. That is where I want to be. I so much want to be there. I’m not far; my strength is still mental. My next is emotional, then a physical spiritual. So and if you aren’t sure what your intuition is telling you, go back and do that quiz. And because you’re intuitive, everybody’s intuitive. But, if you’ve ever been fired, you had the option to be able to go the direction that I went, where you’re following your nose and letting it take you where you’re supposed to be. Or get angry, dig your heels in, get mad, swear at the company, and be mad at them. I can tell you this if you’ve been fired. You’ve been holding a grudge against a company that fired you, you’re going to have another company hire you, and you’re going to have the same experience; you’re going to be as miserable there as you could have been at the other one, it’ll just get worse and worse and worse, until you finally wake up, shake your head and say, hey, you know what? Hating my job isn’t getting me anywhere. And I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life. It’s incredible how many people have come to me, and they should have been fired from their jobs. They’ve been there for 30 and 40 years. They hated their work; they hated their jobs. I didn’t hate selling cars in my particular case, but I don’t love it. I like the job I’m doing now. I love it. And getting fired from selling cars, I evolved into where I am.

How Do You Stay Positive After Being fired?

So, where did you go with that if you’ve ever been fired? What did you do with that? Do you sit around and tell everybody what a horrible company that was and that they shouldn’t have fired you, and you lie about why? Now I’m not talking about people that are chronically getting fired all the time. Okay, I’m talking about people who got fired in an unusual situation. It was uncommon for me. But then again, I didn’t work for many companies; I tended to like working for myself. Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m too saucy to work for somebody else. And I probably am. But anyway. So, take it as good luck if you’ve been fired, or if you see it coming, or you feel it coming or if you hate your job, fire yourself. Don’t be afraid to fire yourself and lean into where you want to be. You know, when you set yourself up as a psychic, life coach and Medium in the Bible Belt of Alberta. That takes courage. And I wasn’t lacking in courage. I was ballsy to the Woolsey, simply because I knew when I started tapping in and I got more and more information. I knew it was where I was supposed to be. When you find that sweet spot where you’re supposed to spend your life and energy, boom. You’re on is perfect. It’s going to work for you. So, if you’ve been fired, don’t hate the guy that fired you or the company that fired you. And the fact I’ve got to tell you, I ran into him one day in the bank, and the guy that fired me, and I didn’t run into him, he was at the wicket next to me, and I was like, Oh, my God, how are you? And he’s looking at me sideways because he’s scared that I’m going to, you know, now he’s a seasoned manager. He’s an excellent manager; he does a great job. He’s, he’s really, he’s any stood. It’s been at it for many years. And I thanked him. I said, Thank you so much. Because if you hadn’t done what you did, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. And he was just lit right up. And it was just incredible. And I know he felt good because I think he felt a littleslightlyYou see, he didn’t have a reason. I never got an explanation. I just followed politics. But it doesn’t matter what the reason is; if you get fired, who cares? Why, unless you stole or something, but you know? Where is it taking you? Where is it leading you? What opportunities are you not seeing? What is it that you should be doing? Where’s your passion? What do you believe you’re good at? Where’s your desire? Reach for the brass ring there; go for the gold. Be happy and trust yourself. Trust your instincts; trust your intuition. Yabba dabba doo!

What To Do If You Find Yourself In The Wrong Job?

Okay. The card I picked is from again; I mentioned it. It’s my Daily Affirmations Guide. They’re Cheryl Richardson’s cards, a black deck, and you’ll love them if you pick them up. Here’s the affirmation. You might want to write this down if you’re struggling at work. My career is bursting with opportunities to express my creativity and passion. My job is bursting with opportunities to express my creativity and love. If your career is not doing that for you, maybe you’re in the wrong spot. Fire yourself. Don’t be scared. Perhaps you want to do it before somebody else does if you do not love your work. Okay? Until next time, this is episode 46. I’m signing out. And I will see you next time in Episode 47. Take care, you all. Bye bye.


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