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Ep 48: Environmental Energy Clearing & Feng Shui

Ep 48: Transcript


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How does the energy of an angry toxic person affect your positive thoughts and feelings? We’ll find out in another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Excited about this episode today – we are exploring the world of environmental energy clearing and Feng Shui. Well, of course, your home and your environment can affect you. Find out why and how she will help you clear your space. So all the positive energy can keep flowing, listen in, and Sharyn will share stories of the clearing she has done in the past and the results months later. Let’s get started!

What Is The Feng Shui?

Sharyn 0:35
Hi, everyone. Welcome to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. I’m glad you’re here. And I’m so happy to be here. Today I want to talk to you about feng shui. What does it mean? Environmental space clearing? And how are the two connected? And how does it make a difference in your business or your home? And I’ll give you some stories. I’ll share with you some stories about things that I’ve had experiences with that I’ve done that have made a big difference to different clients that I’ve had where I’ve cleared their homes or businesses. But first, let me give you the definition of offering Shui. It’s an ancient art and science. It’s about 3000 years old, and it was developed in China. And the literal translation of Feng Shui means wind and water. So Feng means wind, and Shui means water. And so, in Chinese culture, wind and water are both associated with good health. So you want your home to be in good health. By the way, before I go any further, remember to stick around because I’m going to draw a card from the affirmations deck at the end of this little podcast. Okay, so stick around.

What Are The Basic Principles Of Feng Shui?

What exactly is feng shui? And it’s a belief that the Chinese believe that how your house is built, or how you arrange objects, will affect your success, health, wealth, family, relationships, and all of that. And it’s a practice of putting the pieces in a living space to create balance with the natural world. So the Asian sciences the Asian culture has what they call SHA, which is toxic energy. Then chi, which is positive energy, okay, does introduce this energy, and we transition it ourselves as humans. So what I want to do so those are the meanings of Feng Shui. So it’s wind and water and having a clean, clear home. One of the things that I ran into when I started doing Fung Shui and started doing it because I was trying to understand why I was so sensitive to environments. And I remember back when I was very, very young, going into different backgrounds, and I didn’t like being there. I was, it would scare me, or I was feeling very unsafe, or I was uncomfortable. And I would leave that environment right away. And many times, it was people’s homes, certain people’s homes, that I wouldn’t say I liked to go into. Now, there were other places I would go into. And I just wanted to stay there forever. I remember that my father had a sister, and we used to visit every once in a while in Alberta, here. She lived here in Alberta. And I remember visiting them, and I loved walking into her house; it always smelled good and felt good. And she was always so happy, and she loved it there. I thought it was so great. I wanted to live there. Not it was, just I liked it. But then, as I started to get older, I realized how sensitive I was to different environments. And explores decided to explore why that is. What does that mean because I’m not alone? Many of you out there have a problem with different environments as well. And when you have to work in or live in an environment that’s not balanced, it can be uncomfortable and make you unhappy. And an awkward environment makes people uncomfortable, then they get cranky. Now you have a cycle going on, which goes from bad to worse. So feng shui is the practice of keeping the energy in the environment clean and clear. And my practice, I call it environmental space clearing or environmental energy clearing. That is, I changed it from Feng Shui because we also place different remedies when I go into environments. I’ll do the clearing, but I’ll also place cures to help counter anything that might be off in that particular environment. In Feng Shui, there are two different methods of working with Fung Shui, and one is working with the kapow. The other is working with the Bagua. Now, if you’ve got pen and paper handy, B-A-G-U-A – you want to remember that one. The kapow is in China. It takes years and years and years for someone to become a functional master. Years of training and practice and training and practice. We In North America haven’t got those kinds of years of practice. Plus, we also didn’t build any of our structures according to the rules and principles of Feng Shui. So we don’t have the Crouching Tiger, the turtle, or the different forms. We want outsiders to keep us safe and bring good energy to our homes and businesses. So what we’ve had to do is we’ve had to adopt and adapt to apply the energy treatments to our homes. And that is what we do with the Bagua. Now that Bagua is a nine-template piece, I’m not going to go into it a lot here because I want to share some stories with you on how this has made a difference to some people. But Bagua has nine sectors. It has the health and wealth sector, fame and reputation sector. It has your love and intimacy sector; it has created and children; it has health; it has family and foundation; it has self-actualization and career. And then helpful people in travel. Those are the nine sectors. And those nine sectors all interact with one another. But each one of them has more. Certain colours go well with specific sectors. And there are certain ways to enhance various sectors of your property. And when you walk into any of my properties, where I tend to work, hang out or live, you’ll notice the balance; it feels very zen, simply because I’m constantly clearing the energy. But my home is also designed to accommodate the Feng Shui, the wind and water for harmony.

What Is Energetic Space Clearing?

Let me share with you some of the stories. Oh, well, first of all, let me share it with you. I remember walking into downtown Victoria; there are a lot of different energies there. That’s an ancient victoria bc I’m talking about it. It’s an ancient area of Canada, established many years ago. And there are a lot of old structures, and still, there are a lot of homes that were lived in by famous artists or writers. And I remember going into one of those homes, turning around, and walking right back out. I couldn’t go in; I couldn’t go in. And I couldn’t go in. And it was just something just I turned around, and just I couldn’t. I just the energy was just that toxic. For me. I just felt like it was not a place for me to be. And then, several years later, I was shopping with a girlfriend, and there was a store here in town. There’s a location of a store here in my city that has had, oh gosh, as far as I know, off the top of my head, probably eight different businesses take place in it and they keep shutting down, moving out, whatever. But we walked into this place of business, and it was I again, same thing I walked in, we’re talking away we walked in, she was ahead of me. And I instantly turned around and walked back out. I knew I could not go into that store. And I was standing outside and befuddled because I didn’t realize I was still that sensitive. I thought, you know, it’s something you get over. You’re just a kid when you’re young, right? Well, my girlfriend comes out the door, and she goes, What happened to you? How come you didn’t come in, and I said I can’t, I can’t go in that store. Now that store was only there for a short time. And they built a new location for that company. And they moved to a new location. And I love that shop. Now I go there all the time. I’m always shopping in their store. But when they and then so, I kept an eye on that location. And there were within about the next two years, four different businesses went in and then out; one went under and closed the doors. Another one went in and out, another one, oh, I don’t even remember. But there were also these temporary stores that would go in, and then they’d stay a while and then leave. And so that location, there was something there that was not supporting the development of a business process. And so I think it’s essential for business people to understand that sometimes their location will make a difference to their outcome and income, income and outcome Azadi. So I want to talk to you about a business in Calgary, I went down and did a clearing for a company, and they increased their business by 300%! Within the first six months after we did the clearing and the cleansing and did some of the remedies, applied some of the remedies, and they were so thrilled, but what happened is they ended up having to move into a large location. And I mean, they weren’t brokenhearted by a longshot. But they asked me to come out and clear this time. They wanted this space they were moving into once they had secured it; they wanted it cleared. So I said Sure, I’ll come down. So I came down, went down, and got into the property, and when I’m in there, I use my hands and myself as kind of an energy reading to read the energy of the location. I use things like sea salt these things Chevelles I use candles, and incense. I use a lot of different remedies, and the infinity symbol I use all the time. And then I use my own body to read the energy and clear it and clean it and enter She has a habit, if it’s toxic, sticking sort of like dust will in the corners of your properties, you know how you can go to dust a place that hasn’t seen a lot of activity in a while, and there’ll be a spider web there. And then, on that spider web, you’ll see dust gathered there. Well, that’s the way energy does too. And, so, in this property, there was lots of energy stuck all over the place. And when I got done doing the cleansing and the clearing, I sat down with the new owner of the location. And we talked, and I told him what I was picking up. And I had picked up that there had been a lot of theft in this business. I didn’t know anything about the prior business. I knew nothing about it. But I said, there’s been a lot of theft in this business, the one that was there prior, and stuff was going out the back door. And I said in there were two partners. They sat in these offices, and one of them sweated a lot, and he smoked cigars. And the other one was just always anxious and always stressed. And one of them seemed overweight and not very healthy. And it was comical, he sat, and he listened to me. And then he started laughing. And he said, you know, the company that was here before we decided to take over went bankrupt. And theft, of course, probably. I mean, I can’t prove any of that. But it probably had a connection to that. So they were pleased to have that space cleared. They moved into that space; they started utilizing it. And then it was about a year and a half later that they ended up relocating again and into a new location because they kept growing. And they are a company that’s extremely successful and doing very, very well. So that’s part of a business session that I did. But I’ve done lots and lots of private homes in different locations. I’ve done farms; I’ve done outbuildings; I’ve done ranches. Because there are a lot of old buildings in Alberta. And even some of the ones that aren’t so old, there’s some of the pre-builds like it’s when you move into a property that has energy is going to have energy in it, it’s just going to, and it’s going to have stuck energy, it’s going to have toxic energy that the prior occupants could have left behind. That means if somebody was sick, that energy is still in the room or the home; if somebody died, that energy is still in the room or the home. It doesn’t mean there are ghosts, don’t get me wrong, doesn’t mean that ah, I mean, there could be I don’t know, sometimes there might be. And in one case, we did run into that. But that’s another story for another day. If you want to hear that send me a text and let me know, or send me an email, let me know. But so when people have different experiences, divorce is another thing that can ramp up the energy in a home and create a lot of discord. Because after divorce, a lot of times, people sell their properties. And when they do, they don’t get them cleared, then a new person moves in, and then they end up, they could be having a great relationship until they move into that home. And suddenly, they’re in the middle of a divorce. It’s like, and so we call those divorce houses because it will perpetuate. And every time that happens, the energy gets stronger and stronger in that house. So that has to be cleared. And, I recommend anybody moving into a new location anytime, anywhere, ever. Clear it, get it cleansed, and find a practitioner who will clear it for you. There have been so many locations that I’ve done.

How Do You Change The Energy In A Room?

There was one particular place that I went into many years ago, many, many years ago now. And it was a woman who had this about a divorce, but she kept the property. She didn’t. Her husband ended up moving out. And they had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was older the girl was younger. And there was a lot of emotional unrest in the home. Now a divorce leaves emotional unrest anyways; kids are always going to be a little unbalanced. Mom’s going to have a bad day every once in a while. But the problem here was Dad wouldn’t go away. He wasn’t living there anymore. But he was constantly at the door. He was always bugging them. He was making life a little bit hard for them. And the lady asked me to come and clear the space for them. So I said sure. So I got there, we talked, and she walked me through the property. And as I started clearing, I started picking up impressions and, again, impressions in spaces. Once I opened the bedroom where the little girl was, was, all I could feel were tears. All I could see and know about were tears. I just fell into tears. And it was clear that she was crying herself to sleep a lot. She was crying a lot. And what came through very strongly was this little girl’s a princess. She believed she was a princess. She was Royal. She was probably about five or six years old. She was royalty, and she knew she was royalty. So I told her mom I asked if you could build her a canopy bed like even do it with blankets and scarves, or in some way create a canopy bed so that it feels more regal and more royal. She’ll be super happy. And I cleaned the room, cleared the tears, and cleared all the sadness. Now the kids didn’t know that I was there. They were in school when I was doing this. So then I went to the son’s room, and he was older. He was early teens, and he was angry. He was so angry, and you could see it all over the room. It was everywhere in the room, but he had these solid deep colours on his walls. And so I cleared the space. And I told his mom to get him to help him pick out new paint colours for the room and repaint this room in lighter tones. He is having a tough time. And these dark colours are just oppressive for him. And so she said, Okay, and so she’s running around with a notepad and paper because I got all these instructions. When I was walking down the stairs from the upstairs level, I asked, who fell down the stairs, they hurt their back, and she said that was her son. And he had hurt his back and was still just trying to get over it. And then we cleared the kitchen in the living room and all the rest of the spaces in her bedroom, etc. And we relocated a couple of plants and applied some functional remedies. I left salt in a couple of rooms to help absorb any residual toxicity that was left. And then I left. I was done well when the kids came home from school. They walked in the door, and they walked in together. And they both looked at her and said, ” Mom, what’d you do? Did you clean the house up? She said she just stood there with her mouth open and started laughing because she didn’t know they would notice. And she never did tell them what I had done or what she had chosen to do. She never told them that I had been there. But she did make the bed for her daughter, and she and her son repainted that room. And a couple of months later, I got an email from her, which was the best email ever. She said my kids and I just got back from a holiday. And I can’t remember what Hawaii or Mexico was, but somewhere, we had just the best time for the divorce to be finalized. He’s agreed to make the payments that he was supposed to make. He’s not showing up anymore. He’s not trying to stress anybody out anymore that kids have rebounded. She said my daughter loves her new bed. She loves it. She loves it so much. And her son picked out a lighter, almost a shade of green, for his room. And it was just really, really nice. So they bought him new bedding. And she said she’s just everything is so good. And she was so appreciative that the changes made such a difference to her family. So that’s a good example of having a divorce. But that is because you got to remember that before he left home, you can bet there was a lot of discord. And Mom and Dad weren’t getting along. So there’s probably a lot of fights and arguments, and that stick-drawn energy sticks to an environment. One of the other things that I got a call one day from another lady; it was quite funny. She had a little girl, and she and her husband wanted to have a second child Time passed, and their little one was three; they thought they would get pregnant a lot sooner than that at that point. And they were getting antsy because he said we want to have our baby, but we don’t want it to be, you know, ages between the kids. So I said okay, so I came over, walked through the house with her, and started doing the clearing. And then the child in the creativity sector on the downstairs level. She had all these empty jars. They were canning jars. But there were no lids on him. They were open and empty; empty containers create an empty womb. In her case, that’s what was happening. So I brought her down. I showed him too. I said, Look, why don’t you guys go by yourself because she had lots of. I said, Go by yourselves a roll of pennies or a couple of rolls of panties and put a penny in each one of those jars. And when you do that, when you put that penny in, you’re filling that jar with the abundance that you’re looking for and the joy of a new baby; a new baby will come. But you hold that intention when you put those pennies in those jars. Okay, she was pretty excited, and her husband got panties immediately. And it was I finished doing the clearing, and I left. And it was a concise time later that I got an email from her saying we were expecting a new baby. Thank you so much. And that’s another tip for those of you that have all kinds of empty containers stored in various places or, like in my home, if you come into my home, you’ll notice there are coins in empty vases because I collect vases; I’ve got them all over the place. And they’re empty. I mean, unless somebody brings me flowers in hand. But anyways, so I put coins in them, I put empty pennies, there are pennies and some dimes and nickels, loonies, toonies, whatever I happen to have handy. And so that’s a good tip for you. But it worked for them with intention; they put pennies the in the locations I suggested, and they ended up having another child, so they were pleased.

How Do I Test The Energy In My House?

There are so many other stories I could share with you. When you get into an environment with many antiques, that’s an exciting world. And I’ve done that and cleared a home that didn’t have antiques in it and almost missed it. This is where I almost missed a drop the ball because I had done the whole place. I’d cleared the antiques, removed everything, and picked up a lot of information from those pieces. But I had almost dropped the ball because I cleared the back bedroom, and now they had a dog that wouldn’t stop barking, was constantly barking, wouldn’t sleep, and was having trouble sleeping. The man that lived there could see energies moving around and old in various places in the house. It’s Sara, and I said no; it looks like you’re clear we’ve done what we need to do. And then his lady friend said, What about these two nightstands and said, yeah, because I should clear that two-way. And I’d cleared every other piece of furniture in the house. And I started removing the nightstands, and oh my god, I got the worst headache. And I stopped. And I just focused, and there was a little girl and who was connected to one of the nightstands they had moved travelled across the ocean; their furniture came with them to relocate in North America from Europe and her and her brother once he got relocated, we’re playing, and she fell and smashed the back of her head against the edge of the nightstand. And she ended up dying from the injury. No doctor was available, and she didn’t know all the details; I knew she had passed away. And she was very connected to this nightstand because it was hers. And it’s not that she owned it, but she recognized it. And she hadn’t realized that she had passed on. So we helped her move on, the two of them and myself. We helped her move on into the light, cleared the furniture and offered when the dog stopped barking; he started getting a perfect night’s sleep. And his girlfriend said okay, now I can move in and she was happy. That gives you some examples of what Fung Shui is. And what the basic principle is, is that rearranging furniture, adding some specific colours to a particular room, or getting somebody in that can clear your spaces so that they can help you not have a toxic environment.

How Do You Clean Energy In A Room?

Okay, so I mentioned at the beginning of this that I’m going to by the way I do space clearings; you may have noticed; if you are looking for someone, give me a shout, you can email me: There’s more information about the work I do, too, at Remember Sharyn with a “Y” if you want to go there. The card I picked is universal. And this is the affirmation for today. My life is a constant stream of miracles. Isn’t that fantastic? Remember, affirmations are first-person present tense statements that you can repeat over and over and over to bring that into becoming your reality. So my life is a constant stream of miracles. Write that down, and put it up on your bathroom mirror. And every morning when you brush your teeth. Look at it and know. And let me tell you what, you’ll start drawing miracles for yourself. Thank you very much for hanging out with me. I appreciate that you were here. I love it when you show up. And don’t forget to like, share, and comment if you want to subscribe; you can. Please be sure to share this with your friends and your family and let people know the more people we have on board, the better, and the more people can get this information. Thanks again. And until next time, I’ll see you again!


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