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Ep: 49 Are You Spiritual But Not Religious?

Ep: 49 Transcript


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Are you spiritual but not religious? Listen to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose as she describes what she understands as the primary difference between spirituality and religion. Where do you fit in all this? Well, let’s find out now. And let’s get started!

How is spirituality related to religion?

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Hey, everybody! Hello again, and welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today I want to talk about spirituality and religion. What’s the difference? And you know, it’s interesting because you hear that a lot. Now people will say things like, Well, no, I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious. And over the years, I have used that same expression as I’ve been doing my work. And lots of you have used that expression and continue to use that expression. But what exactly does it mean when I return to my earlier years? And if somebody was to say to me, are you religious? I would always say no because I was exposed to a church environment young and growing up. But the people that ran the church weren’t necessarily the best. There was negativity there. And so my ability to believe in the goodness of what they were teaching when they didn’t do what they were teaching, I guess that shows you don’t it, you learn by example. And that also applies to our kids and how we present ourselves, but I digress. Hang around until the end of this particular conversation because I’m going to pull a card from the Animal Spirit Guides, just because the Animal Spirit Guides are part of our spiritual world.

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Can you have spirituality and religion?

So what I want to do is I want to differentiate between what we mean. Or what do most people mean when they say I’m spiritual but not religious? When I took a healing course, it was a healing touch course. And the assistant, the instructor, was an RN, and the assistant was an ordained minister. And at the first coffee break, we had done an exercise prior, I was getting a cup of coffee, and the assistant came over to me and said we were talking. And she said, Sharon, would I be out of line if I suggested you had a calling? And I thought she was talking about religion, church and the structure. And I said, Well, I don’t think I would do very well, maybe on a hillside, but I wouldn’t do well in a building. And what I was doing was trying to differentiate religion and spirituality because even back in the early days, I still didn’t have a spiritual sense. I knew there was more I’ve always known there was more always. And I always knew I was more, but I never knew how that fit and worked. What is the God about that? What is the Jesus fit into that? Where do all of the teachings of the Church fit into that? Because that’s all, I knew at that point. I mean, I hadn’t been exposed to a lot of spirituality. And she said to me, she said, No, that’s not what I mean, what I mean is what you’re able to do; it took me eight years to learn how to do, and it made me realize that there a while there was something that I was doing that was a little more advanced than the average person, or different than the average person, people were struggling to learn what I already knew, which I didn’t even know, I already knew if Does that make sense? You know, sometimes you’re doing things. I watch American Idol a lot, or not American Idol, America’s Got Talent. And I tend some of these singers, especially the younger ones, come up on the stage, and, and they’re going to sing, they’re so shy, nervous, anxious, and stressed. And then they open their mouths and sing a song, and they are believable; they’re incredible. They can sing like angels, and they’re just amazing. And, and then at the end, they’re done their song, and they’ll start to cry, they’ll get timid, they’ll stutter, they’ll stammer, they’re, they’re like, Oh, my God, I can’t believe you guys are reacting that way. And they’re in shock. So they are they have a gift. And when they’re singing and using that talent, they know they can sing. But before they open their mouths to say they’re not sure they’re very good at this. And after they’re done. They can’t believe the response or get that spirituality right there. That’s knowledge and where I was in my spiritual aspect. It had nothing to do with the church. It had nothing to do with the structure, dogma of the organized religion, or any particular religion or rigidity I saw inside a church structure. So that’s the way I felt. I felt like, oh, it looks like I have something going on that I’m not aware of that others can seem to see, feel and reflect on

over my lifetime. And I could see moments when people would come to me with their stories, struggle, or challenge. And particularly in high school, it was hilarious. I never dated. I wasn’t dating at all. And I mean, I wanted to date there were guys I thought were cute. I never did; my girlfriends would get into these binds with their dating partners. Are they getting into this little emotional quandary? Does it come to me, and yet I wasn’t dating, you know, you think you’d go to somebody that is, you know, already proven the ground and are good at dating? But it’s because they saw something I didn’t know was there. Now, I’m going to fast-forward here a little bit and go back into some facts. Approximately one in five North Americans directly identifies as spiritual but not religious.

What does singing do for you spiritually?

So as I’m talking about people who can sing but aren’t aware that they can sing that well are people like myself who were very spiritually active but didn’t realize we were spiritually active; you are probably on that spectrum somewhere yourself. You are psychic; every human on the planet is psychic. And every human on the earth has intuition, whether you belong to organized religion or you may call it something else. Or whether you’re working as a healer, maybe you’re a massage therapist, perhaps you’re a chiropractor or your physio, or you’re doing some hands-on healing, or whether you’re a psychic or you’re a medium, or you’re working with crystals or whatever, or yoga is a big, big part of the new spiritual movement, what is considered the new spiritual movement? I don’t think it is unique because been going on for about the last 20 years. But there’s a lot of people that and art and music and all of the arts and performing arts, and what that comes right back to singing, doesn’t it? Because what that talks about is what is the difference between reading a good book and picking up on that and believing everything in it is following the teachings versus using your intuition and being inspired by your soul self being inspired? Well, how does that happen? And what does that mean? How does that make spirituality versus religion? Irrelevant. And you know, when you think about it, I’ve got to tell you that the Pope just came to Alberta to honour the indigenous people of our country and to apologize to them for the horrendous things that were done to their culture in years passed by the religious organization called the Catholic Church. And, of course, governments were involved in that too. But the Pope came to offer this. And you know, I identify as spiritual but not religious. But I’ve got to tell you something, I was ecstatic that the Pope was coming. Because not only was the pope coming, I see him parallel to the Dalai Lama. And the Dalai Lama is the head of another religious organization called Buddhism.

How you express or practice your spirituality to the world?

And so I think that was happening right now; as people are saying, I am more individual than the church is allowing me to be, I want to be more independent in my thinking, and my spiritual faith than the church is allowing me to be. So they’re taking on yoga practices. They’re starting to clean up their diets and eat clean; they’re becoming vegan versus taking any animal protein. There are all kinds of different ones. People attempt to express their spiritual selves versus religion, so when you look at one in five, identifying as spiritual but not religious. Doesn’t that tell you something? Young Americans, particularly young kids, young North Americans are identifying as spiritual but not religious. And I think a lot of that is because people leave organized religion in droves. And I think a lot of it has to do with, first of all, if you look at the structure of a religious structure, like if you look at the structure of religion, and then look at the structure of government, it’s almost the same, you’ve got the head. This organized person leads the whole thing, and then you’ve got all the people that work underneath them, then you’ve got the masses, right, which is us, is us. And if you look at the two structures, both of them have created a great deal of disillusion for a lot of people, the government structure and the religious structure; there’s a lot of dogma, there’s a lot of people making promises, they’re not keeping, there’s a lot of things going on inside structures, like religion that is not, they’re not, they’re not being respected, and they’re not being honoured, and the people have been duped. And you know, back in the day, way back, if you go back historically, you have your medical community, your political community, and your religious community where the leaders of those organizations were sometimes one person, and that person would be a shaman, or a wise man or an elder, or they had some name for them, that they would represent the government, the church, and the medical community. They were the doctors when they started splitting things off. A lot of times, what happened is the healers would emerge from this structure. And they were natural healers; often, natural healers didn’t have to inherit the title from a family member or another spiritual person; they just became healers, meaning they were working inside their spiritual element versus a religious organization. And they were often shunned unless somebody was having trouble having a baby or they’d gotten hurt badly and needed help. And then, they were accepted by the community, but they often lived outside of these communities. Today, it’s the same thing psychics and mediums, and spiritual people are often living outside of the mainstream community. But it is changing; it’s changing quite rapidly. One of the things that we’re starting to recognize now is that we are all psychic; we are all intuitive. So that means that we are all spiritual beings, and we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience; we made a choice from spirit, pure light, pure love and all-knowing. We decided to come to this planet and have a human experience. And why would we do that? Why would we do that? We would do that so that we can have adventures, can use all of our physical senses. And we can have all these wonderful physical experiences so we can see things, taste things, feel things, smell things, and hear things. And what that does is it sets us apart from the religious community, the dogmatic religious community, and the fundamentalists, who believe in the Word, and the word is the truth. And they don’t follow their intuition. They’re not following their spiritual aspect. And they’re running around, and they do a lot of conversion techniques. They’re trying to convert people because they believe you will not go to heaven if you don’t. And there’s all this big dogma, and a story goes with it. Well, I don’t believe all that. And I think many people who began the one and five don’t believe that anymore. And so people are falling away from the religious structure. However, some of the religious teachings are astounding. And some of the spiritualist teachings are astounding. And if the two could come together so that people can understand that we control our reality, that our lives are in our power, I am spirit; I am the spirit in the flesh. And they teach that those words are set exactly like that, in religious dogma, in religious communities, in religious tenants and structures, but they’re not mapped the same way. I control my reality because when they say a religious community, you are spirit in the flesh, but you owe it to those a debt to be paid. Whereas when you’re a spiritualist, and you’re saying, I am the spirit in the flesh, what you’re saying is I am all-powerful, and I can make decisions and good choices. I am responsible for myself and my well-being. And there’s a big difference, isn’t there? I love the spiritual component. I can remember years back; somebody said hi to me about spirituality; I’d be like religion. And even now, when I have clients come to see me, they know they’re coming to see a psychic, but they still need to understand the difference. And often, I’ll ask them, Have you been to see a psychic before? Do you know the difference between mediumship and psychic work? And what is your religious background? Or what is your spiritual background? What is your spiritual practice? Do you have a religious practice? We must know that because I believe there are a lot of Christians and Buddhists and Muslims and Jewish and all the religions of the world. I don’t know them all Hindu; there are all kinds of there are amazing, amazing looks at Mother Teresa. She was an amazing woman who made a huge difference in the slums of poverty-stricken; she made a huge difference in the world. She ended up going in front of world leaders and invoking change, as just a simple woman from the Catholic faith came from a religious community. I believe some amazing figures in the spiritual-religious communities are learning from the tenants and the teachings and following the laws and rules of their religious structure. I also believe there are some amazing outstanding spiritual beings inside this spiritual community, my community, where there are psychics and mediums and healers and holistic practitioners and Reiki practitioners. Massage therapists and all these people doing hands-on work, helping others evolve to become the best, highest self, and teaching empowerment and enlightenment, just like the churches teach empowerment and enlightenment. But by doing it more through, you choose structure versus you believe this, or you’re going to help structure. And I think that’s where people are moving away; they want that power they want. Now, people are still struggling with taking responsibility for themselves; they still want to be able, but human nature still wants the tendency when things go wrong is blame somebody or something whereas a church allows you to do that you can blame somebody or something. But spirituality to spirituality will not allow you to do that. Because you are responsible for your well-being, you are the keeper of your story. You are the writer of your book; you are the one that lights your flame. You cannot if I’m having a bad day; I can’t turn around and say, Well, I had an argument this morning with my husband, and I’m having a bad day because he ruined it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, that doesn’t fly. If he’s having a bad day, that’s on him! If you’re having a bad day, that’s on you!

How do you describe your spiritual self?

So, spirituality and religion. Religion is more organized; it’s more structured, and it’s more learning by the book. It’s more following the written word, following it to the tee and trusting that in many cases in religion if somebody’s not following your faith, there’s something wrong with them, and they’re going to go to Hell. Spirituality says I am responsible; I don’t need a structure around me. I don’t need a community around me to tell me how to believe, although, trust me, we do need community. Don’t get me wrong. That’s not what I’m saying. We need community, holistic practitioners and spiritual people who are not connected to religious communities. We need community; we need a spiritual community around us as well. But we are more active in things like yoga and meditation; we’re more involved in those categories. And that’s the difference we’re not following your religious teaching. We’re following our inner guidance. Wow! Yes. And I like following my inner guidance.


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